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1999.05.13 - Excom

Thursday May 13, 1999

Ex Comm Minutes
May 13, 1999

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, John Frazier, Bob Hood, Mark Yampanis, Wilder Lee, Matthias Reinsch, Megan Buckley, Marceline Therrien, Alex Athanasopoulos


Dragos Maciuca sought approval of his senior project. He proposed fixing Lido #7, specifically the hull deck joint and the shroud plates. A motion to approve this project passed unanimously.

Robert Ofsevit reported that the boom on Daisy broke while he was sailing. Robert will work on getting quotes for the replacement of the boom.


Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: The General Membership meeting will be June 5, 1999 at the Berkeley Yacht Club. The work day for windsurfing repairs went well. Rebecca is working on a Floating Bottle Edition.

Vice-Commodore Megan Buckley reports that we have ads running in the East Bay Express and the Daily Cal. A preliminary look at the data from her survey indicates that our spending is representative of our membership base.

First Vice-Commodore Alex Athansopoulos reports that six Lidos were sailing on Sunday (but only four sailed on Saturday). The green Rhodes has been repaired.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias reported that May 16 is the date for the windsurfing swap meet. A motion to authorize Brian Herlihy to call a work day on May 16 during the Swap meet passed unanimously.

Also Brian got Wind Wing to donate four new sails to the club.

Third Vice-Commodore John Frazier reports that he spent $200 in parts for a new vang on Donald. Donald also has a new wooden motormount. John got a quote for a new four-stroke motor for the skiff of $3800. Finding a cheap motor for the skiff might make a good senior project.

Port Captain Mark Yampanis reports that he is looking for new dayleaders for summer.

Rear Commodore Bob Hood reports that "teaching is happening" Windsurfing teaching is stumbling along. The Fastrack Program for Lidos will happen, thanks to Roland and Yolanda. A windsurfing fastrack program is in the works. Wednesday nite lessons need more senior skippers.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien reports "I think we still have some money left."

Secretary Wilder Lee reports that new blue membership cards are in the works.

The meeting was adjourned.