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1997.02.20 - Excom

Thursday February 20, 1997

February 21, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, February 20, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Narcisse, Bill Moseley, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Liam Carey and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance was member Dan Acland, and prospective member Arjun Nair.

As of February 19, 1997, the Club has about $21,800 in the checking and money market accounts.

Request for Age Exception:

Prior to the Executive Committee reports, the committee heard a request from Arjun Nair, the son of member Ghopal Nair, to allow him to obtain a rating. Arjun is nine years old, has sailed on Lidos with his father and on Sunfishes at Lake Merritt, and is on the swimming team in Fremont. His desire is to obtain a rating that would allow him to sail Bytes. The club's operating rules state, "No one under the age of 16 may obtain a Club rating without the approval of the Executive Committee, except for the Novice Windsurfer and Kayak ratings, where the minimum age is 14. Under no circumstances may anyone under the age of 12 obtain a rating." The major concern discussed was his small size, which would make capsizing more likely and it would be questionable if he could right the boat. Various ways to accommodate the request without giving him a full rating, such as use of the Bytes within the Inner Sailing Area, were discussed. Arjun was told we would consider his request and advise him of the decision within two weeks.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Injury at CSC:

This last weekend a woman was injured in the clubhouse when a board with nails sticking out of it that was leaning against the dayleader table, fell over and cut a large gash in the woman's leg that required nine stitches. Rebecca has spoken with the woman's daughter several times, and the woman is doing well. If the cost for the injury is reasonably small, we will probably pay for it directly, and not use our insurance. Rebecca sent flowers to the woman already, and we will see if they will accept a free membership (the woman and her daughter came to the club to look into purchasing memberships).

Yard Rearrangement:

The yard rearrangement is going very well. The roof between the two containers is constructed, vents were installed on the roofs of the two containers, and more windsurfing board racks were installed.

Lido Centerboard Cases:

Martin Scanlan took the anchor pocket out of Lido hull #7 and inspected for the first time the centerboard case reinforcement performed by W. D. Schock. Martin and everyone else who inspected the work agreed that the reinforcement seemed very sturdy, and we may not have to further reinforce the case with extra fiberglass as we thought, based on the prototype provided by Schock last summer.

Women's Sailing Seminar:

The club will provide two keelboats and two female skippers (Rebecca Haussmann and Elizabeth Simon) to provide instruction at the Women's Sailing Seminar at Jack London Square.

Old Lido Sails:

There was some miscommunication and Tim Brandon took all the old Lido mainsails for use on the old Lidos at Clear Lake. We want to keep a couple of the best old mainsails for use as spares on the new Lidos when the new mainsails need repair. Tim will be contacted and we will get back a couple of the mainsails.

Saturday Keelboat Lessons:

We need to be sure that there are sufficient teachers for the regular Lido lessons on Saturdays before Senior lessons are given on those days.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

Concord Boat Show:

We were invited to participate in the new Concord Boat Show on March 6-9. Although we would get a free booth to promote our club, there will not be enough time to find members to staff a booth.

Jack London Boat Show:

The organizers of Sail Expo at Jack London Square, April 24-28, are still working out how to pay for our insurance for giving free rides. We need Senior and Cruising Skippers to provide rides on that weekend.

Barnes and Noble:

Barnes and Noble will only allow up to eight people to purchase books at a discount there. It was decided that the process would be too cumbersome to have ExCom members purchase books for members and get reimbursement, and that we would not apply for the discount.

Floating Bottle:

The Floating Bottle will be printed after all articles are in this week.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis by e-mail)


The Club started the month with about $21,500. Bill deposited $4,100 and paid out $3,800 in advertising yesterday. He is still waiting on our insurance bill ($10,000 11,000) and the yard project bills have yet to be paid.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan by e-mail)

Lido Centerboards:

The Lido centerboard strengthening project is on hold. An internal inspection of hull #7 revealed a stronger-than-expected wall on the centerboard case inside the hull, which was a pleasant surprise.

