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1997.03.20 - Excom

Thursday March 20, 1997

March 20, 1997
Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, March 20, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Martin Scanlan, Bill Moseley, Abizar Lakdawalla, Bill Gavelis, Liam Carey and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance was member Paul Herzmark.

As of March 19, 1997, the club has $11,820.00 in the checking account.

Wheelchair Ramp

Paul Herzmark discussed his proposed Senior Skipper work project, the construction of a wheelchair access ramp to the clubhouse. Paul proposed two alternatives: a ramp on the east side of the clubhouse, rising from the windsurfer sail area at the rear of the clubhouse up to the deck in front of the clubhouse; or a ramp on the north side of the tool shed, rising from the pavement to the west of the tool shed up to the deck area between the clubhouse and the tool shed (which would require removal of part of the lost and found locker). After a discussion of the pros and cons of the two alternatives, it was agreed that the ramp to the north of the tool shed was a better alternative, primarily due to easier access. An access ramp that was removed from a building has been donated to the club, and the materials will be used to construct this ramp. Bill Gavelis moved to spend up to $200 for additional materials to construct the ramp. The motion was seconded by Martin Scanlan, and it passed unanimously.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

First Barbecue

Rebecca mailed out a postcard to all current members and all rated members from last year, to inform them of the first barbecue of the year on the first weekend in April.

Bulk Mailing Permit

Rebecca looked into the requirements for obtaining a bulk mailing permit, as a means of saving money on club mailings. A significant problem with the permit is the requirement to deliver any mailing to the post office three weeks prior to delivery. Bill Gavelis also noted the problems encountered in the past when the club had such a permit. Martin will get more details on the pros and cons of the permit.

Letter to Treasure Island Commander

Robert Ofsevit sent a very nice letter to the Navy Commander of the Treasure Island base, thanking him for the assistance provided him and his crew on the Sunday that he was forced to sail a Commander to the harbor on Treasure Island when returning from Angel Island, after encountering gale force winds.

Vice Commodore (Rebecca for Narcisse)

Floating Bottle

The Floating Bottle will be published within the next few weeks. 

Berkeley Bay Festival

The Berkeley Bay Festival is coming up on the weekend of April 12-13.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Boat Adoptions

The boat adoption program is going very well, with the 470, both Rhodes 19's, and several of the Lidos having already been Aadopted@ by members.

Trailer Paint

The trailers have started to be painted.

Boat Stalls

Martin will have outlines of the dinghies painted on the new blacktop sealant to assure that the dinghies are stored in the yard as efficiently as possible.

Rhodes 19 Trailers

The Rhodes 19 trailers are in poor shape. Martin will talk to John Mankey about inspecting the trailers to determine if repairs can be made or if replacement is required.

Lido Line

Martin will attach lines with loops to the padeyes on the sterns of the Lidos, to assist people in getting back into the Lidos in the event of a capsize.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

Replacement Novice Boards

The club received delivery of the four new used windsurfing boards from HiFly. One of the centerboard housings has a crack, which will be replaced by the manufacturer.

Lost Sail

The log book notes that a windsurfing sail was lost in the water by someone, but Bill has not been able to obtain any more details about the incident.

Windsurfing Manual

Bill has almost finished revising the windsurfing manual, including adding Bill Prinzmetal=s 10-step guide to windsurfing. Bill moved to revise the Operating Rules to increase the time limit for use of windsurfing equipment from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. He will have a small number of the booklets printed this weekend, since we are down to only a few booklets.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Ensign Floorboards

Abizar noted that a number of Ensign floorboards have been cracking, including those recently replaced. He is trying out replacing the broken teak boards with thicker oak boards.

Uncle Donald Problems

The radio on AUncle Donald@ is not working properly; he will investigate the cause. Also, water was noted to be coming out from around the base of the tiller.

Daisy Deck Joint

The hull to deck joint on ADaisy@ will be sealed on the weekend of March 29-30.

Yard Sealant

The final cost for sealant for the yard was $274, which exceeded the original estimate of $200.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

No report was provided.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)

Lack of Dayleaders

A lot of days for the remainder of the month have no dayleaders scheduled, due to a lack of applicants through the work study program. Liam will look into getting volunteer dayleaders to keep the club open until the positions can be filled.


Liam will not run for reelection to the Port Captain position. 

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)


Bill noted that we have had more memberships than this time last year. 

Windsurfing Locker Rentals

Cindy Ross advised Bill that there are four empty windsurfing lockers; two will probably be renewed by the people who previously rented them, one has a potential renter, and one has no potential renter at this time.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Web Site

Bill has added a number of club documents to the club=s web site, including the dinghy manual.


Clubhouse Rearrangement Committee

The committee that is planning how to rearrange the interior of the clubhouse will meet this weekend.

Lesson Credits

The possibility of providing lesson credits to members who give keelboat lessons on non-regularly scheduled lesson days was discussed. There were a number of dissenting opinions given with regard to this proposal, and the proposal was dropped.

Rigging Tests

Some Junior Skippers will be designated to be allowed to provide Junior Skipper rigging tests. Peter Baczek will be asked to prepare a syllabus for these Junior Skippers to assure that they cover proper things during the test.

The meeting ended at 9:20 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 3, 1997.