1998.12.17 - Excom

Thursday December 17, 1998


CSC EX COMM MINUTES December 17, 1998

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Mark Yampanis, John Frazier, Bob Hood, Wilder Lee, Megan Buckley, Matthias Reinsch


Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: Rebecca indoctrinated the new Ex Comm members in the secret rituals of Ex Comm and then:

-- appointed Dan Twelker to the Membership Chair

-- appointed Jerry Huff as T-shirt Chair

-- made a motion to create a Commodore's Chair that would last for a period of one year until December 31, 1999. The duties of the chair would be to help the Commodore with her duties and update our operating procedures. The motion was duly passed by a unanimous vote.

-- Joe Matera was then appointed to the Commodore's Chair

-- the possibility of creating a Windsurfing Teaching Chair (sort of a rear commodore for windsurfing) and a Membership Research Chair to help track club trends in use of equipment and other such data were put forth but no vote on creating these chairs was taken because we want to be sure that someone is willing to undertake the responsibilities before creating the position.

Vice-Commodore's Report by Megan Buckley: CSC is planning on applying for more grants. Megan is also evaluating our advertising (where, when, etc.)

Port Captain Mark Yampanis thanked Dan Twelker for doing a thorough job of handing off the position.

-- is planning on hiring a new Dayleader

-- wants to establish a consistent policy with regards to opening early on holidays

First Vice-Commodore Alex Athanasopoulos was not present so no report. One Lido is not operational at the moment.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch reports that

-- he is working with Rear Commodore Bob Hood on redesigning the windsurfer instruction program

-- at the Windsurfing Meeting held in November, members reported that they needed more novice and Junior sails.

-- he is negotiating to buy new equipment for the club. A motion was made to approve $3500 for 2 new boards, 6 new sails, a boom, and other windsurfing equipment. The motion passed unanimously.

Third Vice-Commodore John Frazier reports that:

-- Dean Atkinson replaced the missing bench boards on Huey.

-- the topsides of Donald and Huey are in need of paint.

-- the port side genoa track on Huey has been replaced.

-- the keelboats all need new cunninghams.

-- the possibility of new sails for the Ensigns (maybe even a 135) is being investigated.

-- a motion to approve $150 for windexes for the keelboats passed unanimously.

-- all keelboats work (but the genoa track on Huey does not)

Treasurer Marceline Therrien: no report.

Rear Commodore Bob Hood reports:

-- our basic Lido teaching program is going well. As are the Keelboat Wednesday nights and the informal weekend keelboat teaching for Senior candidates. The idea of giving lesson credits for giving tests was suggested.

-- several popular programs will return for another year. Louis Benainous will organize another lecture series and Dan Acland will do the Lido Instructor Seminar on the last Saturday of each month.

-- some members are interested in developing a youth program

-- the windsurfing written test has been revised, thanks to Bill Printzmetal among others. While the Junior written test needs revision as well.

-- work is underway on developing a windsurfing teaching program structured like the Lido lesson program with windsurfers being required to teach for 30 minutes on two designated days each week before they can go out on the club equipment. Let Bob and Matthias know your ideas on this plan.

-- a written kayak test may be proposed requiring members to know the kayak area, sign-out procedure, and wind speed restrictions.

-- a motion to buy at wholesale 10 copies of Colgate's Basic Sailing for resale to club members passed unanimously.

-- an interest in comparing our program to those of US SAILING & ASA to see if we could learn anything from them was expressed.

-- a motion to spend $60 for new combination locks for the keelboats passed unanimously.

Secretary's Report by Wilder Lee: a motion to approve up to $200 on DMV fees to replace missing vessel registration stickers and to register the 470 passed unanimously.

-- a motion to create a Service Chair awarded to the member of the Club who has the most service to the Club over the past quarter was made. Members of Ex Comm are not eligible to be the Service Chair. The Service Chair is to be awarded at the General Membership meeting. The person awarded the Service Chair position receives a free six-month membership. This motion passed unanimously.


Someone inquired at the Club about the possibility of purchasing one of our Lasers. Currently we have more hulls than we have rigs and some hulls have not been used in years. The consensus was that we would ask for around $150-200 for a hull and some extra sails we have which are not suitable for club use.

Bill Printzmetal proposed a change in the club operating rules to create a rating of Junior Plus Skipper for dinghies. The proposal reads:

A member can attain the rating of Jr+ Skipper after passing the senior written test, senior dinghy test, and either (1) complete a senior project or (2) completed 5 hours in addition to the regular quarter work hours. A Jr+ Skipper will be entitled to the following privileges in addition to those which are granted junior skippers: (1) be allowed to sail any junior rated boat for which he or she has been checked out in the senior dinghy area south of the Berkeley Pier; (2) be able to sail when the dayleader is present.

Bill also presented the following notes and arguments:

-- no mention is made of the key to the clubhouse, hence that privilege is reserved for senior skippers; -- the work requirement is much more than the work requirement for a Jr+ windsurfer rating. It doesn't seem fair to make it greater. -- I could be convinced to increase the area. -- If one passes the senior dinghy test, one should have the skill to sail in this larger area without the rescue skiff. Passing the final component of the senior test (keelboat test) does not suggest greater skill in sailing junior-rated boats.

This proposal is scheduled for discussion and a vote at the next Ex Comm meeting on Jan. 7.

Rebecca appointed Dean Atkinson to the position of Service Chair. A motion to endorse wholeheartedly this appointment passed unanimously. Dean has, in addition to countless haul out hours, continued to work on the keelboats and recently donated $370 worth of equipment to the club (which he also installed). Thanks Dean for a great job!

The meeting was duly adjourned.

1998.12.03 - General

Thursday December 03, 1998




December 3, 1998

Thanks to Jennifer McFarland and Jerry Huff for their wonderful meal! Thanks to Rebecca for the wonderful dessert.

Commodore's Report by Rebecca Hausmann: Thanks to all the officers for the great job they have done this last term. Thanks also to Bruce Takahashi for the incredible work which he has done on the Lidos; not only has Bruce fixed the Lidos, he has also found and eliminated the causes of many persistant Lido problems. Dean Atkinson deserves special note for organizing the BEST HAULOUT EVER! Dan Twelker has done a phenomenal job as Port Captain.

Our new license with the Marina has finally been approved by the Waterfront Commission on terms that are favorable for us.

CSC members can obtain adjunct memberships at the Berkeley Yacht Club for only $50 a year. As an adjunct member, one receives the BYC newletter, can attend BYC results, and has access to BYC facilities whenever a full member is present. It's a good deal.

First Vice-Commodore Bob Hood's report: Thanks to Bruce Takahashi for keeping the Lidos afloat.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch: The club is planning new windsurfing equipment purchases and is currently negotiating with local windsurfing shops for the best prices. El Nino had an adverse effect on windsurfing conditions on the Bay which hopefully should improve this upcoming spring.

Vice-Commodore Malu Lujan's Report: CSC filed a grant proposal with the Dept. of Boating and Waterways for $30,000 worth of equipment including lifejackets, wetsuits, a skiff motor & hydraulic motor mount, two JY-15s and Junior windsurfing boards.

One byproduct of this grant was to catalogue the community involvement of CSC, especially with youth. Hester Burn-Calendar and Saul Schumsky, among others, have been giving free rides to youth from organizations such as Berkeley Youth Alternative for years. Perhpas the Club could do more to interest youth in sailing.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien reports that after a brisk summer, the club is in good monetary shape. Our tracking of money, memberships, and expenses has improved. However, it takes a collective effort to keep our records in order, please do your part.

The license with the Marina gives us more space and more berths without more rent. CSC is a service provider at the Marina and not just a consumer of marina resources.

Port Captain Dan Twelker reports we have five good dayleaders -- Robert, Doug, Megan, Mark, & Annie. Dan has prepared a Port Captain folder for the next Port Captain and is working on a Dayleader Training video.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland's Report: Instructor Caps are available for anyone who earns 20 lesson credits. Thanks to Peter Bazcek and Chris Havel for their excellent work teaching Wednesday nite keelboat lessons and to all other instructors.

Secretary Wilder Lee gave no report.


CSC biannial elections were held. The winners are . . .

First Vice-Commodore Alex Athanasopoulos
Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch
Third Vice-Commodore John Frazier
Vice-Commodore Megan Buckley
Treasurer Marceline Therrien
Rear Commodore Bob Hood
Port Captain Mark Yampanis
Secretary Wilder Lee
Commodore Rebecca Haussmann

Congrats to all the new officers.

Other Business

Shed Chair Karen Huff reminded everyone that a great work project involving organizing the cabinets for spare parts is waiting for anyone looking for work credit.

Malu thanked Dean Atkinson and Rebecca Haussmann for their great haulout work with chocolate cakes.

Graham Hale brought the traditional hot tub motion which was just as traditionally ignored by the powers that be.

The meeting was duly adjourned.

Ex Comm Meeting

A short Ex Comm meeting was held following the general meeting. Present were Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Acland, Bob Hood, Marceline Therrien, Dan Twelker, Matthias Reinsch, and Wilder Lee.

Arne Frick's request for permission to single-hand the JY-15 in under 10 knots was approved by a vote of five in favor, none against, and two absentions.

A motion to approve $3000 for the purchase of 8 new Lido mainsails provided the sails aren't used until the sails can be stored rolled passed with a vote of six for and one against. Our method of folding sails causes a large amount of wear; rolling the sails would make the sails last much longer. There is a plan out there, but it needs someone to put it into action.

The Ex Comm meeting adjourned.

1998.11.12 - Excom

Thursday November 12, 1998


CSC EX COMM MINUTES November 12, 1998

Present: Dan Twelker, Bob Hood, Rebecca Haussmann, Wilder Lee, Matthias Reinsch, Dan Acland, Dean Atkinson, Malu Lujan

Guests: Karen, Karissa (age 8), and Matthew (age 10) Rowley; Leslie and Drew (age 10) Pfaff; Darby Edelen, Jacob Erikson, Danny Miller.


Karissa, Matthew, and Drew requested permission to join the Club. A long solution about young members ensued. Several proposals were put forth. One proposal was that the parents of young members be required to (1) tell the dayleader that a young member is sailing, (2) talk to the instructor about appropriate limits (wind conditions, sailing area, etc.), and (3) watch young members while they are sailing. Another proposal was that the parents of children under 10 years old must have a rating for the children to join. The rational for this proposal is that parents need to have knowledge of the dangers of sailing so they can make informed decisions regarding their children.

A motion to allow Drew, Matthew, and Karissa to become Club members provided that: (1) a parent or legal guardian hold a rating in the activity that the young members are pursuing, (2) the parent or legal guardian holding the rating be present on land watching the young members sail or in the same boat as the young members, and (3) that the parent or legal guardian inform the dayleader that young members are sailing. The motion passed with 7 votes in favor, no votes against, and 1 abstention.

Member Darrell Carway thanked Dan Acland for his for handing him the CSC Instructor hat. Darrell also asked permission to be able to give Junior Skipper rigging and sailing tests. A motion to allow Darrell to give Junior Skipper sailing and rigging tests passed unanimously.

Member John Frazier suggested: (a) letting all Senior candidates give Junior Skipper tests; and (b) reported that a representative from an Hawaiian resort offered to sell the Club year-old Junior + boards and proposed that we purchase some. Matthias reported that we have plenty of Junior + boards and that the Club really needed more Junior boards instead.

Darby, Jacob, and Danny (all aged 15) requested permission to join the Club. In this specific and unique situation, Darby, Jacob, and Danny were granted permission to join the club provided that the parents of each young member are aware of the dangers inherent to sailing and of the nature of the Club and that the parents of each young member give consent for their child to join. This permission was passed as a motion with a vote of 6 in favor, 2 against, and no abstentions.

Malu Lujan proposed that her Senior Project be a fundraising brunch in January. This senior project was approved unanimously.

A motion to create a fundraising chair for the next year (after which the chair would terminate if not renewed) passed unanimously. Rebecca appointed Malu to the fundraising chair.

Dean Atkinson, at the request of member Michael Scalett, requested that Michael be granted permission to single-hand the JY-15. The consensus among Ex Comm members was that Michael needed to appear before Ex Comm because no one present at the meeting had knowledge of his sailng abilities.


Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: There is a General Membership meeting on December 3 at the Berkeley Yacht Club at 7:30 p.m. The new lease with the marina may be finalized soon; we will get more yard space and an extra free berth. Sherazode (sp? -- sorry) is exploring alternatives to our current cruise line. Our YRA ad is being prepared to run in Latitiude 38 with the new $75 racing associate membership advertised.

Vice-Commodore's Report by Malu Lujan: the Dept. of Boating and Waterways has been in contact with the Club seeking more information about the Club for the grant proposal which we submitted. The open house weekend went well.

Port Captain Dan Twelker reported that all was fine save for a need for dayleaders on Nov. 25 and 29.

First Vice-Commodore Bob Hood reported that things are slowing down. KEEP THE RUDDERS TIED ON! (even when sailing rudderless). Bruce Takahashi reports two major Lido probelms: (1) the innertubes used to give the boats positive floatation get over-inflated and cause the hull/deck joint to separate so no tubes would be better than tubes and (2) the centerboard cases tend to crack but modification of the casings with steel plates seems to work.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias reports there was a windsurfing meeting on Nov. 19 at 6:00 pm.

Third Vice-Commodore Dean Atkinson reports that Louie's mast will be stepped on Sunday, Nov.15. A motion to approved $200 more for work on Louie's new mast passed unanimously.

Rear Commodore: no report.

Secretary: no report.

Treasurer: no report.

Motion to adjourn passed unanimously.

1998.10.29 - Excom

Thursday October 29, 1998

CSC Minutes
Ex Comm Meeting
October 29, 1998

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Bob Hood, Dan Acland, Dan Twelker, Wilder Lee, Matthias Reinsch, Dean Atkinson


Chris Havel submitted his qualifications for cruising skipper, including four letters of recommendation to Ex Comm. A motion to confer upon Chris Havel the rating of cruising skipper passed unanimously. Congratulations, Chris!

Bill Printzmeal asked Ex Comm to change the requirement that two persons sail the JY-15’s to allow the JY-15 to be single-handed.

A motion to lift the restriction on single-handing the JY-15 for all members checked out on the JY-15 was made and seconded. The vote was 3 in favor; 3 against; and 1 abstention. The motion did not pass.

A motion to allow members who are checked out on the JY-15 and have passed the senior dinghy test to single-hand the JY-15 was made and seconded. An amendment to the motion to allow Junior Skippers who have been approved by Ex Comm to singlehand the JY-15 was made and seconded. The vote to approve the amendment was 4 in favor; 2 against; and 1 abstention. The amendment was added to the motion.

The amended motion to allow members who are checked out on the JY-15 and have passed their senior dinghy test or junior skippers who have been approved by Ex Comm to singlehand the JY-15 passed. The vote was 4 in favor, 1 against, and 1 abstention.

A motion to allow Junior Skipper Bill Printzmeal to be allowed to singlehand the JY-15 was made and passed unanimously.

A proposal to consider allowing all members checked out on the JY-15 to singlehand when the wind is under 10 knots was put forth.

Justin Oberhauer asked that Ex Comm allow him to count the American Heart Association CPR class that he took count towards the cruising skipper requirement that the Red Cross Standard First Aid Course be taken. Justin will take the First Aid part of the Red Cross test but not the CPR part. A motion to allow this substitution was made and passed unanimously.

Bowen Kuhn requested that his coordination of the CSC sponsorship of a sailing program for the Berkeley Youth Alternative this past summer count as his senior project. There was a discussion concerning the appropriateness of seeking senior project approval for a project that the member had voluntarily undertaken without the project first being approved as a senior project. A motion to approve Bowen’s work as his senior project was made and passed. The vote was 4 in favor and 3 abstentions.

Ex Comm had some concerns with members asking for approval of a senior project after the project had been completed. Ex Comm was split on whether ex post facto approval was a good idea.


There were no reports from the Commodore, Secretary, or Treasurer.

First Vice-Commodore’s Report by Bob Hood: a lot of dinghies are working and some of them aren’t. Bruce Takahashi passed his novice skipper test.

A motion to approve $300 for new Lido jib sheets passed unanimously.

Second Vice-Commodore’s Report by Matthias: Mathais reminds members that we do not accept donations without prior approval of Ex Comm. Please contact Matthias before donating or accepting donations of windsurfing equipment. Some unusable windsurfing equipment was donated to CSC and dumped in the yard without prior approval by Ex Comm. We had to dispose of these items.

Matthias hopes to plan a windsurfers meeting sometime soon.

[Malu Lujan arrived]

Third Vice-Commodore Dean Atkinson: Dean is looking for help to finish the glasswork on Louie’s deck and to help dispose of the haulout leftovers. Louie’s mast is on the way and should be stepped this weekend.

Port Captain Dan Twelker reports that the Dayleader schedule is full!

Rear Commodore Dan Acland reports that he has been an inactive member for the past two months except for teaching the Lido instruction seminar on the last Saturday of each month.

Vice-Commodore Malu Lujan reports that we haven’t heard back from the DBW grant we submitted and that the brunch fundraiser will probably be schedule for January.

Final agenda: Dean Atkinson requested that his senior project be designing a circuit to give a red light when the battery on a keelboat is low and a green light when the battery is charged. The senior project was approved unanimously.

The motion to adjourn passed unanimously.

1998.10.15 - Excom

Thursday October 15, 1998


Present: Dan Twelker, Rebecca Haussmann, Malu Lujan, Wilder Lee, Matthias Reinsch, Dean Atkinson, Bob Hood

Agenda:    Yutaka Kaise appeared before Ex Comm to request approval as a Senior Windsurfing Candidate. A motion to accept Yutaka as a Senior Windsurfing Candidate with a work project to be assigned by Matthias passed unanimously. Good luck, Yutaka!

A motion to allow Bill Printzmeal to check out members on the JY-15's passed unanimously.

A motion to allow Junior+ windsurfers, Bill Bradfield, Peter Kuhns, Trumpton McFarland, John Frazier and Brian Herlihy give Junior Windsurfing Tests passed unanimously.

Ensign keelboat Louie was looked at by a marine surveyor who said the hull was good, the underwater metal was good, the softness in the foredeck is not a structural problem, and that Louie has lots of life left. The surveyor reccommended keeping the bilge clean, remounting the motor mount, and putting backing plates behind the chain plates. A motion to remast Louie and to appropriate $1444.50 for standing rigging, mast, and halyards plus $350 for other hardware passed unanimously.

John Myall once more complained about the lack of windsurfers on Ex Comm.


Commodore Rebecca Haussmann's Report: We had two successful haulouts with an amazing amount of work done. Bruce Takahashi and Dean Atkinson were insanely awesome. Also awesome (but not as insane) were Paul Herzmark, Rebecca Haussmann, and Bob Hood. Donald and Daisy have been launched and Louie is still in the yard.

Rebecca went to the Waterfront Commission Meeting on Oct. 14. Our lease negotiations are still being negotiated.

Port Captain Dan Twelker Reports: We have a new dayleader, Annie Retamal, who will work Sundays. She is certified in CPR and First Aid and is also a certified NAUI rescue SCUBA diver.

Member Don McPherson has completed volunteer dayleader training; member Bill Bradfield has almost completed volunteer dayleader training.

Thanks to Peter Kuhn for his work on the 30 HP skiff.

Vice-Commodore Report by Malu Lujan: We submitted a grant proposal to the Dept. of Boating and Waterways requesting a new skiff motor & attachments, lifejackets, wetsuits, two JY-15's, and new Junior windsurfing boards. Under the terms of the grant, the DBW would own the equipment, but we would get to use it.

The fundraiser brunch formerly scheduled for Nov. 1 has been postponed until next year.

Malu announced that she will step down as V-C in November.

First Vice-Commodore Bob Hood reports: The dinghies are in good shape except that #2 has a sticky centerboard. We are still waiting for Metal Magic to build 4 new rudderheads. A Lido Positive Floatation Project is in the works.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias reports: There is a debate among windsurfers on whether to acquire a new Malibu board for Junior W/S or to buy some 310's. Some like the Malibu, others think it's too expensive. We have an old Malibu that is one of the most popular Jr boards.

Third Vice-Commodore Dean Atkinson reports: The Haulouts went well. Thanks to Bruce. Louie is still out (as of Oct. 15) and needs work. The Work Days called for the past weekend often resulted in too many people at once. We might consider some method of getting the right number of workers at the right time.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland was conspicuously absent.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien writes that all is ok with the club finances.

The Secretary will work with Cal Copy on the probelm with diagrams not being readable in the Lido Manual.

1998.09.17 - Excom

Thursday September 17, 1998

CSC Minutes
Ex Comm Meeting
September 17, 1998

How Berkeley Can You Be Parade on Sept. 27
Haulouts on Oct. 8-11

Agenda Items:

The possibility of creating a Windsurfing Teaching Vice-Commodore position on Ex Comm was discussed. Several windsurfing members have expressed concerns that Ex Comm is overly dominated by sailors. Problems with adding an Ex Comm position include having an even number of Ex Comm members which could result in tie votes. Adding a position also requires changes in our constitution. Some concern that we would have trouble filling the position because windsurfers tend to avoid bureaucracies was expressed. Let Ex Comm know what you think about this idea.

Rebecca reminded everyone that programs, events, rule changes, etc. should be posted at the club at least two weeks before the event. A large percentage of our membership survives without the CSC listserve.

An update on dismasted Louie was given by Dan Twelker. Dan has found a company in Florida that specializes in Ensign repair that will sell us a replacement mast with all the doodads for $1500, which is cheaper than local companies. Whether the condition of Louie is good enough to support this expenditure was questioned. A motion was made to spend up to $300 for a marine survey of Louie to determine seaworthiness before spending more. This motion passed unanimously.

Rebecca suggested that we include a category in our annual budget for replacing standing rigging and include enough to replace the rigging on one boat per year. This way, the rigging would probably be replaced on each boat once every eight years or so.

The white Rhodes, which is now the green Rhodes has gotten another coat of paint.

Rebecca also encouraged all Senior and Cruising skippers to do volunteer dayleader training. This training involves learning the desk procedures and proper rescue and skiff procedures. It doesn't take long and it would be useful for the club if all seniors and cruising skippers knew the proper procedures. Call Dan Twelker for rescue training and Marceline for desk training. Present: Bob Hood, Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Twelker, Dean Atkinson, Wilder Lee, Malu Lujan, Marceline Therrien, Matthias Reinsch.

Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: A new "Rating Log" has been established to log current skipper ratings. This should help answer the questions of who can give and how to get tests. Also, there is a new resource binder with masters of all the handouts, manuals, etc. that we have at the club.

A motion was made to spend up to $750 + tax to purchase thirty new life jackets for the club. The motion was approved unanimously.

Vice-Commodore Report by Malu Lujan: We were not able to get a booth at the Solano Stroll last weekend due to a mix up (on their part, of course) over where and when to get our check to them. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help at this event.

Malu, Peter Kuhn, and Alex Case have prepared a grant proposal to submit to the Department of Boating and Waterways that, if granted, would reimburse us for up to $30,000 for safety equipment (which would include new sailboats and windsurfing boards as safety equipment). While the specific equipment we will include in the grant has not been finalized, such equipment will probably include a new motor, hydraulic mount, and propguard for the skiff, new life jackets, windsurfing equipment, and perhaps a new sailboat or two.

A motion was made to allow Malu Lujan, Peter Kuhn, and Alex Case to determine the precise equipment we should request under the grant in light of the discussion at Ex Comm and to file the grant for CSC with no further approval necessary. The motion passed unanimously.

First Vice-Commodore Bob Hood: The condition of our dinghy fleet remains unchanged. The old 470 has been decommissioned in light of it's current state of unrepair. The hardware needs to be stripped from the boat and the hull properly disposed.

Bruce Takahashi has been doing an extraordinary amount of work on the Lido's. This summer he has made a full-time job out of fixing the Lidos. His efforts go above and beyond the call of duty and he has almost single-handedly kept the fleet on the water this summer. Not only has he put in a tremendous amount of effort, but he has also encouraged and helped other club members in their efforts to repair the fleet. Bruce has undertaken the daunting task of repairing Lido # 7, which has sat forlornly in the yard awaiting the Herculean labor that its repair will take. In appreciation of Bruce's tremendous and unmatched efforts, Bob made a motion to award Bruce a gift certificate for an annual membership in appreciation for his efforts. This motion was approved unanimously.

