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1998.04.02 - Excom

Thursday April 02, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for April 2nd, 1998

Pheadrus . . . headed the boat up into the howling wind which caught the sail and cracked it like a whip. He dashed forward and freed the halyard. He pulled the sail down as fast as he could, furled it with a single stop and got back to the tiller again before the boat lost its heading.


Ex-Com Meeting April 2, 1998

Present: Virginia Nido, Dan Acland, Matthias Reinsch, Marceline Therrein, Wilder Lee, Brandon Gates, Martin Scanlon

Member Justin Oberhauer was also present.


Commodore's Report:    No report.

Vice-Commodore's Report by Virginia Nido: Our ads are running in Area new outlets. Last weekend was a special open house and BBQ that coincided with the REI Canoefest. We fliered the canoers and broke even on the BBQ.

Preliminary results from the member survey are in and will be made available to members soon. Highlights of the survey are: 37% of those surveyed found out about the club from a friend, acquaintance or colleague. 69% are members only during the windy season. Only 36% were students. 40% would change the sailing lesson format; most by having instructors, more instructors, and more instructors. Most liked our inexpensive membership fees. As to sexual discrimination, 6% rated this as somewhat of a problem and 17% responded that it was somewhat of a problem or worse when asked if women were treated differently than men at the club. The best result was that the overall satisfaction rate with the Club was really high.

Good work, Virginia Nido, for undertaking this survey.

First Vice-Commodore Report by Martin Scanlon: Member Gene Grant did a wonderful fiberglass repair of Lido #7 whose rail had been crunched by a wayward Cal Adventures sailor. We will look into buying tiller extensions with the rubber universal joint for all the Lidos.

Second Vice-Commodore's Report by Matthias Reinsch: The proposal to purchase a Windglider -- a big, wide, inflatable and forgiving ultra-novice board -- is causing controversy among the club's windsurfers. Some think it's a bad idea; others like it.

An Accelerated Windsurfing Program will take place beginning on May 23. The club hopes to have some new Revo boards by then.

A motion was made to approve the purchase of Revo boards as long as the purchase amount is within the amount budgeted for this year's windsurfing capital budget. The motion passed unanimously.

Third Vice-Commodore:    No report. Treasurer:    Club funds are basically unchanged from the last report.

Our application for a fourth free berth was denied by the marina management. We plan on asking the Waterfront Commission to overrule the manager's decision at their May meeting, which is the first Wednesday of the month. All club members are encouraged to attend this meeting. A good turnout by our members is the best way to get the Commission to give us another berth.

Also our lease, which is up for renewal, is being negotiated. The marina management wants to raise our rent from $240/month to $365/month for the first year, $375 for the second year, and $390 for the third year of the new lease (and we had to talk them down to these numbers). This rent is in addition to the $134/month we are paying to rent a fourth slip. A major term of the lease would give us 13 more feet along the north side of our property (the side facing the University Ave.) for a distance from the fence with Cal Adventures to the drive next to the Adventure Playground. This would give us a 19% increase in space.

The consensus among Ex Comm members was that the extra space was worth the increase in rent.

Furthermore, the marina management wants us to construct a slatted fence running the length of the north boundary of our property. According to management, this would prevent passerbys from being exposed to "bare windsurfer butts." Consensus among Ex Comm members was that the fence would be a bad idea, but that we should make improvements to the north side of our property to make it more attractive.

Marceline and Rebecca will keep these ideas in mind while negotiating the lease.

Next week at the April 8 Waterfront Commission Meeting, CSC presents its annual report.

Port Captain:    No report.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland: Both the Lido Instruction Training (on the last Saturday of every month at 2:00 pm) and the Racing Seminar (the last Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm) were well attended last week.

Fastrack Lido instruction programs are schedule for May, June, and July.

We are gearing up for Saturday orientation lectures for those waiting for lessons.

Secretary: No report.

Agenda Items:

(1)    Justin Oberbauer appeared before Ex Comm to present his proposed Senior Project. He proposed replacing the benches on the 18 HP skiff. This project will involve carpentry and fiberglassing. The motion to approve this project passed unanimously.

(2) A motion was made to make the club Bytes and Lasers available to members ranked as Junior Skippers or higher to participate in the Women's Racing Seminar sponsored by the Richmond Yacht Club in May. If more club members want to participate than the club has boats available, a lottery will be held to determine which members can use the club boats. This motion passed unanimously.

A ancillary motion was made waive the club rules concerning the sailing boundaries to allow club members ranked as Junior Skippers or higher to sail club boats within the confines of the racing clinic. This motion also passed unanimously.

(3) A proposal was made that the Club establish a Junior + dinghy rating for members. This rating would require that the member have completed (1) the Senior written test, (2) a Senior work project, and (3) the Senior dinghy sailing test. A Junior + dinghy rating would allow a member to sail the club dinghies within the Senior dinghy area, to sail at low tide when club operations were normally suspended, and to give Junior sailing and rigging tests. No action was taken on this proposal. The consensus of Ex Comm was that club members should have an opportunity to discuss this proposal before it was put to a motion.

The meeting was adjourned by unanimous motion.