1997.12.18 - Excom

Thursday December 18, 1997

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for December 18, 1997

Into the furious lashing of the tides,
More heedless than children's brains, the other winter
I ran! And loosened peninsulas
Have not undergone a more triumphant hubbub.

The storm blessed my sea vigils.
Lighter than cork I danced upon the waves
That are called eternal rollers of victims,
Ten nights, without missing the stupid eye of the lighthouses!

Sweeter than the flesh of hard apples is to children,
The green water penetrated my hull of fir
And washed me of spots of blue wine
And vomit, scattering rudder and grappling-hook.

Ex-Com members present:

Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Virginia Nido, Marceline Therrien, Matthias Reinsch, Dan Twelker, and Wilder Lee

Also present were Joe Matera and a member appearing for a disciplinary hearing.

Actions Taken by Ex-Com

Two crucial votes were taken by Ex-com. Both passed unanimously. The first votes was to move the next Ex-com meeting from Jan. 1 to Jan. 8. The second vote was to adjourn the meeting.

Also considered, but decided by consensus instead of vote was a disciplinary hearing. Disciplinary hearings are heard in closed sessions of Ex-com.



Rebecca noted the unfortunate death of club member Dave Cahn who suffered a fatal heart attack while in the lead at the windward mark of a Richmond Yacht Club race. Dave was an avid dinghy sailor and a fixture at the Sunday morning Lido races. He also contributed unsurpassed expertise to the club on high performance dinghies. His enthusiasm and competitive spirit will be missed. Last Sunday, the Lido racers paused to remember Dave and raced in his memory. There was also a memorial for Dave last Tuesday at the Berkeley Yacht Club. CSC club members recorded memories of Dave in a book which was presented to his wife in appreciation of Dave’s contributions to CSC. Even in death Dave continues to serve the club through the donation of his Laser, which will be donated to the club by his wife. Thanks, Dave.


Joe Matera returned control of the checkbook to Marceline who was away for several months. Joe served admirably in Marceline’s absence and we hope to see him on Ex-com again in the future. The numbers for the club look good, with over $3,000 in our checking account and $42,000 in our money market account. Thank you, Joe and welcome back Marceline.

First Vice-Commodore:

Martin Scanlon writes that the Lido rudders have a tendency to delaminate. Schock is being helpful by replacing the delaminated parts. But there is work to be done if anyone is interested.

Lido Hull #7 needs some fiberglass work and the rubrail reattached. Lido hull #8 needs the forestay reattached.

Lion, the Rhodes 19, has a broken jumper which Tim Brandon is repairing. Also a rope ladder is needed for launching the Rhodes in winter when the middle dock is in storage.

Second Vice-Commodore:

Matthias reports that lack of wind is hampering windsurfing but also means that the equipment is in good shape because there is no opportunity to break it.

Third Vice-Commodore:

Brandon gave the report commending Robert Ofsevit and John Behnke for replacing the compass on Daisy. Also, Rebecca and Tim Boschert bought replacement equipment for the keelboats including Class IV throwable PFDs and fire extinguishers. Tim also made some repairs on Huey.


Virginia reported that we will add a link on our web site to Berkeley Boardsports in appreciation for their generous donations.

Rear Commodore:

Dan Acland wrote that Louis Benainous has agreed to put on a lecture series for the club. In the past, Louis’ lectures have been informative and entertaining. Look for a schedule soon.

Port Captain:

Dan Twelker reports that two dayleaders, Avery and Ira, will be leaving us next semester. He will be looking for responsible work-study students to replace them. Also Dan has trained three more volunteer dayleaders. Currently there are about five trained volunteer dayleaders who can keep the club operating smoothly in a pinch. Dan also plans to schedule another volunteer dayleader training session for interested club members.


The secretary declined the opportunity to speak.

That’s all, folks. Next Ex-com meeting is Jan. 8.

1997.12.04 - Excom

Thursday December 04, 1997

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for December 4, 1997

If by your art, my dearest father, you have
Put the wild waters in this roar, allay them.
The sky, it seems, would pour down stinking pitch
But that the sea, mounting to th' welkin's cheek,
Dashes the fire out. O, I have suffered
With those that I saw suffer! a brave vessel
(Who had no doubt some noble creature in her)
Dashed all to pieces! O, the cry did knock
Against my very heart! Poor souls, they perished!
Had I been any god of power, I would
Have sunk the sea within the earth or ere
It should the good ship so have swallowed and
The fraughting souls within her.


Present were: Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Virginia Nido, Joe Matera, Matthias Reinsch, Martin Scanlon, and Wilder Lee

Actions taken by Ex-com

  1. CSC will pursue and accept the donation of an I-14 if it is available in good condition. This motion passed with 7 ayes, no nays, and one abstention.
  2. Reese Jones is designated to coordinate the survey and possible donation of the I-14. He, in conjunction with Dan Acland and with the advise of Dave Cahn, will propose a protocol for a sailing check-off/test that must be passed before a club member can skipper the I-14. This motion passed unanimously.
  3. Martin Scanlon sought Ex-com approval of his Senior project. Ex-com recognized that Martin had completed this Senior Project before the new rules regarding the approval of Senior Projects went into effect. Nevertheless, Ex-com unanimously approved of Martin’s good work.
  4. Approved the expenditure of up to $150 on parts for Ensign Huey by Tim Boschert to fix cam cleats, spreader bumpers, and other sundry repairs necessary for Huey to lose Chowder Races in safety and style. This motion passed unanimously.

Reports and Discussion

Port Captain Dan Twelker reported the five club members have recently had training as volunteer dayleaders. Another volunteer dayleading session is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 7 between 9 and 11. Having volunteer dayleaders to fill in for and assist our regular dayleaders means more sailing for everyone.

The possible donation of a Pearson Electra was declined. The boat, which is similar in dimensions to an Ensign but with more cabin and less cockpit, had a broken rudder, a broken motor, and other problems that required work and money. It was clear that the value of the boat did not justify the cost of fixing it up. However, the club is very interested in accepting donations of boats in sailable and sale-able condition.

Second Vice Commodore Matthias Reinsch reports that Berkeley Boardsports has once again made a generous donation of windsurfing equipment to the club. This time they gave two boards, three masts, a wetsuit, and fins. The possibility of adding a link to their web site on our web site should be explored. Berkeley Boardsports has donated a significant part of the club’s windsurfing equipment, and we are indebted to them. Remember all CSC members can receive a 10% discount at Berkeley Boardsports.

Commodore Rebecca Haussmann looks forward to getting many of the procedures, knowledge, and folklore about how the club operates written down so that we can have smooth transitions in leadership and a resource for those who want to know.

Harkin has supplied the club with new pawls and springs for the Ensign winches. They allege that problems with the winches are caused by the old pawls and springs not lining up properly. Rebecca H. volunteered to replace the pawls. Hopefully this will solve the problems that the winches have had.

First-Vice Commodore Martin Scanlon reports that Lido 8 is the only non-sailable boat in the dinghy fleet. He wants to work on getting all club members to be more conscientious about reporting damage to the boats. If you see a damaged Lido, report it in the log even if you did not cause the damage.

Temporary treasurer Joe Matera reports that we have approximately $3700 in checking and $39,000 in a money market account. This is the slow time of year for new members. So get your kayaking friends to sign up now.

Third Vice Commodore Virginia Nido reported that, as expected, the membership survey that she has been coordinating is going slowly. She also will explore the possibility of getting CSC mentioned in some of the many publications—such as the freshman handbook or monthly calenders—that institutes of higher learning produce at frightening rates.

1997.11.20 - General

Thursday November 20, 1997

"The Nellie, a cruising yawl, swung to her anchor without a flutter of the sails, and was at rest. The flood had made, the wind was nearly calm, and being bound down the river, the only thing for it was to come to wait for the turn of the tide . . . Marlow sat cross-legged right-aft, leaning against the mizzen-mast . . . He was the only man of us who still ‘followed the sea’ . . .it was only after a long silence, when he said, in a hesitating voice, ‘I suppose you fellows remember I did once turn fresh-water sailor for a bit,’ that I knew we were fated, before the ebb began to run, to hear about one of Marlow’s inconclusive experiences":

The Fall General Membership Meeting was held this past Thursday at the Berkeley Yacht Club. After another of Jennifer Kirkland’s amazing meals, the meeting was called to order by our illustrious Commodore Rebecca Haussman.

The outgoing Ex-com members reported on the damage incurred by the club during their term in office. This overview of the club’s past year revealed that CSC is amazingly robust: membership over the summer reached all-time highs, all our boats are in good repair and sailable, Berkeley Boardsports continues to underwrite our windsurfing program through generous donations of equipment, and club finances are healthy and in the black (with a special nod to Joe Matera).

After giving their heartwarming reports, the outgoing Ex-com was roundly applauded and loudly cheered for their effort. So great were the accolades that most Ex-com members promptly signed up for another term just for the experience of hearing such a heartfelt reception one more time. And so, after dessert, the elections were held.

The results:

  • Rebecca Haussman was re-elected Commodore,
  • Brandon Gates hold the Vice-commodore position,
  • Martin Scanlon, once again, is our lead-off batter (First Vice or Fabulous Dinghy Guy),
  • Matthias Reinsch’s incumbancy as Second Vice (windsurfing) continues,
  • Virginia Nido takes command of keelboats with her election to the Third-Vice Commodore position,
  • Marceline Therrien still minds the bursary,
  • Dan Acland reappears on Ex-com as Rear-Commodore (confusing those of us who though he wanted to race, not teach sailing),
  • Dan Twelker retains the all-important Port Captain postion.
  • Wilder Lee now entertains us all with his prose.

See CSC Officers and Committee Chairs for more information.


The one issue of discussion brought up at the whether the club should accept a donation of an I-14 performance dinghy. This boat is considered more difficult to sail than any dinghy currently in the CSC fleet. The overall concensus of the Club is that the I-14 should be added to our fleet. The discussion over training people to sail this boat will undoubtably be discussed at future Ex-com meetings.

Select reports of Rebecca Haussman and Dan Twelker Ex-com members in their own words are reproduced below for general perusal.


Rebecca Haussman, Commodore

Many thanks to the multiple members of the club that help fix things, help teach people and help keep the club running. The club has gone through it’s most active phase and has done well. The boats are actively sailed, and actively maintained. The clubhouse got painted for the winter. Keep up the good work.

Our new sailing Seniors are:

  • Michael Arntz
  • Edmond Gauvin
  • Chris Havel (renewal rating)
  • David Rabinowitz (renewal rating)

Our new Windsurfing Seniors are:

  • Joe Matera

Special thanks to Peter Baczek for his tenure on ex-com as rear commodore. His commitment to the club has been outstanding. There’s no explanation for his sane decision to regain some of his freedom, but we’re all jealous. Congratulations Peter.


Dan Twelker, Port Captain

We have 5 current dayleaders: Ann, Avery, Chi, Ira, and Marc. I am looking for volunteer dayleaders for days during the holidays in which the regular dayleaders will not be working. Call me at home (510) 237-6799 or work (510) 643-3815 if interested. You get a free quarterly membership after 10 hours of volunteer dayleading. I will hold one or two volunteer dayleader trainings over the next several weeks.


After the elections, the meeting was adjourned. The next Ex-com meeting will be on December

1997.10.16 - Excom

Thursday October 16, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

for October 16, 1997

Meeting convened at 7:15 PM. Present were Executive Committee members Rebecca Haussman, Brandon Gates, Martin Scanlan, Matthias Reinsch, Peter Basczek, Joe Matera. Also present were club members Narcisse, Edmond Gauvin and Jeff Osofsky.

14 year-old member

Jeff Osofsky, 14, and his father presented a case to the Executive Committee to allow Jeff to pursue his Junior Windsurfer rating. He is currently a Novice Windsurfer, and has belonged to the club for several weeks.

Jeff has sailed extensively for several years on Hobies, and has taught sailing at Lake Merritt. His father says that he is very responsible, competent, and physically capable. He had a mature demeanor during the course of the discussion.

Joe Matera motioned to let him advance to Junior pending the outcome of his Junior tests. Brandon seconded. All were in favor with no abstentions.

General Membership Concerns

Edmond Gauvin was given the floor to discuss three items.

He wants permission to decorate the clubhouse wood table with a copy of a chart of the Bay, encased in hard resin. He estimates that it will cost about $40.00. General approval was given. Peter B. to assist with getting material since he has some expertise. Edmond will order the chart.

The Sea Scout leaders thanked us for last month’s BBQ and racing event. They expressed interest in a similar activity next summer. They asked if we could extend club memberships to the Sea Scout members for ½ price. We decline on the grounds that our membership dues are already low.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary offers courtesy inspections of watercraft at no cost. Boats that pass the examination are given a sticker certifying that the vessel has been inspected, and passed. Edmond thinks this could be beneficial because it could reduce our liability in accidents, and show intent to comply should a club boat ever be boarded by the Coast Guard. Peter said our fleet could be grounded. Martin said that it might give us a good idea of what needs to be done with the boats to make them more seaworthy. Brandon suggested that a passing grade could reduce our liability insurance premiums. The discussion was tabled pending further investigation by Edmond and Rebecca.

Commodore Rebecca Haussman

Moved that Joe Matera be made acting Treasurer in Marceline’s absence. Brandon seconded. All in favor, no abstentions.

The date for the general membership meeting has not been set. It will either be the first or second Thursday in November at the Berkeley Yacht Club. BYC will let us know which of those two nights we can have.

New manuals were ordered, and should be available by this weekend. Bill Mosley informed Brandon that Cal Copy has the wrong version of the windsurfing manual on file. Rebecca will check to verify that the matter has been taken care of hopefully before our order is printed up.

There will be a Halloween party, and Ghoulish Moonless Madness on Friday, Oct. 31. Pumpkin carving contest, spiked punch (but no drunken sailing) and various other activities will abound. More details will be forthcoming. Brandon will print up some signs advertising the event when the details have been finalized.

Vice Commodore Brandon Gates

Marceline has finalized the new Floating Bottle and needs to be printed. Rebecca motions that $300.00 be spent to print it up. Brandon seconds. All in favor, no abstentions.

First Vice Commodore Martin Scanlan

Where are the Lido rudders? Rebecca will call Schock to find out. We currently have 6 rudders operational, and 7 hulls sailable.

The trailer for the Blue Rhodes is unsafe because it has a tendency to become unbalanced if the boat is placed too far away from the tongue. Talk about modifying the trailer with steel arms to keep the trailer from dumping the boat on its bow has not met with any actual welding, so Martin is looking for a replacement trailer. The suggestion was made to look in this month’s Latitude 38 for leads.

We have a new Lido sling with snap-shackles instead of hooks. It works very well.

Repairs on Lido #7 are stalled because neither Joe Matera nor Dan Twelker feel like they have the ability to finish the fiberglassing job that has been started. Brandon expressed desire for someone to fix "his" boat so that he can sail it again.

Vinyl transom strips for the Lidos are in, and need to be installed and trimmed.

The issue of sail covers for the Lidos was re-addressed. No one has volunteered to sew them, so it looks like we’ll have to get them made. Brandon has heard of a very highly recommended canvas shop in the City, and will get a quote.

The Lidos, despite nearly disastrous events early in their service, have been performing quite well lately. Rebecca is encouraged that they all still float after the beating that this summer’s high usage put them through.

The elastic centerboard downhauls have been chafing on exposed screws somewhere in the centerboard casings. Anyone noticing a fraying downhaul should pop the cover over the casing, and either file down the offending hardware, or build up some resin over the exposed screw to eliminate the chafing.

Second Vice Commodore Matthias Reinsch

Status of the windsurfing equipment is generally good. The booms are in the worst shape, but a protocol for regripping them has been established and printed out. It is posted on the cork notice board on the north wall inside the clubhouse.

Matthias motioned that John Myall, and Ed Shirk, both J+ windsurfers, be given Executive Committee approval to give Junior windsurfer practical tests. Joe seconded. Discussion: both are highly experienced, and put a lot of work into the club winsurfing program. The motion passed unanimously, with no abstentions.

Matthias officially recognized Ed and John for the amount of work they put into the club, and extended his gratitude.

Acting Third Vice Commodore Brandon Gates

As a result of concerns brought to him by Edmond, Brandon inventoried the keelboats for PFDs, and winch handles. There were only two winch handles and one type IV throwable PFD for the entire fleet. Brandon motioned to purchase four type IV throwable seat cushions, and three red plastic floating winch handles from Port Supply. Peter seconded. All in favor, no abstentions.

Rebecca asked Brandon to investigate where the missing equipment went. Peter confessed to losing a winch handle once. Dan Acland was identified as a possible person to ask about the other missing ones.

Haulouts are going to be put off until next Spring. Brandon will concentrate on maintaining the boats from the toerail up. He is looking for Seniors interested in surveying the boats for work that needs to be done, and then supervising work parties aimed at accomplishing very specific, and manageable tasks.

Port Captain Dan Twelker

Dan was not present, but sent his report via e-mail to Rebecca, who forwarded them to Brandon to post in the minutes.

Rear Commodore Peter Basczek

The Senior "Kit" requirements as stated in the operating rules for keelboats are as follows:

A PFD for everyone on board. (They only have to be worn at times while out of the cockpit, but have to be readily accessible at all times.)

One Type IV Coast Guard Approved throwable PFD must be on board and readily available.

Working compass on board when conditions warrant.

A day/night visual signaling device.


It is Peter’s opinion that this list is not comprehensive enough, and that prudent Senior Skippers should be required by the Operating Rules to carry a kit similar to, but not quite as extensive, as the Cruising Skipper’s kit. The discussion was tabled for further thought and research.

The current system for nominating Rating Committee members is: the member is nominated, Ex Com approves, and the deal is done. Peter would like the RC to have more a part in deciding who belongs to its ranks. He proposes that Ex Com nominate potential members to the RC Chair, and that the RC will take a vote. The rationale is that Ex Com members are required to have good administrative skills, but are not required to be rated skippers, much less show advanced sailing skill. Therefore, the decision to approve a new RC member should be left to those best able to judge the candidates seamanship.

Peter will discuss with Elizabeth.

Peter expressed concerns about getting help teaching Wed. night keelboat lessons. Bob Collins cannot be there every week, and Peter occasionally cannot make it. Peter would like to solicit help, but wants ability to select skippers—or exclude skippers. Peter admitted that it is a touchy issue, but made a strong argument for the necessity of being selective.

Acting Treasurer Joe Matera

There is $35,000 (approx.) in the market rate account, and $3,500 (approx.) in checking.

Joe will be transferring funds in the market rate account (2.43 APY) to what Wells Fargo calls a "money market account" which bears 4.9 APY.

Several hundred dollars marked "mystery" money was given to Rebecca to deposit. Rebecca will attempt to account for where the money came from and report back to Joe.

Joe had questions about tracking invoices and packing slips to account statements from Svendson’s and Port Supply. He cannot make certain that we have received merchandise that we are being billed for unless he also receives a signed invoice or receipt from the member who made and/or received the purchase.

Joe is following up on a project to assess the property value of the fleet in an effort to reduce our state property tax liability. Narcisse will help him get the boats appraised.

Acting Secretary Brandon Gates

No report.

Miscellaneous Concerns

Rebecca asked her fellow Ex Com members if the meetings were too long. No one thought so.

Brandon reopened the discussion of several weeks ago of changing the procedures for becoming as Senior Skipper or Windsurfer. Specifically, Brandon offered his viewpoint that the only thing Ex Com really lacks is power to veto, and that the solution is to simply have the prospective Senior, having completed the requirements, appear before Ex Com for review. Ex Com could then accept or reject the applicant based on an evaluation of the applicant’s discretion and sound judgment.

Rebecca wants to see even more significant changes to the requirements.

Narcisse announced her intent to run for Vice Commodore.


Rebecca motioned to adjourn at 9:30 P.M. Brandon seconded. All were in favor.

1997.10.02 - Excom

Thursday October 02, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

for October 2, 1997

Meeting convened at 7:20PM. Present were Executive Committee members Rebecca Haussman, Brandon Gates, Matthias Reinsch , Peter Basczek, Dan Twelker, Marceline Thierren. Also present were club members Virginia Nido, and Robert Ofsevit.

