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1998.01.22 - Excom

Thursday January 22, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for January 22, 1998

And all the while, rolling, plunging, clibing the moving mountains and falling and wallowing in the foaming valleys, the schooner Ghost was fighting her way farther and farther into the heart of the Pacific- and I was on her. I could hear the wind above. It came to my ears as a muffled roar. -from The Sea Wolf, by Jack London


January 22, 1998 Executive Committee Meeting

Ex-Com members present: Rebecca Haussmann, Virginia Nido, Marceline Therrien, Dan Twelker, and Martin Scanlan. Bill Moseley was present representing Matthias Reinsch

Also present were Joe Matera and Scott McLean.


Barbara Schneider, who donated the Islander last year which was sold and earned $9000 for the club, will be offered an extended membership in gratitude for her generosity. This motion passed unanimously.

Outstanding disciplinary action (see last minutes): Disciplined member is suspended until the member meets with Ex-Com to resolve matter. This motion was passed last week.

Bill Moseley requested and received $100 to update the software for maintaining the web page. This motion passed unanimously.



Commodore: Rebecca will continue to negotiate lease with Property Manager of the Marina. Wilder has assisted in these negotiations. All is going well with this.

There is a Women’s Sailing Seminar on March 21, in which CSC will participate. Last spring CSC participated and it was worthwhile. The event is at the Island Yacht Club of Alameda and will involve both Commanders all day.

Rebecca will be publishing a Calendar of Events soon. This will go out on email and the web site, as well as in hard copy at the club.

Treasurer: Marceline’s numbers for the club look the same as last week: $4540 in our checking account and $42,258 in our money market account.

Marceline also confirmed with the writers re: articles for the next Floating Bottle.

First Vice-Commodore: Martin Scanlan applauds the diligence of David Sadler and Dan Twelker on finishing repairs to Lido Hull #7.

Rebecca informed Martin of the request of the Sea Scouts to use the trailer of the Blue Rhodes during a haul-out. This trailer apparently is owned by the Sea Scouts, but as it is only needed every few years for a haul-out, they let CSC use it for extended periods. The Rhodes will be kept in a slip at the Emeryville Marina during the haul-out. Martin is negotiating this matter with the Sea Scouts. Any questions should be directed to him.


Second Vice-Commodore: Bill had nothing to report regarding the windsurfing.

Third Vice-Commodore: No report.

Vice-Commodore: Virginia is exploring options for publicity through community parades (i.e. How Berkeley Can You Be, etc.). Virginia explained that the Daily Cal Ads that have been purchased are simply open house ads to appear periodically. East Bay Express ads are both these periodical open house ones, plus other regular ads. By not purchasing these regular ads in the Daily Cal, money has been saved to advertise in other publications. Joe provided rates on the Sierra Club Yodeler and this was discussed as a good option for future advertising.


Rear Commodore: Dan Acland announced that a BASIC Racing Rules Seminar will be held this Sunday at 2 PM at the Clubhouse. This will be introductory. A regular racing seminar will be scheduled for the last Sunday of the month at 2 PM.

Dan also announced a meeting for Saturday at 2 PM at Spengers. This will be a meeting to discuss the Lido Instruction Training Program that is being created. If you are interested in helping with this, please drop by the fish house.

Port Captain: Dan Twelker reports a new dayleaders, Megan, has come on board. Welcome, Megan!

Binding the sailing lesson sign-up sheets (which is already done to the Windsurfing sign-up sheets) was proposed. Dan agreed that this was a good idea, and this will be done shortly.

Secretary: No news is good news.

GUESTS: Joe Matera will coordinate the Racing Seminars as a senior project. (see above) Joe will also review the insurance policy of the club in an effort to cut waste.

Scott McLean will landscape the islands in front of the yard and create signs on the north and south of the club as a senior project.

We applaud and encourage these efforts.


That’s all, folks. Next Ex-com meeting is February 5.