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1997.10.02 - Excom

Thursday October 02, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

for October 2, 1997

Meeting convened at 7:20PM. Present were Executive Committee members Rebecca Haussman, Brandon Gates, Matthias Reinsch , Peter Basczek, Dan Twelker, Marceline Thierren. Also present were club members Virginia Nido, and Robert Ofsevit.

Rebecca noted that Brandon has taken over the duties of secretary.

Membership Survey

Virginia Nido was recognized, and given an opportunity to discuss a draft of a membership phone survey she has been working on. Virginia’s training is in survey development, and she is currently employed in that capacity. She distributed copies of a draft of the survey and asked for feedback from the committee members. She suggested that the survey should take no longer than about 10 minutes, and proposed that 10% of the membership in June through August be randomly selected as the polling sample.

Virginia recorded the committee’s comments and feedback (which was generally positive) and will be generating a final draft. She will be recruiting members who need work hours to help with the phone calling necessary to complete the survey.

Keelboat Klutter

Robert Ofsevit was given the floor to discuss his concern about the condition club keelboats are being left in after having been sailed. In particular, he has been distressed to find empty beer cans and bottles left in the cabins, and improperly stowed gear. Robert could not stay for the discussion to offer further comments, however, enough committee members had similar concerns, and the issue was taken up under Rebecca’s report.

Commodore Rebecca Haussman

Rebecca presided over a number of major work projects recently. The tool shed, clubhouse and clubhouse floor were painted. Some cubbyholes were added inside the clubhouse for members to stow their personal belongings while sailing. Several weak planks were replaced on the clubhouse deck. Rebecca noted that Tim Booster has been a huge help in deciding what to do about replacing the exterior trim on the clubhouse which was damaged by heavy wind several weeks ago.

Rebecca suggested modifying the current membership cards to include Laser and JY-15 checkout slots.

Matthias noted that a sign-off slot is needed for the Junior Windsurfer rigging test, as well as spaces for the Rigging and Sailing tests for the J+ rating.

Rebecca suggested binding the sailboat sign out sheets together to form a logbook.

Rebecca reported that she checked with our insurance carrier, and learned that our insurance only covers personal injury claims by non-club members. Therefore, the injuries to Dan Acland’s teeth in a windsurfing accident recently cannot be claimed since he is a club member.

Keelboat Klutter revisited:

Rebecca to send an e-mail message about keeping keelboats tidy. Brandon will make signs for the keelboat sign out sheets.

It was generally decided that the following guidelines be followed:

1. Headsails and PFDs are to be stowed on the benches in the cabin, not on the consistently wet "bilge" in the cabin.

2. No trash of any kind to be left in boat.

3. Mainsail to be flaked and covered properly on boom.

4. No foul weather gear to be stowed on board, but should be returned to equipment locker.

Punitive action for breaking these guidelines could include suspension.

Vice Commodore Brandon Gates

Ideas for improving the membership database were discussed. Brandon’s goal is to lessen the workload involved in the data entry process.

Rebecca requested help from any club member interested in taking over duty as the membership chair.

Brandon handed out kudos to Marceline, who did some bang-up PR work by getting a picture of Dewey close-hauled and looking good in the Pineapple ad on the first page of this month’s Latitude 38.

Open house this Sat. and Sunday from 1-4PM each day. BBQ at 1:00 on Sunday.

First Vice Commodore Martin Scanlan

Martin was not present, however a number of issues involving the dinghy fleet were discussed.

Rebecca noted that Peter Kuhn found a lost Lido rudder while wading around the inner sailing area during low tide.

Rebecca noted that Schock will have new rudders we ordered ready in a week.

Dan Twelker noted that member Jim Struble does stainless steel welding, and may be able to repair some of the broken Lido pintles.

Dan noted that Lido #7 had a leaking anchor box. Brandon, the adoptive owner, suggested that the screw holes had been stripped out, making a tight seal impossible. Dan remedied the problem by backing the mounting flange with aluminum stripping from the inside, and then drilling holes for the screws to grab. The leaks in the port stern and centerboard area are being repaired by another club member who was not named.

Rebecca noted that new vinyl transom protective strip have been obtained, and need to be installed.

Second Vice Commodore Matthias Reinsch

Disciplinary Action: The member who broke a winsurfing mast docking on the windward side has taught a Saturday lesson (about 3 hours) and has volunteered to do another. Matthias motioned that he should do a total of 4 lessons, for a total of 10 hours before November to make restitution, or face suspension. Marceline seconded by Marceline. It was noted that the member in question is generally responsible, and that the windward docking was attempted because the leeward side was full. It was also discussed that the amount of work hours being requested was not out of line since the member is not to be fined. The motion passed unanimously.

Disciplinary Action: A sail was damaged when the member in question detached the rig and paddled the board to the club. The member claims his life was in danger after having been in trouble for 30 minutes, and was simply following established club guidelines for self-rescuing. Further discussion and investigation is pending in this matter.

Disciplinary Action: A member who loaned club equipment to a non-club member remains unidentified. The investigation will continue.

Disciplinary Action: A club member who consistently returns after dock-time was suspended by Chi.

Acting Third Vice Commodore Brandon Gates

Brandon opened a discussion of the fall haul-outs. Rebecca suggested holding off on the haul-outs until Spring, and devoting funds and labor toward repairing and maintaining everything from the toerail up, including the toerails themselves, winches, hardware, rigging, and cockpit soles.

Marceline reports that the new Lewmar winches on Louie are working perfectly. Rebecca motioned to return the Harken winches on Dewey and Huey, and purchasing Lewmars to replace them. Peter seconded. All were in favor.

Port Captain Dan Twelker

Biggest problem currently is getting a dayleader to work on Thursday to fill the gap left by Francis, who unfortunately resigned his position due to time constraints. There are lots of interested applicants, but so far, no one has been able to work during that time period.

Rebecca wants to encourage dayleaders to make detailed reports in the logbook, and to record memberships in the record book without fail.

Rear Commodore Peter Basczek

Peter had nothing to report.

Treasurer Marceline Thierren

The balance in the checking account is $15,668.25. The money market account has $20,067.00. The club’s net income from 5/1 to 10/1 is $22,662.90, which does not include $7,100 made from the sale of the donated Islander 29’. This compares to $486.00 during the same period last year.

Peter suggested that new jibs for the lidos are justified due to the heavy use this summer. He would like to consider having the new ones made from even heavier sailcloth. There was general support for this idea.

Rebecca and Marceline both suggested doing a complete sail inventory to decide on our needs.

Marceline noted that the new issue of the Floating Bottle is taking shape, with several stories having already been submitted, and others being solicited. She needs a list of upcoming club events.

Marceline brought up the idea of having a work credit "bank", so that members can do extra work in the off-season, and thereby have more time to sail during the summer. Rebecca motioned that extra work credit can be carried forward for two quarters past the current quarter. Peter seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Rebecca motioned to adjourn at 9:50. Brandon seconded. All were in favor.