All Meeting Minutes

1998.04.30 - Excom

Thursday April 30, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for April 30th, 1998



Fiberglass Repair Workshop at 2 pm on May 9. Led by fiberguru Gene Grant.

Come learn the dos and don’ts of making fiberglass repairs. If you have ever aspired to own a boat, this workshop is a must.

Waterfront Commission Meeting at 7 pm on May 13 at His Lordship’s Restaurant. Our lease is on the agenda.

General Membership Meeting at 7 pm on May 28 at the Berkeley Yacht Club.

Dinner, elections, and reports. If you’ve ever thought of running for office, here’s your big chance.

Ex Comm members present: Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Twelker, Dan Acland,

Marceline Therrien, Matthias Reinsch, Martin Scanlon, Wilder Lee

Members present: Louis Benainous, Peter Baczek, John Danielson, Richard

Pronk, Ben Epstein, Dean Atkinson, and future member Sophia Beckman

Agenda Items:

Sophia Beckman, a fourteen year old future windsurfer requested permission to join the club and pursue a junior windsurfing rating. A motion to allow Sophia to join CSC was made, duly seconded, and passed unanimously. Welcome aboard, Sophia!

Peter Baczek, sail maintenance chair, reported on the need for new Lido jibs. The old jibs are worn and in need of constant repair, especially the clews. Repairs cost $50/hour. New heavier jibs would cost $252 each. A motion to fund eight new Lido jibs passed unanimously.

Richard Pronk came before Ex Comm for approval of a senoir project. He proposed designinga new member orientation packet that would aid in explaining how the club works, frequently asked questions, and responsibilities of membership—basically the nitty-gritty details not found in the operating rules and the stuff all members should know before they set foot in a boat or on a board. A motion to approve Richard’s project passed unanimously.

Louis Benainous told Ex Comm that he is working on a lecture series to begin sometime this month. Several years ago, Louis gave a popular lecture series on diverse sailing topics ranging from celestial navigation to heavy weather sailing that was well-attended and added much knowledge to the collective know-how of the club. Look for details on times, places,and subjects soon.

Dean Atkinson presented his proposed senior project to Ex Comm. He wants to premanently install chargers on the boats and establish protocols to keep the batteries charged. This project was unanimously approved by Ex Comm. Dean has already done a lot of work on the keelboats.

John Danielson proposed changing the operating rules to require that (1) all boats must have an operational bailing device or carry a bailing bucket attached to the boat, and (2) a paddle and anchor be required on all sloop rigged boats. The requirement that paddles and anchors be required in the JY15 and 470s led to a lively discussion. Some members felt that the requirement compromised the performance of these boats and would cause problems. Others thought that, as a teaching club, requiring these safety devices made sense. John researched different types of paddles and anchors; he found several small/collapsable paddles that would take up less room than our current oars. The proposal was tabled until (1) we have enough paddles and anchors to implement this rule and (2) the membership had a chance to let Ex Comm hear its input into the proposed changes—especially regarding anchors and paddles on the 470s and JY15. So, what do you think?

The possibility of creating a Junior plus/Senior dinghy sailboat rating was proposed. The rating would carry the privileges of (1) sailing dinghies in the senior area, (2) giving junior tests, (3) sailing dinghies at low tide. Holders of the rating would only be able to sail during the club’s normal operating hours. To obtain the rating, club members would have to (1) complete their senior work project, (2) pass the senior written test, (3) pass the senior dinghy test. Neeedless to say, this proposal led to a spirited discussion. Some felt that the club should provide a rating for members whose primary interest was dinghy sailing. Others felt that the keelboat part of the senior test was important and that all good sailors should possess the flexibility to sail both dinghies and keelboats. Additional requirements for the rating were also suggested, such as requiring two senior dinghy tests and/or having to apply to Ex Comm and be approved for the rating. A motion to establish this rating was withdrawn so that Ex Comm could get more input from club members. Again, let us know what you think.

Disciplinary Action: Unfortunately, Ex Comm had to deal with a member who sailed on an expired membership. Disciplinary actions are closed hearings by Ex Comm and the names of the involved members are not made public. We do, however, want members to be aware that Ex Comm does take action against members who break the rules. A co-op only works if everyone works together.




Commodore Rebecca Haussmann: the general membership meeting is coming up on May 28, 1998. Elections will be held.

Vice-commodore’s Report: no report, but Virginia Nido has done a great job with the Open Houses.

First Vice-Commodore Martin Scanlon: Lido #3 has a crack in the cockpit, in the curve of the seat. Gene Grant, fiberglasser extraordinaire, has volunteered to fix it if he can do the repair in his shop. He has a road-legal trailer on which to transport the boat. A motion to allow Gene to take the Lido to his house for the repair provided that it is legally transported passed unanimously. Thanks, Gene!

A centerboard has cracked where the uphaul line is attached. Martin asks us all to be careful when raising and lowering the centerboard so that we use both the uphaul and downhaul to gently position the centerboard rather than letting it bang into place.

New tiller extensions have been purchased and are ready to be installed, if antone needs a work project.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch: the purchase of 4 Revo boards is still in the works.

There is an upcoming event called "windsurfers against water pollution" scheduled for June 4, 1998 at 4-6 pm to highlight pollution in the bay windsurfers are encouraged to fly coloered ribbons representing different pollutants to increase awareness on bay water pollution. The sponsoring organizations wanted to list CSC as a participant, but ExComm wanted more information about who the sponsors were (there was some concern that this event was being sponsored by large corporations to blame pollution on household discharges rather than industry).

Third Vice-Commodore: no report.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland: The third monthly teaching seminar was held on the last Saturday of the month at 2 pm. Several new Junior Skippers attended. All Junior Skippers are encouraged to attend, and all Junior test-givers are encouraged to encourage new Juniors to attend.

The racing seminar, on the last Sunday of each month, went well.

An orientation lecture series for Saturday morning lessons is being developed by Ray Oliver.

A fiberglass repair workshop by fiberguru Gene Grant will be held on Saturday May 9 at 2 pm.

Port Captain Dan Twelker: There is a new rescue tow rope for the skiff.

We have a new dayleader, Rob, who will be working on Sundays.

Weekend shifts have been doubled so that there are two dayleaders on duty on the weekends. In the busy summer months, two dayleaders increase safety and facilitate signing up new members (one dayleader should always be available to handle the paperwork)

Dan Twelker will be gone (sailing back from Hawaii) starting May 27.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien: Our financial situation has not changed much from last month. Marceline has been working hard on negotiating a new lease and it looks like her efforts may pay off. Everyone is encouraged to attend the Waterfront Commission meeting on May 13 at 7:00 pm at his Lordship’s Restaurant. Nothing impresses a Commission more than a crowd. Please come support the Clubin its efforts to keep our expenses from taking a giant leap forward.

Secretary’s Report by Wilder: We will need to print new copies of the the operating rules and sailing instructions soon. Finding a low cost printer coulod be a great work project for someone.