All Meeting Minutes

1999.06.03 - Excom

Thursday June 03, 1999

Ex Comm Minutes
June 3, 1999

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Wilder Lee, Marceline Therrien, Bob Hood, Alex
Athansopoulos, Mark Yampanis, Matthias Reinsch


The skiff motor. Options discussed were buying a new 25HP four stroke motor; a possible donation of a motor by a manufacturer; and checking out a used motor. The possibility of getting our motors regularly serviced by a professional mechanic was brought up. A motion to approve $200 to service the skiff motor passed unanimously. A motion to temporarily hold off on the purchase of a new motor at this time while other options are pursued passed unanimously.

Chris Havel, a cruising skipper, requested permission to take a club Commander on an overnight private cruise on June 26-27. A motion to allow this private cruise passed unanimously.