Rebecca noted that Brandon has taken over the duties of secretary.

Membership Survey

Virginia Nido was recognized, and given an opportunity to discuss a draft of a membership phone survey she has been working on. Virginia’s training is in survey development, and she is currently employed in that capacity. She distributed copies of a draft of the survey and asked for feedback from the committee members. She suggested that the survey should take no longer than about 10 minutes, and proposed that 10% of the membership in June through August be randomly selected as the polling sample.

Virginia recorded the committee’s comments and feedback (which was generally positive) and will be generating a final draft. She will be recruiting members who need work hours to help with the phone calling necessary to complete the survey.

Keelboat Klutter

Robert Ofsevit was given the floor to discuss his concern about the condition club keelboats are being left in after having been sailed. In particular, he has been distressed to find empty beer cans and bottles left in the cabins, and improperly stowed gear. Robert could not stay for the discussion to offer further comments, however, enough committee members had similar concerns, and the issue was taken up under Rebecca’s report.

Commodore Rebecca Haussman

Rebecca presided over a number of major work projects recently. The tool shed, clubhouse and clubhouse floor were painted. Some cubbyholes were added inside the clubhouse for members to stow their personal belongings while sailing. Several weak planks were replaced on the clubhouse deck. Rebecca noted that Tim Booster has been a huge help in deciding what to do about replacing the exterior trim on the clubhouse which was damaged by heavy wind several weeks ago.

Rebecca suggested modifying the current membership cards to include Laser and JY-15 checkout slots.

Matthias noted that a sign-off slot is needed for the Junior Windsurfer rigging test, as well as spaces for the Rigging and Sailing tests for the J+ rating.

Rebecca suggested binding the sailboat sign out sheets together to form a logbook.

Rebecca reported that she checked with our insurance carrier, and learned that our insurance only covers personal injury claims by non-club members. Therefore, the injuries to Dan Acland’s teeth in a windsurfing accident recently cannot be claimed since he is a club member.

Keelboat Klutter revisited:

Rebecca to send an e-mail message about keeping keelboats tidy. Brandon will make signs for the keelboat sign out sheets.

It was generally decided that the following guidelines be followed:

1. Headsails and PFDs are to be stowed on the benches in the cabin, not on the consistently wet "bilge" in the cabin.

2. No trash of any kind to be left in boat.

3. Mainsail to be flaked and covered properly on boom.

4. No foul weather gear to be stowed on board, but should be returned to equipment locker.

Punitive action for breaking these guidelines could include suspension.

Vice Commodore Brandon Gates

Ideas for improving the membership database were discussed. Brandon’s goal is to lessen the workload involved in the data entry process.

Rebecca requested help from any club member interested in taking over duty as the membership chair.

Brandon handed out kudos to Marceline, who did some bang-up PR work by getting a picture of Dewey close-hauled and looking good in the Pineapple ad on the first page of this month’s Latitude 38.

Open house this Sat. and Sunday from 1-4PM each day. BBQ at 1:00 on Sunday.

First Vice Commodore Martin Scanlan

Martin was not present, however a number of issues involving the dinghy fleet were discussed.

Rebecca noted that Peter Kuhn found a lost Lido rudder while wading around the inner sailing area during low tide.

Rebecca noted that Schock will have new rudders we ordered ready in a week.

Dan Twelker noted that member Jim Struble does stainless steel welding, and may be able to repair some of the broken Lido pintles.

Dan noted that Lido #7 had a leaking anchor box. Brandon, the adoptive owner, suggested that the screw holes had been stripped out, making a tight seal impossible. Dan remedied the problem by backing the mounting flange with aluminum stripping from the inside, and then drilling holes for the screws to grab. The leaks in the port stern and centerboard area are being repaired by another club member who was not named.

Rebecca noted that new vinyl transom protective strip have been obtained, and need to be installed.

Second Vice Commodore Matthias Reinsch

Disciplinary Action: The member who broke a winsurfing mast docking on the windward side has taught a Saturday lesson (about 3 hours) and has volunteered to do another. Matthias motioned that he should do a total of 4 lessons, for a total of 10 hours before November to make restitution, or face suspension. Marceline seconded by Marceline. It was noted that the member in question is generally responsible, and that the windward docking was attempted because the leeward side was full. It was also discussed that the amount of work hours being requested was not out of line since the member is not to be fined. The motion passed unanimously.

Disciplinary Action: A sail was damaged when the member in question detached the rig and paddled the board to the club. The member claims his life was in danger after having been in trouble for 30 minutes, and was simply following established club guidelines for self-rescuing. Further discussion and investigation is pending in this matter.

Disciplinary Action: A member who loaned club equipment to a non-club member remains unidentified. The investigation will continue.

Disciplinary Action: A club member who consistently returns after dock-time was suspended by Chi.

Acting Third Vice Commodore Brandon Gates

Brandon opened a discussion of the fall haul-outs. Rebecca suggested holding off on the haul-outs until Spring, and devoting funds and labor toward repairing and maintaining everything from the toerail up, including the toerails themselves, winches, hardware, rigging, and cockpit soles.

Marceline reports that the new Lewmar winches on Louie are working perfectly. Rebecca motioned to return the Harken winches on Dewey and Huey, and purchasing Lewmars to replace them. Peter seconded. All were in favor.

Port Captain Dan Twelker

Biggest problem currently is getting a dayleader to work on Thursday to fill the gap left by Francis, who unfortunately resigned his position due to time constraints. There are lots of interested applicants, but so far, no one has been able to work during that time period.

Rebecca wants to encourage dayleaders to make detailed reports in the logbook, and to record memberships in the record book without fail.

Rear Commodore Peter Basczek

Peter had nothing to report.

Treasurer Marceline Thierren

The balance in the checking account is $15,668.25. The money market account has $20,067.00. The club’s net income from 5/1 to 10/1 is $22,662.90, which does not include $7,100 made from the sale of the donated Islander 29’. This compares to $486.00 during the same period last year.

Peter suggested that new jibs for the lidos are justified due to the heavy use this summer. He would like to consider having the new ones made from even heavier sailcloth. There was general support for this idea.

Rebecca and Marceline both suggested doing a complete sail inventory to decide on our needs.

Marceline noted that the new issue of the Floating Bottle is taking shape, with several stories having already been submitted, and others being solicited. She needs a list of upcoming club events.

Marceline brought up the idea of having a work credit "bank", so that members can do extra work in the off-season, and thereby have more time to sail during the summer. Rebecca motioned that extra work credit can be carried forward for two quarters past the current quarter. Peter seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Rebecca motioned to adjourn at 9:50. Brandon seconded. All were in favor.

1997.09.18 - Excom

Thursday September 18, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

for September 18, 1997

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, September 18, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Matthius Reinsch, Dan Twelker, Marceline Therrien and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Dan Acland and Ken Shepherd.


Minor Member Approval

Mahesh Francis, who is 12 years old, applied to the Executive Committee for approval to obtain a club membership. Mahesh's father is a club member, and Mahesh wants to take dinghy lessons with him. Mahesh can swim and has sailed in the past. The Operating Rules state that a minor, under 17 years of age, requires Executive Committee approval to become a member. Both Mahesh and his mother were advised that we would require that he be accompanied by an adult any time he sailed, which they agreed to. He would be unable to obtain a rating without further Executive Committee action. Rebecca moved to approve Mahesh's request for membership, with the stipulation that he is under adult supervision while sailing. Brandon seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.



Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Membership Cards:

Rebecca stated that the membership cards are now back in order. The rating/work credit cards are also now back in order; someone had gone through the binders and pulled out all the expired cards, even those very recently expired, when the policy is to retain those up to a year after expiration. Rebecca thanked the several members who put in a lot of work to sort through and put the cards back in proper order. The proper procedure for dealing with expired rating cards will be written up in the dayleader manual.


Membership is now over 700!


The donated Santana was sold for $2,200. It looks like the Islander donation will sell for around $7,000 to $8,000. The proceeds from these boat sales will go into a special account, such as Treasury Bills, as a start on savings toward future replacement of the Lido fleet. Greg Davids spent a lot of time working on selling the Santana, with great results for the club. Rebecca moved to give Greg two quarters free membership for his help. Brandon seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


Vice Commodore (Brandon Gates)

Sea Scouts:

A group of Sea Scouts, about 24 teenagers, will be at the club this Sunday afternoon after the Lido races. The Lidos will be used for racing with CSC skippers and Sea Scout crew, followed by a barbecue.

Lido Problems:

We're having a problem with keeping enough Lidos running due to a lack of rudders, which are being lost due to improper use of the rudder lock.


First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Lido Centerboard:

The replacement Lido centerboard for the one that delaminated has been received, and Martin and Peter Kuhn will install it on Saturday. W. D. Schock replaced the centerboard free of charge.

Lido Rudders:

The replacement cost for each rudder is about $225, not including the cost of the special pintles. Marceline moved that when a member loses or damages more than $100 worth of club equipment, the member must appear before the Executive Committee to explain the loss. Martin seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously. New tillers and extensions are also needed, at a cost of $90 each. Martin moved to spend up to $700 to replace three rudders. Dan seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Rhodes 19 Hardware:

Brandon noted that the hardware on the Rhodes 19's is in poor shape. He will check for spare parts in the tool shed.


Second Vice Commodore (Matthias Reinsch)


Saturday morning lessons, which were provided all summer, will continue through October. More Junior Plus Windsurfers are needed to teach these lessons.


The booms still need to be regripped. Matthias is looking into getting smaller Junior boards.

Donations: Berkeley Boardsports provided several more donations to the club recently. A few days ago Berkeley Boardsports delivered to the club four new sails as one of the donations, and they are now missing.

Disciplinary Actions:

A new mast was broken by a windsurfer when he dropped it on the dock during a downwind docking. Apparently the downwind side of the dock was full. This is one of the new masts that are part carbon fiber that we were able to purchase for $70 each, but they normally cost $200 to $300 each.

Another windsurfer lost a $400 sail after he derigged the sail on the water and it sank. Matthias has not been able to contact him about this.

Another windsurfer abandoned one of our best Novice sails on the rocks, and it was also damaged. Matthias did not have many details about how this occurred.

Another outstanding disciplinary action is the damaged windsurfing equipment resulting from one member allowing a non-member friend to use club equipment, with the equipment washing up on the rocks.


Third Vice Commodore (Brandon Gates)

Ensign Winches:

The new Lewmar winches are working very well, except some people are saying that the drum surface is more slick than the other winches, and the sheets don't hold as well.

Haul-Outs: Keelboat haul-outs will be planned within the next month.


Brandon noted that there is a Commander on J Dock for sale, and that we may want to consider purchasing it if in fact the rudder on "Uncle Donald" requires replacement. There was no consensus that the rudder needs replacement at this time, or that we should investigate further the purchase of a replacement Commander. Ken Shepherd noted that the lazaret hinges on "Daisy" are not working properly, resulting in the screws that secure the hinges to the hull tearing through the fiberglass. Rebecca will look into repairing it.


Port Captain (Dan Twelker)


Francis had to resign, due to other work requirement at the university. Dan now needs a dayleader for Thursdays. Ira is unable to start work on Mondays until 2:30 PM. There was a complaint that dayleaders have been driving the skiff too fast near the dock, so Dan placed a note in the log book stating that they must drive the skiff slowly in the vicinity of the dock.


Treasurer (Marceline Therrien)

Pineapple Ad:

Paul Kamen had the idea of using one of the Ensigns in a Pineapple advertisement in "Latitude 38" because of the recent success of these boats in the Friday night races. Marceline spoke to Pineapple Sails about the idea, which they liked, and so Marceline took a number of pictures of the Ensigns for the ad. This will result in good exposure for the club.

Federal Taxes:

We received a notice from the IRS stating that we owe $1,650 in penalties for late submittal of our tax forms last year. The tax forms were due on September 15 last year, but were not finally provided until February of this year. They were originally submitted to the IRS in December (the previous treasurer had assumed that the forms had already been submitted). Due to erroneous advice from the IRS at that time, they were resubmitted in February, although it turns out that the December submittal was correct. Marceline believes we can get the IRS to agree to reduce the penalty because of their mistake, but we are still liable for around $900 in late fees. Unfortunately, a similar problem occurred in 1992, and at that time the IRS agreed to drop the penalty because it was the first offense, and we cannot claim that again. Marceline said that she was advised that the IRS might consider dropping the penalty if we provide them assurances that we have a procedure in place to prevent this occurrence in the future.

Marceline moved to pay the full penalty of $1,650 with the intent to concurrently seek waiver of the penalty. Rebecca seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. As a measure to prevent this happening again in the future, Marceline moved to make arrangements with an accountant to prepare our taxes each year, including advising us of the deadline, at a cost not to exceed $200 per year. Dan seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Port Supply Card:

Marceline noted that use of the Port Supply card at West Marine does not result in the same discounts found in the Port Supply catalog. The Port Supply catalog costs are usually, though not always, much cheaper than at West Marine. Any high cost items should therefore always be purchased through the catalog.

Orchard Supply:

We now have a corporate account at Orchard Supply Hardware.


We have $16,902.77 in the checking account, and $20,028.32 in our money market account. Our net income this fiscal year is $24,116.75, including the sale of the Santana.


Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

No report was provided.


Secretary (Bill Csajko)


Bill noted that a supply of all documents are either at the club or on order.

Replacement Secretary and Webmaster:

Since Bill will be moving to Minnesota in a week, replacements are needed for the Secretary and Webmaster positions. Brandon agreed to take over the duty of taking notes at the meeting, since he did such a good job the last time he did so. However, the Executive Committee will have to fill the Third Vice Commodore position, which Brandon is also temporarily filling, to avoid overloading him with work. Bill noted that Bill Moseley had expressed interest in the Webmaster position, and Bill will contact Bill Moseley to see if he can get him to accept the position.


Other Topics

Clubhouse Painting:

Rebecca moved to spend up to $400 to paint the clubhouse and replace the trim. Brandon seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Slippery Dock:

It was noted that the dock is quite slippery, and is a safety hazard. Rebecca recently hurt her knee by falling due to the slick surface. Bill noted that the dock is the city's property, and that we cannot go out and do repairs ourselves, but should immediately notify the Harbormaster of the unsafe condition. Rebecca will send the letter.

Lido Mainsail Covers:

Bill Prinzmetal asked Bill to present a proposal for purchasing sail covers for the Lidos. The sail covers would allow the sails to be stored on the boom, which would reduce wear and tear resulting from the current method of folding the sails and shoving them into the sail locker. It would also allow the mainsails to be set up with a jiffy reef system, enabling members to reef much quicker on the water. He was quoted a cost of $150 apiece for eight covers ($180 if only one was purchased). Hardware for jiffy reefing would be extra. If the club decided to purchase the fabric and have members make them for a work project, the cost for the fabric (Sunbrella) would be $10/yard. It takes 3-1/2 yards to make a cover, so it would only cost about $40 each for the material. Marceline noted that there must be several members with sewing machines that work with this fabric (she has one), or else we could pursue seeing if a sailmaker would let us use their equipment for a fee or as a donation. It was decided that Bill Prinzmetal would be asked to pursue the logistics of having the club make it's own sailcovers.

Furling Jibs:

Rebecca stated that Tim Brandon told her that we could purchase furling jibs for the Lidos for a cost of around $150 each. He thinks this would reduce wear and tear by allowing people to furl the jibs at the dock or while doing man-overboards. There was little support for the idea, since people should drop the jib at the dock anyway, it would be doubtful that people would furl the jibs during man-overboards, and it would be one more mechanical device that would break.


The meeting ended at 9:45 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 2, 1997.

1997.09.04 - Excom

Thursday September 04, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

for September 4, 1997

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, September 4, 1997. Vice Commodore Brandon Gates presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM. In attendance were Brandon Gates, Matthius Reinsch, Peter Baczek, Dan Twelker, Marceline Therrien and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Bill Moseley and Greg Davids.


Senior Ratings (Bill Moseley)

Bill provided the Executive Committee a proposal for changing the Operating Rules to require members to appear before the Executive Committee as the first step in the Senior rating process. Modifications to the procedure for obtaining the Senior Skipper or Senior Windsurfer ratings have been a significant and controversial topic of discussion on the CSC listserver recently. The purpose of the appearance before the committee would be to deal with any administrative and disciplinary actions, introduce the member to the Executive Committee, support the club's ideals, and serve to notify the entire club of the member's intention to become a Senior. Once approved by the Executive Committee, the remaining requirements for obtaining a Senior rating would remain unchanged.

The following actions would occur at the appearance:

1) Check the member's rating card and hours.
2) Check that the member has been a member for two consecutive quarters.
3) Review the candidate's disciplinary history.
4) Hear recommendations from two current Seniors, by letter or in person.
5) Approve the candidate's work project.
6) Assign Rating Committee members to the Senior candidate.

The assignment of specific Rating Committee members to the candidate was controversial, with several viewpoints on how to fairly implement such an idea. Bill Csajko will prepare proposed changes to the Operating Rules for implementing the proposal, and the proposal will be discussed with the Commodore, who was unable to be present, and with the chairperson of the Rating Committee, Elizabeth Simon. Bill Csajko noted that consideration must be given to how such an action will affect members currently in the process of obtaining their Senior ratings.



Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann, via e-mail dated September 4, 1997)

Senior Ratings:

Rebecca asked to be present before any final decision was made concerning the modification of the Senior rating process. Several other items in her e-mail message were discussed under other reports.


Brandon noted that there has been a lot of flaming on the CSC listserver. Bill Moseley, who runs the listserver, said that he unsubscribes anyone who abuses the listserver.


Vice Commodore (Brandon Gates)

Open House:

There is an Open House coming up this weekend, and Junior and Senior Skippers are encouraged to come down to the club to give rides.

Clubhouse Trim:

Tim Bochert will fix the trim on the clubhouse as his Senior project.

Web Site Link:

Brandon spoke to someone he knows who works for Pacific Bell, who said they could add a link to the club's web page on their Cool Site page. We would not be obligated to provide a link back to the Pacific Bell site. Brandon moved to approve having the link. Marceline seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

No report was provided.


Second Vice Commodore (Matthias Reinsch)

Disciplinary Actions:

Matthias was unable to contact the two members with pending disciplinary actions, therefore they were unable to attend tonight's meeting. He will contact them prior to the next meeting.

New Masts:

The new Novice masts have arrived.


The booms are having new grips applied to them instead of buying new ones.

Windsurfing Booklets:

Although Bill Moseley put a note on the last bundle of windsurfing manuals to contact him about reordering them, to prevent running out, the dayleaders did not do so. Matthias ordered new ones when they ran out, and the club now has them in stock.

Equipment Sign-Out:

A member has been in the habit of signing out popular windsurfing equipment early in the day, and setting it aside while waiting for the wind to pick up, which sometimes could be several hours. The dayleaders will in the future have the member relinquish the equipment if it is not used for sailing right away.


Third Vice Commodore (Brandon Gates)

Ensign Winches:

The new pair of Harkin winches, which were to replace the Harkin winches that consistently failed to work, stopped working after one week of use. The Harkin winches will all be returned for refund, and we will instead purchase Lewmar winches.


Keelboat haul-outs will be planned in the near future.


Treasurer (Marceline Therrien)


We have over $12,548.74 in the checking account, and $20,028.32 in our money market account. Our net income this fiscal year is $19,762.72.

Floating Bottle:

The next issue of the "Floating Bottle" will be published in October. Articles for the publication are needed.

Orchard Supply:

Tim Brandon asked Marceline if a debit account for the club could be set up at Orchard Supply Hardware. Marceline will see if she can set up a corporate account instead.


Port Captain (Dan Twelker)

Membership Log:

Rebecca noted that membership numbers have not been consistently logged, and that Dan Twelker should discuss this matter with the dayleaders. The membership log should be corrected, with the information provided to the Treasurer. Dan already advised the dayleaders of this problem at a dayleader meeting earlier in the evening.

VHF Radio:

Dan asked that the Executive Committee consider purchasing a VHF radio for the skiff. He noted that there have been several recent events where having a VHF radio, to call the clubhouse, Harbormaster or Coast Guard, could have been very useful.

