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1998.10.29 - Excom

Thursday October 29, 1998

CSC Minutes
Ex Comm Meeting
October 29, 1998

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Bob Hood, Dan Acland, Dan Twelker, Wilder Lee, Matthias Reinsch, Dean Atkinson


Chris Havel submitted his qualifications for cruising skipper, including four letters of recommendation to Ex Comm. A motion to confer upon Chris Havel the rating of cruising skipper passed unanimously. Congratulations, Chris!

Bill Printzmeal asked Ex Comm to change the requirement that two persons sail the JY-15’s to allow the JY-15 to be single-handed.

A motion to lift the restriction on single-handing the JY-15 for all members checked out on the JY-15 was made and seconded. The vote was 3 in favor; 3 against; and 1 abstention. The motion did not pass.

A motion to allow members who are checked out on the JY-15 and have passed the senior dinghy test to single-hand the JY-15 was made and seconded. An amendment to the motion to allow Junior Skippers who have been approved by Ex Comm to singlehand the JY-15 was made and seconded. The vote to approve the amendment was 4 in favor; 2 against; and 1 abstention. The amendment was added to the motion.

The amended motion to allow members who are checked out on the JY-15 and have passed their senior dinghy test or junior skippers who have been approved by Ex Comm to singlehand the JY-15 passed. The vote was 4 in favor, 1 against, and 1 abstention.

A motion to allow Junior Skipper Bill Printzmeal to be allowed to singlehand the JY-15 was made and passed unanimously.

A proposal to consider allowing all members checked out on the JY-15 to singlehand when the wind is under 10 knots was put forth.

Justin Oberhauer asked that Ex Comm allow him to count the American Heart Association CPR class that he took count towards the cruising skipper requirement that the Red Cross Standard First Aid Course be taken. Justin will take the First Aid part of the Red Cross test but not the CPR part. A motion to allow this substitution was made and passed unanimously.

Bowen Kuhn requested that his coordination of the CSC sponsorship of a sailing program for the Berkeley Youth Alternative this past summer count as his senior project. There was a discussion concerning the appropriateness of seeking senior project approval for a project that the member had voluntarily undertaken without the project first being approved as a senior project. A motion to approve Bowen’s work as his senior project was made and passed. The vote was 4 in favor and 3 abstentions.

Ex Comm had some concerns with members asking for approval of a senior project after the project had been completed. Ex Comm was split on whether ex post facto approval was a good idea.


There were no reports from the Commodore, Secretary, or Treasurer.

First Vice-Commodore’s Report by Bob Hood: a lot of dinghies are working and some of them aren’t. Bruce Takahashi passed his novice skipper test.

A motion to approve $300 for new Lido jib sheets passed unanimously.

Second Vice-Commodore’s Report by Matthias: Mathais reminds members that we do not accept donations without prior approval of Ex Comm. Please contact Matthias before donating or accepting donations of windsurfing equipment. Some unusable windsurfing equipment was donated to CSC and dumped in the yard without prior approval by Ex Comm. We had to dispose of these items.

Matthias hopes to plan a windsurfers meeting sometime soon.

[Malu Lujan arrived]

Third Vice-Commodore Dean Atkinson: Dean is looking for help to finish the glasswork on Louie’s deck and to help dispose of the haulout leftovers. Louie’s mast is on the way and should be stepped this weekend.

Port Captain Dan Twelker reports that the Dayleader schedule is full!

Rear Commodore Dan Acland reports that he has been an inactive member for the past two months except for teaching the Lido instruction seminar on the last Saturday of each month.

Vice-Commodore Malu Lujan reports that we haven’t heard back from the DBW grant we submitted and that the brunch fundraiser will probably be schedule for January.

Final agenda: Dean Atkinson requested that his senior project be designing a circuit to give a red light when the battery on a keelboat is low and a green light when the battery is charged. The senior project was approved unanimously.

The motion to adjourn passed unanimously.