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1998.02.19 - Excom

Thursday February 19, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for February 19, 1998

But now my Oat proceeds,
And listens to the Herald of the Sea
That came in Neptune's plea
He ask'd the Waves, and ask'd the Felon winds,
What hard mishap hath doom'd this gentle swain?
And question'd every gust of rugged wings
That blows from off each bleak Promontory.
They knew not of his story,
And sage Hippotades their answer brings,
That not a blast was from his dungeon stray'd,
The Air was calm, and on the level brine,
Sleek Panope with all her sisters play'd.
It was that fatal and perfidious Bark
Built in th'eclipse, and rigg'd with curses dark,
That sunk so low that sacred head of thine.


Present were Rebecca Huassmann, Brandon Gates, Virginia Nido, Dan Twelker, Wilder Lee, Marceline Therrien, Mathias Reinsch, and Martin Scanlon


Commodore Rebecca Hausmann Rebecca followed up on the discussion at the Feb. 5 meeting concerning YRA racing memberships by informing Hester Burn Callander of the changes concerning racing memberships. The search for the burgees is on; anyone who can locate them please call Rebecca. Also mentioned was the idea of new signs for the back of the clubhouse and refurbishing the sign in front of the clubhouse. The club received a letter from the City of Albany asking us to table at their Teen Fest on Fri. March 20 at Albany Middle School. Anyone interested in helping with this event should contact Virginia Nido.

Vice-Commodore report by Virginia Nido Virginia hopes to report the results of the member surveys to Ex-com in March.

First Vice-Commodore Martin Scanlon The forestay on Lido #8 was repaired -- thanks to whoever did it. Even more Kudos to the Sunday morning racers for outstanding Lido maintenance. The blue Rhodes got a workout on both Sat. & Sun. last weekend. Apparently there are no problems launching it without the middle dock.

Second Vice-Commodore Mathias Reinsch A club member wants to buy a redundant senior board. We have more senior boards than we have space to store them and two of this particular model board. The sale of the board will be publicized on the internet and possibly at a swap meet so that the club can receive a fair price for the board. Marceline reminded Ex-com that the sale of any club equipment should be openly advertised and at fair market value. Another issue raised was the possibility of buying more carbon fiber masts at an extremely low price. There are sufficent funds in the windsurfing budget for this purchase. Mathias will assess the needs of the club as to the number of masts needed. Which led into the final windsurfing issue of whether there should be a limit on the number of windsurfers on the water at the same time. While this number is currently limited by the number of universals, there is a limit to the number of windsurfers a dayleader can monitor. This issue will be discussed at future meetings.

Third Vice-Commodore report by Brandon Gates The forestay on Uncle Donald needs to be fixed. Edmond Gauvin wants to replace the bow painter on Donald and has requested that the club buy the rope and tools necessary to splice a new painter. Approval was given for Edmond to spend up to $50.00 after consulting with Brandon on the purchase of line. Brandon will price line for the club; he will consider a bulk purchase of line.

Port Captain Dan Twelker Three new volunteer dayleaders were trained on Feb. 8. A dayleader meeting on that day was successful as well. Three dayleaders are running out of work study funds -- including Ann and Chi. Dan is looking for a new dayleader.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien The club's financial situation remains unchanged for the last meeting. Joe Matera is pricing insurance for the club. Marceline is thinking of new insurance options -- such as dropping replacemnet insurance for sailboards and some boats.

Secretary Wilder Lee The club's FCC radio license has been renewed.

Actions Dick Kilby's senior project of revamping the blue Rhodes was presented to Ex-com and approved unanimously.