Windsurfer Injury:

On Tuesday, August 26, the dayleader (Marc Steigleder) was advised that there was an injured windsurfer (not a CSC member) near Emeryville. Marc took a couple of volunteers with him on the skiff to rescue the person. Apparently the windsurfer jibed into another windsurfer, tearing through the other windsurfer's sail and cutting his throat severely. Marc returned to the club with the injured person and called 911. The person was in intensive care for a day, but is better now. Dan moved to officially commend Marc for a job well done. Brandon seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Incident Between Member and Dayleader:

There was an incident last Sunday between a member and a dayleader/member wherein the two got involved in a heated argument, and resulted in the suspension of the member. The member requested that the Executive Committee strike the suspension because he felt it was not fairly applied. The member and the dayleader each provided their side of the incident to the Executive Committee, along with two witnesses' accounts (Brandon Gates and Peter Baczek). The incident involved a breakdown in communication following a discussion about the availability of a Lido to sail, and was related to an incident between the two the previous day. After reviewing the sometimes disparate accounts of the incident, it was decided that there was fault for the argument on both sides, and the member's request to strike the suspension was rejected. The dayleader was told that despite his excellent record, he has a higher standard to hold to and should not argue with a member even if angered.


Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Peter had nothing to report.


Secretary (Bill Csajko)


Bill noted that Operating Rules and Dinghy Manual booklets have been ordered.

Web Site:

Bill noted that we had received an offer to have our site linked to a new site called San Francisco Sidewalk. There was general agreement that the club should not have links on commercial sites if it involved reciprocal links to the site. Bill provided statistics on usage of our web site for August. The new "Floating Bottle" on the web site was popular, and portable document format copies of our documents are also becoming more popular.


Other Topics

Skiff Purchases:

Bill noted that Peter Kuhn had sent an e-mail message to the Executive Committee asking for money for Lido and skiff parts and repairs, totaling $900. It was decided that all Lido parts and repairs should first be coordinated with the Martin Scanlan. Bill moved to spend up to $250 to purchase flotation for and perform fiberglass repairs on the 18 HP skiff, and purchase steering and gear cables for the 30 HP skiff. Brandon seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


Greg Davids stated that we now own the Islander 29, and that he has already received four inquiries about the boat resulting from an ad in "Latitude," where it is offered at $8,250. He said that one of the wooden spreaders is cracked, and it may cost up to $600 to replace them. It was decided that more research should be done to find a cheaper way to replace the spreaders, but that in the interest of selling the boat quickly, Marceline moved to spend up to $300 to replace the spreaders. Brandon seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. Greg will contact the Executive Committee if he finds he needs more money.


The meeting ended at 9:50 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 18, 1997.

1997.08.21 - Excom

Thursday August 21, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

for August 21, 1997

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, August 21, 1997. Ex-Com members present were Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Martin Scanlan (and Laura Boytz), Matthias Reinsch, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Marceline Therrien, and Dan Twelker. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

General members present were Ohad Denan, Edmund Gauvin, Naim Busek, John Frazier, Bill Moseley, Gavin Reilly, and Derrick Wogsland.

The club has $16,195.46 in the checking account, and $20,028.32 in the money market account.

Special Note: We would like to welcome back Martin Scanlan, 1st Vice Commodore, from extended summer leave, and give a heartfelt thanks to Laura Boytz, who more than adequately filled Martin's post while he was gone.

Rebecca first opened the floor to the general membership for discussion of issues.

Donated 470:

The club has accepted the donation of another 470. Rebecca indicated that she feels club interest and activity in the current 470 warrants accepting and maintaining the new boat, as well as keeping the old one sailable.

Ohad Denan has committed to maintaining both 470s, and also has promised to teach as many Juniors as possible to sail and care for these boats. He estimates that the new boat will require $150-175 to restore to sailing condition.

It was noted that the new hull and mast have significantly more integrity than our older 470, and will eventually make a good replacement when necessary.

Rebecca motioned to authorize $175 to repair the new boat. Martin seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.

470 Harness Issue:

Naim Busek requested that 470 sailors who wear a full wet suit and a positive floatation harness be allowed to sail the 470 without wearing a PFD with the rationale that the J+ windsurfers are already allowed this privilege, and that PFDs get caught in the 470 harness.

Ohad Denan stated that this was not necessary since PFDs can be worn underneath the harness to eliminate fouling problems. Ohad also emphasized that 470 sailing is inherently more dangerous than windsurfing, and therefore PFDs should be worn at all times. The Executive Committee generally agreed with this statement, and the issue was dropped.

Junior Check-Outs On Advanced Boats: There has been some recent concern that Junior check-outs on the 470, JY-15, Lasers, and Rhodes 19's aren't comprehensive enough, nor consistent from instructor to instructor. In recent times past, Seniors have been allowed to check out Juniors on boats the Senior has never sailed.

It was suggested that the Operating Rules be changed to specify that the instructor (whether they are a Cruiser, Senior, or Junior) be experienced on the type of boat in question. It was also suggested that detailed pamphlets on check-out procedures for each boat be prepared by experienced skippers. Peter Baczek will write the Laser, Byte, and JY-15 pamphlets. Ohad Denan volunteered to write the 470 guidelines. Tim Brandon's name came up as a candidate to write the Rhodes 19 manual.

Special Sea Scouts Event:

Edmond Gauvin suggested developing a special relationship with the Sea Scouts organizations in the Bay Area. The Sea Scouts are part of the Explorer Scouts, an "older" scouting branch of the Boy Scouts of America. Sea Scouts are typically 16-18 years old, and in High School.

Edmond would like to host a special open house on Sunday, September 21 at around noon (when the Lido races have finished). He envisions a very informal Lido race, with CSC skippers sailing with Sea Scout crew. Following the race would be a barbecue for the Scouts and possibly their parents, with a short informational meeting about our club.

Edmond would also like to organize a special intensive sailing course for the Scouts, and/or special lesson times. In exchange, the Sea Scout organization recommends our club to their membership. The Scouts would be expected to pay the student rate of $40 per quarter.

Any rated skippers interested in helping out with the special "race" and open house are encouraged to call Edmond at (510) 528-0403.



Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)


The new batch of windsurfing T-shirts are in, after much trial and tribulation on her part. But they look great. We'll be getting our next batch free.


The club is the proud owner of a Santana 22, which was donated recently. She is berthed at A-dock, slip 14. A work party is needed ASAP to clean her up so that she looks attractive to potential buyers. (Note -- Abizar Lakdawalla and a small work party consisting of at least Derrick Wogsland, and Monica Fernandez did a bang-up job on Saturday the 23rd. No thanks must go to our illustrious Vice Commodore, who had promised to help, but found bed much too comfortable that morning. He did his penance by teaching Lido lessons with a headache, and almost getting seasick.) Any club members that have $2.5 grand kicking around, and would like a very nice starter boat, or know someone who would like such a boat, are encouraged to go have a look at her.

Also being finalized is the donation of an Islander 29 being donated by Barbara Snyder. Rebecca again broached the issue of being able to sail donated boats until they have been sold, but this did not meet with much approval, so the issue was quickly dropped.


Vice Commodore (Brandon Gates)


Brandon asked approval to spend up to $500 on sailing T-shirts. General opinion seemed to be that we would want a lot of light colors, with some long-sleeved, some short, and all in sizes L and XL. Having established those conditions, Rebecca motioned to spend the money, and Dan seconded. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.


Brandon suggested that the membership records could be kept more organized and up to date if there were a computer in the clubhouse specifically for logging in new members, and renewing expired memberships. The idea is that members could enter their personal data themselves. Currently, Rebecca handles entering addresses from the blue cards into her database for mailing purposes, but no other tracking or sorting is done beyond that.

Dan Acland has expressed interest in developing a "bullet-proof" database that could be used in a clubhouse setting. There are rumors that Bill Csajko could donate a PC that would run such a database, but that no one would want to steal.

The response was generally favorable, and authorization was given to continue the investigation of the feasibility of the idea.


Response to Brandon's plea for promotional pictures for the website, T-shirts, and other uses has been excellent. Some good shots have been found in his mail folder in the clubhouse already, but more are needed.


Port Captain (Dan Twelker)


We now have new binoculars. They cost about $40 (which made Marceline very happy) and they are compact and waterproof. We all feel safer now that the Dayleader can see with both eyes through the binoculars.

New Dayleader:

We have a new dayleader, Avery (whose full name is Michael Avery, but don't call him that). Avery is a water-skier who is a potential convert to a purer form of water sport, but who in the meantime drives a really mean rescue skiff. That brings the dayleader compliment up to four, with Chi, Francis and Marc welcoming Avery into their elite midst. Dan is in the process of interviewing a fifth dayleader to bring us up to a full compliment.

Operations at the club are going generally well.


Treasurer (Marceline Therrien)


The club has $16,195.46 in the checking account, and $20,028.32 in the money market account. Our net income for this fiscal year (which started in April) is $22,524.74. This compares to a net income at the same point last year of $1,435.03. (Note: the club last year had the expenditure of about $9,719 in payments on the new Lido fleet, which when added to the net income last year equals about $11,154. This puts us about $9,126 ahead of where we were last year. Kudos to Marceline for running a tight ship!)

We have $44,000 budgeted to spend before the end of the fiscal year, which is $14,000 ahead of last year. To meet this budget, the club needs earn another $20,000 by next April.

Fleet Value: Marceline has received the property value assessment for our fleet from the State. The value of our boats is grossly overstated, and she is looking for someone qualified to review the value of our boats to determine their actual market worth. The taxation representative Marceline spoke with has been very accommodating, and said he will willing to accept lower values if the condition of our fleet is properly documented.


The lovely brown wooden trim running around the top of our clubhouse succumbed to the relentless summer wind that makes our existence possible. Tim Brandon thinks we may have property insurance that might cover the cost of repairs, but Marceline has no idea where to find the policy. Rebecca said she would follow up with Bill Gavelis. Pending the materialization of insurance money, we need some cash and labor to restore the club to Bristol condition.


First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan and Laura Boytz)

Lido Tiller Clip:

Martin reported that Peter Kuhn bought a new $20.00 clip for a Lido tiller extension. If this one holds up to the abuse, more will be purchased and installed.

Rhodes 19:

Thanks to Tim Brandon for the work on Lion's mast. The work cost $75.00, but we still need labor to rig the mast to the boat, and retune it.


Gavin Reilly, adoptive parent of the Laser fleet, reports that we only have enough working Laser parts to be able to sail one hull at a time. We have two hulls that are seaworthy, and he suggests expenditures of not more than $50.00 to accomplish this end. He also suggests modifying the Byte rudder pintles so that they can be rigged on either a Laser or a Byte hull. His willingness to tackle these issues met with adulation from Ex-Com, and his request for funds was approved.

Returning First Vice Commodore:

Laura welcomed back to our fold Martin Scanlan, our vacationing dinghy guru, who returns from a visit to his family and friends back in Wisconsin, and other places Midwestern.

Rhodes 19 Jib:

Laura reports that Tim Brandon recovered a missing Rhodes jib from Cal Adventures' sail locker. Tim suspects that they have the other R-19 jib as well, and will check that out at his earliest convenience. (Though it was not mentioned in the meeting, the Vice Commodore, and substitute secretary for Bill this week, will take this opportunity to admonish Rhodes sailors not to leave R-19 jibs on the dock by Cal Adventures -- the Cal Adventures folks have Pineapple jibs for their Coronado 14 fleet, and they think that our R-19 jibs look like Coronado *genoas*. Whatever ...)

Lido Jiffy Reefs:

Laura also forwarded to Ex-Com the idea from a member that the Lidos could be rigged with a jiffy reefing system and canvas sail covers. This would cost an estimated $150 per boat, and would make reefing underway much easier. Other advantages: the mainsail would be flaked to the boom and stay with the boat, reducing the chances of breaking battens, and the sail numbers could be matched up with the hull numbers, making the Dayleader's job of tracking wayward Lidos much easier. The discussion generated some positive interest, and was tabled pending further investigation.

Thanks to Laura:

Brandon, on behalf of Ex-Com, thanked Laura for her service during Martin's absence.


Second Vice Commodore (Matthias Reinsch)

New Masts:

15 new masts are needed for the Novice windsurfers -- the last were bought in 1992. Powerex of Salt Lake City, UT, lists suitable carbon fiber masts for $200 apiece, but said if we buy 15, we'll get a deal for $70 each. These are 4 lb. masts, and would be very nice for Novices (Thanks to Bill Mosey for calling various manufacturers and dealers.). Bill moved to spend $1,050 plus shipping for the new masts. Matthias seconded, and the motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.

Disciplinary action #1:

A J+ windsurfer attempted a docking on the windward side of the dock, lost control of the mast, and cracked a carbon fiber mast. It cannot be repaired. Extra work, a suspension, and a monetary penalty were discussed due to the "egregious negligence" of the incident. Also, the windsurfers had been sailing on an expired membership, which has been renewed. The offending member will be invited to the next meeting of Ex-Com to tell his side of the story. In the member's defense, Matthias offered that this is an active member who is generally not a problem, and who found the crack in the mast himself (which was diminutive, but none the less fatal) only after a thorough inspection. The member has apparently been very cooperative and willing to make restitution.

Discipline action #2:

Another J+ windsurfer became exhausted, and signaled for help. When help did not arrive, the member attempted to derig the mast with the intent of paddling the board back to the club. In process of derigging the mast, the $400 sail came loose and sank, and was not recovered. Brandon noted that the windsurfer involved, and the Dayleader on duty that day are both competent, and well respected around the club. No action will be taken until the member involved has had an opportunity to appear before Ex-Com.


Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Jib Halyard:

Rebecca noted that the jib halyard sheave on "Louie" needs to be replaced. She suggests replacing the halyard with rope, and then replacing the sheave with one appropriate for a rope halyard.


Abizar reports that the tiller and rudder tang on "Dewey" needs to be replaced.

Third Vice Commodore Replacement:

Brandon Gates will assume the duties of Third Vice Commodore so that Abizar may retire from his post. Brandon will still retain the title and duties of Vice Commodore, and will serve both positions until a willing Third Vice Commodore can be found. Abizar was thanked for his time of service, and will be missed.


Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Teaching Seminar:

Peter plans to hold a teaching seminar for Junior skippers sometime in the near future. Salty, experienced CSC instructors will impart their wisdom to Junior skippers who want to teach, but are a bit apprehensive. Several of these seminars have occurred in the past, and were very successful.


Rebecca motioned to adjourn. Seconded by Dan. All were in favor. The next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 4, 1997.

1997.08.07 - General

Thursday August 07, 1997

The general membership meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Berkeley Yacht Club on Thursday, August 7, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 8:20 PM. Executive Committee members in attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Matthius Reinsch, Peter Baczek, Marceline Therrien and Bill Csajko.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Boat Donations:

The club is considering accepting as donations three boats: a Santana 22, an Islander 29, and a 470.


Small and medium t-shirts and sweatshirts were for sale at the meeting.

BYC Adjunct Membership:

The Berkeley Yacht Club offered Cal Sailing Club members the opportunity to acquire adjunct memberships at BYC. This membership will allow you to attend lectures and other social gatherings at the club, but does not provide you a key to enter the place on your own. The cost for the adjunct membership is $50 per year.

Social Commentary:

Rebecca noted that Dan Acland, who was not present at the meeting, had planned to do a skit about male members making unsolicited advances toward female members at the club. Rebecca noted that female members have a right to come down to the club at any time without having to worry about male members trying to pick them up, and that such behavior by male members will not be tolerated.


Rebecca noted that safety at the club is very important, and that the operating rules are designed to minimize safety problems, so everyone is encouraged to become familiar with and comply with the operating rules.


Vice Commodore (Brandon Gates)

Thanks to the Chef:

Brandon thanked Jennifer Kirkland for preparing the evening's dinner.


The club currently has about 680 members, which is very high. Everyone who is able to teach needs to show up on Saturdays to give lessons.

Open Houses:

The club gave about 150 rides to the public at last weekend's Open House. The barbecue made money after Rebecca put up a sign advising people to donate $4 when you take the food. The next Open House is in September and will probably be the last big one of the year.


Brandon would like to get pictures of club members using club equipment. He will use these pictures to place on the club's web site, and possibly to place on newly designed t-shirts.


Treasurer (Marceline Therrien)


The club has $8,781 in the checking account, and $20,000 in our new money market account. Income is about the same as last year, but expenses are much less since last year included bills from the purchase of the Lidos.


Marceline emphasized that club members may not spend money without specific direction from members of the Executive Committee. Even Executive Committee members may not spend money without approval of the overall committee unless in an emergency, and then only up to $100. Members who spend money without authorization do so at their own risk and are not guaranteed that they will be reimbursed.

Annual Memberships:

Marceline noted that there is a lot of paperwork involved in processing all the quarterly memberships, and she encouraged members to purchase annual memberships. Not only would that reduce the Treasurer's burden, but also saves you money.

Floating Bottle:

Marceline is now in charge of the "Floating Bottle," and is trying to publish it on a quarterly basis. If anyone has any articles that they would like to see included in the publication, they should put them in her folder at the club.

New Member:

Rebecca noted that the club might have a new member this evening; Bill Moseley may be a father!

Income: Bill Prinzmetal asked whether the club was saving enough money to replace the Lido fleet in the future if we are only bringing in the same income as last year. Marceline stated that although the budget only provides for a minor amount of income over expenses through the end of the fiscal year, she would make every effort to put aside a substantial amount of money each year.


Port Captain (Dan Twelker, by e-mail dated August 7, 1997)


Since becoming Port Captain, Dan instituted several changes. First, all dayleaders are required to have valid First Aid and CPR cards. All dayleaders now comply with this. Second, after two recent cases of mild to moderate hypothermia, all dayleaders were trained in how to prevent its onset and to detect and treat hypothermia victims. He also wrote an article for the "Floating Bottle" about hypothermia and posted a sheet about hypothermia at the club. Third, he has scheduled overlapping dayleader shifts during weekends.

Dayleaders: The current dayleaders are Chi, David, Francis and Marc. Unfortunately, David will be leaving us to concentrate on his Ph.D. He will be replaced by Avery. He reminded everyone help out the dayleaders by following the rules.


First Vice Commodore (Laura Boytz for Martin Scanlan, via e-mail dated August 8, 1997) Lidos:

7 Lidos are sailing. Lido #5 is waiting for a centerboard that has been promised by Schock . While it's been down, #5 has been canibalized for other parts, so when the centerboard arrives we'll need to see what else we need to buy to get Lido#5 on the water. We also have one or two cracked rudders that need to be repaired/replaced.

Lido #3 (which is not adopted) seems to be taking on quite a bit of water when sailed. If someone who's familiar with this problem wants to take a look at #3 and see if you can figure out if the centerboard case or something else needs to be sealed, be my guest!


The White Rhodes has a cracked mast -- Tim Brandon says it can be welded, even sailed. I'll check with both Tims (Brandon and Boschert, the boat's daddy) to see about getting this repaired. By the way, Rhodes jibs are in short supply -- sails are Peter's domain, but I would support any attempt to get some jibs for the Rhodes. Another possible investigative work project: It's been suggested that we look into getting a newer Rhodes 19 donated -- 3 are sitting in drydock near Cal Adventures -- anyone want to look into who owns those boats and whether they're open to donating?


We currently have a collection of Laser parts. One boat was fully functional until last week when the tiller extension on the best rudder we have broke. I've given Gavin (last name?) the go ahead to get a new tiller extension to get one Laser sailing. To get more Lasers in the water will take repairing or replacing another centerboard and some other rudder fittings, maybe another tiller extension. Laser sailors, a nice project for you would be to inventory exactly what we need to get those boats working and let me know.


As far as I know, they're sailable.


Hows it going, Brian and Ohad?


Seems to be in great shape (thanks Virginia and Reese!)


To all the adoptive parents -- Dick Kelby, Todd Price, Tim Boschert, Scherazade Sohrabj, Paul Herzamark, Bernd Paatsch, Ohad Denan, Brandon Gates, Mike Arntz, Brian Clark, Virginia Nido, Reese Jones -- and for everyone else who's helped keep the boats afloat (I noticed David Rabinowitz made a lot of repairs in July -- thanks, David!)

Lidos 3 and 6 still need parents -- think about adopting a boat!


