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1999.06.03 - General

Thursday June 03, 1999
Ex Comm Minutes
June 3, 1999

He ask'd the Waves, and ask'd the Felon winds,
What hard mishap hath doom'd this gentle swain?
And question'd every gust of rugged wings
That blows from off each beaked Promontory.
They knew not of his story,
And sage Hippotades their answer brings,
That not a blast was from his dungeon stray'd
The Air was calm, and on the level brine,
Sleek Panope with her sisters play'd.
It was that fateful and perfidious Bark
Built in th'eclipse, and rigged with curses dark,
That sunk so low that sacred head of thine.

JUNE 3, 1999

Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: There has been some great sailing this year. The weather and water have been colder than usual so please be aware and prepared. Among the club's activities are giving land lessons to the kids at the Shorebird Nature Center to teach them a little about sailing. We also give free rides to other youth programs. A Laser, Byte, and JY-15 racing series is being organized by James Wai. Bigfoot has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. Fritz Loechner has been instrumental in her recent care and in finding her a home with Dan Acland who will be able to give her the medical care she needs on a daily basis. Some female members of the club have heard negative comments of a sexual nature at the club. We want to create an environment at the club that is friendly and welcoming for everyone. Our license agreement with the city has finally been finalized, not only do we get more space, but we also get a fourth free berth.

Vice Commodore Megan Buckley was out of town but has placed ads for the club in several places and has the V-C's duties running smoothly.

First Vice-Commodore Alex Athanasopoulos reports that there are five working Lidos and 5 laser/bytes working. Neither Rhodes is sailable at the moment.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch has good news! We have received donations of twenty windsurfing sails from Ezzi Sails and four sails from Wind Wing (thanks to Brian Herlihy). But remember, damaged sails cost a lot to repair so please be careful with our sails and don't leave them unattended on the dock or at the hoist.

Third Vice-Commodore John Frazier missed the meeting due to an ankle (windsurfing) injury. However, one Ensign is unsailable. Racing on Friday nights has gone well. Our keelboats have occasionally met with solid objects but Senior skippers have done a great job of reporting damage and repairing the boats. Robert Ofsevit replaced a broken boom in record time (two weeks).

Rear Commodore Bob Hood reports that dinghy lessons are proceeding apace; Wednesday night keelboat lessons are experiencing an increased level of teaching thanks to several teaching stalwarts. The windsurfing lesson program is still getting off the ground and more teachers are needed. The Lido Fastrack program went well in May and two more are scheduled for June and July. We are looking for volunteers to organize a windsurfing fastrack program. Louis Benainous' lecture series will appear again this summer -- check the club for a schedule. And remember -- with 20 lesson credits, an instructor can get a free hat.

Port Captain Mark Yampanis reports that we enjoyed a safe spring. He wistfully notes the Chi has graduated and will no longer be dayleading. We have hired a new dayleader, Paul, and are looking to hire several more work-study students to daylead.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien reports that last year our gross revenue was about $88,000. Our expenses went up with our revenue so that our net revenue was down from last year.

The secretary reports that he has nothing to report.

Tool Shed Chair Karen Huff noted that Club members have been good about keeping the toolshed neat and clean!

Elections results:

A new Ex Comm was elected at this meeting. The newly elected officers are as follows:

Commodore: Joe Matera
Vice-Commodore: Megan Buckley
First Vice-Commodore: Alex Athanasopoulos
Second Vice-Commodore: Brian Herlihy and Ingrid Pulhug (as a team)
Third Vice-Commodore: John Frazier (in an advisory vote)
Rear Commodore: Bob Hood
Port Captain: Mark Yampanis
Treasurer: Marceline Therrien
Secretary: Isabella La Rocca

The vote for John Frazier was an advisory vote. John was absent from the meeting because of his recent injury and did not submit a written statement of his intent to run as is required to elect a person in absentia. If a position is not filled through the election, then Ex Comm has the power to appoint a person to that position. A vote was taken by the general membership was not binding, but an advisory vote by which Ex Comm could measure support for appointing John to this position. We are glad that John received unanimous support from the membership.

The elections for Commodore and Second Vice-Commodore were contested. The worthy opponent in both races was John Myall. Although John was not lucky enough to win, we are lucky that he maintains a strong interest and leadership role for the windsurfing side of CSC. He has taught many members how to windsurf and repaired countless boards, sails, and booms.

The meeting was adjourned.