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1998.09.17 - Excom

Thursday September 17, 1998

CSC Minutes
Ex Comm Meeting
September 17, 1998

How Berkeley Can You Be Parade on Sept. 27
Haulouts on Oct. 8-11

Agenda Items:

The possibility of creating a Windsurfing Teaching Vice-Commodore position on Ex Comm was discussed. Several windsurfing members have expressed concerns that Ex Comm is overly dominated by sailors. Problems with adding an Ex Comm position include having an even number of Ex Comm members which could result in tie votes. Adding a position also requires changes in our constitution. Some concern that we would have trouble filling the position because windsurfers tend to avoid bureaucracies was expressed. Let Ex Comm know what you think about this idea.

Rebecca reminded everyone that programs, events, rule changes, etc. should be posted at the club at least two weeks before the event. A large percentage of our membership survives without the CSC listserve.

An update on dismasted Louie was given by Dan Twelker. Dan has found a company in Florida that specializes in Ensign repair that will sell us a replacement mast with all the doodads for $1500, which is cheaper than local companies. Whether the condition of Louie is good enough to support this expenditure was questioned. A motion was made to spend up to $300 for a marine survey of Louie to determine seaworthiness before spending more. This motion passed unanimously.

Rebecca suggested that we include a category in our annual budget for replacing standing rigging and include enough to replace the rigging on one boat per year. This way, the rigging would probably be replaced on each boat once every eight years or so.

The white Rhodes, which is now the green Rhodes has gotten another coat of paint.

Rebecca also encouraged all Senior and Cruising skippers to do volunteer dayleader training. This training involves learning the desk procedures and proper rescue and skiff procedures. It doesn't take long and it would be useful for the club if all seniors and cruising skippers knew the proper procedures. Call Dan Twelker for rescue training and Marceline for desk training. Present: Bob Hood, Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Twelker, Dean Atkinson, Wilder Lee, Malu Lujan, Marceline Therrien, Matthias Reinsch.

Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: A new "Rating Log" has been established to log current skipper ratings. This should help answer the questions of who can give and how to get tests. Also, there is a new resource binder with masters of all the handouts, manuals, etc. that we have at the club.

A motion was made to spend up to $750 + tax to purchase thirty new life jackets for the club. The motion was approved unanimously.

Vice-Commodore Report by Malu Lujan: We were not able to get a booth at the Solano Stroll last weekend due to a mix up (on their part, of course) over where and when to get our check to them. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help at this event.

Malu, Peter Kuhn, and Alex Case have prepared a grant proposal to submit to the Department of Boating and Waterways that, if granted, would reimburse us for up to $30,000 for safety equipment (which would include new sailboats and windsurfing boards as safety equipment). While the specific equipment we will include in the grant has not been finalized, such equipment will probably include a new motor, hydraulic mount, and propguard for the skiff, new life jackets, windsurfing equipment, and perhaps a new sailboat or two.

A motion was made to allow Malu Lujan, Peter Kuhn, and Alex Case to determine the precise equipment we should request under the grant in light of the discussion at Ex Comm and to file the grant for CSC with no further approval necessary. The motion passed unanimously.

First Vice-Commodore Bob Hood: The condition of our dinghy fleet remains unchanged. The old 470 has been decommissioned in light of it's current state of unrepair. The hardware needs to be stripped from the boat and the hull properly disposed.

Bruce Takahashi has been doing an extraordinary amount of work on the Lido's. This summer he has made a full-time job out of fixing the Lidos. His efforts go above and beyond the call of duty and he has almost single-handedly kept the fleet on the water this summer. Not only has he put in a tremendous amount of effort, but he has also encouraged and helped other club members in their efforts to repair the fleet. Bruce has undertaken the daunting task of repairing Lido # 7, which has sat forlornly in the yard awaiting the Herculean labor that its repair will take. In appreciation of Bruce's tremendous and unmatched efforts, Bob made a motion to award Bruce a gift certificate for an annual membership in appreciation for his efforts. This motion was approved unanimously.

The Lido rudder heads are flimsy and have a tendency to break. Several of them need replacement. A motion to spend $400 + tax for new rudder heads was approved unanimously.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch: Windsurfing sails have been damaged at a higher rate lately. A motion to spend $400 on the repair of damaged sails was made and passed unanimously.

A member who was caught sailing on an expired membership has agreed to do extra work in penance for his waywardness.

Windsurfing magazine wrote and article about windsurfing in Berkeley.

Letters to donors of windsurfing equipment concerning the tax deductibility of the donations are being sent.

Third Vice-Commodore's Report by Dean Atkinson: Huey is missing a registration sticker; the secretary will request a replacement from DMV. The rear deck on Huey is soft and probably needs to be replaced. Dewey needs a new jib halyard.

A motion was made to spend up to $750 to replace halyards and mainsheets on the Ensigns as needed. This motion was approved unanimously.

Haulout are on Oct. 8-11 so be prepared to come down and help with this big project.

Port Captain Dan Twelker: Our Dayleader situation is improving. We have three new dayleaders: Robert Mann, Doug Allen, and Rune. Rune ran the sailing club at UC-Santa Cruz and has volunteered to teach a Red Cross First Aid Class at the club. We are still short a dayleader on Mondays.

A hand held VHF has been installed on the skiff as safety equipment that is for the exclusive use of the Dayleaders.

Treasurer's Report by Marceline: The club's money supply remains constant. We are still waiting to hear back from the Marina on the lease.

The meeting was properly adjourned by unanimous motion.