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1997.05.01 - Excom

Thursday May 01, 1997

May 1, 1997
Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the executive committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, May 1, 1997. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided (Martin and Abizar attempted to fill the absent Secretary's shoes).

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 pm. In attendance: Rebecca Haussmann, Martin Scanlan, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Bill Gavelis, Liam Carey and members Dan Acland and Tim Brandon.

Dan Acland ­ $445.94 spent on the club house interior. New counter, beautiful bench, and definitely more space. In the near future, will be trying out either a ceiling or wall mounted fan to disturb the air currents to control ingress by flies. Possible donation of fan(s) by Peter Baczek.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Boat Building Contest:

Found the Permathane boat building and racing challenge of last weekend to be extremely rewarding (personally as well as being given a table saw, and a case of permathane). The boat built was a plywood version of Phil Bolger's "Teal", enhanced with a rubber duckie on the prow. The Rebecca/Marcelline (Paul Kamen advisor) team came second overall against some world class builders and sailors. Two of these boats are on 'display' in the CSC boat yard.

Open House:

Open house/BBQ this Sunday. Still looking for confirmed volunteers to help in this event.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

No report was provided.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)


Four new and stronger goosenecks put on. Four more to go. A broken pintle repaired on the rudder. Tiller extension clips being replaced with stronger versions (Dan suggested the use of multi­ton crane boom retainers). Future: More attention to be directed to the mast head sheaves.


The main was damaged, and we have an additional main to replace this. Also rigging and set up lessons for the 470 by Brian. Sign up sheet on the club house cork board.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley -- by e-mail dated April 30, 1997)

Wet Suit Donation:

Wet suits have been donated by Berkeley Boards. These are for sale for approx $45. List of suits and specific prices are in the club house. Check out this great deal. Bill M. had proposed offering a year's free rent for a windsurfing locker to Steve Young (extreme largesse -- donation of windsurfing equipment from Berkeley Boards). Seconded by Liam. Approved unanimously.

Financial Transaction Ledger:

Bill M. had also suggested the introduction of a financial transaction ledger (money for/from memberships, T­shirts, barbecues, maintenance,etc) to be used to record every transaction and to be kept in the clubhouse. Bill G. proposed that the existing membership ledger be expanded into a transaction ledger. Seconded by Abizar. Unanimously approved.

Dayleader Key:

Bill M.'s proposal to replace a separate Day leader key with a senior key was seconded by Martin. Unanimously approved.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)


Daisy's hull deck joint has been sealed, cushions washed and aired, and cabin spruced up by Mike A., and Reginald (Senior project).

Ensign Winches:

Wilder Lee has attached the last remaining winches to the Ensigns and has added new fairleads and tracks to prevent overrides when using the new winches (Senior Project). Dan reports a problem with the pawl of the new winches sticking. He's going to investigate the appropriate grease solution.

Uncle Donald/Daisy:

Varnishing on Donald has been started. Battery on Donald still has to be exchanged. Daisy might be shifted to the slip next to Donald. Advantages ­- upwind docking, more company for Donald.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Accelerated Dinghy Sailing Course:

Accelerated Dinghy sailing course to be offered mid­June for 5 weekdays.


Laser/Byte orientation to be offered. Watch for announcement a week or so before.

Secretary (Bill Csajko -- by e-mail dated April 30, 1997)


Ordered 200 copies Operating Rules and Dinghy Manual booklets, 50 copies total of various handouts (Laser, rudderless sailing, etc.). Have enough right now to last a couple of weeks. Bill Moseley to order 200 copies of the Windsurfing Manual.

Agenda Items:

Also, proposed certain agenda items which are referenced in the agenda.

Port Captain (Liam Carey)


Have four dayleaders. Problem with recruiting enough dayleaders (Bill G. suggests that we confirm the appropriate salary range to attract more candidates). Marc has no more workstudy money remaining for this year so he will be unable to work. Complaints about dayleader performances to be addressed by reviewing the day leader manual and modified orientation and training.

First Aid Training:

First aid training for day leaders and interested members this Sunday (May 4) at the Berkeley yatch Club.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)


Have about $14,000 in the bank.


Free Membership:

Rebecca proposes free membership for John McGee (for carpentry work in the club house), Peter seconds. Passes with one dissenting vote.


We are spending $4,000 for ads in the Daily Cal and in the Bay Express, are the ads effective? Peter will investigate. To bring the budget into the black, the following reductions were proposed and passed unamimously:

­ Eliminate the $1,500 set aside for new keel boat sails.

­ Reduce the $1,500 for new ClubhouseBldgs/Ground related purchases to $1000.

­ Reduce windsurfing budget by $200 to that requested by Bill Moseley (to $2,800).

­ Reduce insurance by $2,500 by eliminating hull insurance.

Eliminate the yellow page and voice mail ($900). Passed with one dissent (Rebecca) and one abstain (Liam).

Proposal to increase the maintaince cost for blgds/ground to $1700 (increase of $1200) to cover the bill for repair of the hoist, passes unamimously.

Motion to adjourn passes unopposed. Meeting ends at about 9:40 pm. Just in time to watch ER.