All Meeting Minutes

2000.12.13 - General

Wednesday December 13, 2000

DECEMBER 13, 2000

Present: Joe Matera, Malu Lujan, Scott Mc Lean, Chris Havel, Brian Herlihy, Dean Atkinson, Alex Athanasopoulos, Rebecca Hausmann, Isabella La Rocca.


  • Marceline Therrien encourages everyone to participate in the new e-groups listserver.
  • Elections: Commodore Bob Hood; Vice-Commodore (in charge of public relations and events) Marceline Therrien; First Vice-Commodore (in charge of dinghies) Scott McLean; Second Vice-Commodore (in charge of windsurfing) Brian Herlihy; Third Vice-Commodore (in charge of keelboats) Chris Havel; Port Captain (in charge of dayleaders) Alex Athanasopoulos; Rear Commodore (in charge of instruction) Jolanda DeBoer and Ben Pink; Treasurer Joe Matera; Secretary Isabella La Rocca.
  • Saul Schumsky lead a discussion about the replacement dinghies. He compared the designs by Jim Antrim and Carl Schumaker.




  • Vice Commodore Malu reports that we have applied to the Department of Waterways for a grant for $30,000 for boat and windsurfing equipment.
  • First Vice-Commodore Scott reports that the dinghies are in pretty good shape because of the lack of sailing and relatively dry weather. We raised $150 during the Dinghy Fundraising meeting tonight. Come on Saturday at 10AM to paint Amy.
  • Second Vice-Commodore Brian reports that we are getting ready to purchase windsurfing equipment for the spring so we can destroy it in the summer and we are working on the instructional program.
  • Third Vice-Commodore Chris reports that Wednesday night lessons are occurring sporadically and he encourages an interest in the keelboats. Our new ensign is in G dock. We have acquired a cradle that will allow us to work on a keelboat in our own time instead of a rushed haul-out. The cradle has been dismantled and will be modified by Metal Magic and we should have a working cradle in the next few week. Next we will have a sling and we should be ready to go in a month. The boat is in good shape except the rudder is loose. Chris has created a keelboat manual.
  • Port Captain Alex reports that no improvements have been made to the clubhouse.
  • Treasurer Rebecca thanks Jennifer Kirkland and Jerry and Karen Huff for the delicious food. She reminds us that we will take a financial hit when we pay for the Lidos but that we are continuing to save money. She thanks all the tremendous efforts of all the volunteers!

The meeting was adjourned.