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1997.06.12 - Excom

Thursday June 12, 1997

June 13, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, June 12, 1997. Secretary Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM. In attendance were Martin Scanlan, Matthias Reinsch, Peter Baczek, Dan Twelker, Marceline Therrien and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Charles Clausen and Todd Price.

No report on club finances was provided.

Prior to officer reports, the following topic was discussed:

Request to waive age restriction:

Elli Byrne, who is 15 years old, requested the Executive Committee to approve allowing her to obtain a Junior Skipper rating. The operating rules state that, "No one under the age of 16 may obtain a Club rating without the approval of the Executive Committee...." Elli is on her high school swim team, has taken first aid, and will be on the high school crew team. However, she has had no sailing experience. It was decided that Elli should first join the club and take a number of lessons, to both make sure she likes sailing and more importantly to allow the Executive Committee to hear recommendations from other members about her sailing ability, before approving the request.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann, via e-mail dated 12 June 1997)

Open House:

We had a very successful open house and gave over 120+ open house rides. A new member helped put on the BBQ and is interested in being social chair. His name is Chris Binger and when Rebecca returns she will be appointing him as social chair.


Rebecca said to defer to Marceline regarding the disposition of the boat that was constructed for the contest at Jack London Square, Quack3. Marceline will pursue donating the boat to the playground next door.

Floating Bottle:

Rebecca wishes to maintain the June 15 deadline for completion of all articles for the Floating Bottle.

Midnight Madness:

A Midnight Madness will be held on Friday, June 20. Signs were posted at the club, and Peter will send out a message on the listserver regarding the party.

Vice Commodore (Vacant)

No report was provided.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

Boat Adoptions:

Six of the eight Lidos are now adopted. Lidos number 3 and 6 remain to be adopted. The JY-15 has now been adopted also. He has noted a marked improvement in maintenance of the boats that have been adopted. Both Rhodes 19's are now sailing and were both used during the Open House.

Temporary First Vice Commodore:

Martin will be out of the state for two months starting Monday. He has found a person, Laura, who will take over his duties during that time.

Lido Pintles:

We have had to replace about five pintles on the Lidos so far. The problem appears to be that the rudder is narrower than the opening between the straps that are used to attach the pintles to the rudder, and Schock chose to compress the straps to fit the rudder, weakening the weld between the straps and the pintle. Further, people neglect to use the rudder lock, causing the rudder to partially come out in some situations, which leaves the longer lower pintle engaged to the gudgeon, and the top pintle free. This overstresses the lower pintle, causing it to break. Martin said he would consider asking Schock to pay for the replacement. We will replace the pintles using shims between the rudder and the pintle straps, and try to make members more aware of the importance of using the rudder lock.

Lido Anchor Boards:

Most Lido anchor boards are now affixed to the anchor pockets with silicone.

Capsize Loops:

Martin discussed the pros and cons of providing a length of line with a loop that can be snapped on the transom ring, to help people get in the boat after a capsize. It was noted that we should instead encourage people to practice the proper method of righting the boat.

Lido Main Sheets:

It was noted that at least two Lidos have short main sheets. Martin will investigate how much line is needed and will purchase if under $100.

Lido Centerboards:

Edmund Gauvin is going to mark the centerboard case covers on the Lidos with a labelmaker to indicate the fully up and fully down positions of the centerboard as relative to the length of uphaul line.

Second Vice Commodore (Matthias Reinsch)


Matthias noted that we are consistently running out of universals for the Novice boards lately. We have twelve universals, but have more boards. He moved to purchase two more universals, and accompanying plates, for a cost not to exceed $150. Dan seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

No report was provided.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Senior Ratings:

A discussion was held on the current method for approving Senior Skipper ratings, and whether any changes are warranted. No decision was made, but it was decided to have a separate meeting in which the Rating Committee Chair, Elizabeth Simon, could attend and contribute to and proposal.

Intensive Lido Lessons:

Roland Brunner has twelve students signed up for the intensive Lido lessons next week, but still needs additional teachers.

Pre-Saturday Morning Lessons:

Dick Kelby and Edmund Gauvin have been providing on-shore lessons beginning at 8:00 Saturday mornings. Todd Price noted that they have been quite successful, with five students attending last Saturday.

Keelboat Racing:

Peter discussed a proposal for making skippers who race Ensigns on Friday nights rotate the boats they skipper, instead of the current practice whereby the skippers have taken responsibility for maintaining and racing a specific boat, to make sure the boats all receive equal treatment. He also stated that there could be problems if other skippers wish to sail these specific boats on a Friday night. There was strong opinion from other members of the Executive Committee that the current practice actually helps the boats, since the skippers care for and repair the boats even if damage occurs that they did not cause. Also, there have been no instances where there has been skippers competing for use of the Ensigns on Friday nights, so there did not appear to be a need to address this potential problem. The proposal was dropped.

Treasurer (Marceline Therrien)

New Procedures:

All cash transactions, including those for memberships, will now require a cash receipt. The cash and copy of the receipt will be placed in recyclable envelopes before being placed in the safe, to keep better track of cash transactions. New expense forms have been prepared, and should be used even if you will not be reimbursed (bought something on a CSC account).


Marceline talked to Harkin about the Ensign winches. They stated that they have had problems with these winches, and will be sending us two replacement winches. She also examined the insides of a Lewmar winch at West Marine, but decided that the Harkin winches would probably be less apt to fail.

Lido Parking:

Marceline stated that a member told her that people that park Lidos and other dinghies in the wrong places despite the clearly marked spaces should "be beheaded."

Floating Bottle:

Marceline has most articles for the next issue of the Floating Bottle, and will have it published soon. She received a quote of less than $200 for 700 copies. She has also found someone to do page layout in the future.

Port Supply Card:

The members on the Port Supply list were reviewed, with additions and deletions as necessary. West Marine will now require members using the Port Supply card to provide a number at the time of purchase, which is located on each card. Marceline noted that she would prefer people to use the Port Supply card and charge purchases rather than have other individuals make purchases and request reimbursement, to keep better track of costs.


Marceline passed out a copy of the current budget.

Port Captain (Dan Twelker)


We now have a full staff of dayleaders, a total of four.


On Wednesday, a Junior Skipper who was practicing for his Senior Skipper rating, had to be rescued and was mildly hypothermic. The member advised the dayleader prior to this of his intent to practice in strong winds, which were gusting around 25 knots. The member capsized a total of four times, and the dayleader checked on him during this time. However, after the fourth time the dayleader noticed that the member was taking a long time to begin sailing again after the capsize, with the boat anchored. Upon investigating, the member was acting somewhat confused, but was not shivering. He was brought back to the clubhouse, wrapped in blankets, and placed next to the heater. He appeared to be fine after about an hour, and returned to the club the next day. Although two dayleaders are trained in first aid, and the other two are scheduled to take first aid, the courses do not adequately cover hypothermia. Dan will make sure the dayleaders are given training in identification and treatment of hypothermia. He will also write an article for the next Floating Bottle about hypothermia to make members aware of the danger.

Dayleader Manual:

Dan is updating the Dayleader Manual.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)


Bill ordered 200 copies each of the dinghy manual and operating rules. Bill Moseley had 150 copies printed of the windsurfing manual.

Web Site:

Bill is working with Sean Page on improving the web site, including the creation of an animated .GIF header.

The meeting ended at 10:10 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 26, 1997.