Second Vice Commodore (Matthias Reinsch)


A lot of good equipment has been donated to the club from various places, particularly Berkeley Boardsports on Gilman.


We need Junior Plus and Senior Windsurfers to give more lessons.

Novice Boards:

Matthius will try to get more boards for the Novice Windsurfers.


Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

No report was provided. It was noted that the club's Ensigns have won about five of the Friday night races.


Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)


Peter noted that having a large membership places a lot of stress on the equipment and the teaching program.


Peter's survey of students resulted in data that indicated that no one had any major complaints about the club's teaching program. The box to put comments on the teaching program is still on the front of the clubhouse.

Special Lessons: Two accelerated dinghy training programs were held this summer. There are no more scheduled. Edmund and Dick have been giving lessons on rigging and other topics on Saturday mornings before the regular 9:00 AM lesson period. A capsize class will be given later this summer, because a member approached Peter wanting to organize it.

Keelboat Lessons:

The Wednesday night keelboat lessons are going well. The number of students is variable, and it is hard to schedule a third instructor when you do not know if the extra instructor is needed. He is looking for someone who is interested in becoming a somewhat permanent teacher on Wednesday evenings. Peter also noted that Junior Skippers interested in obtaining their Senior Skipper ratings need to do more sailing than just on Wednesday evenings. He suggested using the Rhodes 19's to obtain more experience sailing keelboats.

Sail Maintenance:

Peter, who is also the Sail Maintenance Chairperson, noted that members should keep an eye out for broken battens on the Lido mainsails. Peter can easily repair them when broken, but if they are not immediately repaired, they can tear through the sailcloth, which requires them to be repaired by Pineapple Sails.

Special Presentation:

Peter presented Bob Collins a lifetime membership to the Cal Sailing Club, in recognition of the many years of service he has provided the club, particularly teaching on Wednesday evenings, and fabricating the rudders and other parts for the old Lido fleet.


Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Web Site:

Bill handed out statistics on accesses to the club's web page. Over the last year, traffic on the site has tripled, with people looking at more of the site. There are a lot of foreign countries looking at the site, with Australia being our biggest fan. It is encouraging that the .edu domain has one of the biggest increases, since U.C. Berkeley is a large source of CSC members. Bigfoot's page is one of the most popular pages on the site. Bill noted that people should check out the racing page, since he adds well-written material from Dan Acland each week.



Santana 22:

Rebecca opened the topic of whether we should sail the Santana 22 for a short time if we accept it as a donation. Bill Prinzmetal asked if any person or committee was in charge of these donations, since we had so many problems with the Cal 20 donation. Rebecca stated that she had several people interested in handling the donation. David Rabinowitz questioned whether insurance and berthing costs might be too expensive. Marceline questioned whether the boat was in sailable shape as is, or whether it would require expensive repairs before we could sail it. It was noted that is appears to be in good shape. Rebecca noted that we will discuss this issue further in future Executive Committee meetings.


The meeting ended at 9:20 PM. The next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 21, 1997.

1997.07.24 - Excom

Thursday July 24, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

for July 24, 1997

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, July 24, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided. The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Matthius Reinsch, Peter Baczek, Dan Twelker, Marceline Therrien and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were Ken Shepherd, David Frasier and David Rabinowitz.

The club has $8,171.37 in the checking account and $20,000 in our new money market account.

Boat Donation: (Ken Shepherd)

Ken stated that the club has been offered a Santana 22 as a donation, including an 8 HP engine. The boat is fairly old, but is in good shape, and has an estimated value of $1,000 to $3,000. It is currently docked at AO@ dock. Ken suggested that the club could keep the boat for a short period of time to determine if this type of boat would be a good substitute for an Ensign, and allow skippers to sail and race it. It would cost $105 per month for slip fees, plus insurance. He also got a quote for new sails for the boat ($1,600 for a main and jib), although it is not known if the sails need to be replaced. The Executive Committee thought it was worthwhile to accept the boat for a donation, since we could probably sell it right away for a profit, and would consider at a later time whether the club wanted to keep it for a short time to sail. Rebecca moved to accept the boat as a donation. Bill seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.



Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Vice Commodore:

Rebecca nominated Brandon Gates for the position of Vice Commodore, the post having been vacant since no one ran for the office at the last General Membership meeting. Marceline seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

T-Shirt Chairperson:

Rebecca nominated Tim Brandon for the position of T-Shirt Chairperson, to replace Lauren Lesmeister. Dan seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Navy ROTC:

The Navy ROTC from U.C. Berkeley contacted Rebecca again about using our keelboats for classes for their members. They apparently thought that they could purchase two memberships for their instructors, then take out their students in our keelboats as guests for their classes. Rebecca told them that we would not agree to this proposal.

Waterfront Commission Meeting:

Rebecca attended the Waterfront Commission meeting on Wednesday evening, and noted that the Nautilus Society, who own the boat APegasus,@ requested a free slip for their boat, and had to provide specific demographic information on the people they provided rides for. Rebecca will present the annual report for the club at the next Commission meeting, and will look into presenting the case for getting free slips for CSC.

SBRA Race and Midnight Moonlight Madness:

The Small Boat Racing Association race that CSC sponsored last weekend went very well. Rebecca noted that the success was due to the help of Bill Gavelis, Hester Burn-Callendar, Brandon Gates, and Dan Acland, who organized the event. The club had only one entry, our JY-15. Later that Saturday evening the club had the second Midnight Moonlight Madness party, even though the clouds hid the moon.

Phone Survey:

Virginia Nido, who has experience in setting up phone surveys, is preparing a survey and arranging for club members to make a phone survey of our club to better determine the demographics and interests of our members.

General Membership Meeting: The next General Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday, August 7. The Floating Bottle will be going out this weekend, and a label will be placed on the newsletter next to the address to inform members of the meeting.


Vice Commodore (Brandon Gates)


Brandon discussed with our new T-shirt chairperson Tim Brandon revising some of the T-shirt designs. Brandon wants to have some color graphics done on the backs of the shirts, which would increase the cost of the shirts by about $4.00. He has found a member who is a graphic designer to assist in the design. There are still a significant number of small and medium T-shirts the club has had for several years that do not sell, since everyone wants large or extra large shirts. He will consider ways to sell them at a discount or give away to children at Open Houses.

Floating Bottle:

The Floating Bottle will be mailed out this weekend. We will try to mail out the Floating Bottle quarterly, just before each General Membership Meeting, to also serve as a notice of the meetings and save postage. Brandon brought up whether we should consider using bulk rate postage, and it was noted that we have looked into that several times in the past, and there are too many restrictions associated with bulk rate postage that would not work with our club.


Port Captain (Dan Twelker)


The 30 HP skiff is working again, thanks to Peter Kuhn, Francis Smith, Ed Shirk and Tim Boschert.


Dan said that everything is going smoothly with the dayleaders. There was a discussion on the ability of dayleaders to notice members who get in trouble on the water, since a Novice Windsurfer drifted into the rocks out of sight of the dayleader that evening and was recovering from mild hypothermia during our meeting. Ideas on how members could identify their trouble were discussed, such as attaching whistles to life jackets, or making flares available at cost to members. It was also noted that the binoculars are not working well and need replacement.


The topic of how to get enough teachers during lesson periods was discussed. Some people thought that members with ratings in both sailing and windsurfing were avoiding teaching in Lidos by electing to windsurf. It was noted that the operating rules state that if people are waiting for lessons, you cannot sail or windsurf if you have a rating that would allow you to teach.


Treasurer (Marceline Therrien)


Marceline noted that two people joined the club a couple of weeks ago with the intent of only using kayaks, and wanted their money back when they found out there were wind restrictions on the use of kayaks.


Marceline received a mailing from the National Marine Manufacturers Association that offered community sailing schools discounts with various manufacturers in exchange for providing them a list of names and addresses of Anew@ sailors. They also said these people would be entered into a contest. Marceline will check what kind of discounts they are offering, but the Executive Committee did not want to provide names of members unless the members volunteered to do so by signing up for it.


The club took in over $3,000 in memberships last week. Marceline will try to push for people to buy annual memberships to reduce the amount of paperwork.


First Vice Commodore (Laura Boytz for Martin Scanlan)

No report was provided.


Second Vice Commodore (Matthias Reinsch)

Equipment Purchases:

Matthias noted that we need to purchase new booms and mast extensions, and that he may want to revise his request last week for funds for new masts. Base on Matthias=s request, Dan moved to purchase five booms at a cost of $375.00 and seven mast extensions at a cost of $140.00. Bill seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Sail Donations:

About eight or ten novice sails were donated to the club from various places.


Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

No report was provided.


Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Keelboat Lessons:

Peter is having trouble getting teachers for the Wednesday night keelboat lessons.

Senior Skipper Tests:

Peter has concerns about Senior Skipper tests given by Senior or Cruising Skippers that have a close association with the candidate by having provided the candidate the majority of their training.

Accelerated Dinghy Training:

The second accelerated dinghy training class went well.


Secretary (Bill Csajko)


Cal Copy is printing dinghy manuals and operating rules. The dayleaders will be advised to call Bill when supplies of documents begin to run low to avoid running out of the documents.


The meeting ended at 9:15 PM. The next General Membership Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 7, 1997. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 21, 1997.

1997.07.10 - Excom

Thursday July 10, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

for July 10, 1997

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, July 10, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Laura Boytz, Matthius Reinsch, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Dan Twelker, Marceline Therrien and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were Racing Chairperson Dan Acland, YRA Chairperson Hester Burn-Callendar, and members Tim Brandon and David Rabinowitz.

The club has $23,055.62 in the checking account.

Racing Marks (Dan Acland)

Dan Acland requested the Executive Committee consider purchasing four 15-inch diameter orange fenders for use as racing marks. The price with tax for the four would be about $120. He also requested that the Executive Committee consider replacing the existing windsock at the dock. The existing windsock (a Christmas present to Commodore Rebecca Haussmann from her family) is a "tufted" windsock that, due to the uneven flow characteristics of the "tuft" (a sewed-on outline of a sailboat), did not accurately reflect the true wind direction, and as such was a hindrance to the racing program. It was decided that the tufted windsock could be modified to become non-tufted by removal of the offending sailboat outline. Dan Twelker moved to spend up to $120 to purchase four new racing marks. Peter seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

BYC Adjunct Memberships:

The Berkeley Yacht Club discussed with Rebecca the offer for CSC members to get adjunct memberships with BYC. The adjunct memberships, costing $50 per year for a CSC member, would enable the member to enter the BYC and attend BYC functions and lectures without having a specific BYC member bring them as a guest. Rebecca moved to accept the BYC offer for giving CSC members the opportunity to obtain adjunct memberships. Peter seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

General Membership Meeting:

Bill noted that the next General Membership Meeting will be coming up in August. Bill will reserve the BYC for the meeting, and Rebecca will send out the postcards. (Secretary's note: the BYC has been reserved for the evening of Thursday, August 7 for the next General Membership Meeting.)

Rating Committee:

Rebecca has selected Graham Hale to be added to the Rating Committee. Rebecca moved to have the selection approved by the Executive Committee. Marceline seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


The Navy ROTC from U.C. Berkeley contacted Rebecca about using our keelboats for classes for their members. The ROTC had been using sailboats at Treasure Island, and with the base closure they are now using sailboats at Coast Guard Island, but there are problems with this arrangement. They would be willing to pay us for use of the boats, which would require the use of two Ensigns for three weekday afternoons (with a Senior or Cruising Skipper on board) both in August and September. Two concerns that were expressed were any conflict with existing outreach sailing programs by our club (Hester only noted one day which would overlap, and as such would require all three Ensigns to be used for an afternoon); and that we do not rent boats, but should pursue getting reimbursed through some other method. Rebecca will discuss this with them further.

Phone Survey:

Rebecca wants to have a phone survey of members done by people needing work credit, to obtain information such as club demographics, how people found out about the club, whether the member windsurfs or sails or both, etc.


Dan Acland had previously discussed with Rebecca the idea of requiring members to have some rating (i.e., Junior Skipper, Novice Windsurfer) before allowing anyone to use a kayak. The consensus was that we should instead encourage more people to use them, since we do not have any problem with people joining the club solely to use the kayaks. The current wind restriction of seven knots seems to be unduly restrictive, and hard for the dayleader to determine. Bill moved to modify the operating rules to change the wind restriction on use of kayaks from seven knots to 10 knots or when white caps are present. Abizar seconded the motion, and it passed with seven votes in favor and one abstention.

SBRA Race (presentation to the Executive Committee by Hester)

CSC is sponsoring an SBRA race on Saturday, July 19. Lidos, JY-15's, Bytes and Sunfishes will be raced. A $5.00 entrance fee for SBRA members will be charged, since a fee is required for insurance purposes and it will go toward the barbecue. CSC members who race will also be charged. Skipper sign-in will begin at 9:00 AM, and the skippers meeting will be held at 10:00 AM. There will be no trophies or prizes for the winners. Since it is a lesson day, we will make use of Rhodes 19's and Ensigns for lessons. Hester also noted that YRA is sending her a list of people claiming YRA membership through CSC, and that if anyone wants to purchase a CSC burgee to contact her.

Vice Commodore (vacant)

No report was provided.

Port Captain (Dan Twelker)

Disciplinary Action:

A Junior Windsurfer, had been warned a number of times and received two suspensions for failing to observe club rules. Since the last meeting, where the Executive Committee discussed his sailing Junior equipment in the Junior Area (while still a Novice Windsurfer), he came back in after the posted closure time, and on another day sailed into the Senior Dinghy Area past Hs. Lordships restaurant. The same dayleader (David) observed both infractions, and suspended him for 36 hours. Due to the repetitive violations, Dan Twelker moved to suspend the member for five more days starting from today, and providing that any future violations will result in a minimum of one week suspension. Peter seconded the motion, and it passed with seven votes in favor and one abstention.

Posting of Suspensions:

The dayleaders have recently been displaying the names of members who are suspended for various reasons. Their reason is that it alerts members to the fact that suspension are given if you do not follow the rules. Concern was expressed by some members of the Executive Committee that posting members' names is a kind of public ridicule, and should not be done. This is consistent with the club by-laws, which state that disciplinary hearings will be held in closed session of the Executive Committee. It was decided that dayleaders could post notices that state what types of infractions occurred and the resulting disciplinary action, but that the individual names will not be displayed. The individual suspensions will be noted inside the cover of the dayleader log. It was also decided that current policy of not including discussion of disciplinary actions in the posted Executive Committee minutes will be modified. A discussion of the disciplinary action without the individual's name will be included in the posted minutes, but there will be no change to including a the member's name in the discussion of the disciplinary action in the official file copy of the minutes.

First Vice Commodore (Laura Boytz for Martin Scanlan)

Laura had nothing to report.

Second Vice Commodore (Matthias Reinsch)

Equipment Purchases:

Matthias moved to purchase two new carbon fiber masts at a cost not to exceed $350; and new footstraps, uphauls and harness lines at a cost not to exceed $200. Bill seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Uncle Donald Repairs:

Abizar and Rebecca will repair the spinnaker pole topping lift block, spinnaker halyard block, and windex on "Uncle Donald" this weekend.

Treasurer (Marceline Therrien)


Marceline provided copies of reports on the club's finances. We have over $23,000 in the checking account, and so far this fiscal year income has exceeded expenses by over $9,000. This is around $7,000 more than last year this time, but last year during this period we spent around $5,000 for the new Lido sails. The checking account will be tied to a money market account so that we can make interest on the money in the account.

Floating Bottle:

Marceline moved to spend up to $200 to print 700 copies of the Floating Bottle. Rebecca seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Accelerated Dinghy Training:

The last accelerated dinghy training class went well, and the next one is scheduled to begin next Monday, July 14.

Newest Senior Skipper:

Dan Twelker is our newest Senior Skipper.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Bill had nothing to report.

Other Topics

Returning Cruising Skipper:

David Rabinowitz was a member of the club starting in 1970, obtained his Cruising Skipper rating, and has not been active in the club for about ten years. He was Vice Commodore for a while. He has now rejoined the club, and wishes to have at least his Senior Skipper rating reinstated. He has repassed his Junior Skipper tests, and has been teaching. He was told that he should have at least two rating committee members go sailing with him, and have them provide their recommendations to Rebecca as to whether his rating should be reinstated (the club operating rules state that you lose your rating after being away from the club for two years, but that the Executive Committee may reinstate the rating).

Boat Donation:

Rebecca brought up again the potential donation of the Islander 29. Although it is worth about $6,000 to $8,000, if we held it for two years before selling the boat it would cost the club about $2,000 to $3,000 for storage. It was agreed that if the donor was willing to allow us to sell it right away, that we would accept the donation. Rebecca moved to accept the donation if the donor accepts the condition that we could immediately sell the boat. Peter seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

The meeting ended at 9:40 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 24, 1997.

1997.06.26 - Excom

Thursday June 26, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

for June 26, 1997

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, June 26, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Laura Boytz, Abizar Lakdawalla, Dan Twelker and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance was member Paul Ken Shepherd.

No report on club finances was provided.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)


Rebecca has been discussing the lease with the marina manager and marina property manager. They want to increase our total monthly rent to about $500. We currently pay $240 per month for the clubhouse and yard, and about $135 for the slip for "Daisy." We are still looking to increase the area of our yard, and get another slip included with the increase.

Potential Donation:

A member, Barbara Schneider, has offered to donate an Islander 29 to the club. The value of the boat is approximately $12,000. Rebecca will look into the potential for either selling it right away, or holding on to it at minimum cost before selling.

Rating Committee:

Rebecca moved to add two members to the rating committee: Robert Ofsevit and Tim Brandon. Dan seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


The latest issue of "Wooden Boat" magazine has several pictures of Rebecca and Marceline during the boat-building contest at Jack London Square.

Vice Commodore (vacant)

No report was provided.

Port Captain (Dan Twelker)


On Saturday, June 14, the dayleader attempted to rescue two windsurfers who were on the rocks. Winds were strong. He anchored the skiff, backed it in, and tied the windsurfers to the tow line. The skiff was pulled out, and the anchors were raised, when several large waves turned the bow downwind. The dayleader threw out the anchors again, but they did not hold and the boat ended up on the rocks. The release mechanism for the 30 HP engine did not work, and the dayleader had to jump in the water and to get the engine raised up. Meanwhile, several members launched the 18 HP skiff and came out and rescued them all. The dayleader ended up with minor hypothermia, but recovered. The skiff suffered some damage to the hull, and the propeller was destroyed.

Subsequent to this event, Dan held a hypothermia class for the dayleaders this last Sunday evening. He will also hold a heavy weather rescue training session in July. Dan also placed signs on each of the sign-out clipboards advising members of the dangers of hypothermia.

First Vice Commodore (Laura Boytz for Martin Scanlan)

Temporary First Vice Commodore:

Laura is acting as First Vice Commodore while Martin is out of town until mid-August.

Lido Maintenance:

The centerboard on Lido #5 has a split developing on the leading edge. Rebecca talked to W. D. Schock, and they will try to get a replacement centerboard to us by this weekend. The centerboard lines on hull #2 are stuck and need to be freed.

Second Vice Commodore (Matthias Reinsch)

No report was provided.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Ensign Winches:

We received one set of replacement winches for the Ensigns from Harkin. If these work out okay, we will get the other two sets replaced.

Rear Commodore (Rebecca for Peter Baczek)

470 Check-Out:

Ohad, who is the adoptive parent for the 470, asked Rebecca to review the check-out procedure for the 470, because he thinks members should have more practical sailing experience with the 470 before being signed off. Rebecca will ask Ohad to come to the next meeting to discuss it.

Treasurer (Marceline Therrien)

No report was provided.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Web Site:

Bill converted many of the documents available on the club's web site to portable document format, to allow people to print out the documents at home. He also has been working on editing the HTML on the existing web pages.


New rating/work credit cards were printed and delivered this week. We should have a good supply of most documents at the club now.

Other Topics

Social Chair:

Rebecca nominated Chris Binger to be the new Social Committee chair. Bill seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

PHRF Ratings:

Ken Shepherd noted that the club's boats that race on Friday nights should have PHRF ratings, otherwise they could be disqualified. Apparently it costs about $25 per boat to get the official rating. Dan Acland, our Racing Committee chair, will be requested to follow through on getting the ratings.

