All Meeting Minutes

1997.10.16 - Excom

Thursday October 16, 1997

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

for October 16, 1997

Meeting convened at 7:15 PM. Present were Executive Committee members Rebecca Haussman, Brandon Gates, Martin Scanlan, Matthias Reinsch, Peter Basczek, Joe Matera. Also present were club members Narcisse, Edmond Gauvin and Jeff Osofsky.

14 year-old member

Jeff Osofsky, 14, and his father presented a case to the Executive Committee to allow Jeff to pursue his Junior Windsurfer rating. He is currently a Novice Windsurfer, and has belonged to the club for several weeks.

Jeff has sailed extensively for several years on Hobies, and has taught sailing at Lake Merritt. His father says that he is very responsible, competent, and physically capable. He had a mature demeanor during the course of the discussion.

Joe Matera motioned to let him advance to Junior pending the outcome of his Junior tests. Brandon seconded. All were in favor with no abstentions.

General Membership Concerns

Edmond Gauvin was given the floor to discuss three items.

He wants permission to decorate the clubhouse wood table with a copy of a chart of the Bay, encased in hard resin. He estimates that it will cost about $40.00. General approval was given. Peter B. to assist with getting material since he has some expertise. Edmond will order the chart.

The Sea Scout leaders thanked us for last month’s BBQ and racing event. They expressed interest in a similar activity next summer. They asked if we could extend club memberships to the Sea Scout members for ½ price. We decline on the grounds that our membership dues are already low.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary offers courtesy inspections of watercraft at no cost. Boats that pass the examination are given a sticker certifying that the vessel has been inspected, and passed. Edmond thinks this could be beneficial because it could reduce our liability in accidents, and show intent to comply should a club boat ever be boarded by the Coast Guard. Peter said our fleet could be grounded. Martin said that it might give us a good idea of what needs to be done with the boats to make them more seaworthy. Brandon suggested that a passing grade could reduce our liability insurance premiums. The discussion was tabled pending further investigation by Edmond and Rebecca.

Commodore Rebecca Haussman

Moved that Joe Matera be made acting Treasurer in Marceline’s absence. Brandon seconded. All in favor, no abstentions.

The date for the general membership meeting has not been set. It will either be the first or second Thursday in November at the Berkeley Yacht Club. BYC will let us know which of those two nights we can have.

New manuals were ordered, and should be available by this weekend. Bill Mosley informed Brandon that Cal Copy has the wrong version of the windsurfing manual on file. Rebecca will check to verify that the matter has been taken care of hopefully before our order is printed up.

There will be a Halloween party, and Ghoulish Moonless Madness on Friday, Oct. 31. Pumpkin carving contest, spiked punch (but no drunken sailing) and various other activities will abound. More details will be forthcoming. Brandon will print up some signs advertising the event when the details have been finalized.

Vice Commodore Brandon Gates

Marceline has finalized the new Floating Bottle and needs to be printed. Rebecca motions that $300.00 be spent to print it up. Brandon seconds. All in favor, no abstentions.

First Vice Commodore Martin Scanlan

Where are the Lido rudders? Rebecca will call Schock to find out. We currently have 6 rudders operational, and 7 hulls sailable.

The trailer for the Blue Rhodes is unsafe because it has a tendency to become unbalanced if the boat is placed too far away from the tongue. Talk about modifying the trailer with steel arms to keep the trailer from dumping the boat on its bow has not met with any actual welding, so Martin is looking for a replacement trailer. The suggestion was made to look in this month’s Latitude 38 for leads.

We have a new Lido sling with snap-shackles instead of hooks. It works very well.

Repairs on Lido #7 are stalled because neither Joe Matera nor Dan Twelker feel like they have the ability to finish the fiberglassing job that has been started. Brandon expressed desire for someone to fix "his" boat so that he can sail it again.

Vinyl transom strips for the Lidos are in, and need to be installed and trimmed.

The issue of sail covers for the Lidos was re-addressed. No one has volunteered to sew them, so it looks like we’ll have to get them made. Brandon has heard of a very highly recommended canvas shop in the City, and will get a quote.

The Lidos, despite nearly disastrous events early in their service, have been performing quite well lately. Rebecca is encouraged that they all still float after the beating that this summer’s high usage put them through.

