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1998.09.03 - General

Thursday September 03, 1998

September 3, 1998

Thanks to Jennifer Kirkland, Jerry Huff, Rebecca Haussmann and Hella for a wonderful meal!

Instructor Incentive Program!!!!!!!! ATTENTION! Starting Sept. 3, every member who earns 20 lesson credits between now and the next millennium will receive a special edition "CSC Instructor" cap. This limited edition cap designed by CSC's soon-to-be internationally famous Justin Oberhauer will be the envy of Sunday morning racers and cruising skippers everywhere. So come on down on Saturday morning and start earning your cap today!

Upcoming Events:    How Berkeley Can You Be Parade -- Sept. 24 Moonlight Madness Sail -- Oct. 3 Haulouts -- Oct. 9-11 Fundraising Brunch -- Nov. 1 Reports:

Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: We have an active 645-strong membership and Ex Comm. Members of special note are: Dan Acland for jump-starting our teaching program, Bob Hood for pinch-hitting as our new First Vice-Commodore, Bruce Takahashi -- this summer's Lido repair god, Dean Atkinson for keeping the keel boats floating, Marceline for her superhuman efforts of lease negotiations (able to lift entrenched bureaucracy with a single hand), and Matthias for his quiet valiant efforts to the windsurfing program steaming along.

Rebecca noted some changes in CSC rules and procedures. There has been a change in when Senior and Cruising skippers can obtain lesson credits for teaching Senior candidates. The white membership cards have been revised to include Volunteer Dayleader Training, among other things. Also, a new membership rating logbook has been established as a central source for information on who-has-what-rating.

Thanks to Karen Huff, our tool shed chair.

Cruising skippers, we need more cruises.

Treasurer's Report by Marceline Therrien: The club is doing very well financially this year. Our income is about $9,000 ahead of last year but our expenses are even with last year's. We have $3400 in our checking account and $63,666 in our money market account. Lease negotiations with the City of Berkeley are continuing.

Port Captain Dan Twelker Reports: We have some good dayleaders, but are experiencing the typical beginning of semester problems finding new work-study dayleaders. Dan encourages all members to sign up for Volunteer Dayleading Training.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland: The last Saturday of each month, at 2:00 is the Lido Instructors Seminar. New juniors, old juniors, and soon-to-be juniors are encouraged to show up to give and receive expertise. Lessons are going well, and should be going even better now that the Instructor Incentive Program is starting. Dan also extended his thanks to Richard Pronk for revising the Lido manual.

First Vice-Commodore Bob Hood: Seven Lidos are floating, and Lido # 7 is a senior project-in-waiting. A complement of Lasers and Bytes are afloat -- as is one 470, one Rhodes, and 2 JY's. Bob extended, and asked everyone else to extend, a big hand for everyone who has worked on a Lido. Sail 'em, break 'em, & fix 'em.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch: Some good boards have been donated to the club. New carbon-fiber masts have been purchased. Congratulations to Chi Deng, a new Senior windsurfer. Thanks to John Myall for fixing many long boards and to Dan Montagne for giving Saturday morning lessons.

Third Vice-Commodore Dean Atkinson: Haulouts of Louie and Daisy are scheduled for October 9, 10, and 11. So mark your calendars. Thanks to Robert Ofsevit, Scott McLean, Joe Matera, and Edmund Gauvin for their work on the keel boats.

Vice-Commodore Malu Lujan: Malu is working on grant proposals, is planning a fundraising brunch for November 1, and a fundraising swap meet in February.

Secretary's Report: The secretary told a esoteric long-winded joke that wasn't funny to end our reports.

The meeting was then adjourned.