All Meeting Minutes

1998.08.20 - Excom

Thursday August 20, 1998

AUGUST 20, 1998


1.    Brandon Gates has resigned as First Vice-Commodore due to the time pressures of his job. Thanks for your efforts, Brandon! Bob Hood has accepted appointment as First Vice-Commodore for the remainder of Brandon's term. Welcome aboard, Bob. Bob is interested in finding club members willing to work on the Lidos to keep them afloat. If you have some time and want to learn about Lido repair from the best, Bob will be pleased to put you to work.

2.    The general membership meeting will be held September 3 at 7:30 (bar open at 7:00) at the Berkeley Yacht Club. Come one and all for a great (free) meal and fascinating reports by Ex Comm members. As an added treat we always try to find some topic of controversy for the club members to discuss -- which means you get to see all Ex Comm members groan and roll their eyes. Not to be missed.

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Wilder Lee, Marceline Therrien, Matthias Reinsch, and Dean Atkinson

Commodore's Report by Rebecca: The furtive Moonlight Madness Sail was a success despite all efforts to deny its existence. Thirty people showed up for BBQ fun and some actually went sailing. The suggestion of sending flares on the boats to signal trouble was suggested. Next full moon, we will sponsor another moonlight madness based on this covert success. Heck, we may even announce it.

Vice-Commodore's Report: Even without Malu, we discussed the upcoming Solano Stroll (Sept. 19) at which CSC will have a booth and the "How Berkeley Can You Be" event at which we will also have a booth (Sept. 26?). Volunteers are needed to entice the unwitting at these events.

First Vice-Commodore's Report by Bob: Bruce Takahashi has been keeping the Lidos from sinking. Thanks, Bruce! Also work is being done on coordinating the "Do Not Sail" forms and signs with the maintenance log. It's nice to know why a boat has a do not sail sign on it, isn't it. We fix things so much faster when we don't have to find the problem twice.

Second Vice-Commodore's Report by Matthias: Matthias has found a great price on booms. A motion to spend $109 + tax for the purchase of a new boom was approved unanimously.

Matthias has been learned of a banker who is willing to get a foundation to donate money to the club in exchange for a 15% finder's fee. The banker's ethics were questioned and without more information on whether there was full disclosure of the arrangement all around, Ex Comm declined to explore this course of action further.

Members and locker renters have expressed concern over non-members/non-renters using the rigging area behind the clubhouse. The possibility of posting a sign saying something like "This is the CSC rigging area. Members and locker renters have priority." was suggested as a solution.

Third Vice-Commodore's Report by Dean: Tim Bochert has mentioned the need to replace the genoa track on Huey which is older and of a shape for which blocks are not readily available. A motion was made and approved unanimously to appropriate up to $200.00 to complete this repair.

The mainsail on Daisy needs repair. A search for another main around the club is ongoing.

Dewey's tiller needs replacement and to be reattached to the rudder post. A motion to approve up to $200 to solve this issue was approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report by Marceline: The club has $5,055 in checking and $63,666 in its money market account. We have taken in more than $5,000 in memberships this year as compared to last year at this time. This fact led to a discussion of whether the club could have too many members, especially windsurfing members who can be hard to keep track of on the water. The possible safety issues of many many members arose. One suggestion was to require Junior plus and senior windsurfers to carry pocket flares. More input and discussion is needed before any action is taken.

Marceline has been checking sign-out sheets. Apparently several people have been sailing on expired memberships. Please check to make sure your membership is current before checking out equipment. $45 is not too much to pay.

Secretary's Report: Thanks to Dan Acland and Peter Kuhn for their work in updating the Lido Sailing Manual. The club has been trying to reduce it's copying costs. We got quotes from copiers and Cal Copy had the lowest prices so we are sticking with them. A motion to approve $200 in addition to the monies approved last week for a big copying order was made and passed unanimously.

A motion to raise the racing membership dues to $75 passed unanimously. This motion had passed before, but was rescinded when our Latitude 38 ad listed the price as $50. Next season, we hope to get the right price in our ad.

A motion to accept a donation of two space heaters passed unanimously.

Agenda Items: Lease negotiations are on-going. Right now Marceline is working on getting the lease language cleaned up.

Marceline reported some ideas on boat replacement that she formed in conversation with a couple of big name boat builders/designers. One idea was to plot the club needs and find boats that come closest to meeting those needs and then to have precise contract specifications concerning the design and changes that are needed for boats that will withstand our use. The Alarian Express was mentioned as a possible replacement for the keelboats.

The meeting was properly adjourned.