The meeting ended at 8:30 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 10, 1997.

1997.06.12 - Excom

Thursday June 12, 1997

June 13, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, June 12, 1997. Secretary Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM. In attendance were Martin Scanlan, Matthias Reinsch, Peter Baczek, Dan Twelker, Marceline Therrien and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Charles Clausen and Todd Price.

No report on club finances was provided.

Prior to officer reports, the following topic was discussed:

Request to waive age restriction:

Elli Byrne, who is 15 years old, requested the Executive Committee to approve allowing her to obtain a Junior Skipper rating. The operating rules state that, "No one under the age of 16 may obtain a Club rating without the approval of the Executive Committee...." Elli is on her high school swim team, has taken first aid, and will be on the high school crew team. However, she has had no sailing experience. It was decided that Elli should first join the club and take a number of lessons, to both make sure she likes sailing and more importantly to allow the Executive Committee to hear recommendations from other members about her sailing ability, before approving the request.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann, via e-mail dated 12 June 1997)

Open House:

We had a very successful open house and gave over 120+ open house rides. A new member helped put on the BBQ and is interested in being social chair. His name is Chris Binger and when Rebecca returns she will be appointing him as social chair.


Rebecca said to defer to Marceline regarding the disposition of the boat that was constructed for the contest at Jack London Square, Quack3. Marceline will pursue donating the boat to the playground next door.

Floating Bottle:

Rebecca wishes to maintain the June 15 deadline for completion of all articles for the Floating Bottle.

Midnight Madness:

A Midnight Madness will be held on Friday, June 20. Signs were posted at the club, and Peter will send out a message on the listserver regarding the party.

Vice Commodore (Vacant)

No report was provided.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Boat Adoptions:

Six of the eight Lidos are now adopted. Lidos number 3 and 6 remain to be adopted. The JY-15 has now been adopted also. He has noted a marked improvement in maintenance of the boats that have been adopted. Both Rhodes 19's are now sailing and were both used during the Open House.

Temporary First Vice Commodore:

Martin will be out of the state for two months starting Monday. He has found a person, Laura, who will take over his duties during that time.

Lido Pintles:

We have had to replace about five pintles on the Lidos so far. The problem appears to be that the rudder is narrower than the opening between the straps that are used to attach the pintles to the rudder, and Schock chose to compress the straps to fit the rudder, weakening the weld between the straps and the pintle. Further, people neglect to use the rudder lock, causing the rudder to partially come out in some situations, which leaves the longer lower pintle engaged to the gudgeon, and the top pintle free. This overstresses the lower pintle, causing it to break. Martin said he would consider asking Schock to pay for the replacement. We will replace the pintles using shims between the rudder and the pintle straps, and try to make members more aware of the importance of using the rudder lock.

Lido Anchor Boards:

Most Lido anchor boards are now affixed to the anchor pockets with silicone.

Capsize Loops:

Martin discussed the pros and cons of providing a length of line with a loop that can be snapped on the transom ring, to help people get in the boat after a capsize. It was noted that we should instead encourage people to practice the proper method of righting the boat.

Lido Main Sheets:

It was noted that at least two Lidos have short main sheets. Martin will investigate how much line is needed and will purchase if under $100.

Lido Centerboards:

Edmund Gauvin is going to mark the centerboard case covers on the Lidos with a labelmaker to indicate the fully up and fully down positions of the centerboard as relative to the length of uphaul line.

Second Vice Commodore (Matthias Reinsch)


Matthias noted that we are consistently running out of universals for the Novice boards lately. We have twelve universals, but have more boards. He moved to purchase two more universals, and accompanying plates, for a cost not to exceed $150. Dan seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

No report was provided.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Senior Ratings:

A discussion was held on the current method for approving Senior Skipper ratings, and whether any changes are warranted. No decision was made, but it was decided to have a separate meeting in which the Rating Committee Chair, Elizabeth Simon, could attend and contribute to and proposal.

Intensive Lido Lessons:

Roland Brunner has twelve students signed up for the intensive Lido lessons next week, but still needs additional teachers.

Pre-Saturday Morning Lessons:

Dick Kelby and Edmund Gauvin have been providing on-shore lessons beginning at 8:00 Saturday mornings. Todd Price noted that they have been quite successful, with five students attending last Saturday.

Keelboat Racing:

Peter discussed a proposal for making skippers who race Ensigns on Friday nights rotate the boats they skipper, instead of the current practice whereby the skippers have taken responsibility for maintaining and racing a specific boat, to make sure the boats all receive equal treatment. He also stated that there could be problems if other skippers wish to sail these specific boats on a Friday night. There was strong opinion from other members of the Executive Committee that the current practice actually helps the boats, since the skippers care for and repair the boats even if damage occurs that they did not cause. Also, there have been no instances where there has been skippers competing for use of the Ensigns on Friday nights, so there did not appear to be a need to address this potential problem. The proposal was dropped.

Treasurer (Marceline Therrien)

New Procedures:

All cash transactions, including those for memberships, will now require a cash receipt. The cash and copy of the receipt will be placed in recyclable envelopes before being placed in the safe, to keep better track of cash transactions. New expense forms have been prepared, and should be used even if you will not be reimbursed (bought something on a CSC account).


Marceline talked to Harkin about the Ensign winches. They stated that they have had problems with these winches, and will be sending us two replacement winches. She also examined the insides of a Lewmar winch at West Marine, but decided that the Harkin winches would probably be less apt to fail.

Lido Parking:

Marceline stated that a member told her that people that park Lidos and other dinghies in the wrong places despite the clearly marked spaces should "be beheaded."

Floating Bottle:

Marceline has most articles for the next issue of the Floating Bottle, and will have it published soon. She received a quote of less than $200 for 700 copies. She has also found someone to do page layout in the future.

Port Supply Card:

The members on the Port Supply list were reviewed, with additions and deletions as necessary. West Marine will now require members using the Port Supply card to provide a number at the time of purchase, which is located on each card. Marceline noted that she would prefer people to use the Port Supply card and charge purchases rather than have other individuals make purchases and request reimbursement, to keep better track of costs.


Marceline passed out a copy of the current budget.

Port Captain (Dan Twelker)


We now have a full staff of dayleaders, a total of four.


On Wednesday, a Junior Skipper who was practicing for his Senior Skipper rating, had to be rescued and was mildly hypothermic. The member advised the dayleader prior to this of his intent to practice in strong winds, which were gusting around 25 knots. The member capsized a total of four times, and the dayleader checked on him during this time. However, after the fourth time the dayleader noticed that the member was taking a long time to begin sailing again after the capsize, with the boat anchored. Upon investigating, the member was acting somewhat confused, but was not shivering. He was brought back to the clubhouse, wrapped in blankets, and placed next to the heater. He appeared to be fine after about an hour, and returned to the club the next day. Although two dayleaders are trained in first aid, and the other two are scheduled to take first aid, the courses do not adequately cover hypothermia. Dan will make sure the dayleaders are given training in identification and treatment of hypothermia. He will also write an article for the next Floating Bottle about hypothermia to make members aware of the danger.

Dayleader Manual:

Dan is updating the Dayleader Manual.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)


Bill ordered 200 copies each of the dinghy manual and operating rules. Bill Moseley had 150 copies printed of the windsurfing manual.

Web Site:

Bill is working with Sean Page on improving the web site, including the creation of an animated .GIF header.

The meeting ended at 10:10 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 26, 1997.

1997.05.29 - Excom

Thursday May 29, 1997

May 29, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, April 3, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Marceline Therrien, Martin Scanlan, Matthias Reinsch, Dan Twelker, and Peter Baczek. Also in attendance was members Bill Gavelis and Dan Acland.

As of April 3, 1997, the club has $18,853.05 in the checking account.

Member Dan Acland came to the meeting to support his interest in being appointed to the rating committee. Rebecca H. appointed him to the committee and ex­comm confirmed this appointment with a unanimous vote. The vote was motioned by Rebecca H. and seconded by Marceline T. There is interest in expanding the membership of the rating committee and the following names were recommended, Robert O., Bill M., Matthias R. Rebecca will follow up with these people to see if they are interested and willing.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Ashby Shoal:

The Ashby Shoal Breakfast exposed itself this past Sunday as predicted as the low point of the 1997 social calendar. 25 members made their way down to the dock to cast off bright and early to partake in the best breakfast found "On the Bay". The bagels, snacks, yummy cake and mimosas were great. But alas, for the lack of a match the pancakes weren't served until the party moved back onto shore. The Kayaks proved their worth in this low tide event. They both got some final people off the dock, and also allowed some playful windsurfers to tow their rig out to the shoal and into some better wind.

Berkeley Youth Alternatives:

The Cal Sailing Club has been giving rides for the Berkeley Youth Alternatives for the past 4­5 years. This youth/sailing outreach is one of the main functions and purposes of the club.Bill Prinzmetal is organizing this and still needs a few more Senior or Cruising skippers to help give these rides. They are basically a two hour sail given on Tuesday mornings through June and July. If you can help please contact Bill P. Thank you in advance for your help.

Windsurfing T­Shirts:

Rebecca moved to spend $206 to get some new Windsurfing T­shirts, Dan T. seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Vice Commodore (None)

The Vice Commodore position is still vacant, and we need someone to fill it. The Vice Commodore is responsible for coordinating membership, PR, and social functions. For now Marceline is interested in taking care of the floating bottle, and Rebecca will cover the social chair (BBQ's). This is a great position for anyone interested in seeing how ex­comm works and helping out the club. If you are interested talk to anyone on ex­comm, or call Rebecca @ (510) 528­6945.

Floating Bottle:

Marceline is working on putting out a Floating Bottle asap. She has set June 15 as a deadline and if you are interested in any submissions you need to contact her quick. Marceline can be reached @ spice@sirius.com, or (510) 208­5460. She has solicited articles and is on the move!

Port Captain (Dan Twelker)


Jeff and Damis are leaving, and that leaves us with only Chi and Mark. David Frazier will soon be hired, but we are still short for the number of dayleaders needed to keep the schedule full.

Dan T. has rewritten the listing to reflect the job more accurately, and to be more approachable to possible interested applicants. Dan T. also presented a study and analysis on the comparison of the CSC wages and other wages found at the work study office. This was very helpful as it outlined that at some point we will need to raise our dayleader wages to keep up with the averages at the office, as is our historical approach. A discussion was also held as to a name change of the position on the listing to 1) more accurately reflect the position to applicants, and 2) Sound better for their resume use. The proposed job title change was operations supervisor. The wage and name changes were tabled for now while Dan focuses on better targeted posting and listing, but will be pursued if need be.

Dan T. motioned that all new Dayleaders be required to obtain first aid/CPR training with­in 6 weeks of date of hire. Marceline T. seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Dan T. motioned that the Cal Sailing Club pat for this dayleader's first aid/CPR training. Marceline T. seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Treasurer (Marceline Therrien)

Bill Gavelis reviewed the year to date budget. Bill mentioned that income is healthy, but that this summer income is the income that carries us through the winter months so this is par for the course.

Windsurfing Locker Rentals:

All the lockers are rented.

Marceline let it be known that she expected all purchases be properly recorded with accompanying submitted receipts.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Martin sent an e­mail to the list about the recent loss of a rudder, and a tiller, and an anchor. Let's be careful with our equipment folks. To help out with this Martin will be sealing the rudder boards to the boat so that they can't slip out as they have been. The rudder pintles have been breaking and need replacing. Rebecca will contact Schock about a parts list and some possible replacement of some parts.

Martin is talking to Laura B. about replacing him for the 2 months that he will be absent over the summer. She would be a good choice for taking over his position while he is gone.

Boat Adoptions:

The boat adoption program is continuing and there are 4 Lido's left for adoption.

Second Vice Commodore (Matthias Reinsch)

Wet suit income:

Berkeley Board Sports has donated some surplus wet suit inventory to the club. We have sold them to the membership and have made $780 so far. Thee are still some left.

New Novice Boards:

The new Novice Windsurfer boards are very popular and seem to work very well. Matthias moved to purchase 2 more from Berkeley Board Sports for $750, Dan T. seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

No report was provided.

Marceline T. has volunteered to see the winch dilemma to its's proper conclusion. Working with Greg Davids, she will get them cleaned, properly lubricated, and follow up on them so that we can keep or replace them asap.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Accelerated Dinghy Training:

Roland is organizing the accelerated dinghy training session. So far the response is light, but input has been sought via e­mail from Brian B. so things will probably pick up.

Lido Sails:

The old life jacket locker has been selected for a new torn sail locker.

Ensign winches and hardware:

In light of the equipment/hardware problems, Peter moved that it become a rule that it be required that the winches, hardware, and hanks be flushed or washed with fresh water thoroughly after every sail. Dan T. seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

No report. Minutes were provided by Rebecca Haussmann.

The meeting ended at 9:55 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 12, 1997.

1997.05.15 - General

Thursday May 15, 1997


Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The General Membership Meeting of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Berkeley Yacht Club on Thursday, May 15, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

A pre-meeting was held at 7:30 PM. Executive Committee members in attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Martin Scanlan, Bill Moseley, Abizar Lakdawalla, Bill Gavelis and Bill Csajko. Rebecca presented to the Executive Committee, letters from Ted Wilson, John Green and Robert Ofsevit providing details of her qualifying cruises with them and recommending her being approved as a Cruising Skipper. Bill G. personally provided his recommendation to the Executive Committee based on her qualifying cruise with him. Bill C. moved to approve Rebecca's rating as a Cruising Skipper, and Bill G. seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 PM. Executive Committee members in attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Narcisse, Martin Scanlan, Bill Moseley, Abizar Lakdawalla, Liam Carey, Bill Gavelis and Bill Csajko. Approximately 45 members were in attendance, out of a current total club membership of 390.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Yard Improvements:

There have been significant improvements to the yard at the club. A new Novice Windsurfer sail storage area was created between the two containers with construction of a roof between them, the asphalt has been sealed, and Astroturf has replaced the carpeting.

New Pilings:

The old pilings supporting the dock in front of the club were replaced today with five new pilings.

Clubhouse Interior Renovation:

Rebecca gave thanks to Dan Acland for his work in getting the interior of the clubhouse renovated. Dan noted that the new layout of the clubhouse allows a lot of flexibility, and members should take advantage of this flexibility to make the clubhouse best suit the members' needs.

Senior Skipper Candidates:

There are many Junior Skippers actively seeking their Senior Skipper rating, which shows that there is a lot of enthusiasm in the club.

Thanks to the Chef:

Rebecca thanked Jennifer Kirkland for all her efforts in preparing the meal for the General Membership meeting.

Operating Rules:

There have been a few violations of the operating rules lately, and Rebecca noted that all members have a responsibility to advise other members if they are breaking the rules.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

Wooden Boat Contest:

Rebecca and Marceline Therrien participated in a wooden boat building contest at Sail Expo at Jack London Square, and came in second place overall despite having the rudder come off. She asked for people to advise Bill C. if they felt that Sail Expo was a worthwhile show, because the people running the show are considering moving it elsewhere next year, and the club may want to write a letter supporting the show if there is enough support.

Berkeley Bay Festival:

The club had eight to ten boats give more than 350 rides at the festival.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Boat Adoptions:

The adopt a boat program has taken off really well, with a large number of dinghies and keel boats getting adopted already.

Lido Maintenance:

Upon close inspection, the centerboard trunk repair by W. D. Schock appears to have been done well enough that we will not have to perform further preventative repairs to them. The goosenecks have been beefed up, and the rudder pintles need to be repaired. The centerboard uphaul lines will be marked for position by Edmund.

Jib Care:

Members are reminded to drop the jib as soon as the boat is docked to prevent wear and tear on the sail.

Interim First Vice Commodore:

Martin will be gone this summer for eight weeks, from June 15 through August 15, and he needs someone to volunteer to perform the First Vice Commodore duties during this time.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

Extra Room:

Bill M. thanked Dan Acland for the yard rearrangement, which resulted in extra room for windsurfing equipment.

Berkeley Boardsports:

Bill M. also thanked Berkeley Boardsports on Gilman Avenue for donating between eight and ten thousand dollars in windsurfing equipment to the club this past year. Among other things, they donated a number of wetsuits, which we sold for about $800; and two new boards worth about $1,500 each. Members are encouraged to use Berkeley Boardsports for their windsurfing purchases, also because you receive a ten percent discount as a CSC member.

New Boards:

Two new Novice Windsurfer boards were recently purchased that are very large and stable, enabling Novices to concentrate on sailing rather than balance. Two new Junior boards were also purchased that are much more indestructible than the other boards.

Accelerated Novice Windsurfer Course:

The accelerated Novice Windsurfer course will start on May 31, lasting seven days. Novice Windsurfers taking the course should be able to pass a Junior Windsurfer practical sailing test by the end of the course.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Senior Projects:

The hull-deck joint on "Daisy" was sealed and the wiring on the keelboats is being repaired by Junior Skippers fulfilling their Senior Skipper work credit.

Other Keelboat Maintenance:

Although Dan Acland races "Dewey" hard, he keeps the boat in good shape. The wood on the keelboats will be varnished, starting with "Uncle Donald." Two keel boats will be hauled out for bottom painting and repairs in October.

Keelboat Lessons:

Abizar thanked Bob Collins, Peter Baczek and Todd Price for giving or organizing keel boat lessons.

Rear Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann for Peter Baczek)

Lido Sailing:

Members should remember that the new Lidos are lighter and have more sail area than the old Lidos, and therefore you should reef earlier in strong winds. Capsizing Lidos is unacceptable and can be prevented.

Keelboat Lessons:

Wednesday night keel boat lessons are continuing, and Todd Price has organized semi-regular weekend keel boat lessons during the day. Prospective Senior Skippers are encouraged to use the Rhodes 19's for practice.

Windsurfing Lessons:

Bill M. and Bill Prinzmetal have organized regular windsurfing lessons.

Accelerated Dinghy Class:

Roland is organizing an accelerated dinghy class for prospective Junior Skippers in mid-June, similar to the fast track classes Brian Battuello used to run. The class will be held June 16 - 20, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. No practical sailing test will be given at the end of the course. Roland may be contacted at 510-562-6830.

Rigging Tests:

Two Junior Skippers have been designated as being able to give Junior Skipper rigging tests: Dick Kelby and Edmund.

Laser/Byte Clinic:

A Laser/Byte clinic is scheduled for Saturday, May 24. At least three Lasers and Bytes will be used to demonstrate sailing techniques on these boats.

Teaching Seminars:

Dates for teaching seminars will be posted. A 470 rigging and sailing class was scheduled for last weekend by Brian, but no one attended.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)


Liam apologized for the lack of dayleaders, and thanked Barbara, Mia and Zaaf for volunteer dayleading during the days no dayleader was available.

First Aid Training:

All the dayleaders are now trained in First Aid/CPR.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Web Site:

The club's web site was improved by updating a lot of the information and adding new content such as having the club's documents on-line.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)


A copy of the new fiscal year budget, along with historical budgetary data from the last six years, were provided to the membership. Some items Bill G. pointed out were: the Yellow Pages advertisement was canceled, we paid $1,200 toward repair of the hoist, our insurance coverage was reduced, and we now have the option of having regular garbage pickup. Bill G. was asked if we are saving money for future replacement of the dinghy fleet, and he responded no, that we are only covering expenses with our current budget.

Miscellaneous Topics:

Rebecca Haussmann:

Rebecca thanked Paul Herzmark for constructing the wheelchair ramp for the club. Ashby Shoal Breakfast is on Sunday, May 25. Edmund and Dick Kelby have set up a class for members seeking their Junior Skipper ratings. The classes start this coming Saturday morning, at 8:00 AM, providing instruction on rigging and sailing the Lidos, and will run six weeks. Rebecca proposed allowing windsurfers to sail in the Inner Area during low tides when the rescue skiff is inoperable, since they could walk back to the dock if they were unable to sail.


The people who own "Pegasus" want to donate a 21-foot sailboat to our club. The Waterfront Commission is considering tearing out the boat yard in the Berkeley Marina where we now haul out our boats, and have a hotel constructed there instead.



Bill Csajko nominated Rebecca Haussmann, and Abizar Lakdawalla seconded the nomination. Rebecca was elected with all votes in favor and one abstention.

