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1997.01.30 - Excom

Thursday January 30, 1997

January 30, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, January 30, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Martin Scanlan, Bill Moseley, Peter Baczek and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance was member Martin Schaaf.

No report on club finances was available.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

General Membership Meeting:

The next General Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 6. Rebecca handed out a draft of a social calendar for the rest of the year that she intends to hand out at the meeting.


The club has 119 members right now, up from last year at this time.

Yard Project:

The yard project is substantially complete, with the containers moved and the roof between the two half complete.

Vice Commodore (Rebecca for Narcisse)

Open House:

The Open House is this weekend.

Jack London Boat Show:

It has still not been confirmed whether we will participate in this event.

Floating Bottle:

The Floating Bottle will be published within the next few weeks, with the next one after that in April or May.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Lido Centerboards:

Martin has slightly revised the diagram of the proposed modifications to the Lido centerboard cases.

Lido Inspections:

Martin and Rebecca inspected the Lido fleet last weekend, and found that hull #7, the hull that had the thin fiberglass on the starboard side of the hull repaired by W. D. Schock, has a number of cracks in other areas of the hull, such as the seat and rail. These cracks are not found on other hulls. Martin prepared a form for future inspections of the Lidos.

Boat Adoptions:

Martin intends to ask people at the General Membership Meeting to Aadopt@ dinghies.

Trailer Paint:

Although Martin has all the supplies to paint the rusted areas on the Lido trailers, it has been too wet to do the work.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

Windsurfing Steering Committee:

Bill met with Bill Prinzmetal and other windsurfers to discuss the windsurfing program for the next year. Some of the results of the meeting include standardizing the rigging lessons, having regular windsurfing lessons at 10:30 AM on Saturdays, and updating the windsurfer manual and Novice Windsurfer written test.

Junior Board Racks:

Bill researched methods to store Junior boards on the north side of the relocated large windsurfing container. They are currently stored on the side of and around the Novice board locker. He determined that short pieces of galvanized pipe affixed to the side of the container will provide the best solution. He moved to spend up to $120 to purchase the materials to construct two sets of racks. Rebecca seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Replacement Novice Boards:

Bill noted that there is about $3,100 left in the windsurfing budget for the remainder of the fiscal year. Of that amount, about $2,250 is left in the budget for equipment purchase. Since the Novice boards are getting old, and a couple are out of service due to various reasons, he proposes to replace some of the boards. Research by him and others on the steering committee determined that a ARevo@ board by Hi-Fly would be a good board for replacing the Bic boards. The Revo is a shorter, wider board with a greater volume than the Calypso=s and Melody=s. The company also has smaller boards that we could also use, since a variety of board sizes would be helpful. He found that the boards normally cost $700 each, with sailing schools getting a discounted price of $550. They also have some previously used ones that would cost $300. Bill moved to spend up to $1,400 to purchase four Novice boards (two Revo=s, plus two different smaller boards by the same manufacturer, at a cost of $300 plus shipping costs of $50 each). Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Replacement Masts:

Bill is also researching purchasing some replacement masts, since a few have broken. He thinks he can get some seconds at a cost of $125 each.

Stolen Fins:

Two fins may have been stolen.

Third Vice Commodore (Rebecca for Abizar Lakdawalla)

Topping Lift:

The boom topping lift on ADaisy@ was repaired by Martin and Rebecca.


One of the radios was repaired.

Work Projects:

Several work projects that still need to be done include treating the wood on the keelboats, sealing the hull to deck joint on ADaisy,@ and installing pillow blocks on the Ensign winches.


One of the Ensign batteries is unable to hold a charge.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Keelboat Curriculum:

Peter finished a draft of the keelboat curriculum, and is having Bob Collins and Hester Burn-Callendar review it.

Weekend Keelboat Lessons:

Todd Price is continuing to organize the weekend keelboat lessons. Peter is going to try to get prospective Senior Skippers to make more use of the Rhodes 19's to prepare for the rating. He took out five students on one last weekend, and qualified two Juniors to sail them. One of the Rhodes, though, is in poor shape. The jibs are also in poor shape, and one that he took in for repair was determined to be unrepairable. Pineapple Sails offered to sell us a racing jib for a discounted price of $250, but Peter will probably get a regular jib.

Fast Track:

There was a long discussion on whether we should re-institute the fast-track teaching program. The consensus was that any future fast-track programs must not be set up where students expect (or are given the opportunity) to obtain their Junior Skipper rating at the end of the week. There were varying opinions, though, on whether it was advantageous for the club or the students to have this intensive program. It was decided to proceed with planning for at least one of the programs this year (to be re-named something other than fast-track). Peter will also look into having instructor seminars, as some thought this would be a better way to improve the teaching program overall.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)

No report was provided.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)

No report was provided.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Bill had nothing to report.

The meeting ended at 9:15 PM. The next meeting will be the General Membership Meeting on Thursday, February 6, 1997. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 20, 1997.