The Lido rudder heads are flimsy and have a tendency to break. Several of them need replacement. A motion to spend $400 + tax for new rudder heads was approved unanimously.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch: Windsurfing sails have been damaged at a higher rate lately. A motion to spend $400 on the repair of damaged sails was made and passed unanimously.

A member who was caught sailing on an expired membership has agreed to do extra work in penance for his waywardness.

Windsurfing magazine wrote and article about windsurfing in Berkeley.

Letters to donors of windsurfing equipment concerning the tax deductibility of the donations are being sent.

Third Vice-Commodore's Report by Dean Atkinson: Huey is missing a registration sticker; the secretary will request a replacement from DMV. The rear deck on Huey is soft and probably needs to be replaced. Dewey needs a new jib halyard.

A motion was made to spend up to $750 to replace halyards and mainsheets on the Ensigns as needed. This motion was approved unanimously.

Haulout are on Oct. 8-11 so be prepared to come down and help with this big project.

Port Captain Dan Twelker: Our Dayleader situation is improving. We have three new dayleaders: Robert Mann, Doug Allen, and Rune. Rune ran the sailing club at UC-Santa Cruz and has volunteered to teach a Red Cross First Aid Class at the club. We are still short a dayleader on Mondays.

A hand held VHF has been installed on the skiff as safety equipment that is for the exclusive use of the Dayleaders.

Treasurer's Report by Marceline: The club's money supply remains constant. We are still waiting to hear back from the Marina on the lease.

The meeting was properly adjourned by unanimous motion.

1998.09.03 - General

Thursday September 03, 1998

September 3, 1998

Thanks to Jennifer Kirkland, Jerry Huff, Rebecca Haussmann and Hella for a wonderful meal!

Instructor Incentive Program!!!!!!!! ATTENTION! Starting Sept. 3, every member who earns 20 lesson credits between now and the next millennium will receive a special edition "CSC Instructor" cap. This limited edition cap designed by CSC's soon-to-be internationally famous Justin Oberhauer will be the envy of Sunday morning racers and cruising skippers everywhere. So come on down on Saturday morning and start earning your cap today!

Upcoming Events:    How Berkeley Can You Be Parade -- Sept. 24 Moonlight Madness Sail -- Oct. 3 Haulouts -- Oct. 9-11 Fundraising Brunch -- Nov. 1 Reports:

Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: We have an active 645-strong membership and Ex Comm. Members of special note are: Dan Acland for jump-starting our teaching program, Bob Hood for pinch-hitting as our new First Vice-Commodore, Bruce Takahashi -- this summer's Lido repair god, Dean Atkinson for keeping the keel boats floating, Marceline for her superhuman efforts of lease negotiations (able to lift entrenched bureaucracy with a single hand), and Matthias for his quiet valiant efforts to the windsurfing program steaming along.

Rebecca noted some changes in CSC rules and procedures. There has been a change in when Senior and Cruising skippers can obtain lesson credits for teaching Senior candidates. The white membership cards have been revised to include Volunteer Dayleader Training, among other things. Also, a new membership rating logbook has been established as a central source for information on who-has-what-rating.

Thanks to Karen Huff, our tool shed chair.

Cruising skippers, we need more cruises.

Treasurer's Report by Marceline Therrien: The club is doing very well financially this year. Our income is about $9,000 ahead of last year but our expenses are even with last year's. We have $3400 in our checking account and $63,666 in our money market account. Lease negotiations with the City of Berkeley are continuing.

Port Captain Dan Twelker Reports: We have some good dayleaders, but are experiencing the typical beginning of semester problems finding new work-study dayleaders. Dan encourages all members to sign up for Volunteer Dayleading Training.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland: The last Saturday of each month, at 2:00 is the Lido Instructors Seminar. New juniors, old juniors, and soon-to-be juniors are encouraged to show up to give and receive expertise. Lessons are going well, and should be going even better now that the Instructor Incentive Program is starting. Dan also extended his thanks to Richard Pronk for revising the Lido manual.

First Vice-Commodore Bob Hood: Seven Lidos are floating, and Lido # 7 is a senior project-in-waiting. A complement of Lasers and Bytes are afloat -- as is one 470, one Rhodes, and 2 JY's. Bob extended, and asked everyone else to extend, a big hand for everyone who has worked on a Lido. Sail 'em, break 'em, & fix 'em.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch: Some good boards have been donated to the club. New carbon-fiber masts have been purchased. Congratulations to Chi Deng, a new Senior windsurfer. Thanks to John Myall for fixing many long boards and to Dan Montagne for giving Saturday morning lessons.

Third Vice-Commodore Dean Atkinson: Haulouts of Louie and Daisy are scheduled for October 9, 10, and 11. So mark your calendars. Thanks to Robert Ofsevit, Scott McLean, Joe Matera, and Edmund Gauvin for their work on the keel boats.

Vice-Commodore Malu Lujan: Malu is working on grant proposals, is planning a fundraising brunch for November 1, and a fundraising swap meet in February.

Secretary's Report: The secretary told a esoteric long-winded joke that wasn't funny to end our reports.

The meeting was then adjourned.

1998.08.20 - Excom

Thursday August 20, 1998

AUGUST 20, 1998


1.    Brandon Gates has resigned as First Vice-Commodore due to the time pressures of his job. Thanks for your efforts, Brandon! Bob Hood has accepted appointment as First Vice-Commodore for the remainder of Brandon's term. Welcome aboard, Bob. Bob is interested in finding club members willing to work on the Lidos to keep them afloat. If you have some time and want to learn about Lido repair from the best, Bob will be pleased to put you to work.

2.    The general membership meeting will be held September 3 at 7:30 (bar open at 7:00) at the Berkeley Yacht Club. Come one and all for a great (free) meal and fascinating reports by Ex Comm members. As an added treat we always try to find some topic of controversy for the club members to discuss -- which means you get to see all Ex Comm members groan and roll their eyes. Not to be missed.

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Wilder Lee, Marceline Therrien, Matthias Reinsch, and Dean Atkinson

Commodore's Report by Rebecca: The furtive Moonlight Madness Sail was a success despite all efforts to deny its existence. Thirty people showed up for BBQ fun and some actually went sailing. The suggestion of sending flares on the boats to signal trouble was suggested. Next full moon, we will sponsor another moonlight madness based on this covert success. Heck, we may even announce it.

Vice-Commodore's Report: Even without Malu, we discussed the upcoming Solano Stroll (Sept. 19) at which CSC will have a booth and the "How Berkeley Can You Be" event at which we will also have a booth (Sept. 26?). Volunteers are needed to entice the unwitting at these events.

First Vice-Commodore's Report by Bob: Bruce Takahashi has been keeping the Lidos from sinking. Thanks, Bruce! Also work is being done on coordinating the "Do Not Sail" forms and signs with the maintenance log. It's nice to know why a boat has a do not sail sign on it, isn't it. We fix things so much faster when we don't have to find the problem twice.

Second Vice-Commodore's Report by Matthias: Matthias has found a great price on booms. A motion to spend $109 + tax for the purchase of a new boom was approved unanimously.

Matthias has been learned of a banker who is willing to get a foundation to donate money to the club in exchange for a 15% finder's fee. The banker's ethics were questioned and without more information on whether there was full disclosure of the arrangement all around, Ex Comm declined to explore this course of action further.

Members and locker renters have expressed concern over non-members/non-renters using the rigging area behind the clubhouse. The possibility of posting a sign saying something like "This is the CSC rigging area. Members and locker renters have priority." was suggested as a solution.

Third Vice-Commodore's Report by Dean: Tim Bochert has mentioned the need to replace the genoa track on Huey which is older and of a shape for which blocks are not readily available. A motion was made and approved unanimously to appropriate up to $200.00 to complete this repair.

The mainsail on Daisy needs repair. A search for another main around the club is ongoing.

Dewey's tiller needs replacement and to be reattached to the rudder post. A motion to approve up to $200 to solve this issue was approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report by Marceline: The club has $5,055 in checking and $63,666 in its money market account. We have taken in more than $5,000 in memberships this year as compared to last year at this time. This fact led to a discussion of whether the club could have too many members, especially windsurfing members who can be hard to keep track of on the water. The possible safety issues of many many members arose. One suggestion was to require Junior plus and senior windsurfers to carry pocket flares. More input and discussion is needed before any action is taken.

Marceline has been checking sign-out sheets. Apparently several people have been sailing on expired memberships. Please check to make sure your membership is current before checking out equipment. $45 is not too much to pay.

Secretary's Report: Thanks to Dan Acland and Peter Kuhn for their work in updating the Lido Sailing Manual. The club has been trying to reduce it's copying costs. We got quotes from copiers and Cal Copy had the lowest prices so we are sticking with them. A motion to approve $200 in addition to the monies approved last week for a big copying order was made and passed unanimously.

A motion to raise the racing membership dues to $75 passed unanimously. This motion had passed before, but was rescinded when our Latitude 38 ad listed the price as $50. Next season, we hope to get the right price in our ad.

A motion to accept a donation of two space heaters passed unanimously.

Agenda Items: Lease negotiations are on-going. Right now Marceline is working on getting the lease language cleaned up.

Marceline reported some ideas on boat replacement that she formed in conversation with a couple of big name boat builders/designers. One idea was to plot the club needs and find boats that come closest to meeting those needs and then to have precise contract specifications concerning the design and changes that are needed for boats that will withstand our use. The Alarian Express was mentioned as a possible replacement for the keelboats.

The meeting was properly adjourned.

1998.08.06 - Excom

Thursday August 06, 1998

AUGUST 6, 1998

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Virginia Nido, Dean Atkinson, Wilder Lee, Marceline Therrien, Dan Acland, Matthias Reinsch and Malu Lujan

Annoucement: Our esteemed Vice-Commodore Virginia Nido has reluctantly resigned due to the time demands of a new job. Malu Lujan, member extraordinaire, volunteered to serve out the remainder of Virginia's terms. Thanks for all your great work, Virginia; and welcome aboard, Malu!


1.    Arne Frick sought approval of his senior project. He proposed writing a JY manual covering rigging, sailing (both basic and advanced) in both paper and electronic form. He estimated this project would take 30-40 hours. This senior project was unanimously approved by Ex Comm.

2.    Bob Hood reported on his senior project which involved work on the Lidos, including, but not limited to, relaminating the delaminated centerboards, posting rudderlock signs, and installing shroud guards. Bob's senior project was deemed complete. Ex Comm thank Mr. Hood for his work with a resounding chorus of "Good job, Bob!"

3.    John Frazier reported on his senior project of jiffy reefing the Lido mains. He reefed one Lido at a cost of less than $20. He got a quote for Lido sail covers of $150-180 per cover from Pineapple Sails. There was discussion of trying to find a club member willing to sew sail covers for the Lido sails to bring the cost down. A motion to approve $200 so John can buy the parts necessary to put jiffy reefs in all the Lido sails passed unanimously.

4.    Paul Moran, a 14-year-old, sought permission to join the Club. Paul heard the usual Ex Comm speil about safety, responsibility, and CSC expectations for our younger members. A motion to allow Paul to join provided he tells the dayleader that he, as a younger member, is on the water and that he wear a wetsuit when windsurfing passed unanimously.

5.    A disciplinary hearing was conducted to address problems with a windsurfing member who allegedly had sailed out of bounds several times, ignored the time limit on equipment, stashed equipment he/she might want to use later where other members would not know it was available, and took the dayleader key from the harbor master's office. Disciplinary hearings are closed hearings. Ex Comm decided that any more infractions in 1998 by this member would result in an automatic two week suspension. Ex Comm dislikes disciplinary hearings please stay within bounds (both literally and figuratively).

6.    A motion to allow Dean Atkinson to check members off on the Rhodes passed unanimously.

7.    Purchase of a handheld VHF radio for the skiff was proposed. Several reasons why it could be useful during a rescue/emergency were brought forth. A motion to approve up to $280 for the purchase of a handheld VHF radio, holders, and a lock & cable passed by a vote of 5 to 1.

8.    Ex Comm accepted the resignation of Vice-Commodore Virginia Nido, whose new job has left her with little time for her club duties. Malu Lujan volunteered to take over the position of Vice-Commodore for the remainder of Virginia's term. A motion to accept Malu as Vice-Commodore for the remainder of Virginia's term passed unanimously.