Vice Commodore:

There were no nominations for Vice Commodore.

First Vice Commodore:

Wilder Lee nominated Martin Scanlan, and Marceline Therrien seconded the nomination. Martin was elected with all votes in favor and one abstention.

Second Vice Commodore:

Bill Moseley nominated Matthias Reinsch, and Abizar Lakdawalla seconded the nomination. Matthias was elected with all votes in favor.

Third Vice Commodore:

Bill Csajko nominated Abizar Lakdawalla, and Rebecca Haussmann seconded the nomination. Abizar was elected with all votes in favor and one abstention.

Rear Commodore:

Rebecca Haussmann nominated Peter Baczek, and Dick Kelby seconded the nomination. Peter was elected with all votes in favor.

Port Captain:

Rebecca Haussmann nominated Dan Twelker, and Wilder Lee seconded the nomination. Liam Carey nominated Jeff Novick, and Zaaf Hasnain seconded the nomination. A secret ballot was held, and Dan Twelker won the election.


Rebecca Haussmann nominated Bill Csajko, and Robert Ofsevit seconded the nomination. Bill was elected with all votes in favor.


Bill Gavelis nominated Marceline Therrien, and Narcisse seconded the nomination. Marceline was elected with all votes in favor.

Club Theme Song:

Edmund proposed that we have a club theme song: the song "Enjoy Yourself," from the Woody Allen film "Everyone Says I Love You." Edmund was joined by a number of members in demonstrating the song. Dan Acland moved that the Executive Committee be guided by the will of the membership and vote at the next regular Executive Committee meeting to approve this club theme song, and Martin Scanlan seconded the motion. The motion passed by a substantial majority of the members present, during which many of these same members sang a rousing chorus of "Enjoy Yourself," and there were two abstentions.

The meeting ended at 10:10 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 29, 1997.

1997.05.01 - Excom

Thursday May 01, 1997

May 1, 1997
Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the executive committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, May 1, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided (Martin and Abizar attempted to fill the absent Secretary's shoes).

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 pm. In attendance: Rebecca Haussmann, Martin Scanlan, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Bill Gavelis, Liam Carey and members Dan Acland and Tim Brandon.

Dan Acland ­ $445.94 spent on the club house interior. New counter, beautiful bench, and definitely more space. In the near future, will be trying out either a ceiling or wall mounted fan to disturb the air currents to control ingress by flies. Possible donation of fan(s) by Peter Baczek.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Boat Building Contest:

Found the Permathane boat building and racing challenge of last weekend to be extremely rewarding (personally as well as being given a table saw, and a case of permathane). The boat built was a plywood version of Phil Bolger's "Teal", enhanced with a rubber duckie on the prow. The Rebecca/Marcelline (Paul Kamen advisor) team came second overall against some world class builders and sailors. Two of these boats are on 'display' in the CSC boat yard.

Open House:

Open house/BBQ this Sunday. Still looking for confirmed volunteers to help in this event.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

No report was provided.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)


Four new and stronger goosenecks put on. Four more to go. A broken pintle repaired on the rudder. Tiller extension clips being replaced with stronger versions (Dan suggested the use of multi­ton crane boom retainers). Future: More attention to be directed to the mast head sheaves.


The main was damaged, and we have an additional main to replace this. Also rigging and set up lessons for the 470 by Brian. Sign up sheet on the club house cork board.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley -- by e-mail dated April 30, 1997)

Wet Suit Donation:

Wet suits have been donated by Berkeley Boards. These are for sale for approx $45. List of suits and specific prices are in the club house. Check out this great deal. Bill M. had proposed offering a year's free rent for a windsurfing locker to Steve Young (extreme largesse -- donation of windsurfing equipment from Berkeley Boards). Seconded by Liam. Approved unanimously.

Financial Transaction Ledger:

Bill M. had also suggested the introduction of a financial transaction ledger (money for/from memberships, T­shirts, barbecues, maintenance,etc) to be used to record every transaction and to be kept in the clubhouse. Bill G. proposed that the existing membership ledger be expanded into a transaction ledger. Seconded by Abizar. Unanimously approved.

Dayleader Key:

Bill M.'s proposal to replace a separate Day leader key with a senior key was seconded by Martin. Unanimously approved.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)


Daisy's hull deck joint has been sealed, cushions washed and aired, and cabin spruced up by Mike A., and Reginald (Senior project).

Ensign Winches:

Wilder Lee has attached the last remaining winches to the Ensigns and has added new fairleads and tracks to prevent overrides when using the new winches (Senior Project). Dan reports a problem with the pawl of the new winches sticking. He's going to investigate the appropriate grease solution.

Uncle Donald/Daisy:

Varnishing on Donald has been started. Battery on Donald still has to be exchanged. Daisy might be shifted to the slip next to Donald. Advantages ­- upwind docking, more company for Donald.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Accelerated Dinghy Sailing Course:

Accelerated Dinghy sailing course to be offered mid­June for 5 weekdays.


Laser/Byte orientation to be offered. Watch for announcement a week or so before.

Secretary (Bill Csajko -- by e-mail dated April 30, 1997)


Ordered 200 copies Operating Rules and Dinghy Manual booklets, 50 copies total of various handouts (Laser, rudderless sailing, etc.). Have enough right now to last a couple of weeks. Bill Moseley to order 200 copies of the Windsurfing Manual.

Agenda Items:

Also, proposed certain agenda items which are referenced in the agenda.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)


Have four dayleaders. Problem with recruiting enough dayleaders (Bill G. suggests that we confirm the appropriate salary range to attract more candidates). Marc has no more workstudy money remaining for this year so he will be unable to work. Complaints about dayleader performances to be addressed by reviewing the day leader manual and modified orientation and training.

First Aid Training:

First aid training for day leaders and interested members this Sunday (May 4) at the Berkeley yatch Club.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)


Have about $14,000 in the bank.


Free Membership:

Rebecca proposes free membership for John McGee (for carpentry work in the club house), Peter seconds. Passes with one dissenting vote.


We are spending $4,000 for ads in the Daily Cal and in the Bay Express, are the ads effective? Peter will investigate. To bring the budget into the black, the following reductions were proposed and passed unamimously:

­ Eliminate the $1,500 set aside for new keel boat sails.

­ Reduce the $1,500 for new ClubhouseBldgs/Ground related purchases to $1000.

­ Reduce windsurfing budget by $200 to that requested by Bill Moseley (to $2,800).

­ Reduce insurance by $2,500 by eliminating hull insurance.

Eliminate the yellow page and voice mail ($900). Passed with one dissent (Rebecca) and one abstain (Liam).

Proposal to increase the maintaince cost for blgds/ground to $1700 (increase of $1200) to cover the bill for repair of the hoist, passes unamimously.

Motion to adjourn passes unopposed. Meeting ends at about 9:40 pm. Just in time to watch ER.

1997.04.17 - Excom

Thursday April 17, 1997

April 17, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, April 17, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Martin Scanlan, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Bill Gavelis, Liam Carey and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Robert Ofsevit, Dan Acland and Ken Shepherd.

As of April 17, 1997, the club has approximately $14,000 in the checking account.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Open House/Barbecue:

The barbecue and open house went very well. The cost for the barbecue cost more than expected, approximately $180. Narcisse was not at the meeting, so Rebecca will look into why the cost was so high, whether some of the costs will be spread over more barbecues (i.e., for condiments), and what amount we received in cash.

Berkeley Bay Festival:

Rebecca noted a couple of things she thought should be considered in future Bay Festival rides. First, that many more young children go on the sailboat rides, and second, that better coordination is needed for the rides. Robert Ofsevit noted that a number of children were attempting to ride the sailboats although they were under five years of age.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

No report was provided.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Lido Goosenecks:

Martin will take the goosenecks from the Lidos to Svendsens next Tuesday to be beefed up, and have them returned on Wednesday. One Lido has a strengthened gooseneck already, so it will still be available for sailing.

Lido Masthead Blocks:

Martin is still working on fixing the Lido masthead blocks.

Lido Anchor Boards:

The anchor boards in the Lidos need to be attached to the anchor pocket, since they now fall out in a capsize. He will use marine grade silicone to affix them, since it would hold well and still allow future removal.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

No report was provided.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Commander Maintenance:

The bottom of the hull was cleaned on "Daisy." The tillers on the Commanders are now repaired. The hull to deck joint repair on "Daisy" is almost done.

Ensign Maintenance:

The wood on the Ensigns will be varnished. New fairlead tracks were installed on "Dewey."

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Rigging Tests:

Edmund Gauvin, a Junior Skipper, will now be able to give Junior Skipper rigging tests.

Wednesday Night Lessons:

Peter is looking for another person willing to be a regular teacher for Wednesday night keelboat lessons.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)


The schedule for dayleaders is now full.

First Aid:

Rebecca will arrange for the first aid/CPR class on Sunday, May 4 for the dayleaders.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Web Site:

Bill C. added the latest and historical Sunday morning Lido racing data to the web site. He also added a page showing all the hours of non-operation due to low tide, and posted a hard copy alongside the tide table by the door of the clubhouse.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)

Treasurer Cards:

About 20 percent of the treasurer cards put in the safe have missing information, such as lack of a signature, no indication of amount paid, etc. Bill G. noted that four membership cards were missing in the last month. Although he attributes one or two to voided cards, he noted that if voided they should be noted as such and still be put in the safe, and not just thrown out.

Racing Chairperson (Dan Acland)

Dan noted that although the new racing rules are published, CSC will continue to use the old rules for the remainder of the current Sunday morning Lido racing series.

Clubhouse Reorganization

Dan Acland discussed the proposed reorganization of the clubhouse interior. Chris Apicella had prepared 3D graphics illustrating the proposed changes, and pictures of the proposal from various perspectives were placed on the north wall of the clubhouse for members to review and comment. The main features include a counter to define the dayleader area in the southwest corner of the room, a new bench and shelves along the east wall, and moving the refrigerator and microwave oven to the northeast corner of the room, where the table will be. Potential other improvements were a window in the north wall, and a ceiling fan. Construction would be done the weekend after this one. After some discussion of the proposal, it was decided to eliminate permanent padding on the new bench, and delay consideration of the window and fan. Bill C. moved to spend up to $600.00 to construct the improvements. Bill G. seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


The remainder of the evening was spent discussing the proposed budget for our next fiscal year, which begins May 1. Bill G. had prepared a few handouts comparing our actual income and expenses compared to last year's budget, and a comparison of our income and expenses since 1991. Bill G.'s proposed budget was based to a large extent on the historical average. He included in the proposed budget $10,000 for rebuilding the clubhouse completely, which he did not seriously think would be approved, and it was not. Without the $10,000, the budget resulted in a $2,840 deficit. After reviewing all the line items and modifying a number of items, it resulted in a $4,100 deficit. Some of the increases were for a higher estimated cost for keelboat hull maintenance (from $4,400/year to $5,000/year), further renovation of the clubhouse ($1,500), and replacement Lido jibs ($1,000). Some areas discussed to potentially decrease costs were to find an alternative to the cruise answering service ($576/year) and the voicemail/yellow pages ad ($900/year). Alternatives to the location and cost for berthing "Daisy" ($1,614/year) will be investigated. The budget will be refined and voted on at the next Executive Committee meeting.

The meeting ended at 10:40 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 1, 1997.

1997.04.03 - Excom

Thursday April 03, 1997

April 3, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, April 3, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Narcisse, Martin Scanlan, Bill Moseley, Peter Baczek, Bill Gavelis, Liam Carey and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance was member Todd Price.

As of April 3, 1997, the club has $12,633.00 in the checking account.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Women's Sailing Seminar:

Elizabeth Simon and Rebecca provided six lessons on the two Commanders at the Northern California Women's Sailing Seminar at Jack London Square on March 22.

Pacific Sail Expo:

There will be a competition sponsored by the manufacturer of 5200 Marine Adhesive at the Pacific Sail Expo at Jack London Square on the weekend of the 26th of April, wherein teams will be provided three sheets of plywood, a jigsaw, and some 5200 adhesive. The teams will have a set period of time to construct sailing crafts, which will then be raced against each other. Rebecca will look into fielding one or more teams from the club.

Open House:

There will be an Open House this weekend, however there will be extreme low tides in the afternoons that will preclude Juniors from sailing, so we need Senior Skippers and Cruising Skippers to provide rides. We will have chips and soda available on Saturday, with the barbecue on Sunday. 

Racing Chair:

With Bill Gavelis's recommendation, Rebecca appointed Dan Acland to the position of Racing Committee Chair, to replace Bill Gavelis.

Membership Chair:

Rebecca appointed Scherazade Sohrabji as the new Membership Committee Chair, to replace herself.

General Membership Meeting:

The next General Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 15. Election of officers will be held at the meeting, and several of the current officers will not be running for reelection.

Yard and Club Rearrangement:

The yard rearrangement project is still progressing, and we are starting to get used astroturf to replace the old carpets. Dan Acland plans to start reconstructing the interior of the clubhouse on April 26, after getting Executive Committee approval on the plan.

Rigging Tests:

Rebecca wants to expand the number of people able to give Junior Skipper rigging tests, by designating several qualified Junior Skippers to give the tests. Recommendations on qualified Junior Skippers will be given to Peter.

Hoist Repair:

The marina is charging the club $1,200 for the latest repair of the west hoist. Our lease states that the club is liable for up to $1,200 each year for repair of the hoist.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)


Bill noted that we are getting a lot of new memberships now.

Windsurfing Locker Rentals:

There is only one empty rental windsurfing locker now.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

Pacific Sail Expo:

Several changes in procedures for the Pacific Sail Expo are making our participation less advantageous. Bay Area Disabled Sailors will be running the booth for the free rides, and people pay would pay a "suggested" $2.00 fee for each ride, including ours, with the proceeds going to BADS. The insurance the Expo would provide for us is also unclear and may not provide us adequate protection. The Executive Committee decided that with all the changing conditions and the small advantage to the club in participating, that we will not participate this year in giving rides.

Berkeley Bay Festival:

The Cal Sailing Club will be the only organization providing sailboat rides at the Berkeley Bay Festival onApril 12, since Cal Adventures backed out. We will use Lidos and/or Rhodes 19's skippered by Junior Skippers in addition to the keelboats to help give more rides. Narcisse will look into getting more berthing area for us to give rides from.

Floating Bottle:

The Floating Bottle will be printed this week.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Dinghy Outlines:

Outlines for parking the dinghies in the yard have been painted on the new asphalt sealant.

Boat Adoptions:

The boat adoption program is continuing to gain new adoptive parents.

Lido Masthead Blocks:

The masthead blocks on the Lidos for the main halyards have been siezing, and a couple of them have been repaired.

Lido Tillers:

Two Lido tillers were broken at the hiking stick universal joint. Martin is investigating methods to repair these tillers. One tiller is apparently lost, and will require a replacement.

470 Repairs:

Repairs and improvements to the 470 are continuing to be accomplished by the dinghy's adoptive parent.

Lido Goosenecks:

The goosenecks on the Lidos are starting to fail, and are apparently designed too weak. Martin replaced one of the goosenecks with one left over from the old Lido fleet that is substantially stronger. Martin spoke with several marine welders to see about beefing up the existing goosenecks, and estimates strengthening these goosenecks will cost close to $40 each. Bill Gavelis moved to spend up to $300 to reinforce the seven goosenecks. Narcisse seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Metal Boxes:

While at Orchard Supply Hardware, Martin noticed some metal boxes used for display that were to be thrown away soon, and would work very well for storing parts in the tool shed. The store told Martin he could have them for free when they were done with them.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

New Novice Boards:

The new Novice Windsurfer boards are very popular and seem to work very well.

Novice Masts:

The old Novice Windsurfer masts are starting to delaminate, and will need replacement soon. There are 10-12 masts and they cost about $100 each.

Novice Booms:

The Novice Windsurfer booms are also in bad shape, and need replacement. New Chinook booms like we have now cost about $150 each, but we can purchase new ones with minor blemishes for $75 each. Bill M. moved to spend up to $650 for five Chinook booms (the ones with blemishes), two masts, and five mast extension collars. Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

No report was provided.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)


Dayleaders are scheduled for almost every day in April now. Liam hired two new dayleaders, Vanessa and Chi, and has taught four volunteer dayleaders.

First Aid Training:

Rebecca will try to schedule first aid training for the dayleaders on Saturday, April 19. Having the dayleaders take first aid/CPR will greatly help the club in terms of safety, and so it was felt that it was in the best interest of the club to pay for dayleader first aid training, which costs $40 per person. It was also felt that first aid training for members of the Executive Committee would help the club, and the club could therefore contribute half the cost of first aid training for Executive Committee members. Liam moved to pay up to $440 for full payment for dayleader first aid training and half payment for some Executive Committee member first aid training. Peter seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Accelerated Dinghy Training:

Roland is organizing the accelerated dinghy training session.

Lido Rigging Guidelines:

Peter prepared handouts that describe the procedures for rigging Lidos and for providing Lido rigging tests.

Lido Sails:

The battens on the Lido mainsails continue to break, but the replacement battens are holding out.

Laser/Byte Class:

Peter will schedule a class on sailing Lasers and Bytes.


Peter will possibly schedule a lecture by Tom Wiley in combination with the Berkeley Yacht Club. A Lido capsize demonstration/lesson will be held on Sunday, April 27.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Web Site:

Sean Page has been working on revising the structure of the entire club web site.


Senior Skipper Lesson Work Credit:

Todd Price noted that he was having some problems getting enough Senior or Cruising Skippers to provide Senior Skipper lessons on the weekends, and asked if those giving these lessons could obtain lesson credits as an incentive. The Operating Rules state that lesson credits may be obtained during regularly scheduled lesson periods, and the Executive Committee determined that the weekend Senior Skipper lessons organized by Todd are considered regularly scheduled lessons, and that therefore lesson credits may be obtained, with one lesson credit for each hour of lessons.

Additional Berths:

Rebecca will talk to the Harbormaster about the possibility of obtaining berth rentals at a substantial discount if we obtained any donated keelboats for resale.


Narcisse moved that we spend up to $150 for food and supplies for this weekend's barbecue. Bill G. seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


Bill C. noted that the next fiscal year for the club begins on May 1. Rebecca stated that the next Executive Committee meeting will be devoted almost exclusively to discussing and finalizing the next fiscal year budget.

The meeting ended at 9:50 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 17, 1997.

1997.03.20 - Excom

Thursday March 20, 1997

March 20, 1997
Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, March 20, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Martin Scanlan, Bill Moseley, Abizar Lakdawalla, Bill Gavelis, Liam Carey and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance was member Paul Herzmark.

As of March 19, 1997, the club has $11,820.00 in the checking account.

Wheelchair Ramp

Paul Herzmark discussed his proposed Senior Skipper work project, the construction of a wheelchair access ramp to the clubhouse. Paul proposed two alternatives: a ramp on the east side of the clubhouse, rising from the windsurfer sail area at the rear of the clubhouse up to the deck in front of the clubhouse; or a ramp on the north side of the tool shed, rising from the pavement to the west of the tool shed up to the deck area between the clubhouse and the tool shed (which would require removal of part of the lost and found locker). After a discussion of the pros and cons of the two alternatives, it was agreed that the ramp to the north of the tool shed was a better alternative, primarily due to easier access. An access ramp that was removed from a building has been donated to the club, and the materials will be used to construct this ramp. Bill Gavelis moved to spend up to $200 for additional materials to construct the ramp. The motion was seconded by Martin Scanlan, and it passed unanimously.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

First Barbecue

Rebecca mailed out a postcard to all current members and all rated members from last year, to inform them of the first barbecue of the year on the first weekend in April.

Bulk Mailing Permit

Rebecca looked into the requirements for obtaining a bulk mailing permit, as a means of saving money on club mailings. A significant problem with the permit is the requirement to deliver any mailing to the post office three weeks prior to delivery. Bill Gavelis also noted the problems encountered in the past when the club had such a permit. Martin will get more details on the pros and cons of the permit.

Letter to Treasure Island Commander

Robert Ofsevit sent a very nice letter to the Navy Commander of the Treasure Island base, thanking him for the assistance provided him and his crew on the Sunday that he was forced to sail a Commander to the harbor on Treasure Island when returning from Angel Island, after encountering gale force winds.