Boat Adoptions:

Two Lidos and both Rhodes 19's are formally adopted. Martin will meet with the adoptive parents about expectations. Basic expectations are: to review and repair the minor damages to the boats (i.e., rubrail reattachment, line whipping) that might not be immediately noticed by the First Vice Commodore, to perform preventative maintenance and make improvements on their boats, and to report larger problems to the First Vice Commodore. Martin believes this program will help the dinghies stay in good condition by spreading the burden of their maintenance over more people, and help people learn more about boat maintenance and repair. Martin is considering allowing the adoptive parents to name the boats.


The rest of the dinghies have been inspected, and no major damage was found. The one main problem is with the rubrails. Rubrails are consistently tearing out, and rebolting them with washers seems to be only a temporary fix. One of the first assignments for the adoptive parents and during the Lido work party (discussed later) is to put washers on all their boats, before they tear out. Martin would accept any suggestions to prevent further damage.


Martin will purchase an anchor for one of the Lidos this weekend.

Flotation Tubes:

There are three flotation tubes in each of the Lido hulls. The tubes in hull #7 have lost pressure. Hopefully, replacing them will not be necessary, as it would require going into each hull, which is a long job with the way the anchor pockets are sealed. He will try just inflating the two tubes along the sides of the boats, which are accessible through the port and starboard access holes, and see if they maintain pressure.

Lido Work Party:

Next Saturday Martin will hold a work party to paint the Lido trailers and repair the rubrails on the Lidos. Some work may also be done on the Rhodes 19's.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

Container Vents:

Bill will put vent holes in the sides of the storage containers. Since the roof vents installed last week are pretty cheap (about $20 each), he will purchase two more to install on the two containers and increase the flow of air. Consideration will also be given to installing a skylight in the small container.

Board Racks:

Bill installed more board racks on the inside and outside of the windsurfing container, and on the side of the Novice board box.

Windsurfing Manual:

The windsurfing manual is still being revised. There are about 40 of the old manuals left, and we should be able to replace them with the new version.

Windsurfing Container Roof:

Bill bought sheet metal to repair the ceiling of the windsurfing container at each end.

Job Cards:

Bill suggested setting up a system for keeping track of what jobs need to be done, and how to do them.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Dewey Gooseneck:

Dan Acland has the parts to repair the gooseneck on "Dewey," and he will finish the repair tomorrow.

Bad Battery:

One of the five batteries purchased less than a year ago will not hold a charge. It will be returned for exchange.

Boom Support:

Abizar discussed fitting a wire and snap shackle to the backstay of "Daisy" to hold up the boom when the mainsail is lowered. Since the boat has a boom topping lift, it may not be needed.

Docking Lines:

New docking lines need to be purchased.

Wood on Ensigns:

The wood on the Ensigns will be sanded and varnished or oiled as a weekend project.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)


The binoculars are broken and will not properly focus. New binoculars will be purchased from West Marine.


There are no dayleaders scheduled for Wednesdays starting next week. Liam will try to get volunteers until he is able to hire someone to fill the slot.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Lesson Credits:

Peter wants to enforce giving lesson credits only when the lessons are given during regularly scheduled lesson times.

Accelerated Lido Training:

Peter will not be able to be at the accelerated Lido training lessons on all days, so he will find someone who will be able to do so.

Laser/Byte Workshop:

Peter will hold an on-the-water workshop on sailing Lasers and Bytes sometime later this year.

Teaching Workshop:

Dan Acland offered to help with the workshop where Lido teachers will get together and discuss teaching methods.

Advanced Techniques for Junior Skippers:

Peter will prepare something to provide Junior Skippers information on advanced sailing techniques.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)


Bill restocked the handouts at the back of the club and made dividers to make it easier to locate the handouts.

Dinghy Manual:

There are no blue dinghy manuals right now, but Bill is waiting until Peter Kuhn revises the manual later this week before he prints a new batch.

Web Site:

Bill will take over as the CSC webmaster from Patrick Twohy. He has already updated a few of the pages, and is looking for suggestions from people on how to improve it.


