All Meeting Minutes

1999.04.01 - Excom

Thursday April 01, 1999

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Mark Yampanis, Wilder Lee, Alex Athanasopoulos, Megan Buckley, John Frazier, Matthias Reinsch, Bob Hood, Marceline Therrien


Chris Havel requested the Ex Comm waiver the minimum age limit of 5 years old for persons on club boats for his son Moses (3 1/2). After much discussion a motion was made to waive the minimum age limit provided that:

1. The waiver only applies to Moses Havel

2. Chris Havel will only sail with him when a second competent adult is also on board.

3. At all times Moses will wear (a) an age appropriate life jacket and (b) a harness or      tether device secured to the boat.

4. This exemption shall only apply to keelboats and Moses must remain in the cockpit or      cabin at all times.

This motion passed by a vote of six in favor; one opposed; and one abstention.

Allan Champion sought approval of his senior project. Allan proposed coordinating a master plan for the expanded yard, including identifying uses and proposing a layout. This project was approved by a unanimous vote.

John Frazier suggested holding a meeting to get member input on the yard expansion. The consensus of Ex Comm was that such a meeting is a good idea. Issues and proposals could include: our new license with the marina requires a fence around the property, enhancing access to planing dinghies, an outdoor shower/changing area, a new tool shed, new rental lockers.

Alex Athanasopoulos sought approval of his senior project. He proposed repairing the blue Rhodes including a new coat of bottom paint and fixing the gunwales. This senior project was approved unanimously.

A discussion about our policies toward underage members was held. Among the proposals were: Requiring parental consent forms for all members under the age of 17; require members under 17 years old to inform the dayleader when they are sailing; require members under the age of 14 to have a parent or responsible adult present when the member is at the club or on the water, permit only members over the age of eighteen to hold Senior skipper, cruising skipper, or senior windsurfer ratings. Wilder is working on implementing these proposals, and your input is welcome.


Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: The Berkeley Bay Festival is April 10 and the club will give free rides. A all-female Friday night race team has formed but eligible members can still join. Several volunteer dayleaders have stepped up to fill in the gaps in the schedule. Thanks, volunteers!

Vice-Commodore's Report by Megan Buckley: There is a BBQ on April 4 along with the open house. Work is being done on advertising the club. Megan will need help this summer when she is out of twon for a month. Any volunteers?

Also Megan is working as a volunteer dayleader since she ran out of work-study $$. Thanks, Megan!

First Vice-Commodore Alex Athanasopoulos reports that working is being done on the green Rhodes rigging, which will cost $358; all eight Lidos are sailing; the club could use more electric sanders.

A motion to approve $358 to repair the rigging on the green Rhodes passed unanimously.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias reports that the club has purchased two new junior boards -- a HiFlying Magnum and a HiFlying 330.

Third Vice-Commodore John Frazier reports that work on Dewey's rubrail is almost done. Thanks to Chris Havel, Dean A., Scherazade (sp?), and John F. for their work on the keelboats. One of the new plastic motormounts doesn't work with one 5HP outboard.

Port Captain Mark Yampanis reports no change in our dayleader status. We need 5 new dayleaders for this summer, so if you know any work-study students at Cal encourage them to apply.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien: next fiscal year planning is coming up. The club has $59,590 in cash and equivalents.

Rear Commodore Bob Hood reports the Windsurfing Teaching Chairperson will post the schedule for windsurfing lessons. Windsurfing lessons start next week on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Dan Acland is doing the Lido teaching seminar on the last Saturday of each month at 2 pm.

Bob reminds us all that our work requirement must be done every time we sign up before we can sail. All members must do two hours of work each quarter.

Guest report: Motor Maintenance Chair Peter Kuhn: All motors are working. Peter would like to see the motors permanently attached to the boats. Also a great senior project would be doing fiberglass work on the back-up skiff. Bruce T. fixed damage to one skiff.

Please, when you cause damage or notice damage on a boat or board, please write it in the logbook.

The meeting was duly adjourned.