Vice Commodore (Rebecca for Narcisse)

Floating Bottle

The Floating Bottle will be published within the next few weeks. 

Berkeley Bay Festival

The Berkeley Bay Festival is coming up on the weekend of April 12-13.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Boat Adoptions

The boat adoption program is going very well, with the 470, both Rhodes 19's, and several of the Lidos having already been Aadopted@ by members.

Trailer Paint

The trailers have started to be painted.

Boat Stalls

Martin will have outlines of the dinghies painted on the new blacktop sealant to assure that the dinghies are stored in the yard as efficiently as possible.

Rhodes 19 Trailers

The Rhodes 19 trailers are in poor shape. Martin will talk to John Mankey about inspecting the trailers to determine if repairs can be made or if replacement is required.

Lido Line

Martin will attach lines with loops to the padeyes on the sterns of the Lidos, to assist people in getting back into the Lidos in the event of a capsize.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

Replacement Novice Boards

The club received delivery of the four new used windsurfing boards from HiFly. One of the centerboard housings has a crack, which will be replaced by the manufacturer.

Lost Sail

The log book notes that a windsurfing sail was lost in the water by someone, but Bill has not been able to obtain any more details about the incident.

Windsurfing Manual

Bill has almost finished revising the windsurfing manual, including adding Bill Prinzmetal=s 10-step guide to windsurfing. Bill moved to revise the Operating Rules to increase the time limit for use of windsurfing equipment from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. He will have a small number of the booklets printed this weekend, since we are down to only a few booklets.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Ensign Floorboards

Abizar noted that a number of Ensign floorboards have been cracking, including those recently replaced. He is trying out replacing the broken teak boards with thicker oak boards.

Uncle Donald Problems

The radio on AUncle Donald@ is not working properly; he will investigate the cause. Also, water was noted to be coming out from around the base of the tiller.

Daisy Deck Joint

The hull to deck joint on ADaisy@ will be sealed on the weekend of March 29-30.

Yard Sealant

The final cost for sealant for the yard was $274, which exceeded the original estimate of $200.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

No report was provided.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)

Lack of Dayleaders

A lot of days for the remainder of the month have no dayleaders scheduled, due to a lack of applicants through the work study program. Liam will look into getting volunteer dayleaders to keep the club open until the positions can be filled.


Liam will not run for reelection to the Port Captain position. 

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)


Bill noted that we have had more memberships than this time last year. 

Windsurfing Locker Rentals

Cindy Ross advised Bill that there are four empty windsurfing lockers; two will probably be renewed by the people who previously rented them, one has a potential renter, and one has no potential renter at this time.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Web Site

Bill has added a number of club documents to the club=s web site, including the dinghy manual.


Clubhouse Rearrangement Committee

The committee that is planning how to rearrange the interior of the clubhouse will meet this weekend.

Lesson Credits

The possibility of providing lesson credits to members who give keelboat lessons on non-regularly scheduled lesson days was discussed. There were a number of dissenting opinions given with regard to this proposal, and the proposal was dropped.

Rigging Tests

Some Junior Skippers will be designated to be allowed to provide Junior Skipper rigging tests. Peter Baczek will be asked to prepare a syllabus for these Junior Skippers to assure that they cover proper things during the test.

The meeting ended at 9:20 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 3, 1997.

1997.03.06 - Excom

Thursday March 06, 1997

March 6, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, March 6, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Martin Scanlan, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Bill Gavelis, Liam Carey and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Ken Shepherd and Adam Ezer.

No report on club finances was provided.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Rebecca stated she would present all the topics she wanted to discuss after the reports.

Vice Commodore (Rebecca for Narcisse)

Floating Bottle:

The Floating Bottle will be published within the next week.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)

Dayleader Hiring:

Although he provided a sign at the university advertising dayleading positions, he has received no calls from applicants. He will check to see if the sign is still up. There are no dayleaders scheduled for Mondays or Wednesdays in March right now. He will also check to see if $9.00 per hour is still a competitive wage.

First Aid Training:

First Aid/CPR training for the dayleaders will be scheduled sometime during the next two weeks.


It was suggested that the dayleaders check the weather report on the VHF radio at the start of their shift, to check for the potential for severe weather. Abizar noted that he found the club closed at about 4:00 pm a few times in the last few weeks.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Work Parties:

A work party was held last weekend, and another will be held this coming weekend. Some of the work to be done includes installing S-hooks on all the Lido jibs, resealing the anchor box on Lido hull #7, finishing making sure all the inner tube flotation in the Lidos are inflated, reinforcing the Lido rubrails, working on the blue Rhodes 19, organizing the tool shed, and installing new, longer outhauls on the Lidos. Modifications to the JY-15 will be put off pending discussions to determine if we want to keep the dinghy class legal.

Lido Capsizes:

Because it appears that members may have trouble getting back into a Lido after a capsize, a length of line with a loop will be attached to the ring on the inside of each Lido transom to assist people in getting back in.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

No report was provided.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Dewey Gooseneck:

The gooseneck on ADewey,@ which was recently replaced, has already broken.

Topping Lift:

The boom topping lift on ADaisy@ was replaced by Robert Ofsevit.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)

Insurance Bill:

Bill received the insurance policy and bill for the next year.

SBRA Race:

Hester Burn-Callendar asked Bill if the club would be interested in sponsoring a YRA or SBRA race. Bill is setting up having the club sponsor an SBRA race on Saturday, July 19, here at the club. The class boats in the race will be Lido 14's, JY-15's, Bytes, and Sunfishes.

Treasurer Replacement:

Bill noted that he will not be running for treasurer next term, and that a replacement needs to be found.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Boat Donation:

A club member asked if the club would want an Islander 29 donated to the club. The consensus of the Executive Committee was that we do not have a significant need or the money to keep the boat for club use, and in light of the past problems in selling donations, we would not accept this offer.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)


Bill ordered new dinghy manuals and operating rules booklets about two weeks ago, and the printer has still not delivered them although they made promises twice to deliver them before now. Bill will call them again and state that we may change printers if we cannot get good service.

Web Site:

Bill has several club documents (dinghy manual, instructional guidelines for teaching Lido 14's, and the cruising handouts) either fully or partially converted to HTML for placement on the club=s web site. His goal is to make all the club documents accessible on the site.


Sunday, February 23:

This date was the day when winds exceeded 40 knots, and there were a number of incidents with club boats, such as the Commander having the storm jib torn while sailing under jib alone on a cruise returning from Angel Island. Martin noted that the Cruising Skipper, Robert Ofsevit, did an excellent job not only in handling the boat in these conditions, but also in supervising the crew, which included a couple of people who had never sailed before.

Injury Status:

Rebecca noted that she received a nice letter from Shirley Nutter, the daughter of the woman who had her leg cut in the club a few weeks ago. The bill from the emergency room for the injury was $1,045.36, and it was submitted to our insurance company.

Arjun Nair:

Arjun Nair, who had asked the Executive Committee at the last meeting to allow him to obtain a rating that would enable him to sail Bytes, was called by Rebecca to say that the committee decided to not allow this due to his age and size.

Social Activities:

The first barbecue of the year will be on the weekend of April 5-6, and a letter will be sent to all rated members from last year advising them of the event.


New T-shirts will be ordered after Rebecca and Bill Gavelis review the inventory and sales.

Letter to Rated Members:

Abizar will prepare a letter to send to all rated sailors that will remind them of various things to consider when sailing, related to safety, courtesy, etc.

Accelerated Lido Lessons:

Roland Bruner volunteered to coordinate the accelerated Lido lessons.

Capsize Training Clinic:

A capsize training clinic will be set up.

Yard Sealing:

Abizar noted that it will cost more to seal the yard than originally estimated, because his test patch required more sealant than expected due to the pavement=s poor condition. Rebecca moved to spend up to $200 for sealant for the yard. Bill Gavelis seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


It is now estimated that we will get the donated astroturf sometime after March 21. It was noted that we should pull up and throw out the old carpeting immediately before laying the astroturf.

The meeting ended at 9:10 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 20, 1997.

1997.02.20 - Excom

Thursday February 20, 1997

February 21, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, February 20, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Narcisse, Bill Moseley, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Liam Carey and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance was member Dan Acland, and prospective member Arjun Nair.

As of February 19, 1997, the Club has about $21,800 in the checking and money market accounts.

Request for Age Exception:

Prior to the Executive Committee reports, the committee heard a request from Arjun Nair, the son of member Ghopal Nair, to allow him to obtain a rating. Arjun is nine years old, has sailed on Lidos with his father and on Sunfishes at Lake Merritt, and is on the swimming team in Fremont. His desire is to obtain a rating that would allow him to sail Bytes. The club's operating rules state, "No one under the age of 16 may obtain a Club rating without the approval of the Executive Committee, except for the Novice Windsurfer and Kayak ratings, where the minimum age is 14. Under no circumstances may anyone under the age of 12 obtain a rating." The major concern discussed was his small size, which would make capsizing more likely and it would be questionable if he could right the boat. Various ways to accommodate the request without giving him a full rating, such as use of the Bytes within the Inner Sailing Area, were discussed. Arjun was told we would consider his request and advise him of the decision within two weeks.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Injury at CSC:

This last weekend a woman was injured in the clubhouse when a board with nails sticking out of it that was leaning against the dayleader table, fell over and cut a large gash in the woman's leg that required nine stitches. Rebecca has spoken with the woman's daughter several times, and the woman is doing well. If the cost for the injury is reasonably small, we will probably pay for it directly, and not use our insurance. Rebecca sent flowers to the woman already, and we will see if they will accept a free membership (the woman and her daughter came to the club to look into purchasing memberships).

Yard Rearrangement:

The yard rearrangement is going very well. The roof between the two containers is constructed, vents were installed on the roofs of the two containers, and more windsurfing board racks were installed.

Lido Centerboard Cases:

Martin Scanlan took the anchor pocket out of Lido hull #7 and inspected for the first time the centerboard case reinforcement performed by W. D. Schock. Martin and everyone else who inspected the work agreed that the reinforcement seemed very sturdy, and we may not have to further reinforce the case with extra fiberglass as we thought, based on the prototype provided by Schock last summer.

Women's Sailing Seminar:

The club will provide two keelboats and two female skippers (Rebecca Haussmann and Elizabeth Simon) to provide instruction at the Women's Sailing Seminar at Jack London Square.

Old Lido Sails:

There was some miscommunication and Tim Brandon took all the old Lido mainsails for use on the old Lidos at Clear Lake. We want to keep a couple of the best old mainsails for use as spares on the new Lidos when the new mainsails need repair. Tim will be contacted and we will get back a couple of the mainsails.

Saturday Keelboat Lessons:

We need to be sure that there are sufficient teachers for the regular Lido lessons on Saturdays before Senior lessons are given on those days.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

Concord Boat Show:

We were invited to participate in the new Concord Boat Show on March 6-9. Although we would get a free booth to promote our club, there will not be enough time to find members to staff a booth.

Jack London Boat Show:

The organizers of Sail Expo at Jack London Square, April 24-28, are still working out how to pay for our insurance for giving free rides. We need Senior and Cruising Skippers to provide rides on that weekend.

Barnes and Noble:

Barnes and Noble will only allow up to eight people to purchase books at a discount there. It was decided that the process would be too cumbersome to have ExCom members purchase books for members and get reimbursement, and that we would not apply for the discount.

Floating Bottle:

The Floating Bottle will be printed after all articles are in this week.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis by e-mail)


The Club started the month with about $21,500. Bill deposited $4,100 and paid out $3,800 in advertising yesterday. He is still waiting on our insurance bill ($10,000 11,000) and the yard project bills have yet to be paid.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan by e-mail)

Lido Centerboards:

The Lido centerboard strengthening project is on hold. An internal inspection of hull #7 revealed a stronger-than-expected wall on the centerboard case inside the hull, which was a pleasant surprise.

Boat Adoptions:

Two Lidos and both Rhodes 19's are formally adopted. Martin will meet with the adoptive parents about expectations. Basic expectations are: to review and repair the minor damages to the boats (i.e., rubrail reattachment, line whipping) that might not be immediately noticed by the First Vice Commodore, to perform preventative maintenance and make improvements on their boats, and to report larger problems to the First Vice Commodore. Martin believes this program will help the dinghies stay in good condition by spreading the burden of their maintenance over more people, and help people learn more about boat maintenance and repair. Martin is considering allowing the adoptive parents to name the boats.


The rest of the dinghies have been inspected, and no major damage was found. The one main problem is with the rubrails. Rubrails are consistently tearing out, and rebolting them with washers seems to be only a temporary fix. One of the first assignments for the adoptive parents and during the Lido work party (discussed later) is to put washers on all their boats, before they tear out. Martin would accept any suggestions to prevent further damage.


Martin will purchase an anchor for one of the Lidos this weekend.

Flotation Tubes:

There are three flotation tubes in each of the Lido hulls. The tubes in hull #7 have lost pressure. Hopefully, replacing them will not be necessary, as it would require going into each hull, which is a long job with the way the anchor pockets are sealed. He will try just inflating the two tubes along the sides of the boats, which are accessible through the port and starboard access holes, and see if they maintain pressure.

Lido Work Party:

Next Saturday Martin will hold a work party to paint the Lido trailers and repair the rubrails on the Lidos. Some work may also be done on the Rhodes 19's.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

Container Vents:

Bill will put vent holes in the sides of the storage containers. Since the roof vents installed last week are pretty cheap (about $20 each), he will purchase two more to install on the two containers and increase the flow of air. Consideration will also be given to installing a skylight in the small container.

Board Racks:

Bill installed more board racks on the inside and outside of the windsurfing container, and on the side of the Novice board box.

Windsurfing Manual:

The windsurfing manual is still being revised. There are about 40 of the old manuals left, and we should be able to replace them with the new version.

Windsurfing Container Roof:

Bill bought sheet metal to repair the ceiling of the windsurfing container at each end.

Job Cards:

Bill suggested setting up a system for keeping track of what jobs need to be done, and how to do them.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Dewey Gooseneck:

Dan Acland has the parts to repair the gooseneck on "Dewey," and he will finish the repair tomorrow.

Bad Battery:

One of the five batteries purchased less than a year ago will not hold a charge. It will be returned for exchange.

Boom Support:

Abizar discussed fitting a wire and snap shackle to the backstay of "Daisy" to hold up the boom when the mainsail is lowered. Since the boat has a boom topping lift, it may not be needed.

Docking Lines:

New docking lines need to be purchased.

Wood on Ensigns:

The wood on the Ensigns will be sanded and varnished or oiled as a weekend project.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)


The binoculars are broken and will not properly focus. New binoculars will be purchased from West Marine.


There are no dayleaders scheduled for Wednesdays starting next week. Liam will try to get volunteers until he is able to hire someone to fill the slot.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Lesson Credits:

Peter wants to enforce giving lesson credits only when the lessons are given during regularly scheduled lesson times.

Accelerated Lido Training:

Peter will not be able to be at the accelerated Lido training lessons on all days, so he will find someone who will be able to do so.

Laser/Byte Workshop:

Peter will hold an on-the-water workshop on sailing Lasers and Bytes sometime later this year.

Teaching Workshop:

Dan Acland offered to help with the workshop where Lido teachers will get together and discuss teaching methods.

Advanced Techniques for Junior Skippers:

Peter will prepare something to provide Junior Skippers information on advanced sailing techniques.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)


Bill restocked the handouts at the back of the club and made dividers to make it easier to locate the handouts.

Dinghy Manual:

There are no blue dinghy manuals right now, but Bill is waiting until Peter Kuhn revises the manual later this week before he prints a new batch.

Web Site:

Bill will take over as the CSC webmaster from Patrick Twohy. He has already updated a few of the pages, and is looking for suggestions from people on how to improve it.


First Aid:

Rebecca restocked the club's first aid kit after the injury last weekend, since there was no gauze in it and someone had to get some out of their car for the injured woman. Rebecca researched first aid/CPR classes for the dayleaders, since having a properly trained dayleader would make the club a much safer place. She found we could have a person come and teach a 6-½ hour first aid/CPR class for $44 per person, with a minimum of six and a maximum of 24 people. The club would pay the fee for dayleaders, but not salary for their time. Future dayleaders would be required to take the course before or shortly after hiring, also paid for by the club. Rebecca will organize the class, and make the date known to the membership if anyone else wants to attend (paid for individually).

Ashby Shoal Breakfast:

The "Hawaiian Chieftain" and the "Alma" will not be able to participate with us at the Ashby Shoal Breakfast.


Two of the old brass winches from the Ensigns will be sold to member Dick Kelby for $25 each.

Yard Rearrangement:

Dan Acland discussed the work done on the yard and work still needed to be done. His report, which was handed out to the ExCom members, is included in these minutes:

The way I see it, phase I of the master plan is complete. We have moved the containers, built a roof between them, fitted out the interior of the twenty footer, and moved the "stuff" out of the clubhouse and into the container. Lots of people have gotten involved, and a lot of really good work has been done. The clubhouse is ready for phase II, but I don't think the club itself is quite ready for that. First there are some remaining issues to be resolved in the yard. I have put together a list of concerns that is extensive but not comprehensive. I think it is worth our while to address all of these issues because we have a lot of momentum and we can realistically get our yard just the way we want it. So here goes.

  • The asphalt needs to be sealed. Abizar is interested in doing this as a senior project. An informal investigation of the cost puts it at under $100 and probably one days hard work, maybe two. This can be done within the next couple of weeks.
  • The laser storage situation is not ideal. Rebecca and I have agreed that for now we ought to put a couple of the boats into temporary "archive" status (ie: out of action to save space) and carry on with the existing storage system. However, it would be nice to devise a really snappy and space saving rack system and get the spars hanging outside the container on the side wall. A short term goal is to get the last laser off its trailer and put the three extra trailers we have up on top of one of our containers to get them out of the way.
  • There is a possibility of getting the laser spars out of the twenty foot container, as mentioned above, and then using the space in the container to arrange a simple shelf system to store rolled Lido sails. I think some way of getting the Lido sails into the yard, closer to the boats, is desirable. It shouldn't be that hard. Might mean putting down some more astro turf for a folding area. One major goal of the whole project is to make it so that everything you need to go sailing can be loaded straight into the boat from one location.
  • The area by the Rhodes that is currently being used to store the gas is not yet being used most efficiently. There are a lot of jugs and cans that are trash, and there are a couple of items in the yard that could be moved into that space. What I suggested to Rebecca is that we throw out the trash gas cans and consolidate all the gas into the locker that currently houses the skiff gas. I've checked, and there is plenty of room there. That will free up space to move the man-overboard bin and the shopping cart full of racing carts into that same area. We could stand to make a new set of bins for those items, but that's not critical. I'd also like to get the motor flushing barrel in there, but that may not be the best idea.
  • Lucy the dayleader has a line on some astroturf that will be available in March. We ought to cover the whole rental rigging area with astro turf, as well as the area around the hoist, and the rigging area in the yard. No more carpet please!
  • The two containers need more ventilation. Abizar installed two 12" turbine vents, one in each, and they are great. We probably need one more per container, and then we need vent holes in the walls to get through ventilation. Rebecca suggests those holes be half way up the wall to keep rats from getting in. (What about flying rats?)
  • The kayaks need a proper home. I hate the kayaks, but I have pride in the club, and I want to see an elegant storage system. We are quite far from that yet.
  • We need to figure out a way to get people to put the boats away in the right places. One step will be to get the posts for the Lidos where we want them. Then, once the asphalt is sealed, it will be possible to paint on the surface again and mark out some very obvious locations for the lidos and skiffs. I think a big and simple sign is in order as well.
  • Signage in general is an important issue. Some really well made and permanent signs are needed. Something in the parts container so people will put things away right. Something by the lasers so people will transport and stow them properly, likewise with the kayaks and the racing marks, etc. It will be important to make these signs really durable in some way.
  • The fence is a bit of a shambles, and could stand to be revamped in several ways. Bill Moseley knows more about this than I.

Well, that's my list for now. As I said, I think we should take advantage of the momentum we've got and really do all these things right, and any others that come to mind. At the ex-comm meeting on Thursday I would like to get agreement on all the main points and get funding for the vents, the asphalt sealer, and anything else that comes up. I think we can be completely finished in the yard by the end of March at the very latest.