9.    Ways to involve the windsurfers in our community service efforts was discussed. Public service is part of our lease, and, while windsurfing is a solo sport, there must be ways to include windsurfers in activities such as our Open Houses. The suggestion of a Windsurfing Open House was bandied about, as was the idea of getting windsurfers to help with on-shore logistics of open house rides. Ideas and suggestions would be appreciated.

10.    The Lido problems were discussed. Rebecca said that the work on the centerboard casings is holding up well. If the holes are plugged there probably aren't more structural problems. Dan Acland suggested ways to add positive buoyancy. Joe Matera wanted to ask Schock for more repairs.

11.    Non-Lido Sign-offs are being changed. Check postings in the clubhouse for changes on what it takes to get checked of on the Rhodes, Jy, 470, etc. A motion to adopt the new requirements passed unanimously.

12.    Malu reported that the date of Nov. 1 might be good for a 60th Anniversary fundraiser brunch. A date in February is contemplated for a swap meet to raise money.

13.    How to get the white Rhodes sailable was discussed. A member has sanded it as part of a senior project but has not finished the job abd the Rhodes has been out of commission for several weeks in mid-season. We need this project to get done.

14.    A discussion on Ex Comm voting by e-mail was postponed until next meeting.


Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: The Club is busy; Lido's are sinking and rising. The toolshed is clean!

Vice-Commodore's Report by Virginia Nido: Our new ad in the Sierra Club Yodeler has already generated some meberships. Last week's Open House was amazingly successful with over 300 free rides being given.

First-Vice Commodore's Report: First-Vice Brandon Gates was not in attendance at the meeting and submitted no written report.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch reported: the need for new booms, footstraps, and harness lines. A motion to approve $700 for the purchase of harness lines, booms, and footstraps passed unanimously. Four new instructional boards are having a problem with the nose breaking. Matthias will contact the manufacturer about possible repairs/replacements.

Third Vice-Commodore's Report by Dean Atkinson: The keel boats are just just great. A motion to approve $150 for welding on the Rhodes trailer and the pulpit on Uncle Donald passed unanimously.

Port Captain Dan Twelker was not present but submitted a written report. A dayleader meeting was held on Monday. The dayleaders liked the idea of a handheld VHF radio for the skiff.

Treasurer's Report by Marceline: We have $14,640 in checking and $52,300 in a money market account. This we have taken in $41,000 in memberships in comparison to $29,000 at this point last year. In other news, our marina lease is still being negotiated.

Rear Commodore's Report by Dan Acland: The Lido instructor incentive program is coming along. The Bluebook has been updated.

Secretary's Report by Wilder Lee: A motion to approved $125 for purchase of a locking file cabinet to replace our current non-locking locking file cabinet was approved unanimously. A motion to approve $2500 for copying new editions of the Lido manual, operating rules, windsurfing manual, membership card, and blue card was approved unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned by a unanimous vote.

1998.07.23 - Excom

Thursday July 23, 1998

EX Comm Meeting Minutes July 23, 1998

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Dean Atkinson, Marceline Therrien, Wilder Lee, Dan Twelker, Dan Acland, Matthias Reinsch

Agenda Items:

Edmund Gauvin appeared on behalf of Dick Kelby who requested that he (Dick) be allowed to sign people off on the Rhodes. Dick's level of knowledge and expertise is known to most members of Ex Comm. Motion: That Dick Kelby be allowed to sign off junior skippers on rigging and launching the Rhodes. The motion passed unanimously.

A motion to modify the operating rules regarding lesson credit for senior and cruising skippers giving lessons to senior skipper candidates was made. The changes allow lesson credit for lessons given outside regular lesson periods. The motion proposed changing section V, paragraph 7 of the operating rules to read:

7. All appropriately rated skippers may provide lessons. Credit for teaching includes instruction in both practical sailing and rigging. Rated skippers may receive one lesson credit from the Dayleader for each hour of teaching during regularly scheduled lesson periods. Senior or Cruising skippers may receive credits for on-the-water lessons given to Senior Candidates outside regularly scheduled lesson periods at the rate of one lesson credit per Senior Candidate, regardless of time. A skipper who receives ten lesson credits is entitled to three months free membership. Lesson credits are valid for six months.

and changing section XI, paragraph 8 to read:

8. A Senior Skipper rating may be obtained by successfully completing the following:

a. Organization and completion of a work project that includes at least 10 hours of extra work for the Club.

(1) a member must appear before the Executive Committee to          present their proposed work project, and the project must be         approved by the Executive Committee. Upon approval of their          work project, a member becomes an official "Senior Candidate"         for the purposes of Operating Rules section V, paragraph 7. A          member may seek approval of their work project after passing the         Senior Skipper written test and before taking the sailing tests.

(2) this project should involve the accomplishment of a single          major project which includes the participation of other club         members.

b. [same as previous a.]

The motion passed unanimously.

John Frazier sought Ex Comm approval of a Senior Skipper project. John proposed installing jiffy-reefs on the Lido sails. John's senior project was approved by Ex Comm unanimously.

Nicole Bruner, a twelve year old, appeared before Ex Comm to ask permission to become a club member. A motion was made that Nicole may become a member as long as a parent is present when she sails and she informs the dayleader before she goes out. This motion passed unanimously. Welcome, Nicole!

Jeff Holman, a thirteen year old, requested permission from Ex Comm to join the club and pursue a Novice Windersurfer rating. A motion was made that Jeff can join the club as long as (1) a parent is present when he sails, (2) he informs the dayleader before he goes out, and (3) he wears a wetsuit when windsurfing, and that Jeff can pursue a Novice Windsurfing Rating. This motion passed unanimously.

Bob Hood addressed Ex Comm about the progress of his Senior Project. Bob's senior project involved lots of maintenance work on the Lidos. Because the next step in Bob's project involves repairs that would take the Lidos out of commission for a week or more and, therefore, was a winter project. Bob wanted to know when someone could sign off on his project. He was referred to the First Vice-Commodore.

Malu reported that she was interested in organizing some fundraising events for the Club. Some of the ideas that she mentioned were a brunch, a raffle, and a swap meet. She has spoken with people at other non-profits about fundraising events they have done. She is also interested in organizing a boat donation program to solicit boat donations. No action was taken by Ex Comm on these proposals. Malu will work on getting some cost figures and report back.


Commodore's Report by Rebecca: The Club is very active, which is good. A General Membership Meeting will be scheduled for the end of August.

First Vice-Commodore's Report by Brandon: One of the Lidos sank last week. We need to explore ways to add floatation to the Lidos. The question is what floatation would work best? Also we need to continue plugging the holes and cracks in the Lidos.

The possibility of getting a hand-held VHF radio for the skiff was discussed. During a rescue last week, the skiff became very low on gas returning to the dock. A hand-held VHF would allow the skiff to radio for help if needed during a rescue. Port Captain Dan Twelker will look into possible VHF radios.

Second Vice-Commodore's Report by Matthias: The windsurfing program is holding off on purchasing 310 boards so they can look at some new boards that are on the market.

There have been problems with windsurfers who do not derig sails when there is no space to hang them in the storage locker. If there is no room to hang the sail, please derig it; you are responsible for doing so.

One windsurfer who has allegedly sailed out-of-bounds more than once will be asked to appear before Ex Comm for a disciplinary hearing.

Third Vice-Commodore's Report by Dean: Asked for approval from Ex Comm to spend up to $50 to laminate and post the registrations on the keel boats. The expenditure was approved unanimously by Ex Comm.

Dean reported that Tom Bliss's Senior Project will involve working on the soles of the Ensigns to reinforce them.

Rear Commodore's report by Dan the Man: Dan is working on putting together a binder on how to get checked out on the Lasers and Bytes. The white membership card will be revised to better reflect changes in the rules.

Dan asked the Club to contribute to the Dave Cahn Memorial Trophy in the 505 racing fleet. Dave was a Club member who suffered a fatal heart attack while leading a race in his 505 this winter. Club members can individually contribute to this memorial through the Club by contacting Dan Acland. A motion to contribute $100 to the Dave Cahn Memorial Trophy passed unanimously.

Joe Matera has been appointed racing chair. Congratulations, Joe! Also thanks to Ron Koci who updated the software used to compute results for Lido Sunday morning racing series. Thanks, Ron!

Treasurer's Report by Marceline: So far this fiscal year (which started May 1) the Club has collected over $35,807 and has a net income of $20,070. These figures are similar to last year. We currently have $9,999 in our checking account and $52,307 in a money market account.

Work on negotiating a new lease with the marina is still on-going.

Port Captain's Report by Dan Twelker: The Club is searching for a space heater for the clubhouse.

Thanks to Marceline Therrien who ran a training meeting for the dayleaders on the proper way to process new members. Thanks, Marceline!

Changes in the dayleader manual have been made so that there is a clearer understanding of how dayleaders are supposed to keep track of their time.

Secretary's Report by Wilder: We are currently reevaluating our printing arrangements in an attempt to lower our printing costs. Also, we are working on consolidating the master copies of our manuals so we can keep better tabs on updates and changes to the rules.

The meeting was adjourned by a unanimous vote.

1998.06.11 - Excom

Thursday June 11, 1998

Push off, and sitting well in order smite

The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds

To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths

Of all the western stars, until I die.




Ex Comm Meeting

June 11, 1998


Ex Comm Members Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Marceline Therrien, Dan Acland, Brandon Gates, Dean Atkinson (our new Third Vice-Commodore—Welcome, Dean!), Joe Matera (acting Port Captain), Matthias Reinsch, Wilder Lee

A large number of members were present due in part to the excellent turn out at the great lecture on Heavy Weather Sailing by Peter Baczek which is part of this summer’s lecture series organized by Louis Benainous.

Because of the large number of agenda items, the usual Ex Comm reports were dispensed with.


Agenda Items

Chi Dang presented his proposed idea for his Senior Windsurfer Project. He proposed fixing eight Novice and Junior Boards that are unsailable, using these repairs to teach other members to repair boards, and writing up instructions on how to fix boards that break in the future. This project was unanimously approved by Ex Comm.

Michael Scalet and Bob Hood presented a proposed dual Senior Skipper Project that included repairing and improving the Lido centerboards to prevent the cracking, reglassing some damaged centerboard casings, attaching small signs to Lido sterns saying "ATTENTION!! Please don’t forget the RUDDER LOCK" and replacing broken pintles. This project was approved unanimously.

Marceline Therrien presented a proposed senior project. She asked that the work she has done in negotiating the Club’s lease with the marina count as a senior project. This project was approved unanimously.

Tom Bliss via e-mail submitted two possible senior projects: one was polishing the Lido hulls, the other was supervising some days during the upcoming haulouts. Some Ex Comm members questioned whether polishing the Lido hulls would have more than a few weeks effect given their constant use. Whether working on a haulout planned and organized by someone else was an appropriate senior project was also questioned by some Ex Comm members. As a result, this proposal was tabled so that we could talk with Tom about amending his proposal.

Ray Oliver reported on the new member orientation that he has devised and implemented. The orientation was designed to teach new members about the club and to de-mystify how our club works. The orientation was designed for Saturday morning when people were waiting for Lido lessons. However, the plethora of Lido instructors and the lure of the 9:30 windsurfer rigging lesson was diminishing the supply of potential inculcatees. Ray is working to better coordinate Saturday mornings.

Justin Oberhauer gave an update on the logo and shirts for the as-yet-implemented Lido Instructor incentive program—which is sure to be a success because the logo for it is so awesome. The original idea was for Lid Instructor sweatshirts but, since nice heavy cotton sweatshirts are a bad idea in a Lido, other possibilities are being explored, such as long sleeve t-shirts or caps. Justin will look into the costs and report back to the club.

Disciplinary Action: A disciplinary hearing was held concerning a member who took out club equipment and left it out overnight in a public place. The member failed to appreciate that he used poor judgment which was inconsistent with the interests of the Club. As a result, the member’s rating was revoked.

John Danielson expressed concern that boats in need of maintenance were being raced on Sunday mornings, that racing skippers were not necessarily aware of the problems that the boats had, and that there was no well-kept maintenance log, so not all problems were getting fixed. The First and Third Vice-Commodores agreed that the lack of good maintenance logs needed to be improved. John will work with the First and Third Vice-Commodore’s to address these issues.

