All Meeting Minutes

1999.12.14 - General

Tuesday December 14, 1999



Present: Joe Matera, Rebecca Hausman for Malu Lujan, Scott McLean, Brian Herlihy, Chris Havel, Dean Atkinson, Mark Yampanis, Isabella La Rocca.

Agenda: -

  • A motion was made to approve Rebecca for $300 for printing and postage for the Floating Bottle. The vote passed unanimously.
  • There was a discussion as to how to increase volunteer dayleading.
  • A motion was made to approve Chris Havel for up to $500 to rig Donald with a spinnaker. The vote passed with 4 in favor, 1 opposed, and 3 abstentions.
  • A motion was made to approve Robert Ofsevits for up to $250 to replace the motor mount for Donald. The vote passed with 7 in favor, and 1 abstention.
  • A motion was made to leave a 5 hp motor locked on the motor mount on Daisy for a trial period of 4 months. The vote passed with 6 in favor, and 2 abstentions.
  • The next Ex Comm meeting will be Tuesday, December 28, at 7pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club.


Reports: -

  • Rebecca acting as Vice Commodore Malu reports that she saw a really good meteor shower, is working on grant proposals, and is working with Megan on advertising.
  • First Vice Commodore reports that the boats are in good shape. The mast on Hull 6 has been stepped with the new shrouds and the centerboard has been repacked. Four hulls still need the centerboards repacked.
  • Second Vice Commodore reports that bought 8 awesome Bic boards at $200 each. Brian will need help clearing space in the lockers for them and marking them with the CSC logo.
  • Third Vice Commodore Chris reports that there was some minor tuning on Daisy’s mast. Chris need to make an inventory of senior projects being done on the keel boats as well as projects that must be done.
  • Rear Commodore Dean requests that skippers come down and teach on Saturdays.
  • Port Captain Mark reports that he is prepared to hire dayleaders in a heartbeat.


The meeting was adjourned.