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1998.03.19 - Excom

Thursday March 19, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for March 19th, 1998


Lido Instuction Training, March 28 at 2:00 pm. This week's topic: Safety

Racing Seminar, March 29 at 2:00 pm. This week's topic: Starts (plus on-the-water training)

Volunteers needed to table at Albany Middle School Fair on Friday, March 27 in the afternoon.

Saturday morning windsurfing lessons will begin in May.


Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Marceline Therrein, Matthias Reinsch, Dan Twelker, Dan Acland, Wilder Lee.

Also present were members Ken Shepherd and John Miles.



Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: Member Karen Huff has volunteered to be Tool Shed Chair.

The seller of a JY15 has approached offered to sell his boat to the club. The club should consider buying the JY and selling at least one of the 470s. The JY fits the club well and our current JY has gotten lots of use, as opposed to the 470s which re used by just a few members. Dan Acland suggested that if we do acquire another JY, we should equip it with a turbo rig (i.e., trapeze and spinnaker)

The CSC racing membership ad had already appeared in print before the change in the racing membership had been raised from $50 to $75 a year. See the motion below.

The Albany Middle School Healthy Lifestyle Fair, for which we have agreed to table, is coming up next Friday. We still need volunteers.


Vice-Commodore: no report

First Vice-Commodore: no report, but it was noted that a Cal Adventures sailor t-boned one of the Lidos causingmajor damage. Cal Adventures will pay for the repairs. The Lido was hit while at the dock, so don=t forget to practice those docking skills.


Second-Vice Commodore's Report by Matthias Reinsch: The windsurfing program is considering buying some new equipment. (1) A Wind glider for beginners. This is a 8’ x 4’ which would allow a beginning windsurfer to learn to sail without constant worrying about taking a dip. (2) 10 carbon fiber masts. See motion below. (3) Four new Revo boards for beginners. (4) More transition boards for Junior Skipper windsurfers.

Matthias is still looking into finding water quality tests for our part of the bay.

Ex com was asked to approve a Windsurfing Lessons Chairpersonship to coordinate windsurfing instruction on Saturday mornings. Lessons will begin in May. See motion below.

A proposal to allow new windsurfing members to get on-the-water instruction before passing their novice test in a structured lesson setting has been made by a member. Questions were raised concerning the plusses and minuses of this approach, the manner in which the program would be structured, and the potential for equipment damage. More input is needed before any action is taken.


Third Vice-Commodore's Report by Brandon Gates: On March 14, Louie was involved in a collision whiled tied to a dock. There was damage to the rail including a ¾" hole. The other skipper will pay for the repair. Hopefully some club members will be able to watch or assist in the repair to learn more about fiberglassing.

Lots of maintenance on the keelboats has been accomplished. Robert Ofsevit and Eric Wittig replaced the Commander's dock lines. Robert O. Also repaired the bilge hatch on Daisy. Dean Atkinson repaired three inoperable radios and fixed a radio power cable. Thanks, guys!

However, the Commanders need new antennas and new batteries.


Port Captain Report by Dan Twelker: The problem with filling the Wednesday slot has been solved. Chi is back. [unanimous Hooray! By Ex com] UCB's spring break is next week and there are as yet, no dayleaders for Tuesday through Friday. After next week, all slots are filled.


Treasurer's Report by Marceline Therrien: The club has $11,323 in checking and $42,779in its money market account. For the fiscal year that ends in April, we have $27,000 more in income than anticipated and are on budget for expenses.

Lease negotiations with the Marina are going poorly. The marina wants to raise our rent to $550 a month plus the cost of a berth. This represents a 108% increase in rent. The treasurer is interested in coordinating an effort to get a better price.

Budget proposals for each program are due two meetigs from now.

Joe Matera reported on his investigation into our insurance policy. He has gotten a significantly lower quote from the Hartford than from our current insurer. See motion below.


Rear Commodore's Report by Dan Acland: announced the lido instruction and racing seminars next weekend. Volunteered to help the tool shed chair organize the shed. Hopes to set up a Fast-track Lido lesson program in April.

Secretary: no report.


Agenda Items

T-shirt order: Tim Brandon request approval to order CSC mugs, hats, and polo shirts. See motion below.

Boat donations: Brandon Gates, who is working on setting up a system that will allow the club to solicit boat donations and sell the boats to produce revenue. A club member has volunteered to sell the boats on commission. Brandon will also contact brokers to see what we can arrange. Malu Lujan has offered her administrative services to help coordinate donations.

Sea Scouts: The questions of whether the club should do activities with the Sea Scouts, who discriminate against gays and atheists was discussed with a decision being reached.



(1) A motion to approved $800 for the purchase of 10 new carbon fiber windsurfing masts passed unanimously.

(2) A motion to create a Windsurfing Instruction Chair to coordinate Saturday morning windsurfing lessons was passed unanimously.

(3) A motion to authorize the Treasurer to acquire insurance with the Hartford in an amount up to $10,000 was authorized.

(4) A motion to drop hull insurance on all club boats was made but not seconded. So no vote was taken.

(5) A motion to carry hull insurance only on the Lidos passed unanimously.

(6) A motion to rescind the previous vote to raise the cost of a racing membership to $75 because the Latitude 38 ad already running says the cost is $50 passed unanimously.

(7) A motion that four Lidos be reserved for the Lido racing seminar on March 29 from 2-5 pm passed unanimously.

(8) A motion to approve the expenditure of $500 for tall mugs, six-panel hats, and polo shirts with the club insignia passed with six ayes, no nays, and one absention.


The meeting was adjourned by a unanimous vote