First Aid:

Rebecca restocked the club's first aid kit after the injury last weekend, since there was no gauze in it and someone had to get some out of their car for the injured woman. Rebecca researched first aid/CPR classes for the dayleaders, since having a properly trained dayleader would make the club a much safer place. She found we could have a person come and teach a 6-½ hour first aid/CPR class for $44 per person, with a minimum of six and a maximum of 24 people. The club would pay the fee for dayleaders, but not salary for their time. Future dayleaders would be required to take the course before or shortly after hiring, also paid for by the club. Rebecca will organize the class, and make the date known to the membership if anyone else wants to attend (paid for individually).

Ashby Shoal Breakfast:

The "Hawaiian Chieftain" and the "Alma" will not be able to participate with us at the Ashby Shoal Breakfast.


Two of the old brass winches from the Ensigns will be sold to member Dick Kelby for $25 each.

Yard Rearrangement:

Dan Acland discussed the work done on the yard and work still needed to be done. His report, which was handed out to the ExCom members, is included in these minutes:

The way I see it, phase I of the master plan is complete. We have moved the containers, built a roof between them, fitted out the interior of the twenty footer, and moved the "stuff" out of the clubhouse and into the container. Lots of people have gotten involved, and a lot of really good work has been done. The clubhouse is ready for phase II, but I don't think the club itself is quite ready for that. First there are some remaining issues to be resolved in the yard. I have put together a list of concerns that is extensive but not comprehensive. I think it is worth our while to address all of these issues because we have a lot of momentum and we can realistically get our yard just the way we want it. So here goes.

  • The asphalt needs to be sealed. Abizar is interested in doing this as a senior project. An informal investigation of the cost puts it at under $100 and probably one days hard work, maybe two. This can be done within the next couple of weeks.
  • The laser storage situation is not ideal. Rebecca and I have agreed that for now we ought to put a couple of the boats into temporary "archive" status (ie: out of action to save space) and carry on with the existing storage system. However, it would be nice to devise a really snappy and space saving rack system and get the spars hanging outside the container on the side wall. A short term goal is to get the last laser off its trailer and put the three extra trailers we have up on top of one of our containers to get them out of the way.
  • There is a possibility of getting the laser spars out of the twenty foot container, as mentioned above, and then using the space in the container to arrange a simple shelf system to store rolled Lido sails. I think some way of getting the Lido sails into the yard, closer to the boats, is desirable. It shouldn't be that hard. Might mean putting down some more astro turf for a folding area. One major goal of the whole project is to make it so that everything you need to go sailing can be loaded straight into the boat from one location.
  • The area by the Rhodes that is currently being used to store the gas is not yet being used most efficiently. There are a lot of jugs and cans that are trash, and there are a couple of items in the yard that could be moved into that space. What I suggested to Rebecca is that we throw out the trash gas cans and consolidate all the gas into the locker that currently houses the skiff gas. I've checked, and there is plenty of room there. That will free up space to move the man-overboard bin and the shopping cart full of racing carts into that same area. We could stand to make a new set of bins for those items, but that's not critical. I'd also like to get the motor flushing barrel in there, but that may not be the best idea.
  • Lucy the dayleader has a line on some astroturf that will be available in March. We ought to cover the whole rental rigging area with astro turf, as well as the area around the hoist, and the rigging area in the yard. No more carpet please!
  • The two containers need more ventilation. Abizar installed two 12" turbine vents, one in each, and they are great. We probably need one more per container, and then we need vent holes in the walls to get through ventilation. Rebecca suggests those holes be half way up the wall to keep rats from getting in. (What about flying rats?)
  • The kayaks need a proper home. I hate the kayaks, but I have pride in the club, and I want to see an elegant storage system. We are quite far from that yet.
  • We need to figure out a way to get people to put the boats away in the right places. One step will be to get the posts for the Lidos where we want them. Then, once the asphalt is sealed, it will be possible to paint on the surface again and mark out some very obvious locations for the lidos and skiffs. I think a big and simple sign is in order as well.
  • Signage in general is an important issue. Some really well made and permanent signs are needed. Something in the parts container so people will put things away right. Something by the lasers so people will transport and stow them properly, likewise with the kayaks and the racing marks, etc. It will be important to make these signs really durable in some way.
  • The fence is a bit of a shambles, and could stand to be revamped in several ways. Bill Moseley knows more about this than I.

