All Meeting Minutes

1999.08.26 - Excom

Thursday August 26, 1999


Present: Joe Matera, Megan Buckley, Brian Herlihy, John Frazier, Alex Athanasopoulos, Dean Atkinson, Mark Yampanis, Isabella La Rocca.

Agenda: - A motion was made to approve Scott McLean for $650 for a new rig for the laser. The vote passed with 6 in favor and 2 abstentions.

  • A motion was made to table a change to the operating rules to include the following paragraph, written by Ed Shirk, pending revisions. "Reduced visibility. The junior skipper area is restricted to those parts of the geographic area that are clearly visible from the clubhouse steps. If visibility deteriorates, for example from fog or rain, then skippers must immediately begin sailing toward the dock, until they are confident that they are visible from the steps." The vote failed with 2 in favor, 4 opposed, and 1 abstention.
  • A motion was made to change the operating rules as above. The motion was tabled until the next Ex Comm meeting.
  • Joe announced that Ed Shirk has been appointed Rating Committee Chair.
  • Joe brought the following issues up for future discussion: 1. Changing the meetings from Thursdays to Mondays; 2. Reducing meetings to once a month. 3. Having an individual sell club accessories (hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, burgees) as a small business with a percentage to the Club.
  • A motion was made to approve Mark Yampanis’ Senior Project to coordinate the yard expansion. The vote passed unanimously.
  • Hester Burn Callendar pointed out that we are borrowing a Boston whaler from the Richmond Yacht club for this weekend’s Small Boat Racing Associating regatta and that she would like the organizers of the regatta to present this to Ex Comm before the regatta so that we don’t overextend ourselves.
  • A motion was made for Dan Twelker and Charles Clausen to take a kayak on a cruise to China Camp. The motion passed with 5 in favor and 3 abstentions.
  • A motion was made that the club contribute $50 to the food consumed at this Ex Comm meeting. The vote failed with 2 in favor, 5 opposed and 2 abstentions.



Reports: - Commodore Joe reports he went to the tax assessors office because we’ve gotten billed for property that had previously been exempted so that our property tax is reduced from over $1,000 to about $400 retroactive to last year. Joe has also renegotiated our liability insurance from $10,000 to $7,000. We are also saving money on our lease and we are earning interest on a money market account. The General Membership meeting has been changed to September 16 because it is the only date we could get at the Berkeley Yacht Club. There will be no Ex Comm meetings on September 9 and September 23. The next Ex Comm meeting will be on September 30.

  • Vice-Commodore Megan reports she is back from Alaska and is still rocking. There is still a little money in the advertising account with which she is considering hiring a company to post flyers for approximately $25/week. We are still running an ad in the Express and Megan will be running the next BBQ on Labor Day weekend.
  • First Commodore Alex reports that lido repairs are progressing slowly. One and a half need to be reassembled and various people are helping. Four lidos are working. Thanks to Ed Shirk, Peter Kuhn, Bill Prinzmetal, and Payam for repairing and repainting Jim Dandy and helping install the new motor - it will be working by the weekend. Thanks to Peter Kuhn for building the new jib halyard winch handle. We have lost 2 lido boom vangs due to cannibalization.
  • Second Vice-Commodore Brian reports that certain boards will be dedicated to windsurfing instructors at each level. He will inform us further at the next meeting. There will be 2 more photo shoots for lessons and another on a high wind day. A motion was made to approve Brian for the purchase 2 more HiFly Maxes from Boardsports for $1200. The vote passed with 6 in favor and 2 abstentions.
  • Third Vice-Commodore John reports that Daisy will probably be rebuilt by next week. He will take Dewey out to repair the gooseneck.
  • Rear Commodore Dean reports that the data from his e-mail survey does not support problems with windsurfing instruction and is pleased with the proposal for incentives for windsurfing instruction.
  • Treasurer Roland reports that we have been accepted to the Jazz Cup race and information will be posted next week. We have $65,000 in the money market and $3,000 in the checking account. He is concerned that more money is going out than coming in especially because of the yard expansion and increased boat maintenance. He recommends that we stick to the budget. Our income is about $8,000 a month.
  • Secretary Isabella reports that she is having membership cards, Lido manuals, and windsurfing signout sheets printed.