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1999.02.18 - Excom

Thursday February 18, 1999


Ex Comm Meeting
February 18, 1999

"A ship," he muttered, "is a winged bridge That leadeth every way to man's desire, And ocean the wide gate to manful luck"

Present: Rebecca Haussman, Alex Athanasopoulos, Bob Hood, Marceline Therrien, Wilder Lee, Mark Yampanis


Dan Acland gave a report on the December mishap involving a Club Commander and two other boats near the Berkeley Yacht Club guest dock. He explained the damage and the steps he is taking to repair that damage and make the other parties whole. He will provide Ex Comm with an accounting by the next meeting.

A consensus on Ex Comm -- in light of the lost main, several lost rudders last summer and other incidents -- was that the Club should use more frequently the rule (Operating Rule X.5) which allows up to $100 to be assessed against a member who caused damage through negligence.

Bill Printzmeal and Seth Clark proposed, as a senior project, sewing mainsail covers for the dinghies and devising a plan for storing mainsail covers when the boats are in use. This senior project was approved unanimously subject to confirmation of the design by 2 or 3 Ex Comm members. In a related motion, $600 was approved in a unanimous vote for materials for Lido sail covers.


Commodore's Report: The next General Membership Meeting will be March 4, 1999 at the Berkeley Yacht Club. Although there are no elections, we will once again get to enjoy the culinary exploits of Jennifer and Jerry. Don't miss it!

We are working with the Shorebird Nature Center to devise a sailing program for their summer youth. The program will involve free keelboat rides and a land-based learning program organized by Peter Kuhn.

The Club will give its annual report to the Waterfront Commission Meeting in March.

There will be a Berkeley Bay Festival this year at times TBA.

The Rating Committee met and discussed sailing test standards, revising the written tests, and the new Advanced Dinghy Skipper rating.

Rear Commodore Bob Hood reports that plans for windsurfing lessons are moving forward. The planned lessons will operate in much the same way as the Lido lessons. A motion was made to schedule windsurfing lesson periods on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at times to be determined by the Rear Commodore and the Second Vice-Commodore. This motion passed unanimously.

First Vice-Commodore report by Alex Athanasopoulos: Bruce is out there; all is o.k.

Second Vice-Commodore: no report

Third Vice-Commodore John Frazier: The keelboats are not great. Dewey has winch problems. The standing rigging on Huey is suspect and its backstay needs replacement. John plans on spending $70 for a new cunningham set-up that hopefully will work better then the current ones.

Port Captain Mark Yampanis: we hired a new dayleader, Andre, and are looking for one more dayleader.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien reports no change in our financial situation.

The Secretary made the motion to adjourn. It passed unanimously.