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1999.05.27 - Excom

Thursday May 27, 1999

Ex Comm Minutes
May 27, 1999

Announcements: General Membership Meeting on June 3 at 7 pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club.

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Wilder Lee, Mark Yampanis, John Frazier, Bob Hood, Alex Athanasopoulos, Megan Buckley, Marceline Therrien, and Matthias Reinsch


Jolanda de Boer requested approval of her senior project. She proposed organizing the July Fastrack Lido teaching Program. This project was approved unanimously.

Jolanda also addressed the need to make the club more women-friendly. Sometimes women at the club are not made to feel welcome and comfortable. An increased awareness of this issue by all club members is important. There is a need to create a more supportive environment for women. The consensus on Ex Comm was that these points should be wholeheartedly endorsed by the club.

John Myall reported on the joint meeting between the City Planning Commission and the Waterfront Commission. The impending preliminary design concept for marina improvements had been thrown into disarray by a vote by the Berkeley City Council against any major developments at the marina. The City Council was opposed to any large new buildings being added to the marina. Other parts of the marina plan not affected by the city council vote include paving the parking lot by CSC; creating a private windsurfing club with membership open to the public; and enhancing the CSC and Cal Adventures fences.

Greg Davids appeared before Ex Comm to petition for a Cruising Skipper Rating. He submitted the requisite letters of recommendation. Ex Comm voted to confer the rating of Cruising Skipper upon Greg by a vote of seven in favor and one abstention. Congratulations, Greg!

Paul Herzmark reported upon the meeting between Uncle Donald and the rocks by the Berkeley Yacht Club last Saturday. On a gusty, windy day with the winds at 25+ knots, Uncle Donald was involved in a round-up after a jib that left the avuncular sloop against the rocks. Damage includes scratches both under and over the waterline. Uncle Donald will need to be hauled out to repair this damage. Marceline noted that wind speeds have often exceeded thirty knots (the club's upper limit) this summer and that all skippers should check the wind speed before venturing forth.

A motion to approve $300 for the haulout and repair of Donald passed unanimously.

James Wai requested permission to organize Laser races. There has been a lot of interest in Laser racing among the members. James is also working on plans to allow non-members with their own boats to join in the fun. Look for more information on this later.

Graham Hale and Peter Baczek informed the club that a person associated with the Berkeley Marina Center has taken offense at club boats sailing near the hoist by the marine center. Peter checked with the harbor master who did not believe this area to be off-limits to sailing although the docks near the hoist are private docks.

A motion to approve $500 for the purchase of 25 new lifejackets passed unanimously.

Ex Comm was faced with the unpleasant task of handling two disciplinary issues.

Disciplinary issue #1: a new Junior Skipper sail a Laser far out of the Junior sailing area. The member admitted the infraction and admitted he knew he was outside the area. Ex Comm decided that this member should atone for this infraction by rereading the Operating Rules, completing a work project that consists a minimum of four hours of work and be subject to an automatic suspension of three weeks should he sail outside the appropriate sailing area within the next year.

Disciplinary issue #2: a male club member made inappropriate comments of a sexual nature to a prospective female member. The prospective member had never met this male club member before. As a result of these comments the prospective member did not join the club. The member in question admitted making the comment and acknowledged that the comment was inappropriate. The member also said there was more to the story but refused to say more about the incident. Ex Comm believed that there was a high risk that this member would engage in similar conduct in the future. Ex Comm, by a vote of seven in favor and two abstentions, revoked this person's membership in the Club until November 30, 1999 at which time he may petition Ex Comm to rejoin the Club.


Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: Dan Acland has submitted a financial report for his own Uncle Donald incident this winter.

Bigfoot has diabetes. Fritz Loechner has been taking responsibility for her but we need to find a permanent home for her. Her treatment involves one to two shots per day.

Vice-Commodore Megan Buckley reports that we have an ad in the East Bay Express running for 19 weeks.

First Vice-Commodore Alex Athanasopoulos reports that we have five Lidos out.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch reports that Ezzi sails has donated 20 sails. Wind Wing has donated 4 sails. The new sails need letters and numbers. The Swap Meet on May 16 was a success. Also Neilpryde came down to the club on May 23 to let members demo some of their equipment.

Third Vice-Commodore's Report by John Frazier: New vents have been installed on the Ensigns. Daisy has new halyards and should be operational by tomorrow.

A motion was made to authorize the expenditure of $4,000 for a new skiff motor that is a 30HP four-stroke motor provided that there is a one week period for research on alternatives and subject to confirmation on June 3. This motion passed by a vote of seven in favor and two opposed.

Port Captain: no report

Treasurer Marceline Therrien reports that "We have money." Membership receipts are good. If you paid for reimbursable expenses, please get the receipt and reimbursement form to Marceline.

Secretary: no report.

The meeting was duly adjourned.