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1998.02.05 - Excom

Thursday February 05, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for February 5, 1998


They had tacked, and they were sailing swiftly, buoyantly on long rocking waves which handed them on from one to another with an extraordinary lilt and exhilaration beside the reef. On the left a row of rocks showed brown through the water which thinned and became greener and on one, a higher rock, a wave incessantly broke and spurted a little column of drops which fell down in a shower. One could hear the slap of the water and the patter of falling drops and a kind of hushing and hissing sound from the waves rolling and gambolling and slapping the rocks as if they were wild creatures who were perfectly free and tossed and tumbled and sported like this for ever.


Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Acland, Dan Twelker, Marceline Therrien, Wilder Lee, Martin Scanlon, Virginia Nido


Commodore Rebecca Hausmann:

The date for the next General Membership meeting will be March 5, 1998.

Several problems concerning membership cards and sign-ups have been sorted out by Rebecca and Marceline.

On March 21, one Commander with an appropriate woman skipper will participate in a Women’s Sailing Seminar at the Island Yacht Club of Alameda. On Sunday March 22, participants in the seminar will be invited to CSC for a sail/BBQ. This event will help spread the word about the club.

Vice-Commodore Report by Virginia Nido:

The Oakland Tribune has agreed to run an announcement about our open house weekends in their community calendar. The club will experiment with running ads in the Bay Guardian and Sierra Club Yodeler in lieu of the Daily Cal ad that we used to run. Several membership surveys have been returned and preliminary results show that lessons are not perceived as being the CSC version of the Dating Game.

Port Captain Dan Twelker:

We have a new dayleader, Jody. During his first week, Jody impressively mopped the clubhouse floor. Earning him the gratitude of all club members with a sense of smell. The club will need to hire several new dayleaders because the work-study grants of a couple of our current dayleaders will expire soon.

Volunteer dayleader training is scheduled for 2 p.m. this Sunday, Feb. 8. All interested club members are encouraged to attend. There will be a dayleader meeting at 3 p.m.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien:

The club has $10,843 in checking and $42,437 in our money market account. Financially, the past year has been good for the club. We are turning a profit for the fiscal year somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000 so far. Areas in which the club has not done well financially include T-shirt sales, BBQs, and YRA racing memberships.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland:

Dan reports that a Lido Instructor Training Committee meeting last week went well with 5-6 members participating and several good ideas being advanced. There is a Racing Rules Seminar scheduled for Feb. 22.

2nd Vice-Commodore:

no report

3rd Vice-Commodore:

no report

Secretary Wilder Lee:

Problems with the club running out of membership cards have, hopefully, been resolved. Old copies of the Cruise Reports, Lesson sign-up sheets, and sailboat sign-up sheets for the past two years have been bound and are available at the club house for reference.


(1) A motion to extend the expiration period of lesson credits towards a free membership was extended from three months to six months passed unanimously. Now those lesson credits are good for two quarters instead of one.

(2) Changes in Racing Associate Memberships: the cost of a racing associate membership (which allows YRA participation under the CSC aegis) will be raised to $75 plus a free CSC burgee while supplies last. Racing associate memberships will be processed at the clubhouse through the Treasurer. This motion passed unanimously.

Hopefully, the processing of memberships at the clubhouse instead of through the Race Committee Chair will streamline the accounting process and make the treasurer’s life easier. It will also allow the racing associate membership sign up to use the same process as the current general membership sign-up which will make it easier to track memberships. Memberships can be mailed to the club in care of the treasurer.



The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30.