All Meeting Minutes

1999.06.17 - Excom

Thursday June 17, 1999

Ex Comm Minutes
June 17, 1999

Present: Joe Matera, Alex Athanasopoulos, Bryan Herlihy, Ingrid Pulhug, John Frazier, Isabella La Rocca, Marceline Therrien.

Agenda: - A motion was made to reimburse Dan Acland for Bigfoot’s expenses, estimated at $500/year. The vote passed with 5 in favor and 1 abstention. Rebecca agreed to negotiate with the vet to reduce the $970 fee and will return with a report. The Club will seek donations to support Bigfoot .

- Laura requested approval on her senior project to rewrite the Junior Skipper’s Test so that it will be less ambiguous, easier to correct and emphasize safety issues. She will ask the rating committee and several juniors to review the first draft. The vote passed unanimously.

- John Myall will encourage Alan Champion to organize the first meeting of the committee for the expansion of the yard and installation of fence and establish whether Alan can continue on the project.

- A motion was made that Alex be authorized to spend up $260 to buy 2 top sections for the mast and to repair the sail on a laser. The vote passed with five in favor and one abstention.

- A motion was made for John Frazier to sign out 2 lasers from June 26 through July 6 for a trip to Decker Island in the Delta. It will be publicized on the internet and with some posters at the Club house. Necessary repairs will be made before the trip. The vote passed with 5 in favor and 1 opposed.

- A motion was made for approval of up to $250 for James to fix the lasers. The vote passed unanimously.

Reports: - Ex-Commodore’s Report by Rebecca: She will order life jackets and will work to get some donated.

- Vice-Commodore’s Report by Rebecca for Megan Buckley: Megan has taken care of ads while she is in Alaska and Rebecca is responsible for the BBQ’s.

- First Vice-Commodore Alex reports that we have 6 lidos working, and a motion was made for Alex to make Saturday a work day. The vote passed with 5 in favor and 1 abstention.

- Second Vice-Commodores Brian and Ingrid reported on the windsurfing meeting this evening at 6pm. An inventory will be made of equipment, after which the equipment will be updated. Lesson times have been changed to Mondays and Thursdays from 5-7pm with sign-ups from 1-6 PM and Saturdays from 10-1 on a first come first served basis. Skill clinics, demo days, equipment repair, and special events such as racing were also discussed. They will also look into a possible problem with the Revo HiFly novice boards.

- A motion was made to accept John Frazier for the position of Third Vice Commodore. The vote passed unanimously. John reported that one of the Ensigns is out and Dan Twelker is working on it. Daisy needs new rigging so he’ll call Steve Seal about it. The Club was closed from about 7pm on Sunday 6/13 until about 5pm the following day because both skiffs were broken.

- Treasurer Marceline reviewed information about purchases and reimbursements for the new Ex-Com members.

The meeting was adjourned.