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1999.02.04 - Excom

Thursday February 04, 1999


Ex Comm Meeting
February 4, 1999

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, John Frazier, Alex Athanasopoulos, Wilder Lee, Marceline Therrien, Megan Buckley, Matthias Reinsch

Commodore's Report: The next General Membership Meeting will be on March 4. On Feb. 6, was a Marina Master Plan Meeting; a Rating Committee Meeting was scheduled for February 17. Chi Dang has been appointed to the Windsurfing Chair; Chi will help organize and run the windsurfing lesson program. Rebecca wants to open a useful dialogue with Cal Adventures to prevent the conflicts over dock usage that happened last summer. Saul Schumsky is exploring CSC boat design possibilities. Peter Baczek is working on a list of things we can do to improve the life and longevity of equipment.

And a December keelboat misadventure resulted in damage to two other boats to the tune of $410. A motion to approve $410 to pay for this damage, subject to receiving a release from the damaged parties passed by a vote of six for and one abstention.

First Vice-Commodore Alex Athanasopoulos: The green Rhodes is sailing. All dinghies except Lido #2 are sailable. Our offer on a used JY-15 has not been accepted yet. The club has 4 new paddles.

Bruce Takahashi proposed using fiberglass tape to seal the Lido deck joints ("we can rebuild them, we have the technology"), venting the clubhouse, moving the changing rooms outside, and commending in some way John of Cal Adventures for his helpfulness in assisting with club rescues. Discussion of these proposals was as follows: vents? sure! changing rooms outside but after lease approved. Is sealing deck joints the best solution? What if we need to unseal them? What would be the best way to commend non-club members who aid us?

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias reports that Costa Rica was great, really great. He is looking into getting donations from Effi Sails which has announced a program to donate windsurfing sails to grassroots windsurfing organizations. There is not enough beginning windsurfing equipment for busy summer weekends.

A club member wants to buy some boards that are seldom, if ever, used by club members. To prevent even the appearance of impropriety, the boards which do not get used should be offered for sale to the public at a fair price if we want to sell them.

Third Vice-Commodore Frazier reports that Donald has new lifelines but needs a pulpit. Otherwise, the keelboats are o.k.

Vice-Commodore Megan Buckley reports that the first weekend of the month is an open house. We have placed ads in the East Bay Express, the Daily Cal calendar, and Channel 25 -- the Berkeley Community Channel. She is working on announcements in the Berkeley Voice, KALX, KQED, and KPFA radio.

Treasurer Marceline reports the club has $70,990 in cash or equivalents but does have some large bills coming up. She is working on the next fiscal year's budget.


Marceline moved for approval of $300 for two Lifesling Iis for the Commanders and three floating throwropes for the Ensigns to aid in the retrieval of persons overboard. The motion was amended to request $350 for purchase of one Lifesling II and 5 throwropes. The amended motion passed unanimously.

A proposal to sponsor CPR training for Club members was saluted as a good idea and will be pursued.

A Lido sank last week. It's mainsail was lost during retrieval. The lessons learned from this experience are (1) we need a plan for sunk Lido rescue and (2) the 18 HP skiff is not sufficient for such rescues. As for a plan, it should include at least the following: (1) all equipment should be tied to the boat when the boat is on the water; (2) the dayleader should have a rescue kit with a knife, tape, extra line, etc.; (3) the skiff's gas tank should be topped off at the beginning of each day and the towrope untangled.

A motion to replace the backup skiff and motor was made but not seconded. John and Alex will work to determine what we need to improve the situation.

A motion to adjourn was unanimous.