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1998.05.28 - General

Thursday May 28, 1998

CSC General Membership Meeting
Excom meeting
May 28, 1998


Note: both the minutes of the General membership meeting and the minutes of the Excom meetings are included below


Congrats to the new seniors Martin Scanlon, Reese Jones, and Paul Herzmark!

Congrats also to new Ex Comm member Dean Atkinson (3rd Vice)!


Commodore’s Report by Rebecca Haussmann: The Club is healthy and doing well. Rebecca thanked Jennifer, Jerry, and herself for preparing the great meal that accompanied our meeting. She noted that the haul-out scheduled for May 30-31 had been postponed due to impending bad weather and will be reschduled for late June or July. Ashby Shoals breakfast is on June 13: be at the club by 7:30 am to experience the low point on the club’s social calendar. A Junior Skipper Fast-Track intensive lesson program will be held soon. Rebecca also reminded the club members to act responsibly if you cause damage to other people’s boats or property. She thanked Gene Grant for his fiberglass work and John Danielson for addressing some safety issues at the club.

Vice-Commodore’s Report by Virginia Nido: The Club is selling lots of memberships and giving lots of Open House rides. Special thanks to Chris Binger for the great BBQs he has organized. Also the Club is looking for a t-shirt chair to handle sales of club shirts and paraphernalia; if you are interested contact Virginia or any Ex Comm member.

First Vice-Commodore’s Report by Martin Scanlon: Thanks goes out to everyone who has adopted a dinghy. Reese Jones has done great work on the high performance dinghies. Also, the Club had a great work party a couple of weeks ago. There have been some problems with the uphauls/downhauls on the Lido. The force of the centerboard slamming to a stop has caused cracks to develop. Please be gentle when raising and lowering the centerboard. Furthermore, don’t forget to watch out for water in the Lido hulls and to note in the log if a hull has more than 2 gallons of water in it after sailing (2 gallons takes about 10 seconds to drain).

Second Vice-Commodore’s Report by Matthias Reinsch: The windsurfing program has purchased 8 Revos instructional boards and some new carbon fiber masts. Some new Senior boards have been donated to the club. Also thanks to Bill Printzmeal for teaching the accelerated windsurfing course.

Third Vice-Commodore’s report by Brandon Gates: The big news ebeing that haulouts were canceled for May 30-31 and rescheduled for June 26. Thanks to Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Twelker, and Zaaf for the work they did on Louie, also thanks to Dean Atkinson for working on the electronics on the Commanders. Please, help keep the keelboats neat and clean after you sail.

Treasurer’s report by Marceline Therrien: Total revenues last year exceeded expenses by $37,000. Thanks to Greg Davids for working on boat donations last year which netted the club approximately $10,000. The Club is setting aside $20,000 in a capital purchase fund for boats. However, next year’s budget projects a $5,000 deficit for the club.

Lease negotiations with the Marina are still ongoing. If you live in Berkeley, please call your Councilperson and tell them to give us a fair deal. Also, thanks to the 3--40 club members who showed up at the last Waterfront Commission Meeting in support of the Club.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland reported: That the Lido Instructor Seminars on the last Saturday of every month at 2:00 pm have been a continuing success. An Instructor Incentive Program is in the works, which will include the chance to teach your way into an awesome instructor t-shirt designed by Justin Oberhauer. Louis Benainous has organized a lecture series that starts on June 11 with a talk on heavy weather sailing. Also hopes for a orientation program for new club members are being entertained.

On another subject dear to Dan’s heart, racing, the club will be sponsoring a SBRA Regatta on June 27-28 for JY15s and Sunfish. So if you can help out please let Dan know.

Secretary’s report:

Tool Shed Chair Karen Huff spoke about the reorganization of the tool shed. She reminded everyone to PUT IT AWAY, THROW IT AWAY, or RECYCLE (these are the only three options). Also hazardous waste (old paint, batteries, glue, etc. can be disposed on in the maintenance yard near the Harbormaster’s office.

Election results: A quorem being duly present, elections for Ex Comm positions were held. No positions were contested so I’ll go straight to the results, which were, by the way, all unanimous.

Commodore: Rebecca Haussmann

Vice-Commodore: Virginia Nido

First Vice-Commodore: Brandon Gates

Second Vice-Commodore: Matthias Reinsch

Third Vice-Commodore: Dean Atkinson

Port Captain: Dan Twelker

Treasurer: Marceline Therrien

Rear Commodore: Dan Acland

Secretary: Wilder Lee

The meeting was adjourned by singing the club song "Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think"



Cal Sailing Club Minutes
May 28, 1998

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Virginia Nido, Martin Scanlon, Brandon Gates, Marceline Therrien, Wilder Lee, Joe Matera (acting Port Captain)

Members present: Justin Oberhauer, Dean Atkinson, Tom Bliss


A motion to approve the proposed budget for this fiscal year passed unanimously.

A motion to put $20,000 in a capital purchase fund for boats passed unanimously.

A motion to make Joe Matera temporary Port Captain while Dan Twelker is on vacation passed unanimously.

Tom Bliss discussed possible senior work projects, particularly work on the 470. Tom was encouraged to work with some of the 470 sailors to identify specific tasks that need doing. Tom brings a wealth of sailing and boat repair experience to the club. We are lucky to have him aboard and are excited about his contributions to the club.

A motion to adjourn this abbreviated Ex Comm meeting before the General Membership Meeting passed unanimously.