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1999.01.07 - Excom

Thursday January 07, 1999


Executive Committee Meeting
January 7, 1999

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Megan Buckley, Mark Yampanis, Wilder Lee, Marceline Therrien, John Frazier, Bob Hood, Alex Athanasopoulos

Agenda Items:

Sails: Peter Baczek, Sail Maintenance Chair, reported on the poor condition of our keelboat sails. An inventory of the keelboats and dockboxes reveals many damaged or missing sails. Peter expressed the opinion that we need to purchase a substantial number of new keelboat sails sometime this year. He will complete the inventory of sails and make a list of our needs. Thanks, Peter, for the good work.

Boat Design Contest?: Saul Schumsky threw out the idea that we hold a dinghy design contest to design replacements for our Lido fleet. The contest could be advertised at naval architecture schools nation-wide or world-wide. The problem with this proposal is the high cost of building molds. The consensus among Ex Comm members was that more input was needed before a decision could be made.

Senior Project: Malu Lujan proposed that the work she did on writing the Dept. of Boating & Waterways grant count as her senior project. Malu spent approximately 50-60 hours on this project. Upon proper motion, this senior project was approved unanimously. Also, Malu reports a need to postpone the fundraising brunch she is working on. For the brunch, she also wants to sponsor a raffle and needs ideas about possible donors of items to raffle.

New JY-15?: Alex reports that a JY-15 has been offered to the club for $3500. The owner has offered to bring the boat to the club for a test sail. Alex is working on arranging a date and time for the test sail. Consensus on Ex Comm appeared to be that the purchase of a new JY would be a good thing if the boat is sound and the finances are right.

New Rating Committee Members!: Elizabeth Simon, Rating Committee Chair recommended that the following members be added to the rating committee:

Rebecca Haussmann keelboat and dinghy
Greg David keelboat
Chris Havell keelboat
Chi Dang windsurfing
Joe Matera windsurfing
A motion to approve the addition of these members to the rating committee passed with a vote of 7 in favor; 0 against; and one abstention. Congratulations and thanks!

Advanced Dinghy Rating: a proposal to create a new rating between that of Junior Skipper and Senior Skipper with expanded privileges for dinghy sailing was taken up again. After much discussion over the need for such a rating, the privileges of the rating, and the requirements for the rating, a vote was duly taken on the following new rating with the corollary that the language of the motion will be conformed with that of our current operating rules:

A Member can obtain the rating of Advanced Dinghy Skipper after passing the senior skipper written test, completing a 10 hour senior project (includes coming to ex-comm for approval), taking the senior dingy sailing test, taking an additional advanced sailing test in winds that are a minimum of 10 knots. The Advanced Dinghy Skipper will be entitled to the following privileges in addition to those which are granted to Junior skippers:(1) be allowed to sail any dingy in the senior dinghy area south of the Berkeley Pier, and North of the Emeryville channel markers; (2) be able to sail when the rescue skiff is not in the water but the club is open, ie - low tide.

The vote on this motion was 4 in favor; 2 against; and 1 abstention.

A second related motion was made to replace the requirement of an additional advanced sailing test in winds that are a minimum of 10 knots with the requirement that a second rating committee member must sign-off on the rating. This motion failed to pass with a vote of 1 in favor; 3 against; and 3 abstentions.

Permission to Give Junior Tests: Wayne Van Lieve requested permission to give Junior Skipper sailing tests and rigging tests. A motion to allow Wayne to give these two tests passed by a vote of 6 in favor; 0 against; and 1 abstention. Wayne also requested approval of his senior project: he proposed to repair and upgrade the electrical wiring on the keelboats. This project was unanimously approved.

A motion to approve $200 for the purchase of two turtles (bags from which spinnakers are launched) passed. The vote was 6 in favor; 1 opposed.

There has been a problem with getting enough teachers for Wednesday night lessons. Senior skippers please respond to J dock at 6:00 pm on Wednesdays.

Reports: (due to the length of the meeting reports were kept short)

Commodore: no report

Vice-Commodore Megan Buckley: reported plans to table Sproul Plaza when UCB opens next week. She will be attending a grant writing seminar soon with the thought that we can apply for more grants in the future.

Port Captain Mark Yampanis: We need to hire a couple more Dayleaders

First Vice-Commodore Alex Athanasapoulos reports one Lido and one Rhodes are not sailable. A list of dinghy work projects is posted in the club.

Second Vice-Commodore is on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.

Third Vice-Commodore John Frazier: Keelboat skippers need to be more conscientious about logging broken parts and making the required repairs.

Rear Commodore Bob Hood reports that "Things are cool."

Treasurer Marceline Therrien reports the club has $63,000 in cash and equivalents.

Secretary gave no report.

The meeting was duly adjourned.