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1997.08.21 - Excom

Thursday August 21, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

for August 21, 1997

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, August 21, 1997. Ex-Com members present were Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Martin Scanlan (and Laura Boytz), Matthias Reinsch, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Marceline Therrien, and Dan Twelker. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

General members present were Ohad Denan, Edmund Gauvin, Naim Busek, John Frazier, Bill Moseley, Gavin Reilly, and Derrick Wogsland.

The club has $16,195.46 in the checking account, and $20,028.32 in the money market account.

Special Note: We would like to welcome back Martin Scanlan, 1st Vice Commodore, from extended summer leave, and give a heartfelt thanks to Laura Boytz, who more than adequately filled Martin's post while he was gone.

Rebecca first opened the floor to the general membership for discussion of issues.

Donated 470:

The club has accepted the donation of another 470. Rebecca indicated that she feels club interest and activity in the current 470 warrants accepting and maintaining the new boat, as well as keeping the old one sailable.

Ohad Denan has committed to maintaining both 470s, and also has promised to teach as many Juniors as possible to sail and care for these boats. He estimates that the new boat will require $150-175 to restore to sailing condition.

It was noted that the new hull and mast have significantly more integrity than our older 470, and will eventually make a good replacement when necessary.

Rebecca motioned to authorize $175 to repair the new boat. Martin seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.

470 Harness Issue:

Naim Busek requested that 470 sailors who wear a full wet suit and a positive floatation harness be allowed to sail the 470 without wearing a PFD with the rationale that the J+ windsurfers are already allowed this privilege, and that PFDs get caught in the 470 harness.

Ohad Denan stated that this was not necessary since PFDs can be worn underneath the harness to eliminate fouling problems. Ohad also emphasized that 470 sailing is inherently more dangerous than windsurfing, and therefore PFDs should be worn at all times. The Executive Committee generally agreed with this statement, and the issue was dropped.

Junior Check-Outs On Advanced Boats: There has been some recent concern that Junior check-outs on the 470, JY-15, Lasers, and Rhodes 19's aren't comprehensive enough, nor consistent from instructor to instructor. In recent times past, Seniors have been allowed to check out Juniors on boats the Senior has never sailed.

It was suggested that the Operating Rules be changed to specify that the instructor (whether they are a Cruiser, Senior, or Junior) be experienced on the type of boat in question. It was also suggested that detailed pamphlets on check-out procedures for each boat be prepared by experienced skippers. Peter Baczek will write the Laser, Byte, and JY-15 pamphlets. Ohad Denan volunteered to write the 470 guidelines. Tim Brandon's name came up as a candidate to write the Rhodes 19 manual.

Special Sea Scouts Event:

Edmond Gauvin suggested developing a special relationship with the Sea Scouts organizations in the Bay Area. The Sea Scouts are part of the Explorer Scouts, an "older" scouting branch of the Boy Scouts of America. Sea Scouts are typically 16-18 years old, and in High School.

Edmond would like to host a special open house on Sunday, September 21 at around noon (when the Lido races have finished). He envisions a very informal Lido race, with CSC skippers sailing with Sea Scout crew. Following the race would be a barbecue for the Scouts and possibly their parents, with a short informational meeting about our club.

Edmond would also like to organize a special intensive sailing course for the Scouts, and/or special lesson times. In exchange, the Sea Scout organization recommends our club to their membership. The Scouts would be expected to pay the student rate of $40 per quarter.

Any rated skippers interested in helping out with the special "race" and open house are encouraged to call Edmond at (510) 528-0403.



Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)


The new batch of windsurfing T-shirts are in, after much trial and tribulation on her part. But they look great. We'll be getting our next batch free.


The club is the proud owner of a Santana 22, which was donated recently. She is berthed at A-dock, slip 14. A work party is needed ASAP to clean her up so that she looks attractive to potential buyers. (Note -- Abizar Lakdawalla and a small work party consisting of at least Derrick Wogsland, and Monica Fernandez did a bang-up job on Saturday the 23rd. No thanks must go to our illustrious Vice Commodore, who had promised to help, but found bed much too comfortable that morning. He did his penance by teaching Lido lessons with a headache, and almost getting seasick.) Any club members that have $2.5 grand kicking around, and would like a very nice starter boat, or know someone who would like such a boat, are encouraged to go have a look at her.