A motion to adopt an operating rule stating: "No member shall sign out or operate club equipment if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs" passed unanimously. Several members of Ex Comm felt that a rule adopting a zero-tolerance was appropriate. Other members thought that such a rule would have an effect on the culture of the Club and that we should seek feedback from the members before making any club policy—so let us know what you think.

A motion to adopt the following changes to the operating rules was made:

V.7. change "A skipper who receives ten lesson credits is entitled to three months free membership." to "A skipper who receives ten lesson credits within a six month period is entitled to three months free membership."

[This change is implements a change in the lesson credit policy made by Ex

Comm this spring]

XI.8.b. change "At least 10 hours of extra work for the Club. This should normally involve the accomplishment of a single major project" to:

Organize and complete a work project that includes at least 10 hours of extra work for the Club.

(1) candidates must appear before the Executive Committee to present their proposed work projects and the projects must be approved by the Executive Committee. Candidates should seek approval of their work project after taking the Senior Skipper written test and before taking the sailing tests. (2) this project should involve the accomplishment of a single major project which includes the participation of other club members.

XI.13.c. change "At least 10 hours of extra work for the Club. This should normally involve the accomplishment of a single major project" to:

Organize and complete a work project that includes at least 10 hours of extra work for the Club.

(1) candidates must appear before the Executive Committee to present their proposed work projects and the projects must be approved by the Executive Committee. Candidates should seek approval of their work project after taking the Senior Windsurfer written test and before taking the sailing tests.

(2) this project should involve the accomplishment of a single major project which includes the participation of other club members.


[These changes have two functions: (1) is they implement a change in the

operating rules passed by Ex Comm last fall that work projects receive Ex

Comm approval and (2) are amended to better reflect the view of Ex Comm

toward senior work projects which in practice has required more than 10

hours extra work for work projects]

This motion was approved unanimously.

The meeting was duly adjourned.

1998.05.28 - General

Thursday May 28, 1998

CSC General Membership Meeting
Excom meeting
May 28, 1998


Note: both the minutes of the General membership meeting and the minutes of the Excom meetings are included below


Congrats to the new seniors Martin Scanlon, Reese Jones, and Paul Herzmark!

Congrats also to new Ex Comm member Dean Atkinson (3rd Vice)!


Commodore’s Report by Rebecca Haussmann: The Club is healthy and doing well. Rebecca thanked Jennifer, Jerry, and herself for preparing the great meal that accompanied our meeting. She noted that the haul-out scheduled for May 30-31 had been postponed due to impending bad weather and will be reschduled for late June or July. Ashby Shoals breakfast is on June 13: be at the club by 7:30 am to experience the low point on the club’s social calendar. A Junior Skipper Fast-Track intensive lesson program will be held soon. Rebecca also reminded the club members to act responsibly if you cause damage to other people’s boats or property. She thanked Gene Grant for his fiberglass work and John Danielson for addressing some safety issues at the club.

Vice-Commodore’s Report by Virginia Nido: The Club is selling lots of memberships and giving lots of Open House rides. Special thanks to Chris Binger for the great BBQs he has organized. Also the Club is looking for a t-shirt chair to handle sales of club shirts and paraphernalia; if you are interested contact Virginia or any Ex Comm member.

First Vice-Commodore’s Report by Martin Scanlon: Thanks goes out to everyone who has adopted a dinghy. Reese Jones has done great work on the high performance dinghies. Also, the Club had a great work party a couple of weeks ago. There have been some problems with the uphauls/downhauls on the Lido. The force of the centerboard slamming to a stop has caused cracks to develop. Please be gentle when raising and lowering the centerboard. Furthermore, don’t forget to watch out for water in the Lido hulls and to note in the log if a hull has more than 2 gallons of water in it after sailing (2 gallons takes about 10 seconds to drain).

Second Vice-Commodore’s Report by Matthias Reinsch: The windsurfing program has purchased 8 Revos instructional boards and some new carbon fiber masts. Some new Senior boards have been donated to the club. Also thanks to Bill Printzmeal for teaching the accelerated windsurfing course.

Third Vice-Commodore’s report by Brandon Gates: The big news ebeing that haulouts were canceled for May 30-31 and rescheduled for June 26. Thanks to Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Twelker, and Zaaf for the work they did on Louie, also thanks to Dean Atkinson for working on the electronics on the Commanders. Please, help keep the keelboats neat and clean after you sail.

Treasurer’s report by Marceline Therrien: Total revenues last year exceeded expenses by $37,000. Thanks to Greg Davids for working on boat donations last year which netted the club approximately $10,000. The Club is setting aside $20,000 in a capital purchase fund for boats. However, next year’s budget projects a $5,000 deficit for the club.

Lease negotiations with the Marina are still ongoing. If you live in Berkeley, please call your Councilperson and tell them to give us a fair deal. Also, thanks to the 3--40 club members who showed up at the last Waterfront Commission Meeting in support of the Club.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland reported: That the Lido Instructor Seminars on the last Saturday of every month at 2:00 pm have been a continuing success. An Instructor Incentive Program is in the works, which will include the chance to teach your way into an awesome instructor t-shirt designed by Justin Oberhauer. Louis Benainous has organized a lecture series that starts on June 11 with a talk on heavy weather sailing. Also hopes for a orientation program for new club members are being entertained.

On another subject dear to Dan’s heart, racing, the club will be sponsoring a SBRA Regatta on June 27-28 for JY15s and Sunfish. So if you can help out please let Dan know.

Secretary’s report:

Tool Shed Chair Karen Huff spoke about the reorganization of the tool shed. She reminded everyone to PUT IT AWAY, THROW IT AWAY, or RECYCLE (these are the only three options). Also hazardous waste (old paint, batteries, glue, etc. can be disposed on in the maintenance yard near the Harbormaster’s office.

Election results: A quorem being duly present, elections for Ex Comm positions were held. No positions were contested so I’ll go straight to the results, which were, by the way, all unanimous.

Commodore: Rebecca Haussmann

Vice-Commodore: Virginia Nido

First Vice-Commodore: Brandon Gates

Second Vice-Commodore: Matthias Reinsch

Third Vice-Commodore: Dean Atkinson

Port Captain: Dan Twelker

Treasurer: Marceline Therrien

Rear Commodore: Dan Acland

Secretary: Wilder Lee

The meeting was adjourned by singing the club song "Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think"



Cal Sailing Club Minutes
May 28, 1998

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Virginia Nido, Martin Scanlon, Brandon Gates, Marceline Therrien, Wilder Lee, Joe Matera (acting Port Captain)

Members present: Justin Oberhauer, Dean Atkinson, Tom Bliss


A motion to approve the proposed budget for this fiscal year passed unanimously.

A motion to put $20,000 in a capital purchase fund for boats passed unanimously.

A motion to make Joe Matera temporary Port Captain while Dan Twelker is on vacation passed unanimously.

Tom Bliss discussed possible senior work projects, particularly work on the 470. Tom was encouraged to work with some of the 470 sailors to identify specific tasks that need doing. Tom brings a wealth of sailing and boat repair experience to the club. We are lucky to have him aboard and are excited about his contributions to the club.

A motion to adjourn this abbreviated Ex Comm meeting before the General Membership Meeting passed unanimously.

1998.05.14 - Excom

Thursday May 14, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for May 14th, 1998



Only in you, across centuries
of the sea's parchment atlas, can I catch the noise
of the surf lines wandering like the shambling fleece

of the lighthouse's flock, that Cyclops whose blind eye
shut from the sunlight. Then the canoes were galleys
over which a frigate sawed its scythed wings slowly.


May 14, 1998


The General Membership Meeting is on May 28, 1998 at 7:00 pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club. There will be dinner and elections—so come vote.

Thanks to Rebecca and Marceline and all the members who attended the Waterfront Commission Meeting last week. The support was tremendous, the speakers eloquent, and the result was a fourth free berth!

Ex Comm members present: Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Acland, Marceline Therrien,

Wilder Lee, Brandon Gates, Virginia Nido, Matthias Reinsch, Martin Scanlon

CSC members present: John Danielson, Richard Pronk, Dave Rabinowitz, Justin

Oberhauer, Aaron Sokol

Agenda Items:

A motion was made by Virginia Nido that the club purchase a second JY-15 that is for sail at the Berkeley Marina. The boat is in good condition and priced at $4,000 + tax. A motion to authorize that the club spend $4,000 plus tax to purchase this JY-15 was made and passed unanimously.

Justin Oberhauer presented two designs for a logo on Instructor T-shirts for a potential instructor incentive program. The designs were awesome! The designs are a sloop blasting through a porthole with different color variations. A motion to approve the design for use in a potential instructor incentive program passed unanimously. Check these designs out when you get the chance—they are great!

John Danielson renewed his request to change the operating rules to require that all boats have a bailing device and carry an anchor and paddle unless the rules specify otherwise. A motion was made to: renumber items 14 and 15 in section VI Day Sailing Regulations of the Operating Rules to 16 and 17 respectively; to add a new section 14 that reads "All boats must have an operational bailing devise or carry a bailing bucket attached to the boat" and a new section 15 that reads "All sloop-rigged boats must carry an anchor and at least one paddle unless otherwise specified in these rules"; change operating rules IX.6.d(2) by replacing the sentence "Anchor and paddle are optional on this boat" with the sentence "A paddle is optional on this boat";and change operating rule IX.6.d(3) by adding the sentence "A paddle is optional on this boat." The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Aaron Sokol, a fifteen year old, request permission to join the club. A motion to allow Aaron to join the club passed unanimously. Welcome aboard, Aaron!

Dave Rabinowitz petitioned Ex-Comm for reinstatement of his Cruising Skipper rating after an absence of more than two years. A motion to reinstate Dave’s rating passed unanimously.

Richard Pronk gave an update on his Senior Project of structuring a teaching program to include rewriting the sailing instruction manual to make it more teaching-friendly.

Reports: No reports were given as the rest of the meeting was devoted to the 1998 fiscal year budget. More on the budget when the preliminary details are finalized.

Meeting Adjourned.

1998.04.30 - Excom

Thursday April 30, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for April 30th, 1998



Fiberglass Repair Workshop at 2 pm on May 9. Led by fiberguru Gene Grant.

Come learn the dos and don’ts of making fiberglass repairs. If you have ever aspired to own a boat, this workshop is a must.

Waterfront Commission Meeting at 7 pm on May 13 at His Lordship’s Restaurant. Our lease is on the agenda.

General Membership Meeting at 7 pm on May 28 at the Berkeley Yacht Club.

Dinner, elections, and reports. If you’ve ever thought of running for office, here’s your big chance.

Ex Comm members present: Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Twelker, Dan Acland,

Marceline Therrien, Matthias Reinsch, Martin Scanlon, Wilder Lee

Members present: Louis Benainous, Peter Baczek, John Danielson, Richard

Pronk, Ben Epstein, Dean Atkinson, and future member Sophia Beckman

Agenda Items:

Sophia Beckman, a fourteen year old future windsurfer requested permission to join the club and pursue a junior windsurfing rating. A motion to allow Sophia to join CSC was made, duly seconded, and passed unanimously. Welcome aboard, Sophia!

Peter Baczek, sail maintenance chair, reported on the need for new Lido jibs. The old jibs are worn and in need of constant repair, especially the clews. Repairs cost $50/hour. New heavier jibs would cost $252 each. A motion to fund eight new Lido jibs passed unanimously.

Richard Pronk came before Ex Comm for approval of a senoir project. He proposed designinga new member orientation packet that would aid in explaining how the club works, frequently asked questions, and responsibilities of membership—basically the nitty-gritty details not found in the operating rules and the stuff all members should know before they set foot in a boat or on a board. A motion to approve Richard’s project passed unanimously.

Louis Benainous told Ex Comm that he is working on a lecture series to begin sometime this month. Several years ago, Louis gave a popular lecture series on diverse sailing topics ranging from celestial navigation to heavy weather sailing that was well-attended and added much knowledge to the collective know-how of the club. Look for details on times, places,and subjects soon.

Dean Atkinson presented his proposed senior project to Ex Comm. He wants to premanently install chargers on the boats and establish protocols to keep the batteries charged. This project was unanimously approved by Ex Comm. Dean has already done a lot of work on the keelboats.

