All Meeting Minutes

1998.12.03 - General

Thursday December 03, 1998




December 3, 1998

Thanks to Jennifer McFarland and Jerry Huff for their wonderful meal! Thanks to Rebecca for the wonderful dessert.

Commodore's Report by Rebecca Hausmann: Thanks to all the officers for the great job they have done this last term. Thanks also to Bruce Takahashi for the incredible work which he has done on the Lidos; not only has Bruce fixed the Lidos, he has also found and eliminated the causes of many persistant Lido problems. Dean Atkinson deserves special note for organizing the BEST HAULOUT EVER! Dan Twelker has done a phenomenal job as Port Captain.

Our new license with the Marina has finally been approved by the Waterfront Commission on terms that are favorable for us.

CSC members can obtain adjunct memberships at the Berkeley Yacht Club for only $50 a year. As an adjunct member, one receives the BYC newletter, can attend BYC results, and has access to BYC facilities whenever a full member is present. It's a good deal.

First Vice-Commodore Bob Hood's report: Thanks to Bruce Takahashi for keeping the Lidos afloat.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch: The club is planning new windsurfing equipment purchases and is currently negotiating with local windsurfing shops for the best prices. El Nino had an adverse effect on windsurfing conditions on the Bay which hopefully should improve this upcoming spring.

Vice-Commodore Malu Lujan's Report: CSC filed a grant proposal with the Dept. of Boating and Waterways for $30,000 worth of equipment including lifejackets, wetsuits, a skiff motor & hydraulic motor mount, two JY-15s and Junior windsurfing boards.

One byproduct of this grant was to catalogue the community involvement of CSC, especially with youth. Hester Burn-Calendar and Saul Schumsky, among others, have been giving free rides to youth from organizations such as Berkeley Youth Alternative for years. Perhpas the Club could do more to interest youth in sailing.

Treasurer Marceline Therrien reports that after a brisk summer, the club is in good monetary shape. Our tracking of money, memberships, and expenses has improved. However, it takes a collective effort to keep our records in order, please do your part.

The license with the Marina gives us more space and more berths without more rent. CSC is a service provider at the Marina and not just a consumer of marina resources.

Port Captain Dan Twelker reports we have five good dayleaders -- Robert, Doug, Megan, Mark, & Annie. Dan has prepared a Port Captain folder for the next Port Captain and is working on a Dayleader Training video.

Rear Commodore Dan Acland's Report: Instructor Caps are available for anyone who earns 20 lesson credits. Thanks to Peter Bazcek and Chris Havel for their excellent work teaching Wednesday nite keelboat lessons and to all other instructors.

Secretary Wilder Lee gave no report.


CSC biannial elections were held. The winners are . . .

First Vice-Commodore Alex Athanasopoulos
Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch
Third Vice-Commodore John Frazier
Vice-Commodore Megan Buckley
Treasurer Marceline Therrien
Rear Commodore Bob Hood
Port Captain Mark Yampanis
Secretary Wilder Lee
Commodore Rebecca Haussmann

Congrats to all the new officers.

Other Business

Shed Chair Karen Huff reminded everyone that a great work project involving organizing the cabinets for spare parts is waiting for anyone looking for work credit.

Malu thanked Dean Atkinson and Rebecca Haussmann for their great haulout work with chocolate cakes.

Graham Hale brought the traditional hot tub motion which was just as traditionally ignored by the powers that be.

The meeting was duly adjourned.

Ex Comm Meeting

A short Ex Comm meeting was held following the general meeting. Present were Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Acland, Bob Hood, Marceline Therrien, Dan Twelker, Matthias Reinsch, and Wilder Lee.

Arne Frick's request for permission to single-hand the JY-15 in under 10 knots was approved by a vote of five in favor, none against, and two absentions.

A motion to approve $3000 for the purchase of 8 new Lido mainsails provided the sails aren't used until the sails can be stored rolled passed with a vote of six for and one against. Our method of folding sails causes a large amount of wear; rolling the sails would make the sails last much longer. There is a plan out there, but it needs someone to put it into action.

The Ex Comm meeting adjourned.