Well, that's my list for now. As I said, I think we should take advantage of the momentum we've got and really do all these things right, and any others that come to mind. At the ex-comm meeting on Thursday I would like to get agreement on all the main points and get funding for the vents, the asphalt sealer, and anything else that comes up. I think we can be completely finished in the yard by the end of March at the very latest.

The clubhouse is a separate issue. It is a big issue. And it is a really important issue. In my opinion it is really important that we come up with an overall plan for the clubhouse, and not make disjointed and incremental changes. We've got somewhat of a clean slate, and we've got time enough to get it right before the season gets rolling. I proposed a counter system earlier, and have received a lot of feedback about it, mostly concerning the way it would affect the group functions of the clubhouse. I have some ideas for a smaller, partial counter, but I know that there are a lot of people with great ideas. Lucy today suggested cubby holes for people to store their personal bags, etc. That kind of idea is great. So, what I want to do is to get a committee together to figure out what all the issues in the clubhouse are, and get as much input from the whole membership as possible. This design process could be underway while we are finishing up the yard, and that way we would be ready for new construction in the clubhouse by the end of march, and the whole of phase II could be done by the end of April at the latest.

I hope everyone else is as excited about all this change as I am. It is great to see that the club is capable of making big changes efficiently. I think it is a morale booster that feeds on itself and makes people want to do things right. And keep in mind, this is just the beginning. For 1998 I want to enlarge and redesign the tool shed, open up the deck area, clean up the rental locker area, and...and...and...!

After Dan read the report, there was discussion on the topic. Dan stated that he believes that all the remaining yard work can be completed by the end of March, that the design of the clubhouse interior can be done by the end of March also, and that changes to the interior of the clubhouse can be completed by the end of April. He wants to form a committee that will determine the important issues that need to be addressed in the clubhouse design, and that will solicit ideas from the membership. Liam, Peter and Bill Csajko volunteered to be on the committee with Dan.

Dan stated that we have spent $860 so far on the yard, but made $140 selling the scrap aluminum spars, for a net cost of $720. This compares favorably with the estimated cost of $700, which did not include the cost for the vents. Dan moved to spend up to an additional $100 for purchase of asphalt sealant and supplies for sealing the yard. Peter seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. The sealing job will be done by Abizar.

Two of the Lasers will be temporarily stored behind the Lasers and Bytes, to make the remaining Lasers and Bytes more accessible until a permanent storage system is constructed.

The three spare trailers will be stored on the roofs of the windsurfing rental locker containers.

Dan wants to have the Lido sails stored in the small container with the rudders, tillers, paddles, etc., to make everything needed for the Lidos available in one place. He would also like to have the mainsails rolled, not folded. There was not support to make that change right now.

Gas cans that are not repairable will be thrown out, making more room in the gas storage locker. That area will be rearranged, putting the man-overboard bin and the shopping cart full of racing stuff in the same area.

After the yard is sealed, the proper layout in the yard for storing boats will be made more readily apparent by placement of stakes for the trailers, new boat outlines on the pavement, and a large sign showing where to put the boats.

Some wire will be purchased to affix the bottom of the fence to the posts where it is loose.

Abizar will construct racks for the two kayaks under the newly constructed roof between the containers.

Membership Drive:

Liam and Rebecca will organize the placement of posters at U.C. Berkeley, and other ways to attract students from the university.

Home Depot Discount:

Narcisse will send a letter to Home Depot to obtain a discount there in preparation for the clubhouse changes.


A member, Laura Boytz, requested the club take students in her class on a sailboat ride.

The meeting ended at 10:10 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 6, 1997.