John Danielson proposed changing the operating rules to require that (1) all boats must have an operational bailing device or carry a bailing bucket attached to the boat, and (2) a paddle and anchor be required on all sloop rigged boats. The requirement that paddles and anchors be required in the JY15 and 470s led to a lively discussion. Some members felt that the requirement compromised the performance of these boats and would cause problems. Others thought that, as a teaching club, requiring these safety devices made sense. John researched different types of paddles and anchors; he found several small/collapsable paddles that would take up less room than our current oars. The proposal was tabled until (1) we have enough paddles and anchors to implement this rule and (2) the membership had a chance to let Ex Comm hear its input into the proposed changes—especially regarding anchors and paddles on the 470s and JY15. So, what do you think?

The possibility of creating a Junior plus/Senior dinghy sailboat rating was proposed. The rating would carry the privileges of (1) sailing dinghies in the senior area, (2) giving junior tests, (3) sailing dinghies at low tide. Holders of the rating would only be able to sail during the club’s normal operating hours. To obtain the rating, club members would have to (1) complete their senior work project, (2) pass the senior written test, (3) pass the senior dinghy test. Neeedless to say, this proposal led to a spirited discussion. Some felt that the club should provide a rating for members whose primary interest was dinghy sailing. Others felt that the keelboat part of the senior test was important and that all good sailors should possess the flexibility to sail both dinghies and keelboats. Additional requirements for the rating were also suggested, such as requiring two senior dinghy tests and/or having to apply to Ex Comm and be approved for the rating. A motion to establish this rating was withdrawn so that Ex Comm could get more input from club members. Again, let us know what you think.

Disciplinary Action: Unfortunately, Ex Comm had to deal with a member who sailed on an expired membership. Disciplinary actions are closed hearings by Ex Comm and the names of the involved members are not made public. We do, however, want members to be aware that Ex Comm does take action against members who break the rules. A co-op only works if everyone works together.




Commodore Rebecca Haussmann: the general membership meeting is coming up on May 28, 1998. Elections will be held.

Vice-commodore’s Report: no report, but Virginia Nido has done a great job with the Open Houses.

First Vice-Commodore Martin Scanlon: Lido #3 has a crack in the cockpit, in the curve of the seat. Gene Grant, fiberglasser extraordinaire, has volunteered to fix it if he can do the repair in his shop. He has a road-legal trailer on which to transport the boat. A motion to allow Gene to take the Lido to his house for the repair provided that it is legally transported passed unanimously. Thanks, Gene!

A centerboard has cracked where the uphaul line is attached. Martin asks us all to be careful when raising and lowering the centerboard so that we use both the uphaul and downhaul to gently position the centerboard rather than letting it bang into place.

New tiller extensions have been purchased and are ready to be installed, if antone needs a work project.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch: the purchase of 4 Revo boards is still in the works.

There is an upcoming event called "windsurfers against water pollution" scheduled for June 4, 1998 at 4-6 pm to highlight pollution in the bay windsurfers are encouraged to fly coloered ribbons representing different pollutants to increase awareness on bay water pollution. The sponsoring organizations wanted to list CSC as a participant, but ExComm wanted more information about who the sponsors were (there was some concern that this event was being sponsored by large corporations to blame pollution on household discharges rather than industry).

Third Vice-Commodore: no report.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland: The third monthly teaching seminar was held on the last Saturday of the month at 2 pm. Several new Junior Skippers attended. All Junior Skippers are encouraged to attend, and all Junior test-givers are encouraged to encourage new Juniors to attend.

The racing seminar, on the last Sunday of each month, went well.

An orientation lecture series for Saturday morning lessons is being developed by Ray Oliver.

A fiberglass repair workshop by fiberguru Gene Grant will be held on Saturday May 9 at 2 pm.

Port Captain Dan Twelker: There is a new rescue tow rope for the skiff.

We have a new dayleader, Rob, who will be working on Sundays.

Weekend shifts have been doubled so that there are two dayleaders on duty on the weekends. In the busy summer months, two dayleaders increase safety and facilitate signing up new members (one dayleader should always be available to handle the paperwork)

Dan Twelker will be gone (sailing back from Hawaii) starting May 27.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien: Our financial situation has not changed much from last month. Marceline has been working hard on negotiating a new lease and it looks like her efforts may pay off. Everyone is encouraged to attend the Waterfront Commission meeting on May 13 at 7:00 pm at his Lordship’s Restaurant. Nothing impresses a Commission more than a crowd. Please come support the Clubin its efforts to keep our expenses from taking a giant leap forward.

Secretary’s Report by Wilder: We will need to print new copies of the the operating rules and sailing instructions soon. Finding a low cost printer coulod be a great work project for someone.

1998.04.02 - Excom

Thursday April 02, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for April 2nd, 1998

Pheadrus . . . headed the boat up into the howling wind which caught the sail and cracked it like a whip. He dashed forward and freed the halyard. He pulled the sail down as fast as he could, furled it with a single stop and got back to the tiller again before the boat lost its heading.


Ex-Com Meeting April 2, 1998

Present: Virginia Nido, Dan Acland, Matthias Reinsch, Marceline Therrein, Wilder Lee, Brandon Gates, Martin Scanlon

Member Justin Oberhauer was also present.


Commodore's Report:    No report.

Vice-Commodore's Report by Virginia Nido: Our ads are running in Area new outlets. Last weekend was a special open house and BBQ that coincided with the REI Canoefest. We fliered the canoers and broke even on the BBQ.

Preliminary results from the member survey are in and will be made available to members soon. Highlights of the survey are: 37% of those surveyed found out about the club from a friend, acquaintance or colleague. 69% are members only during the windy season. Only 36% were students. 40% would change the sailing lesson format; most by having instructors, more instructors, and more instructors. Most liked our inexpensive membership fees. As to sexual discrimination, 6% rated this as somewhat of a problem and 17% responded that it was somewhat of a problem or worse when asked if women were treated differently than men at the club. The best result was that the overall satisfaction rate with the Club was really high.

Good work, Virginia Nido, for undertaking this survey.

First Vice-Commodore Report by Martin Scanlon: Member Gene Grant did a wonderful fiberglass repair of Lido #7 whose rail had been crunched by a wayward Cal Adventures sailor. We will look into buying tiller extensions with the rubber universal joint for all the Lidos.

Second Vice-Commodore's Report by Matthias Reinsch: The proposal to purchase a Windglider -- a big, wide, inflatable and forgiving ultra-novice board -- is causing controversy among the club's windsurfers. Some think it's a bad idea; others like it.

An Accelerated Windsurfing Program will take place beginning on May 23. The club hopes to have some new Revo boards by then.

A motion was made to approve the purchase of Revo boards as long as the purchase amount is within the amount budgeted for this year's windsurfing capital budget. The motion passed unanimously.

Third Vice-Commodore:    No report. Treasurer:    Club funds are basically unchanged from the last report.

Our application for a fourth free berth was denied by the marina management. We plan on asking the Waterfront Commission to overrule the manager's decision at their May meeting, which is the first Wednesday of the month. All club members are encouraged to attend this meeting. A good turnout by our members is the best way to get the Commission to give us another berth.

Also our lease, which is up for renewal, is being negotiated. The marina management wants to raise our rent from $240/month to $365/month for the first year, $375 for the second year, and $390 for the third year of the new lease (and we had to talk them down to these numbers). This rent is in addition to the $134/month we are paying to rent a fourth slip. A major term of the lease would give us 13 more feet along the north side of our property (the side facing the University Ave.) for a distance from the fence with Cal Adventures to the drive next to the Adventure Playground. This would give us a 19% increase in space.

The consensus among Ex Comm members was that the extra space was worth the increase in rent.

Furthermore, the marina management wants us to construct a slatted fence running the length of the north boundary of our property. According to management, this would prevent passerbys from being exposed to "bare windsurfer butts." Consensus among Ex Comm members was that the fence would be a bad idea, but that we should make improvements to the north side of our property to make it more attractive.

Marceline and Rebecca will keep these ideas in mind while negotiating the lease.

Next week at the April 8 Waterfront Commission Meeting, CSC presents its annual report.

Port Captain:    No report.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland: Both the Lido Instruction Training (on the last Saturday of every month at 2:00 pm) and the Racing Seminar (the last Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm) were well attended last week.

Fastrack Lido instruction programs are schedule for May, June, and July.

We are gearing up for Saturday orientation lectures for those waiting for lessons.

Secretary: No report.

Agenda Items:

(1)    Justin Oberbauer appeared before Ex Comm to present his proposed Senior Project. He proposed replacing the benches on the 18 HP skiff. This project will involve carpentry and fiberglassing. The motion to approve this project passed unanimously.

(2) A motion was made to make the club Bytes and Lasers available to members ranked as Junior Skippers or higher to participate in the Women's Racing Seminar sponsored by the Richmond Yacht Club in May. If more club members want to participate than the club has boats available, a lottery will be held to determine which members can use the club boats. This motion passed unanimously.

A ancillary motion was made waive the club rules concerning the sailing boundaries to allow club members ranked as Junior Skippers or higher to sail club boats within the confines of the racing clinic. This motion also passed unanimously.

(3) A proposal was made that the Club establish a Junior + dinghy rating for members. This rating would require that the member have completed (1) the Senior written test, (2) a Senior work project, and (3) the Senior dinghy sailing test. A Junior + dinghy rating would allow a member to sail the club dinghies within the Senior dinghy area, to sail at low tide when club operations were normally suspended, and to give Junior sailing and rigging tests. No action was taken on this proposal. The consensus of Ex Comm was that club members should have an opportunity to discuss this proposal before it was put to a motion.

The meeting was adjourned by unanimous motion.

1998.03.19 - Excom

Thursday March 19, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for March 19th, 1998


Lido Instuction Training, March 28 at 2:00 pm. This week's topic: Safety

Racing Seminar, March 29 at 2:00 pm. This week's topic: Starts (plus on-the-water training)

Volunteers needed to table at Albany Middle School Fair on Friday, March 27 in the afternoon.

Saturday morning windsurfing lessons will begin in May.


Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Marceline Therrein, Matthias Reinsch, Dan Twelker, Dan Acland, Wilder Lee.

Also present were members Ken Shepherd and John Miles.



Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: Member Karen Huff has volunteered to be Tool Shed Chair.

The seller of a JY15 has approached offered to sell his boat to the club. The club should consider buying the JY and selling at least one of the 470s. The JY fits the club well and our current JY has gotten lots of use, as opposed to the 470s which re used by just a few members. Dan Acland suggested that if we do acquire another JY, we should equip it with a turbo rig (i.e., trapeze and spinnaker)

The CSC racing membership ad had already appeared in print before the change in the racing membership had been raised from $50 to $75 a year. See the motion below.

The Albany Middle School Healthy Lifestyle Fair, for which we have agreed to table, is coming up next Friday. We still need volunteers.


Vice-Commodore: no report

First Vice-Commodore: no report, but it was noted that a Cal Adventures sailor t-boned one of the Lidos causingmajor damage. Cal Adventures will pay for the repairs. The Lido was hit while at the dock, so don=t forget to practice those docking skills.


Second-Vice Commodore's Report by Matthias Reinsch: The windsurfing program is considering buying some new equipment. (1) A Wind glider for beginners. This is a 8’ x 4’ which would allow a beginning windsurfer to learn to sail without constant worrying about taking a dip. (2) 10 carbon fiber masts. See motion below. (3) Four new Revo boards for beginners. (4) More transition boards for Junior Skipper windsurfers.

Matthias is still looking into finding water quality tests for our part of the bay.

Ex com was asked to approve a Windsurfing Lessons Chairpersonship to coordinate windsurfing instruction on Saturday mornings. Lessons will begin in May. See motion below.

A proposal to allow new windsurfing members to get on-the-water instruction before passing their novice test in a structured lesson setting has been made by a member. Questions were raised concerning the plusses and minuses of this approach, the manner in which the program would be structured, and the potential for equipment damage. More input is needed before any action is taken.


Third Vice-Commodore's Report by Brandon Gates: On March 14, Louie was involved in a collision whiled tied to a dock. There was damage to the rail including a ¾" hole. The other skipper will pay for the repair. Hopefully some club members will be able to watch or assist in the repair to learn more about fiberglassing.

Lots of maintenance on the keelboats has been accomplished. Robert Ofsevit and Eric Wittig replaced the Commander's dock lines. Robert O. Also repaired the bilge hatch on Daisy. Dean Atkinson repaired three inoperable radios and fixed a radio power cable. Thanks, guys!

