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1998.05.14 - Excom

Thursday May 14, 1998

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for May 14th, 1998



Only in you, across centuries
of the sea's parchment atlas, can I catch the noise
of the surf lines wandering like the shambling fleece

of the lighthouse's flock, that Cyclops whose blind eye
shut from the sunlight. Then the canoes were galleys
over which a frigate sawed its scythed wings slowly.


May 14, 1998


The General Membership Meeting is on May 28, 1998 at 7:00 pm at the Berkeley Yacht Club. There will be dinner and elections—so come vote.

Thanks to Rebecca and Marceline and all the members who attended the Waterfront Commission Meeting last week. The support was tremendous, the speakers eloquent, and the result was a fourth free berth!

Ex Comm members present: Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Acland, Marceline Therrien,

Wilder Lee, Brandon Gates, Virginia Nido, Matthias Reinsch, Martin Scanlon

CSC members present: John Danielson, Richard Pronk, Dave Rabinowitz, Justin

Oberhauer, Aaron Sokol

Agenda Items:

A motion was made by Virginia Nido that the club purchase a second JY-15 that is for sail at the Berkeley Marina. The boat is in good condition and priced at $4,000 + tax. A motion to authorize that the club spend $4,000 plus tax to purchase this JY-15 was made and passed unanimously.

Justin Oberhauer presented two designs for a logo on Instructor T-shirts for a potential instructor incentive program. The designs were awesome! The designs are a sloop blasting through a porthole with different color variations. A motion to approve the design for use in a potential instructor incentive program passed unanimously. Check these designs out when you get the chance—they are great!

John Danielson renewed his request to change the operating rules to require that all boats have a bailing device and carry an anchor and paddle unless the rules specify otherwise. A motion was made to: renumber items 14 and 15 in section VI Day Sailing Regulations of the Operating Rules to 16 and 17 respectively; to add a new section 14 that reads "All boats must have an operational bailing devise or carry a bailing bucket attached to the boat" and a new section 15 that reads "All sloop-rigged boats must carry an anchor and at least one paddle unless otherwise specified in these rules"; change operating rules IX.6.d(2) by replacing the sentence "Anchor and paddle are optional on this boat" with the sentence "A paddle is optional on this boat";and change operating rule IX.6.d(3) by adding the sentence "A paddle is optional on this boat." The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Aaron Sokol, a fifteen year old, request permission to join the club. A motion to allow Aaron to join the club passed unanimously. Welcome aboard, Aaron!

Dave Rabinowitz petitioned Ex-Comm for reinstatement of his Cruising Skipper rating after an absence of more than two years. A motion to reinstate Dave’s rating passed unanimously.

Richard Pronk gave an update on his Senior Project of structuring a teaching program to include rewriting the sailing instruction manual to make it more teaching-friendly.

Reports: No reports were given as the rest of the meeting was devoted to the 1998 fiscal year budget. More on the budget when the preliminary details are finalized.

Meeting Adjourned.