All Meeting Minutes

1998.01.08 - Excom

Thursday January 08, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for January 8, 1998

Ex-Com members present: Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Martin Scanlon,   Virginia Nido, Dan Acland, Marceline Therrien, Dan Twelker


Commodore: A new hinge for our dock is in the works (supposedly it’s been spotted at the Marina) and hopefully the dock will be functional within a few days.

We are renegotiating a new lease with the Marina. They want to raise our rent from $250/mo. to $400 a month. We are trying to wring as many concessions as possible from the Marina. We hope to get fifteen more feet of yard space added to the north end of our boundary.

Vice-Commodore: The membership survey is coming along slowly. We are exploring new avenues of publicity such as ads in the Bay Guardian and getting our open house listed in monthly calenders such as that in Latitude 38. Also, we are going to drop our usual ad in the Daily Cal and only advertise there in the spring and the beginning of the fall semester.

First Vice-Commodore: The Lido’s are working and everything is O.K. Hull #7 is getting some fiberglass work done by Dan Twelker.

Second Vice-Commodore: Matthias will be out of town for two months and Bill Moseley will be filling in for him. Thanks, Bill!

Third Vice-Commodore: Dewey needs the block on the jib halyard repaired. New pawls have been installed in the winches on Huey—so keep track of whether they work better now.

Port Captain: A new dayleader manual is almost complete and the day leader schedule is full.

Treasurer: We have $4500 in checking and $42,000 in our money market account.

Secretary: We have renewed our DMV registration on all the boats, our radio station license is being renewed, and the renewal of our business license is in the works.

Port Captain: As usual, Acland has many ideas including, but not limited to:

(1) teaching a seminar on "Introduction to Lido Teaching" once a month, beginning on February 21. This seminar will be geared to helping Lido teachers provide more consistent instruction and give new Juniors a boost to get their teaching careers underway. More on the details later.

(2) an orientation lecture for Saturday morning students in a set format that can be learned by Lido teachers to help indoctrinate new members and relieve stress among those waiting for Saturday morning lessons.

(3) creating a folder with the "basics" of CSC printed on it and the sailing and operating handbooks enclosed for new members.

(4) a racing rules seminar


ACTIONS: Three actions were taken by Ex-com.

1. Motion to adopt a new procedure for tracking and redeeming new memberships. A new procedure was adopted by which members are given receipts for lessons taught which they can then redeem, once they have ten lesson credits for a membership. The description of the process attached hereto is the procedure which was adopted by Ex-com. This motion passed unanimously.

2. Motion to create a Tool Shed Committee Chairperson was made by Dan Acland. The Tool Shed Chair is responsible for organizing and keeping the tool shed stocked with the parts and tools necessary to make most minor repairs to our equipment. This position should help facilitate timely repairs and help keep our fleet healthy. The chair would receive a free membership. This motion passed unanimously.

3. Disciplinary proceedings were initiated against a member. A motion concerning initiating disciplinary proceedings was passed by Ex-com. The vote was 7 ayes and 1 nay.


The meeting was adjourned.

The next Ex-com meeting is January 22, 1998 at 7:00 p.m. at the clubhouse.