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1998.07.23 - Excom

Thursday July 23, 1998

EX Comm Meeting Minutes July 23, 1998

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Dean Atkinson, Marceline Therrien, Wilder Lee, Dan Twelker, Dan Acland, Matthias Reinsch

Agenda Items:

Edmund Gauvin appeared on behalf of Dick Kelby who requested that he (Dick) be allowed to sign people off on the Rhodes. Dick's level of knowledge and expertise is known to most members of Ex Comm. Motion: That Dick Kelby be allowed to sign off junior skippers on rigging and launching the Rhodes. The motion passed unanimously.

A motion to modify the operating rules regarding lesson credit for senior and cruising skippers giving lessons to senior skipper candidates was made. The changes allow lesson credit for lessons given outside regular lesson periods. The motion proposed changing section V, paragraph 7 of the operating rules to read:

7. All appropriately rated skippers may provide lessons. Credit for teaching includes instruction in both practical sailing and rigging. Rated skippers may receive one lesson credit from the Dayleader for each hour of teaching during regularly scheduled lesson periods. Senior or Cruising skippers may receive credits for on-the-water lessons given to Senior Candidates outside regularly scheduled lesson periods at the rate of one lesson credit per Senior Candidate, regardless of time. A skipper who receives ten lesson credits is entitled to three months free membership. Lesson credits are valid for six months.

and changing section XI, paragraph 8 to read:

8. A Senior Skipper rating may be obtained by successfully completing the following:

a. Organization and completion of a work project that includes at least 10 hours of extra work for the Club.

(1) a member must appear before the Executive Committee to          present their proposed work project, and the project must be         approved by the Executive Committee. Upon approval of their          work project, a member becomes an official "Senior Candidate"         for the purposes of Operating Rules section V, paragraph 7. A          member may seek approval of their work project after passing the         Senior Skipper written test and before taking the sailing tests.

(2) this project should involve the accomplishment of a single          major project which includes the participation of other club         members.

b. [same as previous a.]

The motion passed unanimously.

John Frazier sought Ex Comm approval of a Senior Skipper project. John proposed installing jiffy-reefs on the Lido sails. John's senior project was approved by Ex Comm unanimously.

Nicole Bruner, a twelve year old, appeared before Ex Comm to ask permission to become a club member. A motion was made that Nicole may become a member as long as a parent is present when she sails and she informs the dayleader before she goes out. This motion passed unanimously. Welcome, Nicole!

Jeff Holman, a thirteen year old, requested permission from Ex Comm to join the club and pursue a Novice Windersurfer rating. A motion was made that Jeff can join the club as long as (1) a parent is present when he sails, (2) he informs the dayleader before he goes out, and (3) he wears a wetsuit when windsurfing, and that Jeff can pursue a Novice Windsurfing Rating. This motion passed unanimously.

Bob Hood addressed Ex Comm about the progress of his Senior Project. Bob's senior project involved lots of maintenance work on the Lidos. Because the next step in Bob's project involves repairs that would take the Lidos out of commission for a week or more and, therefore, was a winter project. Bob wanted to know when someone could sign off on his project. He was referred to the First Vice-Commodore.

Malu reported that she was interested in organizing some fundraising events for the Club. Some of the ideas that she mentioned were a brunch, a raffle, and a swap meet. She has spoken with people at other non-profits about fundraising events they have done. She is also interested in organizing a boat donation program to solicit boat donations. No action was taken by Ex Comm on these proposals. Malu will work on getting some cost figures and report back.


Commodore's Report by Rebecca: The Club is very active, which is good. A General Membership Meeting will be scheduled for the end of August.

First Vice-Commodore's Report by Brandon: One of the Lidos sank last week. We need to explore ways to add floatation to the Lidos. The question is what floatation would work best? Also we need to continue plugging the holes and cracks in the Lidos.

The possibility of getting a hand-held VHF radio for the skiff was discussed. During a rescue last week, the skiff became very low on gas returning to the dock. A hand-held VHF would allow the skiff to radio for help if needed during a rescue. Port Captain Dan Twelker will look into possible VHF radios.

Second Vice-Commodore's Report by Matthias: The windsurfing program is holding off on purchasing 310 boards so they can look at some new boards that are on the market.

There have been problems with windsurfers who do not derig sails when there is no space to hang them in the storage locker. If there is no room to hang the sail, please derig it; you are responsible for doing so.

One windsurfer who has allegedly sailed out-of-bounds more than once will be asked to appear before Ex Comm for a disciplinary hearing.

Third Vice-Commodore's Report by Dean: Asked for approval from Ex Comm to spend up to $50 to laminate and post the registrations on the keel boats. The expenditure was approved unanimously by Ex Comm.

Dean reported that Tom Bliss's Senior Project will involve working on the soles of the Ensigns to reinforce them.

Rear Commodore's report by Dan the Man: Dan is working on putting together a binder on how to get checked out on the Lasers and Bytes. The white membership card will be revised to better reflect changes in the rules.

Dan asked the Club to contribute to the Dave Cahn Memorial Trophy in the 505 racing fleet. Dave was a Club member who suffered a fatal heart attack while leading a race in his 505 this winter. Club members can individually contribute to this memorial through the Club by contacting Dan Acland. A motion to contribute $100 to the Dave Cahn Memorial Trophy passed unanimously.

Joe Matera has been appointed racing chair. Congratulations, Joe! Also thanks to Ron Koci who updated the software used to compute results for Lido Sunday morning racing series. Thanks, Ron!

Treasurer's Report by Marceline: So far this fiscal year (which started May 1) the Club has collected over $35,807 and has a net income of $20,070. These figures are similar to last year. We currently have $9,999 in our checking account and $52,307 in a money market account.

Work on negotiating a new lease with the marina is still on-going.

Port Captain's Report by Dan Twelker: The Club is searching for a space heater for the clubhouse.

Thanks to Marceline Therrien who ran a training meeting for the dayleaders on the proper way to process new members. Thanks, Marceline!

Changes in the dayleader manual have been made so that there is a clearer understanding of how dayleaders are supposed to keep track of their time.

Secretary's Report by Wilder: We are currently reevaluating our printing arrangements in an attempt to lower our printing costs. Also, we are working on consolidating the master copies of our manuals so we can keep better tabs on updates and changes to the rules.

The meeting was adjourned by a unanimous vote.