All Meeting Minutes

1999.01.21 - Excom

Thursday January 21, 1999


Ex Comm Meeting
January 21, 1999

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, John Frazier, Alex Athanasopoulos, Mark Yampanis, Wilder Lee, Megan Buckley, Bob Hood.


Young members: Daniel, 12 years old, and David, 11, Gonzalez-Hicks requested permission to join the Club. Their mother, Debbie, was also present. A motion to allow Daniel and David to join the Club provided that a parent be present when they are at the Club sailing and that they advise the Dayleader that a younger member is sailing passed unanimously. Welcome aboard, D & D!

Advanced Dinghy Skipper: a motion to adopt the following language in the Operating Rules to implement the Advanced Dinghy Skipper rating passed unanimously.

An Advanced Dinghy Skipper rating may be obtained by successfully completing the following:

a. all the requirements for the rating of Senior Skipper except for the keelboat sailing test; and

b. an additional rigorous practical sailing test of the candidate's ability to      sail any one or several of the club's dinghies in winds above ten knots.

Advanced Dinghy Skipper tests are given by members of the Rating Committee who are authorized to give dinghy tests. The two dinghy sailing tests must be given by two separate Rating Committee members.

Advanced Dinghy Skippers may:

a. sail any Junior-designated and special Junior boat provided that the skipper has fulfilled the check-out for boats which require a separate check-out. The Rhodes 19's, JY-15's, and 470's are designated as special Junior boats requiring a separate check-out.

b. sail within the Advanced Dinghy area at any time that the Club is open.

Advanced Dinghy Skippers are expected to assume a leadership role in the Club and contribute significantly to such club activities as lessons, maintenance, and giving Junior Skipper tests.


Advanced Dinghy Area:

(1) an area bounded on the west by a line from Hs. Lordships peninsula to the northwest end of the Emeryville peninsula and on the south by a line through the northern-most markers for the Emeryville channel.

(2) an area bounded on the south by a line from the radio tower near the Ashby Overpass to the north end of Treasure Island, on the west by a line from the east end of the Bay Bridge to the west tip of the Point Richmond peninsula, and on the north by the Berkeley Pier.

New JY-15?: John Frazier reported on the inspection of the used JY-15 that the Club is considering purchasing. The inspection and sailing of the dinghy showed it to be in good shape but not the mint condition that was advertised. The seller is asking $3500. A motion to approve up to $2900 for the purchase of this JY-15 passed with a vote of 4 in favor; 0 against; and 1 abstention.

Alex suggested that Bigfoot was ultimately at the bottom of the clubhouse smell and that a cat was not necessarily appropriate for the Club.

The need for more defined criteria for youth members at the club was mentioned. The secretary is working on this issue.


Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: Rebecca is working on a Calendar of events, please let her know of anything that should be added to it.

The idea of doing something for, by, and to encourage female teaching in the Club was put forth. Currently this idea has no definite form but if you are interested , talk to Rebecca.

On June 26, the Club will host a SBRA (small boat racing association) regatta at the Club.

Vice-Commodore Megan Buckley reports she is putting up flyers on campus for the beginning of school. Also CSC Open Houses are being announced on the Community Cable TV Community Media Bulletin Board, the East Bay Express, and the Oakland Tribune.

Port Captain's Report by Mark Yampanis: We have three wonderful dayleaders but need two more. Encourage any work-study students you know to apply. A motion (not by Mark) to raise the dayleader pay to $10.50/hour was not seconded. The feeling was that we needed more information before taking such a step.

Second Vice-Commodore: no report (not even on the conditions in Costa Rica).

Third Vice-Commodore's Report by John Frazier: The Starboard spinnaker track on Huey needs to be replaced. A motion to approved $130 to replace the track passed unanimously.

The following repairs have been made: stancheon, touch-up paint, new lifelines on Donald; new cockpit seat hinge, comding repaired, new traveler blocks, and new winch handle on Daisy.

A motion to approve $200 to replace a broken teak seatboard on an Ensign was approved unanimously.

Rear Commodore's Report by Bob Hood: Dinghy and keelboat lessons are happening.

Several members have expressed forming a Youth Program. Laura Boytz and Geena Hale have thought of organizing a program as a senior project. Graham Hale, Martin Scanlon, and Saul Schumsky have also expressed an interest in participating.

Dan Acland is continuing his monthly lecture series on the last weekend of the month.

A motion to allow members to receive lesson credits for giving practical sailing and windsurfing passed unanimously.

A plan for organized windsurfing lessons at the club is in the works. The plan under consideration would be based on the current sailing lesson program and lesson times would be Sunday from 10 to 1; and Friday & Wednesday from 12-2 during daylight Savings Time.

The idea of having a formal checkout before letting skippers practice rudderless sailing was broached. The consensus was to make rudder losers pay for the rudders they lost up to Club limits.

No Secretary's Report.

The meeting was duly adjourned.