All Meeting Minutes

1998.08.06 - Excom

Thursday August 06, 1998

AUGUST 6, 1998

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Virginia Nido, Dean Atkinson, Wilder Lee, Marceline Therrien, Dan Acland, Matthias Reinsch and Malu Lujan

Annoucement: Our esteemed Vice-Commodore Virginia Nido has reluctantly resigned due to the time demands of a new job. Malu Lujan, member extraordinaire, volunteered to serve out the remainder of Virginia's terms. Thanks for all your great work, Virginia; and welcome aboard, Malu!


1.    Arne Frick sought approval of his senior project. He proposed writing a JY manual covering rigging, sailing (both basic and advanced) in both paper and electronic form. He estimated this project would take 30-40 hours. This senior project was unanimously approved by Ex Comm.

2.    Bob Hood reported on his senior project which involved work on the Lidos, including, but not limited to, relaminating the delaminated centerboards, posting rudderlock signs, and installing shroud guards. Bob's senior project was deemed complete. Ex Comm thank Mr. Hood for his work with a resounding chorus of "Good job, Bob!"

3.    John Frazier reported on his senior project of jiffy reefing the Lido mains. He reefed one Lido at a cost of less than $20. He got a quote for Lido sail covers of $150-180 per cover from Pineapple Sails. There was discussion of trying to find a club member willing to sew sail covers for the Lido sails to bring the cost down. A motion to approve $200 so John can buy the parts necessary to put jiffy reefs in all the Lido sails passed unanimously.

4.    Paul Moran, a 14-year-old, sought permission to join the Club. Paul heard the usual Ex Comm speil about safety, responsibility, and CSC expectations for our younger members. A motion to allow Paul to join provided he tells the dayleader that he, as a younger member, is on the water and that he wear a wetsuit when windsurfing passed unanimously.

5.    A disciplinary hearing was conducted to address problems with a windsurfing member who allegedly had sailed out of bounds several times, ignored the time limit on equipment, stashed equipment he/she might want to use later where other members would not know it was available, and took the dayleader key from the harbor master's office. Disciplinary hearings are closed hearings. Ex Comm decided that any more infractions in 1998 by this member would result in an automatic two week suspension. Ex Comm dislikes disciplinary hearings please stay within bounds (both literally and figuratively).

6.    A motion to allow Dean Atkinson to check members off on the Rhodes passed unanimously.

7.    Purchase of a handheld VHF radio for the skiff was proposed. Several reasons why it could be useful during a rescue/emergency were brought forth. A motion to approve up to $280 for the purchase of a handheld VHF radio, holders, and a lock & cable passed by a vote of 5 to 1.

8.    Ex Comm accepted the resignation of Vice-Commodore Virginia Nido, whose new job has left her with little time for her club duties. Malu Lujan volunteered to take over the position of Vice-Commodore for the remainder of Virginia's term. A motion to accept Malu as Vice-Commodore for the remainder of Virginia's term passed unanimously.

9.    Ways to involve the windsurfers in our community service efforts was discussed. Public service is part of our lease, and, while windsurfing is a solo sport, there must be ways to include windsurfers in activities such as our Open Houses. The suggestion of a Windsurfing Open House was bandied about, as was the idea of getting windsurfers to help with on-shore logistics of open house rides. Ideas and suggestions would be appreciated.

10.    The Lido problems were discussed. Rebecca said that the work on the centerboard casings is holding up well. If the holes are plugged there probably aren't more structural problems. Dan Acland suggested ways to add positive buoyancy. Joe Matera wanted to ask Schock for more repairs.

11.    Non-Lido Sign-offs are being changed. Check postings in the clubhouse for changes on what it takes to get checked of on the Rhodes, Jy, 470, etc. A motion to adopt the new requirements passed unanimously.

12.    Malu reported that the date of Nov. 1 might be good for a 60th Anniversary fundraiser brunch. A date in February is contemplated for a swap meet to raise money.

13.    How to get the white Rhodes sailable was discussed. A member has sanded it as part of a senior project but has not finished the job abd the Rhodes has been out of commission for several weeks in mid-season. We need this project to get done.

14.    A discussion on Ex Comm voting by e-mail was postponed until next meeting.


Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: The Club is busy; Lido's are sinking and rising. The toolshed is clean!

Vice-Commodore's Report by Virginia Nido: Our new ad in the Sierra Club Yodeler has already generated some meberships. Last week's Open House was amazingly successful with over 300 free rides being given.

First-Vice Commodore's Report: First-Vice Brandon Gates was not in attendance at the meeting and submitted no written report.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch reported: the need for new booms, footstraps, and harness lines. A motion to approve $700 for the purchase of harness lines, booms, and footstraps passed unanimously. Four new instructional boards are having a problem with the nose breaking. Matthias will contact the manufacturer about possible repairs/replacements.

Third Vice-Commodore's Report by Dean Atkinson: The keel boats are just just great. A motion to approve $150 for welding on the Rhodes trailer and the pulpit on Uncle Donald passed unanimously.

Port Captain Dan Twelker was not present but submitted a written report. A dayleader meeting was held on Monday. The dayleaders liked the idea of a handheld VHF radio for the skiff.

Treasurer's Report by Marceline: We have $14,640 in checking and $52,300 in a money market account. This we have taken in $41,000 in memberships in comparison to $29,000 at this point last year. In other news, our marina lease is still being negotiated.

Rear Commodore's Report by Dan Acland: The Lido instructor incentive program is coming along. The Bluebook has been updated.

Secretary's Report by Wilder Lee: A motion to approved $125 for purchase of a locking file cabinet to replace our current non-locking locking file cabinet was approved unanimously. A motion to approve $2500 for copying new editions of the Lido manual, operating rules, windsurfing manual, membership card, and blue card was approved unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned by a unanimous vote.