Also being finalized is the donation of an Islander 29 being donated by Barbara Snyder. Rebecca again broached the issue of being able to sail donated boats until they have been sold, but this did not meet with much approval, so the issue was quickly dropped.


Vice Commodore (Brandon Gates)


Brandon asked approval to spend up to $500 on sailing T-shirts. General opinion seemed to be that we would want a lot of light colors, with some long-sleeved, some short, and all in sizes L and XL. Having established those conditions, Rebecca motioned to spend the money, and Dan seconded. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.


Brandon suggested that the membership records could be kept more organized and up to date if there were a computer in the clubhouse specifically for logging in new members, and renewing expired memberships. The idea is that members could enter their personal data themselves. Currently, Rebecca handles entering addresses from the blue cards into her database for mailing purposes, but no other tracking or sorting is done beyond that.

Dan Acland has expressed interest in developing a "bullet-proof" database that could be used in a clubhouse setting. There are rumors that Bill Csajko could donate a PC that would run such a database, but that no one would want to steal.

The response was generally favorable, and authorization was given to continue the investigation of the feasibility of the idea.


Response to Brandon's plea for promotional pictures for the website, T-shirts, and other uses has been excellent. Some good shots have been found in his mail folder in the clubhouse already, but more are needed.


Port Captain (Dan Twelker)


We now have new binoculars. They cost about $40 (which made Marceline very happy) and they are compact and waterproof. We all feel safer now that the Dayleader can see with both eyes through the binoculars.

New Dayleader:

We have a new dayleader, Avery (whose full name is Michael Avery, but don't call him that). Avery is a water-skier who is a potential convert to a purer form of water sport, but who in the meantime drives a really mean rescue skiff. That brings the dayleader compliment up to four, with Chi, Francis and Marc welcoming Avery into their elite midst. Dan is in the process of interviewing a fifth dayleader to bring us up to a full compliment.

Operations at the club are going generally well.


Treasurer (Marceline Therrien)


The club has $16,195.46 in the checking account, and $20,028.32 in the money market account. Our net income for this fiscal year (which started in April) is $22,524.74. This compares to a net income at the same point last year of $1,435.03. (Note: the club last year had the expenditure of about $9,719 in payments on the new Lido fleet, which when added to the net income last year equals about $11,154. This puts us about $9,126 ahead of where we were last year. Kudos to Marceline for running a tight ship!)

We have $44,000 budgeted to spend before the end of the fiscal year, which is $14,000 ahead of last year. To meet this budget, the club needs earn another $20,000 by next April.

Fleet Value: Marceline has received the property value assessment for our fleet from the State. The value of our boats is grossly overstated, and she is looking for someone qualified to review the value of our boats to determine their actual market worth. The taxation representative Marceline spoke with has been very accommodating, and said he will willing to accept lower values if the condition of our fleet is properly documented.


The lovely brown wooden trim running around the top of our clubhouse succumbed to the relentless summer wind that makes our existence possible. Tim Brandon thinks we may have property insurance that might cover the cost of repairs, but Marceline has no idea where to find the policy. Rebecca said she would follow up with Bill Gavelis. Pending the materialization of insurance money, we need some cash and labor to restore the club to Bristol condition.


First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan and Laura Boytz)

Lido Tiller Clip:

Martin reported that Peter Kuhn bought a new $20.00 clip for a Lido tiller extension. If this one holds up to the abuse, more will be purchased and installed.

Rhodes 19:

Thanks to Tim Brandon for the work on Lion's mast. The work cost $75.00, but we still need labor to rig the mast to the boat, and retune it.


Gavin Reilly, adoptive parent of the Laser fleet, reports that we only have enough working Laser parts to be able to sail one hull at a time. We have two hulls that are seaworthy, and he suggests expenditures of not more than $50.00 to accomplish this end. He also suggests modifying the Byte rudder pintles so that they can be rigged on either a Laser or a Byte hull. His willingness to tackle these issues met with adulation from Ex-Com, and his request for funds was approved.

