All Meeting Minutes

1998.10.15 - Excom

Thursday October 15, 1998


Present: Dan Twelker, Rebecca Haussmann, Malu Lujan, Wilder Lee, Matthias Reinsch, Dean Atkinson, Bob Hood

Agenda:    Yutaka Kaise appeared before Ex Comm to request approval as a Senior Windsurfing Candidate. A motion to accept Yutaka as a Senior Windsurfing Candidate with a work project to be assigned by Matthias passed unanimously. Good luck, Yutaka!

A motion to allow Bill Printzmeal to check out members on the JY-15's passed unanimously.

A motion to allow Junior+ windsurfers, Bill Bradfield, Peter Kuhns, Trumpton McFarland, John Frazier and Brian Herlihy give Junior Windsurfing Tests passed unanimously.

Ensign keelboat Louie was looked at by a marine surveyor who said the hull was good, the underwater metal was good, the softness in the foredeck is not a structural problem, and that Louie has lots of life left. The surveyor reccommended keeping the bilge clean, remounting the motor mount, and putting backing plates behind the chain plates. A motion to remast Louie and to appropriate $1444.50 for standing rigging, mast, and halyards plus $350 for other hardware passed unanimously.

John Myall once more complained about the lack of windsurfers on Ex Comm.


Commodore Rebecca Haussmann's Report: We had two successful haulouts with an amazing amount of work done. Bruce Takahashi and Dean Atkinson were insanely awesome. Also awesome (but not as insane) were Paul Herzmark, Rebecca Haussmann, and Bob Hood. Donald and Daisy have been launched and Louie is still in the yard.

Rebecca went to the Waterfront Commission Meeting on Oct. 14. Our lease negotiations are still being negotiated.

Port Captain Dan Twelker Reports: We have a new dayleader, Annie Retamal, who will work Sundays. She is certified in CPR and First Aid and is also a certified NAUI rescue SCUBA diver.

Member Don McPherson has completed volunteer dayleader training; member Bill Bradfield has almost completed volunteer dayleader training.

Thanks to Peter Kuhn for his work on the 30 HP skiff.

Vice-Commodore Report by Malu Lujan: We submitted a grant proposal to the Dept. of Boating and Waterways requesting a new skiff motor & attachments, lifejackets, wetsuits, two JY-15's, and new Junior windsurfing boards. Under the terms of the grant, the DBW would own the equipment, but we would get to use it.

The fundraiser brunch formerly scheduled for Nov. 1 has been postponed until next year.

Malu announced that she will step down as V-C in November.

First Vice-Commodore Bob Hood reports: The dinghies are in good shape except that #2 has a sticky centerboard. We are still waiting for Metal Magic to build 4 new rudderheads. A Lido Positive Floatation Project is in the works.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias reports: There is a debate among windsurfers on whether to acquire a new Malibu board for Junior W/S or to buy some 310's. Some like the Malibu, others think it's too expensive. We have an old Malibu that is one of the most popular Jr boards.

Third Vice-Commodore Dean Atkinson reports: The Haulouts went well. Thanks to Bruce. Louie is still out (as of Oct. 15) and needs work. The Work Days called for the past weekend often resulted in too many people at once. We might consider some method of getting the right number of workers at the right time.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland was conspicuously absent.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien writes that all is ok with the club finances.

The Secretary will work with Cal Copy on the probelm with diagrams not being readable in the Lido Manual.