However, the Commanders need new antennas and new batteries.


Port Captain Report by Dan Twelker: The problem with filling the Wednesday slot has been solved. Chi is back. [unanimous Hooray! By Ex com] UCB's spring break is next week and there are as yet, no dayleaders for Tuesday through Friday. After next week, all slots are filled.


Treasurer's Report by Marceline Therrien: The club has $11,323 in checking and $42,779in its money market account. For the fiscal year that ends in April, we have $27,000 more in income than anticipated and are on budget for expenses.

Lease negotiations with the Marina are going poorly. The marina wants to raise our rent to $550 a month plus the cost of a berth. This represents a 108% increase in rent. The treasurer is interested in coordinating an effort to get a better price.

Budget proposals for each program are due two meetigs from now.

Joe Matera reported on his investigation into our insurance policy. He has gotten a significantly lower quote from the Hartford than from our current insurer. See motion below.


Rear Commodore's Report by Dan Acland: announced the lido instruction and racing seminars next weekend. Volunteered to help the tool shed chair organize the shed. Hopes to set up a Fast-track Lido lesson program in April.

Secretary: no report.


Agenda Items

T-shirt order: Tim Brandon request approval to order CSC mugs, hats, and polo shirts. See motion below.

Boat donations: Brandon Gates, who is working on setting up a system that will allow the club to solicit boat donations and sell the boats to produce revenue. A club member has volunteered to sell the boats on commission. Brandon will also contact brokers to see what we can arrange. Malu Lujan has offered her administrative services to help coordinate donations.

Sea Scouts: The questions of whether the club should do activities with the Sea Scouts, who discriminate against gays and atheists was discussed with a decision being reached.



(1) A motion to approved $800 for the purchase of 10 new carbon fiber windsurfing masts passed unanimously.

(2) A motion to create a Windsurfing Instruction Chair to coordinate Saturday morning windsurfing lessons was passed unanimously.

(3) A motion to authorize the Treasurer to acquire insurance with the Hartford in an amount up to $10,000 was authorized.

(4) A motion to drop hull insurance on all club boats was made but not seconded. So no vote was taken.

(5) A motion to carry hull insurance only on the Lidos passed unanimously.

(6) A motion to rescind the previous vote to raise the cost of a racing membership to $75 because the Latitude 38 ad already running says the cost is $50 passed unanimously.

(7) A motion that four Lidos be reserved for the Lido racing seminar on March 29 from 2-5 pm passed unanimously.

(8) A motion to approve the expenditure of $500 for tall mugs, six-panel hats, and polo shirts with the club insignia passed with six ayes, no nays, and one absention.


The meeting was adjourned by a unanimous vote

1998.03.05 - General

Thursday March 05, 1998
Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for March 5th, 1998

Below please find both the Excom minutes and
the General Membership minutes




Minutes of the March 5, 1998 Ex Com meeting

Present:  Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Twelker, Matthias Reinsch, Brandon Gates, Virginia Nido, Wilder Lee, Martin Scanlon

Member Joe Matera was also present

Commodore Report by Rebecca: The Commodore mentioned the short time for the meeting and urged us to keep ‘em tight.

Vice-Commodore Report by Virginia: Needs volunteers for the Albany Middle School Healthy Lifestyles fair in March.

First Vice-Commodore Scanlon: This is the time of year to revive the adopt-a-boat program. Anyone interested in adopting a Lido or other boat to love and cuddle and repair is encouraged to do so.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias: There was a windsurfers meeting last week. The windsurfers would like to buy 4-6 Revos boards and 10 carbon fiber masts. Matthias will make a firm proposal on this purchase to Ex Com at a future meeting.

Third Vice-Commodore Report by Brandon: The radio on Daisy does not transmit but does receive; more investigation will be done to see if we need a new radio. Haulouts on Daisy and Louie are scheduled for April. Keelboat sailors have been leaving lots of trash (i.e., beer cans) on the boats to the irritation of other sailors. Please clean up after yourself. Brandon is interested in soliciting more boat donations and would like to develop a plan for doing so.

Treasurer Report: Although she was absent, Marceline left this great report for the meeting. Treasurer’s Report

As of February 28, the club had $9,748.00 in its checking account, and $42,617.85 in our Money Market account.

As expected, receipts have slowed considerably due to our normal winter slack period. However, we are already $9,600 over our projected membership dues for this year.

The club’s next major upcoming expense will be approximately $10,000 for our annual insurance premium. Joe Matera is presently get quotes from a number of competing firms to see if we can this premium reduced, since it represents an unacceptably large portion of our annual operating budget of about $60,000.

We budgeted $1,000 for dinghy sails which has not been spent, and 1,200 on winsurfing sails that has not been spent yet. We also have another $3,600 budgeted for keelboat maintenance which hasn’t been spent yet. This will hopefully be used to haul out two keelboats this spring. We have not spent any money on keelboat sails.

We are $2,500 over budget in printing, and this should probably be addressed as it can not be completely attributed to higher membership. We are also about $1,200 over budget in dinghy maintenance, but this is understandable due both the poor quality of the boats and the high usage.

Altogether, with two months to go, we are about $18,000 under budget for expenses.

Hopefully, we will finish the current fiscal year with a net "gain" of about $30,000. Once this amount is more clear, I will begin investigating a number of higher yielding, but still secure, ways for us to invest this money. So far this year we have earned $730 in interest income.

With another good year like this year, would could conceivably finish setting aside everything we need for dinghy fleet replacement by the end of next year.

I think that club members should also begin discussing what our future keelboat needs will be.

Port Captain: gave report only at General meeting

Joe Matera updated Ex Com on his review of the club’s insurance policy. He has gotten quotes from other insurers and has found some items that can be eliminated from our coverage such as the liquor liability insurance and the guest dock coverage. He also suggested dropping the catastrophic coverage on the boats and the clubhouse. Ex com requested that he investigate what the cost of catastrophic insurance for the Lidos only because they are the heart of our club. Ex com also thanked Joe for the great job he is doing. Thanks, Joe

The meeting was then adjourned so that the General Membership Meeting could commence.


The Quarterly General Membership Meeting was held on March 5, 1998. The reports were as follows:

Commodore Rebecca Hausmann thanked Jennifer and Jerry, our cooks, for the delicious meal. Jerry even baked bread for the whole fleet.

Vice-Commodore Report by Virgina Nido: CSC will run ads in the Daily Cal, the Express, the Oakland Tribune, the Sierra Club Yodeler, and the Bay Guardian this summer. The survey project has gone well, the results are in, and the data is being analyzed; the results will be publicized at a later date. Two volunteers are needed to table at Albany Middle School on Fri., March 20,

Port Captain Dan Twelker reported "Everything is goin’ pretty well." The club has two new dayleaders, Jody and Megan. We are looking for one more dayleader to replace the irreplaceable Chi who has retired for the immediate future.

First-Vice Commodore Martin Scanlon reported that the dinghies float. The Adopt-a-boat program is alive and well and searching for parents for Lidos, 470s , Rhodes, and other boats. So anyone who wants the joys of boat ownership without the pinkslip should contact Martin. Thanks to Peter Kuhn and the Racers for their help in keeping the Lidos sailing. In closing, Martin reminded all Lido skippers to put the rudderlock down when sailing.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch reported that the windsurfing program was contemplating the purchase of new novice boards and new carbon fiber masts. Also the windsurfers would like to find out more information about the water quality of the south sailing basin. If anyone knows of studies on water quality or monitoring for our part of the bay, please let Matthias know.

Third Vice-Commodore Report by Brandon Gates: Thanks to Peter Baczek, Robert Ofsevit, Edmond Gauvin, and Marceline Therrien for the work that they have done on the keel boats over the last quarter. There have been some problems putting the keelboats away, so please (1) do not leave sails, PFDs, or bags on the floor of the cabin; put them on the benches so things stay relatively dry; (2) remove all litter when you are done sailing; (3) report items that go missing such as throwable PFDs, winch handles, etc. Brandon is interested in the club soliciting more boat donations as a fundraiser for

the club. Anyone with interest or ideas about donations should talk to Brandon or Virginia. A haul-out of Daisy and Louie are scheduled for April.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland: Lido Lesson Instruction Training will be held the last Saturday of every month at 2:00 pm. This training will not only cover how to teach but will also be a forum for sharing ideas on what works—and what doesn’t—for Lido instructors. Sunday morning Lido racing has experienced an excellent turn-out lately and Joe "Mr. Sunday Morning" Matera is holding a racing seminar on the last Sunday of each month. Plans for a high performance dinghy lesson program are underway. Louie Benainous will revive his popular lecture series that covers subjects such as celestial navigation, heavy weather sailing, and cruising in April. Plans for the continuation of a Saturday morning orientation series for students waiting for a lesson are in the works. Dan also mentioned that a new committee, the Tool Shed Committee, and chairmanship have been created. We are hoping to fill this position with someone who will organize the tool shed and prepare maintenance kits with the requisite equipment and instructions for oft-repeated repair jobs—such as tiller extensions. Anyone interested in this position, and the free membership that comes with it, should contact Rebecca.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien filed this report: As of February 28, the club had $9,748.00 in its checking account, and $42,617.85 in our Money Market account.

As expected, receipts have slowed considerably due to our normal winter slack period. However, we are already $9,600 over our projected membership dues for this year.

The club’s next major upcoming expense will be approximately $10,000 for our annual insurance premium. Joe Matera is presently get quotes from a number of competing firms to see if we can this premium reduced, since it represents an unacceptably large portion of our annual operating budget of about $60,000.

We budgeted $1,000 for dinghy sails which has not been spent, and 1,200 on winsurfing sails that has not been spent yet. We also have another $3,600 budgeted for keelboat maintenance which hasn’t been spent yet. This will hopefully be used to haul out two keelboats this spring. We have not spent any money on keelboat sails.

We are $2,500 over budget in printing, and this should probably be addressed as it can not be completely attributed to higher membership. We are also about $1,200 over budget in dinghy maintenance, but this is understandable due both the poor quality of the boats and the high usage.

Altogether, with two months to go, we are about $18,000 under budget for expenses.

Hopefully, we will finish the current fiscal year with a net "gain" of about $30,000. Once this amount is more clear, I will begin investigating a number of higher yielding, but still secure, ways for us to invest this money. So far this year we have earned $730 in interest income.

With another good year like this year, would could conceivably finish setting aside everything we need for dinghy fleet replacement by the end of next year.

I think that club members should also begin discussing what our future keelboat needs will be.

The secretary wrote things down.

During an open discussion period after the reports. Club members vocalized their support for dropping the catstrophic insurance coverage on the boats and the clubhouse. An advisory vote by the membership showed that 21 favored dropping that insurance, 2 were opposed, and five sagely abstained from voting.

The idea of a motoring test for cruising skippers was broached.

The meeting was then adjourned.

1998.02.19 - Excom

Thursday February 19, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for February 19, 1998

But now my Oat proceeds,
And listens to the Herald of the Sea
That came in Neptune's plea
He ask'd the Waves, and ask'd the Felon winds,
What hard mishap hath doom'd this gentle swain?
And question'd every gust of rugged wings
That blows from off each bleak Promontory.
They knew not of his story,
And sage Hippotades their answer brings,
That not a blast was from his dungeon stray'd,
The Air was calm, and on the level brine,
Sleek Panope with all her sisters play'd.
It was that fatal and perfidious Bark
Built in th'eclipse, and rigg'd with curses dark,
That sunk so low that sacred head of thine.


Present were Rebecca Huassmann, Brandon Gates, Virginia Nido, Dan Twelker, Wilder Lee, Marceline Therrien, Mathias Reinsch, and Martin Scanlon


Commodore Rebecca Hausmann Rebecca followed up on the discussion at the Feb. 5 meeting concerning YRA racing memberships by informing Hester Burn Callander of the changes concerning racing memberships. The search for the burgees is on; anyone who can locate them please call Rebecca. Also mentioned was the idea of new signs for the back of the clubhouse and refurbishing the sign in front of the clubhouse. The club received a letter from the City of Albany asking us to table at their Teen Fest on Fri. March 20 at Albany Middle School. Anyone interested in helping with this event should contact Virginia Nido.

Vice-Commodore report by Virginia Nido Virginia hopes to report the results of the member surveys to Ex-com in March.

