All Meeting Minutes

2000.06.27 - General

Tuesday June 27, 2000


JUNE 27, 2000


Present: Joe Matera, Malu Lujan, Scott McLean, Dean Atkinson, Rebecca Hausmann, Isabella La Rocca.


  • A motion was made to approve Steven Pressnall, age 14, for membership, with the restriction that he wear a wetsuit unless it’s too hot and a parent is present at all times. The vote passed unanimously.
  • A motion was made to approve a windsurfing trip to Sherman Island or Tomales Bay in a couple of weeks, organized by Martin Jonikas. The motion passed unanimously.
  • A motion was made to approve half the cost of a jet ski for rescue on the windsurfing trip. The motion passed with 5 in favor and 1 opposed.
  • A motion was made to approve James Wei for up to $2,000 for a laser for replacement parts.
  • A motion was made to table the above motion. The vote passed with 4 in favor and 2 opposed.
  • James Wei has been appointed Laser Chair.




  • Commodore Joe reports that the windsurfing program has been very strong and that the trip to Sherman Island was a great success. We have acquired a fourth ensign that may allow us to keep 3 working ensigns in the water at all times. Wednesday night lessons have been going strong and the cruising program is well under way. We are working on replacing the Lidos with a new production boat or with one of our own design. We have commissioned 2 world class designers to present preliminary drawings. We have a lot of new senior skippers and windsurfers this year. He awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to Ed Shirk for all his hard work repairing the Lidos. He also recognized Bruce Takahashi and Scott for their work on the Lidos. Joe and Ernie are working on eliminating our property taxes.
  • Vice-Commodore Malu reports that she is collecting CSC sailing stories and history. We’ve had good turnout at the Open Houses and the BBQ’s have been successful. We advertise in the Sierra Club Yodeler and the Daily Planet, but word of mouth is the best advertisement for our club.
  • First Vice-Commodore Scott thanks all those who have been working on the dinghies.
  • Rear Commodore Dean reports that 3 out of 4 members are not rated and need lots of lessons. Come down and teach!
  • Port Captain Mark reports that the staff has been doing a great job. He thanks Sypko for organizing and running the volunteer dayleader program. We have lots of new dayleaders.
  • Treasurer Rebecca reports that she has checks and can reimburse all those who have spent money for the club. She thanks all those who have been patient in receiving their money. In a couple of weeks she will have a financial statement and can mail a copy to anyone who gives her a self-addressed stamped envelope. Deposits have been made and bills have been paid. We have $ 7,368 in our checking account and $79,782 in the money market.
  • Membership Chair Dan Twelker reports that we have 559 active members. 52% are new members, 36% are renewing members, and 2% are annual members; 56% are from the public, 20% are students, and 1% are seniors; 45% are mainly interested in sailing, 8% in cruising, and 31% in windsurfing. Dan encourages annual memberships.
  • A motion was made to amend the articles of incorporation as attached. The vote passed with all but one in favor.


New Ex Comm members were elected:

Joe Matera
Vice Commodore in charge of public relations
Malu Lujan
First Vice Commodore in charge dinghies
Scott McClean
Second Vice Commodore in charge of windsurfing
Brian Hurlihy
Third Vice Commodore in charge of keelboats
Chris Havel
Rear Commodore in charge of teaching programs
Dean Atkinson
Port Captain in charge of dayleaders
Alex Athanapoulis
Rebecca Hausmann
Isabella La Rocca

The meeting was adjourned.