Returning First Vice Commodore:

Laura welcomed back to our fold Martin Scanlan, our vacationing dinghy guru, who returns from a visit to his family and friends back in Wisconsin, and other places Midwestern.

Rhodes 19 Jib:

Laura reports that Tim Brandon recovered a missing Rhodes jib from Cal Adventures' sail locker. Tim suspects that they have the other R-19 jib as well, and will check that out at his earliest convenience. (Though it was not mentioned in the meeting, the Vice Commodore, and substitute secretary for Bill this week, will take this opportunity to admonish Rhodes sailors not to leave R-19 jibs on the dock by Cal Adventures -- the Cal Adventures folks have Pineapple jibs for their Coronado 14 fleet, and they think that our R-19 jibs look like Coronado *genoas*. Whatever ...)

Lido Jiffy Reefs:

Laura also forwarded to Ex-Com the idea from a member that the Lidos could be rigged with a jiffy reefing system and canvas sail covers. This would cost an estimated $150 per boat, and would make reefing underway much easier. Other advantages: the mainsail would be flaked to the boom and stay with the boat, reducing the chances of breaking battens, and the sail numbers could be matched up with the hull numbers, making the Dayleader's job of tracking wayward Lidos much easier. The discussion generated some positive interest, and was tabled pending further investigation.

Thanks to Laura:

Brandon, on behalf of Ex-Com, thanked Laura for her service during Martin's absence.


Second Vice Commodore (Matthias Reinsch)

New Masts:

15 new masts are needed for the Novice windsurfers -- the last were bought in 1992. Powerex of Salt Lake City, UT, lists suitable carbon fiber masts for $200 apiece, but said if we buy 15, we'll get a deal for $70 each. These are 4 lb. masts, and would be very nice for Novices (Thanks to Bill Mosey for calling various manufacturers and dealers.). Bill moved to spend $1,050 plus shipping for the new masts. Matthias seconded, and the motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.

Disciplinary action #1:

A J+ windsurfer attempted a docking on the windward side of the dock, lost control of the mast, and cracked a carbon fiber mast. It cannot be repaired. Extra work, a suspension, and a monetary penalty were discussed due to the "egregious negligence" of the incident. Also, the windsurfers had been sailing on an expired membership, which has been renewed. The offending member will be invited to the next meeting of Ex-Com to tell his side of the story. In the member's defense, Matthias offered that this is an active member who is generally not a problem, and who found the crack in the mast himself (which was diminutive, but none the less fatal) only after a thorough inspection. The member has apparently been very cooperative and willing to make restitution.

Discipline action #2:

Another J+ windsurfer became exhausted, and signaled for help. When help did not arrive, the member attempted to derig the mast with the intent of paddling the board back to the club. In process of derigging the mast, the $400 sail came loose and sank, and was not recovered. Brandon noted that the windsurfer involved, and the Dayleader on duty that day are both competent, and well respected around the club. No action will be taken until the member involved has had an opportunity to appear before Ex-Com.


Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Jib Halyard:

Rebecca noted that the jib halyard sheave on "Louie" needs to be replaced. She suggests replacing the halyard with rope, and then replacing the sheave with one appropriate for a rope halyard.


Abizar reports that the tiller and rudder tang on "Dewey" needs to be replaced.

Third Vice Commodore Replacement:

Brandon Gates will assume the duties of Third Vice Commodore so that Abizar may retire from his post. Brandon will still retain the title and duties of Vice Commodore, and will serve both positions until a willing Third Vice Commodore can be found. Abizar was thanked for his time of service, and will be missed.


Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Teaching Seminar:

Peter plans to hold a teaching seminar for Junior skippers sometime in the near future. Salty, experienced CSC instructors will impart their wisdom to Junior skippers who want to teach, but are a bit apprehensive. Several of these seminars have occurred in the past, and were very successful.


Rebecca motioned to adjourn. Seconded by Dan. All were in favor. The next Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 4, 1997.