First Vice-Commodore Martin Scanlon The forestay on Lido #8 was repaired -- thanks to whoever did it. Even more Kudos to the Sunday morning racers for outstanding Lido maintenance. The blue Rhodes got a workout on both Sat. & Sun. last weekend. Apparently there are no problems launching it without the middle dock.

Second Vice-Commodore Mathias Reinsch A club member wants to buy a redundant senior board. We have more senior boards than we have space to store them and two of this particular model board. The sale of the board will be publicized on the internet and possibly at a swap meet so that the club can receive a fair price for the board. Marceline reminded Ex-com that the sale of any club equipment should be openly advertised and at fair market value. Another issue raised was the possibility of buying more carbon fiber masts at an extremely low price. There are sufficent funds in the windsurfing budget for this purchase. Mathias will assess the needs of the club as to the number of masts needed. Which led into the final windsurfing issue of whether there should be a limit on the number of windsurfers on the water at the same time. While this number is currently limited by the number of universals, there is a limit to the number of windsurfers a dayleader can monitor. This issue will be discussed at future meetings.

Third Vice-Commodore report by Brandon Gates The forestay on Uncle Donald needs to be fixed. Edmond Gauvin wants to replace the bow painter on Donald and has requested that the club buy the rope and tools necessary to splice a new painter. Approval was given for Edmond to spend up to $50.00 after consulting with Brandon on the purchase of line. Brandon will price line for the club; he will consider a bulk purchase of line.

Port Captain Dan Twelker Three new volunteer dayleaders were trained on Feb. 8. A dayleader meeting on that day was successful as well. Three dayleaders are running out of work study funds -- including Ann and Chi. Dan is looking for a new dayleader.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien The club's financial situation remains unchanged for the last meeting. Joe Matera is pricing insurance for the club. Marceline is thinking of new insurance options -- such as dropping replacemnet insurance for sailboards and some boats.

Secretary Wilder Lee The club's FCC radio license has been renewed.

Actions Dick Kilby's senior project of revamping the blue Rhodes was presented to Ex-com and approved unanimously.

1998.02.05 - Excom

Thursday February 05, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for February 5, 1998


They had tacked, and they were sailing swiftly, buoyantly on long rocking waves which handed them on from one to another with an extraordinary lilt and exhilaration beside the reef. On the left a row of rocks showed brown through the water which thinned and became greener and on one, a higher rock, a wave incessantly broke and spurted a little column of drops which fell down in a shower. One could hear the slap of the water and the patter of falling drops and a kind of hushing and hissing sound from the waves rolling and gambolling and slapping the rocks as if they were wild creatures who were perfectly free and tossed and tumbled and sported like this for ever.


Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Acland, Dan Twelker, Marceline Therrien, Wilder Lee, Martin Scanlon, Virginia Nido


Commodore Rebecca Hausmann:

The date for the next General Membership meeting will be March 5, 1998.

Several problems concerning membership cards and sign-ups have been sorted out by Rebecca and Marceline.

On March 21, one Commander with an appropriate woman skipper will participate in a Women’s Sailing Seminar at the Island Yacht Club of Alameda. On Sunday March 22, participants in the seminar will be invited to CSC for a sail/BBQ. This event will help spread the word about the club.

Vice-Commodore Report by Virginia Nido:

The Oakland Tribune has agreed to run an announcement about our open house weekends in their community calendar. The club will experiment with running ads in the Bay Guardian and Sierra Club Yodeler in lieu of the Daily Cal ad that we used to run. Several membership surveys have been returned and preliminary results show that lessons are not perceived as being the CSC version of the Dating Game.

Port Captain Dan Twelker:

We have a new dayleader, Jody. During his first week, Jody impressively mopped the clubhouse floor. Earning him the gratitude of all club members with a sense of smell. The club will need to hire several new dayleaders because the work-study grants of a couple of our current dayleaders will expire soon.

Volunteer dayleader training is scheduled for 2 p.m. this Sunday, Feb. 8. All interested club members are encouraged to attend. There will be a dayleader meeting at 3 p.m.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien:

The club has $10,843 in checking and $42,437 in our money market account. Financially, the past year has been good for the club. We are turning a profit for the fiscal year somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000 so far. Areas in which the club has not done well financially include T-shirt sales, BBQs, and YRA racing memberships.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland:

Dan reports that a Lido Instructor Training Committee meeting last week went well with 5-6 members participating and several good ideas being advanced. There is a Racing Rules Seminar scheduled for Feb. 22.

2nd Vice-Commodore:

no report

3rd Vice-Commodore:

no report

Secretary Wilder Lee:

Problems with the club running out of membership cards have, hopefully, been resolved. Old copies of the Cruise Reports, Lesson sign-up sheets, and sailboat sign-up sheets for the past two years have been bound and are available at the club house for reference.


(1) A motion to extend the expiration period of lesson credits towards a free membership was extended from three months to six months passed unanimously. Now those lesson credits are good for two quarters instead of one.

(2) Changes in Racing Associate Memberships: the cost of a racing associate membership (which allows YRA participation under the CSC aegis) will be raised to $75 plus a free CSC burgee while supplies last. Racing associate memberships will be processed at the clubhouse through the Treasurer. This motion passed unanimously.

Hopefully, the processing of memberships at the clubhouse instead of through the Race Committee Chair will streamline the accounting process and make the treasurer’s life easier. It will also allow the racing associate membership sign up to use the same process as the current general membership sign-up which will make it easier to track memberships. Memberships can be mailed to the club in care of the treasurer.



The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30.

1998.01.22 - Excom

Thursday January 22, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for January 22, 1998

And all the while, rolling, plunging, clibing the moving mountains and falling and wallowing in the foaming valleys, the schooner Ghost was fighting her way farther and farther into the heart of the Pacific- and I was on her. I could hear the wind above. It came to my ears as a muffled roar. -from The Sea Wolf, by Jack London


January 22, 1998 Executive Committee Meeting

Ex-Com members present: Rebecca Haussmann, Virginia Nido, Marceline Therrien, Dan Twelker, and Martin Scanlan. Bill Moseley was present representing Matthias Reinsch

Also present were Joe Matera and Scott McLean.


Barbara Schneider, who donated the Islander last year which was sold and earned $9000 for the club, will be offered an extended membership in gratitude for her generosity. This motion passed unanimously.

Outstanding disciplinary action (see last minutes): Disciplined member is suspended until the member meets with Ex-Com to resolve matter. This motion was passed last week.

Bill Moseley requested and received $100 to update the software for maintaining the web page. This motion passed unanimously.



Commodore: Rebecca will continue to negotiate lease with Property Manager of the Marina. Wilder has assisted in these negotiations. All is going well with this.

There is a Women’s Sailing Seminar on March 21, in which CSC will participate. Last spring CSC participated and it was worthwhile. The event is at the Island Yacht Club of Alameda and will involve both Commanders all day.

Rebecca will be publishing a Calendar of Events soon. This will go out on email and the web site, as well as in hard copy at the club.

Treasurer: Marceline’s numbers for the club look the same as last week: $4540 in our checking account and $42,258 in our money market account.

Marceline also confirmed with the writers re: articles for the next Floating Bottle.

First Vice-Commodore: Martin Scanlan applauds the diligence of David Sadler and Dan Twelker on finishing repairs to Lido Hull #7.

Rebecca informed Martin of the request of the Sea Scouts to use the trailer of the Blue Rhodes during a haul-out. This trailer apparently is owned by the Sea Scouts, but as it is only needed every few years for a haul-out, they let CSC use it for extended periods. The Rhodes will be kept in a slip at the Emeryville Marina during the haul-out. Martin is negotiating this matter with the Sea Scouts. Any questions should be directed to him.


Second Vice-Commodore: Bill had nothing to report regarding the windsurfing.

Third Vice-Commodore: No report.

Vice-Commodore: Virginia is exploring options for publicity through community parades (i.e. How Berkeley Can You Be, etc.). Virginia explained that the Daily Cal Ads that have been purchased are simply open house ads to appear periodically. East Bay Express ads are both these periodical open house ones, plus other regular ads. By not purchasing these regular ads in the Daily Cal, money has been saved to advertise in other publications. Joe provided rates on the Sierra Club Yodeler and this was discussed as a good option for future advertising.


Rear Commodore: Dan Acland announced that a BASIC Racing Rules Seminar will be held this Sunday at 2 PM at the Clubhouse. This will be introductory. A regular racing seminar will be scheduled for the last Sunday of the month at 2 PM.

Dan also announced a meeting for Saturday at 2 PM at Spengers. This will be a meeting to discuss the Lido Instruction Training Program that is being created. If you are interested in helping with this, please drop by the fish house.

Port Captain: Dan Twelker reports a new dayleaders, Megan, has come on board. Welcome, Megan!

Binding the sailing lesson sign-up sheets (which is already done to the Windsurfing sign-up sheets) was proposed. Dan agreed that this was a good idea, and this will be done shortly.

Secretary: No news is good news.

GUESTS: Joe Matera will coordinate the Racing Seminars as a senior project. (see above) Joe will also review the insurance policy of the club in an effort to cut waste.

Scott McLean will landscape the islands in front of the yard and create signs on the north and south of the club as a senior project.

We applaud and encourage these efforts.


That’s all, folks. Next Ex-com meeting is February 5.

1998.01.08 - Excom

Thursday January 08, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for January 8, 1998

Ex-Com members present: Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Martin Scanlon,   Virginia Nido, Dan Acland, Marceline Therrien, Dan Twelker


Commodore: A new hinge for our dock is in the works (supposedly it’s been spotted at the Marina) and hopefully the dock will be functional within a few days.

We are renegotiating a new lease with the Marina. They want to raise our rent from $250/mo. to $400 a month. We are trying to wring as many concessions as possible from the Marina. We hope to get fifteen more feet of yard space added to the north end of our boundary.

Vice-Commodore: The membership survey is coming along slowly. We are exploring new avenues of publicity such as ads in the Bay Guardian and getting our open house listed in monthly calenders such as that in Latitude 38. Also, we are going to drop our usual ad in the Daily Cal and only advertise there in the spring and the beginning of the fall semester.

First Vice-Commodore: The Lido’s are working and everything is O.K. Hull #7 is getting some fiberglass work done by Dan Twelker.

Second Vice-Commodore: Matthias will be out of town for two months and Bill Moseley will be filling in for him. Thanks, Bill!

Third Vice-Commodore: Dewey needs the block on the jib halyard repaired. New pawls have been installed in the winches on Huey—so keep track of whether they work better now.

Port Captain: A new dayleader manual is almost complete and the day leader schedule is full.

Treasurer: We have $4500 in checking and $42,000 in our money market account.

Secretary: We have renewed our DMV registration on all the boats, our radio station license is being renewed, and the renewal of our business license is in the works.

Port Captain: As usual, Acland has many ideas including, but not limited to:

(1) teaching a seminar on "Introduction to Lido Teaching" once a month, beginning on February 21. This seminar will be geared to helping Lido teachers provide more consistent instruction and give new Juniors a boost to get their teaching careers underway. More on the details later.

(2) an orientation lecture for Saturday morning students in a set format that can be learned by Lido teachers to help indoctrinate new members and relieve stress among those waiting for Saturday morning lessons.

(3) creating a folder with the "basics" of CSC printed on it and the sailing and operating handbooks enclosed for new members.

(4) a racing rules seminar


ACTIONS: Three actions were taken by Ex-com.

1. Motion to adopt a new procedure for tracking and redeeming new memberships. A new procedure was adopted by which members are given receipts for lessons taught which they can then redeem, once they have ten lesson credits for a membership. The description of the process attached hereto is the procedure which was adopted by Ex-com. This motion passed unanimously.

2. Motion to create a Tool Shed Committee Chairperson was made by Dan Acland. The Tool Shed Chair is responsible for organizing and keeping the tool shed stocked with the parts and tools necessary to make most minor repairs to our equipment. This position should help facilitate timely repairs and help keep our fleet healthy. The chair would receive a free membership. This motion passed unanimously.

3. Disciplinary proceedings were initiated against a member. A motion concerning initiating disciplinary proceedings was passed by Ex-com. The vote was 7 ayes and 1 nay.


The meeting was adjourned.

The next Ex-com meeting is January 22, 1998 at 7:00 p.m. at the clubhouse.