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1997.03.06 - Excom

Thursday March 06, 1997

March 6, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, March 6, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Martin Scanlan, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Bill Gavelis, Liam Carey and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Ken Shepherd and Adam Ezer.

No report on club finances was provided.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Rebecca stated she would present all the topics she wanted to discuss after the reports.

Vice Commodore (Rebecca for Narcisse)

Floating Bottle:

The Floating Bottle will be published within the next week.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)

Dayleader Hiring:

Although he provided a sign at the university advertising dayleading positions, he has received no calls from applicants. He will check to see if the sign is still up. There are no dayleaders scheduled for Mondays or Wednesdays in March right now. He will also check to see if $9.00 per hour is still a competitive wage.

First Aid Training:

First Aid/CPR training for the dayleaders will be scheduled sometime during the next two weeks.


It was suggested that the dayleaders check the weather report on the VHF radio at the start of their shift, to check for the potential for severe weather. Abizar noted that he found the club closed at about 4:00 pm a few times in the last few weeks.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Work Parties:

A work party was held last weekend, and another will be held this coming weekend. Some of the work to be done includes installing S-hooks on all the Lido jibs, resealing the anchor box on Lido hull #7, finishing making sure all the inner tube flotation in the Lidos are inflated, reinforcing the Lido rubrails, working on the blue Rhodes 19, organizing the tool shed, and installing new, longer outhauls on the Lidos. Modifications to the JY-15 will be put off pending discussions to determine if we want to keep the dinghy class legal.

Lido Capsizes:

Because it appears that members may have trouble getting back into a Lido after a capsize, a length of line with a loop will be attached to the ring on the inside of each Lido transom to assist people in getting back in.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

No report was provided.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Dewey Gooseneck:

The gooseneck on ADewey,@ which was recently replaced, has already broken.

Topping Lift:

The boom topping lift on ADaisy@ was replaced by Robert Ofsevit.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)

Insurance Bill:

Bill received the insurance policy and bill for the next year.

SBRA Race:

Hester Burn-Callendar asked Bill if the club would be interested in sponsoring a YRA or SBRA race. Bill is setting up having the club sponsor an SBRA race on Saturday, July 19, here at the club. The class boats in the race will be Lido 14's, JY-15's, Bytes, and Sunfishes.

Treasurer Replacement:

Bill noted that he will not be running for treasurer next term, and that a replacement needs to be found.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Boat Donation:

A club member asked if the club would want an Islander 29 donated to the club. The consensus of the Executive Committee was that we do not have a significant need or the money to keep the boat for club use, and in light of the past problems in selling donations, we would not accept this offer.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)


Bill ordered new dinghy manuals and operating rules booklets about two weeks ago, and the printer has still not delivered them although they made promises twice to deliver them before now. Bill will call them again and state that we may change printers if we cannot get good service.

Web Site:

Bill has several club documents (dinghy manual, instructional guidelines for teaching Lido 14's, and the cruising handouts) either fully or partially converted to HTML for placement on the club=s web site. His goal is to make all the club documents accessible on the site.


Sunday, February 23:

This date was the day when winds exceeded 40 knots, and there were a number of incidents with club boats, such as the Commander having the storm jib torn while sailing under jib alone on a cruise returning from Angel Island. Martin noted that the Cruising Skipper, Robert Ofsevit, did an excellent job not only in handling the boat in these conditions, but also in supervising the crew, which included a couple of people who had never sailed before.

Injury Status:

Rebecca noted that she received a nice letter from Shirley Nutter, the daughter of the woman who had her leg cut in the club a few weeks ago. The bill from the emergency room for the injury was $1,045.36, and it was submitted to our insurance company.

Arjun Nair:

Arjun Nair, who had asked the Executive Committee at the last meeting to allow him to obtain a rating that would enable him to sail Bytes, was called by Rebecca to say that the committee decided to not allow this due to his age and size.

Social Activities:

The first barbecue of the year will be on the weekend of April 5-6, and a letter will be sent to all rated members from last year advising them of the event.


New T-shirts will be ordered after Rebecca and Bill Gavelis review the inventory and sales.

Letter to Rated Members:

Abizar will prepare a letter to send to all rated sailors that will remind them of various things to consider when sailing, related to safety, courtesy, etc.

Accelerated Lido Lessons:

Roland Bruner volunteered to coordinate the accelerated Lido lessons.

Capsize Training Clinic:

A capsize training clinic will be set up.

Yard Sealing:

Abizar noted that it will cost more to seal the yard than originally estimated, because his test patch required more sealant than expected due to the pavement=s poor condition. Rebecca moved to spend up to $200 for sealant for the yard. Bill Gavelis seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


It is now estimated that we will get the donated astroturf sometime after March 21. It was noted that we should pull up and throw out the old carpeting immediately before laying the astroturf.

The meeting ended at 9:10 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 20, 1997.