The clubhouse is a separate issue. It is a big issue. And it is a really important issue. In my opinion it is really important that we come up with an overall plan for the clubhouse, and not make disjointed and incremental changes. We've got somewhat of a clean slate, and we've got time enough to get it right before the season gets rolling. I proposed a counter system earlier, and have received a lot of feedback about it, mostly concerning the way it would affect the group functions of the clubhouse. I have some ideas for a smaller, partial counter, but I know that there are a lot of people with great ideas. Lucy today suggested cubby holes for people to store their personal bags, etc. That kind of idea is great. So, what I want to do is to get a committee together to figure out what all the issues in the clubhouse are, and get as much input from the whole membership as possible. This design process could be underway while we are finishing up the yard, and that way we would be ready for new construction in the clubhouse by the end of march, and the whole of phase II could be done by the end of April at the latest.

I hope everyone else is as excited about all this change as I am. It is great to see that the club is capable of making big changes efficiently. I think it is a morale booster that feeds on itself and makes people want to do things right. And keep in mind, this is just the beginning. For 1998 I want to enlarge and redesign the tool shed, open up the deck area, clean up the rental locker area, and...and...and...!

After Dan read the report, there was discussion on the topic. Dan stated that he believes that all the remaining yard work can be completed by the end of March, that the design of the clubhouse interior can be done by the end of March also, and that changes to the interior of the clubhouse can be completed by the end of April. He wants to form a committee that will determine the important issues that need to be addressed in the clubhouse design, and that will solicit ideas from the membership. Liam, Peter and Bill Csajko volunteered to be on the committee with Dan.

Dan stated that we have spent $860 so far on the yard, but made $140 selling the scrap aluminum spars, for a net cost of $720. This compares favorably with the estimated cost of $700, which did not include the cost for the vents. Dan moved to spend up to an additional $100 for purchase of asphalt sealant and supplies for sealing the yard. Peter seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. The sealing job will be done by Abizar.

Two of the Lasers will be temporarily stored behind the Lasers and Bytes, to make the remaining Lasers and Bytes more accessible until a permanent storage system is constructed.

The three spare trailers will be stored on the roofs of the windsurfing rental locker containers.

Dan wants to have the Lido sails stored in the small container with the rudders, tillers, paddles, etc., to make everything needed for the Lidos available in one place. He would also like to have the mainsails rolled, not folded. There was not support to make that change right now.

Gas cans that are not repairable will be thrown out, making more room in the gas storage locker. That area will be rearranged, putting the man-overboard bin and the shopping cart full of racing stuff in the same area.

After the yard is sealed, the proper layout in the yard for storing boats will be made more readily apparent by placement of stakes for the trailers, new boat outlines on the pavement, and a large sign showing where to put the boats.

Some wire will be purchased to affix the bottom of the fence to the posts where it is loose.

Abizar will construct racks for the two kayaks under the newly constructed roof between the containers.

Membership Drive:

Liam and Rebecca will organize the placement of posters at U.C. Berkeley, and other ways to attract students from the university.

Home Depot Discount:

Narcisse will send a letter to Home Depot to obtain a discount there in preparation for the clubhouse changes.


A member, Laura Boytz, requested the club take students in her class on a sailboat ride.

The meeting ended at 10:10 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 6, 1997.

1997.02.06 - General

Thursday February 06, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The General Membership Meeting of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Berkeley Yacht Club on Thursday, February 6, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 8:15 PM. Executive Committee members in attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Narcisse, Martin Scanlan, Bill Moseley, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Liam Carey, Bill Gavelis and Bill Csajko. Approximately 35 members were in attendance, out of a current total club membership of 126.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Thanks to the Chef:

Rebecca started the meeting by thanking Jennifer Kirkland, who prepared the evening=s feast of Indian corn stew, salad, garlic bread and dessert.

Status of the Club:

Rebecca stated that the club was running real well, with no crises going on. A couple of the ongoing projects to improve the club include obtaining some spare Astroturf to replace the old, rotted outdoor carpets (with many thanks to our dayleader Lucy), and the rearrangement of the containers in the yard. Dan Acland, who headed the planning and execution of the move, discussed the yard project. He said that although the project=s main goal was to allow construction of the roofed-over area between the two containers and thus create a safe, dry haven for our budding kayak fleet, the project will have the secondary advantage of allowing us to move the rudders, tillers, foul weather gear and other wet things out of the clubhouse and into the 20-foot container, which now houses the Novice Windsurfer sails. These sails will be squeezed in next to the kayak fleet under the new roofed-in area. He hopes to move the sails, rudders, tillers and foul weather gear by the end of February. The kayaks are already resting in their new location. There was also some discussion about possibly sealing the asphalt in the yard to extend its life.


The current membership is 126, which is pretty good considering we have gotten down to near 80 in the past. Rebecca plans on working with Alex Case on a membership drive later this year. It was emphasized that we need to be sure to have enough teachers, particularly on the Lidos, to adequately handle any jump in membership.

Windsurfing Lessons:

Rebecca noted that Bill Prinzmetal has been working on improving the windsurfing teaching program, including planning for having teachers go out on the water with students to directly teach windsurfing techniques.

Social Calendar:

A social calendar for the year was handed out. A couple of week-long intensive teaching programs for the Lidos will be scheduled this summer, similar to the old fast-track programs but without the intention of having practical Junior sailing tests at the end of the week.

Waterfront Commission:

Rebecca attended the Berkeley Waterfront Commission meeting this week. She cautioned that at the Commission meeting it was stated that theft of valuables from cars is the biggest crime in the Marina.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

Berkeley Bay Festival:

The Berkeley Bay Festival is scheduled for Saturday, April 12.

Floating Bottle:

The Floating Bottle will be published within the next couple of weeks.

Open House:

The Open House last weekend attracted about 30 people.

Jack London Boat Show:

It has still not been confirmed whether we will participate in this event.

Barnes and Noble Discount:

Narcisse is in the process of obtaining a 20 percent discount for members, since we are a non-profit organization. She asked that no one request this discount at the stores until she finishes all the paperwork and gets it approved.

Chowder Race:

Narcisse noted that Louis Benainous came in third in the BYC Chowder Race last week.


Bill Prinzmetal asked who was taking care of barbecues, since Brian Battuello has moved. Zaaf Hasnain volunteered to perform this duty.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Lido Work Party:

The Lidos are in good shape. However, Martin plans on having a Lido work party on Saturday, March 1, to perform the first centerboard case strengthening on one of the Lidos. The Lido trailers will also be painted. He hopes to get most of the Lido centerboard cases strengthened by the end of April.

Boat Adoptions:

Martin noted that adoptions of boats are going fast, with one of the Rhodes 19's already spoken for. He stated that people adopting boats would inspect the boats a couple of times a month, using an inspection form he will provide. Advice will be given on what to look for, and the actual repair work would be done by others needing work credit.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

Yard Rearrangement:

Bill thanked Dan Acland, Peter Baczek and Dan Twelker for their help in doing the yard rearrangement.

Windsurfing Steering Committee:

Bill met with other windsurfers to discuss the windsurfing program for the next year. He noted that there are currently about 30 windsurfers in the club.

Additional Yard Improvements:

Bill noted that we will be installing racks on the side of the 40-foot container for storing Junior boards, and he wants to look into installing vents on the containers to reduce the humidity in them. Other yard projects that could be done include scraping and painting the containers, and picking up and laying out the Astroturf mentioned earlier in the meeting.

Replacement Novice Boards:

We will be purchasing four almost-new Novice Windsurfer boards to replace those that are delaminating.

Windsurfing Fast Track:

Bill Prinzmetal will be setting up a week-long fast-track windsurfing program, and he will also be setting up windsurfing races.

Windsurfing Manual:

The windsurfing manual is being revised and updated.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Work Projects:

Several work projects that need to be done include treating the wood on the keelboats, and sealing the hull to deck joint on ADaisy.@ Otherwise, there has only been a need for routine maintenance. 

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Teacher Evaluations:

Peter stated that although he has not gotten a significant response so far to his teacher evaluation forms, he will continue making them available.


Peter encouraged Junior Skippers to practice a lot as a means to develop confidence, which helps in teaching. He asked that people try to teach during the week, on Mondays and Thursdays, since we are typically short of teachers on those days. He will be setting up teaching seminars later this year.

Rhodes 19's:

Although we have keelboat lessons on Wednesday nights for Junior Skippers working toward their Senior Skipper ratings, he encourages Junior Skippers to make use of the Rhodes 19's, since they can get much more time at the helm. Bill Moseley noted that people who use the boats should remember to open the Elvstrom bailers after the boats are put back in the yard, to prevent rainwater from accumulating in the hull.

Lesson Credits:

Peter noted that lesson credits are only obtained when you teach during regularly scheduled lesson times.

Weekend Keelboat Lessons:

Peter thanked Todd Price for his efforts in organizing the weekend Senior Skipper sailing lessons.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)


Bill stated that the club now has about $22,000 in the bank. He has $3,000 to deposit, but has a $10,000 insurance bill to pay and an upcoming bill for $1,400 for the new windsurfing boards. 

Port Captain (Liam Carey)


Liam noted that although he has been unable to attend the Executive Committee meetings lately due to his job, he has been able to make time to keep up with the duties of his office. He stated that he will be looking for a dayleader to fill Wednesdays starting in a few weeks.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)


Bill stated that he has been trying to get out the minutes on the club=s listserver the same day as the meetings.

Web Site:

Bill stated that he has been working with Patrick Twohy on updating the club=s web site. 

The meeting ended at 9:30 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 20, 1997.

1997.01.30 - Excom

Thursday January 30, 1997

January 30, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, January 30, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Martin Scanlan, Bill Moseley, Peter Baczek and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance was member Martin Schaaf.

No report on club finances was available.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

General Membership Meeting:

The next General Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 6. Rebecca handed out a draft of a social calendar for the rest of the year that she intends to hand out at the meeting.


The club has 119 members right now, up from last year at this time.

Yard Project:

The yard project is substantially complete, with the containers moved and the roof between the two half complete.

Vice Commodore (Rebecca for Narcisse)

Open House:

The Open House is this weekend.

Jack London Boat Show:

It has still not been confirmed whether we will participate in this event.

Floating Bottle:

The Floating Bottle will be published within the next few weeks, with the next one after that in April or May.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Lido Centerboards:

Martin has slightly revised the diagram of the proposed modifications to the Lido centerboard cases.

Lido Inspections:

Martin and Rebecca inspected the Lido fleet last weekend, and found that hull #7, the hull that had the thin fiberglass on the starboard side of the hull repaired by W. D. Schock, has a number of cracks in other areas of the hull, such as the seat and rail. These cracks are not found on other hulls. Martin prepared a form for future inspections of the Lidos.

Boat Adoptions:

Martin intends to ask people at the General Membership Meeting to Aadopt@ dinghies.

Trailer Paint:

Although Martin has all the supplies to paint the rusted areas on the Lido trailers, it has been too wet to do the work.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

Windsurfing Steering Committee:

Bill met with Bill Prinzmetal and other windsurfers to discuss the windsurfing program for the next year. Some of the results of the meeting include standardizing the rigging lessons, having regular windsurfing lessons at 10:30 AM on Saturdays, and updating the windsurfer manual and Novice Windsurfer written test.

Junior Board Racks:

Bill researched methods to store Junior boards on the north side of the relocated large windsurfing container. They are currently stored on the side of and around the Novice board locker. He determined that short pieces of galvanized pipe affixed to the side of the container will provide the best solution. He moved to spend up to $120 to purchase the materials to construct two sets of racks. Rebecca seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Replacement Novice Boards:

Bill noted that there is about $3,100 left in the windsurfing budget for the remainder of the fiscal year. Of that amount, about $2,250 is left in the budget for equipment purchase. Since the Novice boards are getting old, and a couple are out of service due to various reasons, he proposes to replace some of the boards. Research by him and others on the steering committee determined that a ARevo@ board by Hi-Fly would be a good board for replacing the Bic boards. The Revo is a shorter, wider board with a greater volume than the Calypso=s and Melody=s. The company also has smaller boards that we could also use, since a variety of board sizes would be helpful. He found that the boards normally cost $700 each, with sailing schools getting a discounted price of $550. They also have some previously used ones that would cost $300. Bill moved to spend up to $1,400 to purchase four Novice boards (two Revo=s, plus two different smaller boards by the same manufacturer, at a cost of $300 plus shipping costs of $50 each). Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Replacement Masts:

Bill is also researching purchasing some replacement masts, since a few have broken. He thinks he can get some seconds at a cost of $125 each.

Stolen Fins:

Two fins may have been stolen.

Third Vice Commodore (Rebecca for Abizar Lakdawalla)

Topping Lift:

The boom topping lift on ADaisy@ was repaired by Martin and Rebecca.


One of the radios was repaired.

Work Projects:

Several work projects that still need to be done include treating the wood on the keelboats, sealing the hull to deck joint on ADaisy,@ and installing pillow blocks on the Ensign winches.


One of the Ensign batteries is unable to hold a charge.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Keelboat Curriculum:

Peter finished a draft of the keelboat curriculum, and is having Bob Collins and Hester Burn-Callendar review it.

Weekend Keelboat Lessons:

Todd Price is continuing to organize the weekend keelboat lessons. Peter is going to try to get prospective Senior Skippers to make more use of the Rhodes 19's to prepare for the rating. He took out five students on one last weekend, and qualified two Juniors to sail them. One of the Rhodes, though, is in poor shape. The jibs are also in poor shape, and one that he took in for repair was determined to be unrepairable. Pineapple Sails offered to sell us a racing jib for a discounted price of $250, but Peter will probably get a regular jib.

Fast Track:

There was a long discussion on whether we should re-institute the fast-track teaching program. The consensus was that any future fast-track programs must not be set up where students expect (or are given the opportunity) to obtain their Junior Skipper rating at the end of the week. There were varying opinions, though, on whether it was advantageous for the club or the students to have this intensive program. It was decided to proceed with planning for at least one of the programs this year (to be re-named something other than fast-track). Peter will also look into having instructor seminars, as some thought this would be a better way to improve the teaching program overall.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)

No report was provided.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)

No report was provided.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Bill had nothing to report.

The meeting ended at 9:15 PM. The next meeting will be the General Membership Meeting on Thursday, February 6, 1997. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 20, 1997.

1997.01.16 - Excom

Thursday January 16, 1997

January 16, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, January 16, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Narcisse, Martin Scanlan, Abizar Lakdawalla, Bill Gavelis and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance was member Todd Price.

As of January 2, 1997, the Club has about $20,000 in the checking and money market accounts.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Yard Project:

The yard project headed up by Dan Acland is going really well. So far the yard has been cleaned up, with a lot of garbage thrown out, and the old aluminum extrusions stored on the east fence were stripped of useful parts, and most of the remainder sold for scrap. A forklift will be rented next Monday to move the containers to the proposed locations. A work party will be held this weekend to finish the preparation.


Lucy, the dayleader, has offered to look into getting some astroturf donated to the club to replace old carpeting outside.

General Membership Meeting:

The next General Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 6. Cards will be printed up to advise the membership. The next regular Executive Committee meeting will be held in two weeks as usual, however, since the General Membership Meeting will be one week after that, the next regular Executive Committee meeting after that will be held two weeks after the General Membership Meeting.

Membership Drive:

Rebecca talked to Alex Case about having a membership drive later this year.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

Floating Bottle:

The Floating Bottle will be published within the next two weeks.

Jack London Boat Show:

The next boat show is in April, however, it has still not been confirmed whether we will participate in this event.

Fund Raisers:

Narcisse has been thinking about ideas for fund-raising events for the club.


Narcisse noted that Brian Battuello and Francis Ross have their wedding this weekend.

Barnes and Noble:

Narcisse has arranged for club members to get a discount at Barnes and Noble bookstores. She will get details on it soon.

Treasure Island:

Several members sailed to Treasure Island recently, and, unlike when the Navy owned it, they were welcomed at the yacht club there, and were told CSC boats are welcome to cruise there.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)

Tax Returns:

Bill sent in the Federal and State tax returns, but they were late.


All the 1997 boat and trailer registrations are taken care of now.

University Insurance:

The university is asking for a copy of our insurance regarding the dayleaders.

Windsurf Lockers:

As of two weeks ago, two-thirds of the windsurf locker rental fees were in.

Cal 20:

The donated Cal 20 has finally been paid for.

Club Funds:

Even though we have about $20,000 in the bank, about half that amount is required to pay our insurance bill.

New Year=s Day Cruise:

Bill sailed to Sam=s in Tiburon on New Year=s Day with Todd Price and Dan Twelker, encountering strong winds along the way, unreefing upon hitting the wind shadow on the leeward side of Angel Island, then encountering even stronger winds in Raccoon Straits, requiring a quick double reefing maneuver.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Trailer Paint:

Martin purchased paint for painting the rusted areas on the Lido trailers.

Lido Centerboards:

Martin prepared a diagram of the proposed modifications to the Lido centerboard cases, which was developed at a meeting just before Christmas. The proposal will be distributed to the membership for comments.

JY-15 Modifications:

Martin has been in contact with the JY manufacturer regarding modifications to the rigging.

Rhodes 19 Training:

A group of Juniors seeking their Senior ratings will go out this weekend to get checked out on the Rhodes 19. 

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

No report was provided.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Old Equipment Sales:

Abizar sold the old Rhodes 19 trailer for $62.50, and sold one of the old battery chargers.

Ensign Winches:

Wilder Lee has installed new winches on one more of the Ensigns. Abizar noted that we may be able to use some of the old Ensign winches to replace the worn winches on the blue Rhodes 19.

Senior Projects:

Some Senior projects that members are either working on or could work on are sealing the hull-to-deck joint on ADaisy,@ oiling the exterior wood on the Commanders, and updating the club=s home page.

Topping Lift:

The boom topping lift slipped out of the block at the top of the mast during the New Year=s Day cruise.

Fire Extinguisher:

The fire extinguisher on AUncle Donald@ is missing. 

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

No report was provided.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Bill had nothing to report.


Lecture Series:

Todd Price will discuss with Peter Baczek setting up a lecture series later this year.


Rebecca noted that, although she has been unable to get e-mail for a couple of weeks, she has been advised of all the discussions on the club=s listserver regarding the kayaks. There has been a mixture of opinions on the club=s purchase of the two kayaks, both negative and positive. The Executive Committee discussed this subject at length. Some of the concerns noted by those opposed to the purchase are the lack of use, restrictions on use, cost, and departure from sailing as a club purpose. Rebecca noted that the kayaks have been getting use, probably more than the Rhodes 19's, 470 and other dinghies at this time of year. Concerns about restrictions on use include the requirement for a working rescue skiff and the upper wind limit. Proposals to address these concerns included allowing use of the kayaks during low tide with the skiff in the water, even if it is inoperable, and giving the dayleaders more discretion in allowing use of kayaks in stronger winds. An effort will be made to both making make members aware of the kayaks, and make the kayaks more readily available by placing them by the dock on low wind days.


Bill Csajko noted that rats have been getting into the life jacket locker, and caused a significant number of life jackets to be thrown out because they had eaten the flotation material. The life jackets will be hung up either in the locker or in the clubhouse until they are moved to the Novice Windsurfer Locker when the yard is rearranged.

Floating Bottle Copying:

Narcisse discussed ways to decrease the cost of preparing the Floating Bottle by using her mother=s copying machine.

Exterior Lights:

Tim Brandon had proposed to spend about $120 to install two more exterior lights. It was unclear where they were proposed to be placed since he wasn=t there, and the topic was tabled until we had more information.


Rebecca congratulated Todd Price for the great job he has done in setting up Senior keelboat lessons on the weekends. She also congratulated Dan Acland for recently winning the Chowder race with one of the club=s Ensigns.

Women=s Sailing Seminar:

Rebecca was contacted by people setting up the Northern California Women=s Sailing Seminar. They are looking for sailing clubs to volunteer to each have one sailboat provide lessons by women to women on March 22 in Alameda. Rebecca will look into having our club help out.

The meeting ended at 9:30 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 30, 1997.