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1998.12.17 - Excom

Thursday December 17, 1998


CSC EX COMM MINUTES December 17, 1998

Present: Rebecca Haussmann, Mark Yampanis, John Frazier, Bob Hood, Wilder Lee, Megan Buckley, Matthias Reinsch


Commodore's Report by Rebecca Haussmann: Rebecca indoctrinated the new Ex Comm members in the secret rituals of Ex Comm and then:

-- appointed Dan Twelker to the Membership Chair

-- appointed Jerry Huff as T-shirt Chair

-- made a motion to create a Commodore's Chair that would last for a period of one year until December 31, 1999. The duties of the chair would be to help the Commodore with her duties and update our operating procedures. The motion was duly passed by a unanimous vote.

-- Joe Matera was then appointed to the Commodore's Chair

-- the possibility of creating a Windsurfing Teaching Chair (sort of a rear commodore for windsurfing) and a Membership Research Chair to help track club trends in use of equipment and other such data were put forth but no vote on creating these chairs was taken because we want to be sure that someone is willing to undertake the responsibilities before creating the position.

Vice-Commodore's Report by Megan Buckley: CSC is planning on applying for more grants. Megan is also evaluating our advertising (where, when, etc.)

Port Captain Mark Yampanis thanked Dan Twelker for doing a thorough job of handing off the position.

-- is planning on hiring a new Dayleader

-- wants to establish a consistent policy with regards to opening early on holidays

First Vice-Commodore Alex Athanasopoulos was not present so no report. One Lido is not operational at the moment.

Second Vice-Commodore Matthias Reinsch reports that

-- he is working with Rear Commodore Bob Hood on redesigning the windsurfer instruction program

-- at the Windsurfing Meeting held in November, members reported that they needed more novice and Junior sails.

-- he is negotiating to buy new equipment for the club. A motion was made to approve $3500 for 2 new boards, 6 new sails, a boom, and other windsurfing equipment. The motion passed unanimously.

Third Vice-Commodore John Frazier reports that:

-- Dean Atkinson replaced the missing bench boards on Huey.

-- the topsides of Donald and Huey are in need of paint.

-- the port side genoa track on Huey has been replaced.

-- the keelboats all need new cunninghams.

-- the possibility of new sails for the Ensigns (maybe even a 135) is being investigated.

-- a motion to approve $150 for windexes for the keelboats passed unanimously.

-- all keelboats work (but the genoa track on Huey does not)

Treasurer Marceline Therrien: no report.

Rear Commodore Bob Hood reports:

-- our basic Lido teaching program is going well. As are the Keelboat Wednesday nights and the informal weekend keelboat teaching for Senior candidates. The idea of giving lesson credits for giving tests was suggested.

-- several popular programs will return for another year. Louis Benainous will organize another lecture series and Dan Acland will do the Lido Instructor Seminar on the last Saturday of each month.

-- some members are interested in developing a youth program

-- the windsurfing written test has been revised, thanks to Bill Printzmetal among others. While the Junior written test needs revision as well.

-- work is underway on developing a windsurfing teaching program structured like the Lido lesson program with windsurfers being required to teach for 30 minutes on two designated days each week before they can go out on the club equipment. Let Bob and Matthias know your ideas on this plan.

-- a written kayak test may be proposed requiring members to know the kayak area, sign-out procedure, and wind speed restrictions.

-- a motion to buy at wholesale 10 copies of Colgate's Basic Sailing for resale to club members passed unanimously.

-- an interest in comparing our program to those of US SAILING & ASA to see if we could learn anything from them was expressed.

-- a motion to spend $60 for new combination locks for the keelboats passed unanimously.

Secretary's Report by Wilder Lee: a motion to approve up to $200 on DMV fees to replace missing vessel registration stickers and to register the 470 passed unanimously.

-- a motion to create a Service Chair awarded to the member of the Club who has the most service to the Club over the past quarter was made. Members of Ex Comm are not eligible to be the Service Chair. The Service Chair is to be awarded at the General Membership meeting. The person awarded the Service Chair position receives a free six-month membership. This motion passed unanimously.


Someone inquired at the Club about the possibility of purchasing one of our Lasers. Currently we have more hulls than we have rigs and some hulls have not been used in years. The consensus was that we would ask for around $150-200 for a hull and some extra sails we have which are not suitable for club use.

Bill Printzmetal proposed a change in the club operating rules to create a rating of Junior Plus Skipper for dinghies. The proposal reads:

A member can attain the rating of Jr+ Skipper after passing the senior written test, senior dinghy test, and either (1) complete a senior project or (2) completed 5 hours in addition to the regular quarter work hours. A Jr+ Skipper will be entitled to the following privileges in addition to those which are granted junior skippers: (1) be allowed to sail any junior rated boat for which he or she has been checked out in the senior dinghy area south of the Berkeley Pier; (2) be able to sail when the dayleader is present.

Bill also presented the following notes and arguments:

-- no mention is made of the key to the clubhouse, hence that privilege is reserved for senior skippers; -- the work requirement is much more than the work requirement for a Jr+ windsurfer rating. It doesn't seem fair to make it greater. -- I could be convinced to increase the area. -- If one passes the senior dinghy test, one should have the skill to sail in this larger area without the rescue skiff. Passing the final component of the senior test (keelboat test) does not suggest greater skill in sailing junior-rated boats.

This proposal is scheduled for discussion and a vote at the next Ex Comm meeting on Jan. 7.

Rebecca appointed Dean Atkinson to the position of Service Chair. A motion to endorse wholeheartedly this appointment passed unanimously. Dean has, in addition to countless haul out hours, continued to work on the keelboats and recently donated $370 worth of equipment to the club (which he also installed). Thanks Dean for a great job!

The meeting was duly adjourned.