The elastic centerboard downhauls have been chafing on exposed screws somewhere in the centerboard casings. Anyone noticing a fraying downhaul should pop the cover over the casing, and either file down the offending hardware, or build up some resin over the exposed screw to eliminate the chafing.

Second Vice Commodore Matthias Reinsch

Status of the windsurfing equipment is generally good. The booms are in the worst shape, but a protocol for regripping them has been established and printed out. It is posted on the cork notice board on the north wall inside the clubhouse.

Matthias motioned that John Myall, and Ed Shirk, both J+ windsurfers, be given Executive Committee approval to give Junior windsurfer practical tests. Joe seconded. Discussion: both are highly experienced, and put a lot of work into the club winsurfing program. The motion passed unanimously, with no abstentions.

Matthias officially recognized Ed and John for the amount of work they put into the club, and extended his gratitude.

Acting Third Vice Commodore Brandon Gates

As a result of concerns brought to him by Edmond, Brandon inventoried the keelboats for PFDs, and winch handles. There were only two winch handles and one type IV throwable PFD for the entire fleet. Brandon motioned to purchase four type IV throwable seat cushions, and three red plastic floating winch handles from Port Supply. Peter seconded. All in favor, no abstentions.

Rebecca asked Brandon to investigate where the missing equipment went. Peter confessed to losing a winch handle once. Dan Acland was identified as a possible person to ask about the other missing ones.

Haulouts are going to be put off until next Spring. Brandon will concentrate on maintaining the boats from the toerail up. He is looking for Seniors interested in surveying the boats for work that needs to be done, and then supervising work parties aimed at accomplishing very specific, and manageable tasks.

Port Captain Dan Twelker

Dan was not present, but sent his report via e-mail to Rebecca, who forwarded them to Brandon to post in the minutes.

Rear Commodore Peter Basczek

The Senior "Kit" requirements as stated in the operating rules for keelboats are as follows:

A PFD for everyone on board. (They only have to be worn at times while out of the cockpit, but have to be readily accessible at all times.)

One Type IV Coast Guard Approved throwable PFD must be on board and readily available.

Working compass on board when conditions warrant.

A day/night visual signaling device.


It is Peter’s opinion that this list is not comprehensive enough, and that prudent Senior Skippers should be required by the Operating Rules to carry a kit similar to, but not quite as extensive, as the Cruising Skipper’s kit. The discussion was tabled for further thought and research.

The current system for nominating Rating Committee members is: the member is nominated, Ex Com approves, and the deal is done. Peter would like the RC to have more a part in deciding who belongs to its ranks. He proposes that Ex Com nominate potential members to the RC Chair, and that the RC will take a vote. The rationale is that Ex Com members are required to have good administrative skills, but are not required to be rated skippers, much less show advanced sailing skill. Therefore, the decision to approve a new RC member should be left to those best able to judge the candidates seamanship.

Peter will discuss with Elizabeth.

Peter expressed concerns about getting help teaching Wed. night keelboat lessons. Bob Collins cannot be there every week, and Peter occasionally cannot make it. Peter would like to solicit help, but wants ability to select skippers—or exclude skippers. Peter admitted that it is a touchy issue, but made a strong argument for the necessity of being selective.

Acting Treasurer Joe Matera

There is $35,000 (approx.) in the market rate account, and $3,500 (approx.) in checking.

Joe will be transferring funds in the market rate account (2.43 APY) to what Wells Fargo calls a "money market account" which bears 4.9 APY.

Several hundred dollars marked "mystery" money was given to Rebecca to deposit. Rebecca will attempt to account for where the money came from and report back to Joe.

Joe had questions about tracking invoices and packing slips to account statements from Svendson’s and Port Supply. He cannot make certain that we have received merchandise that we are being billed for unless he also receives a signed invoice or receipt from the member who made and/or received the purchase.

Joe is following up on a project to assess the property value of the fleet in an effort to reduce our state property tax liability. Narcisse will help him get the boats appraised.

Acting Secretary Brandon Gates

No report.

Miscellaneous Concerns

Rebecca asked her fellow Ex Com members if the meetings were too long. No one thought so.

Brandon reopened the discussion of several weeks ago of changing the procedures for becoming as Senior Skipper or Windsurfer. Specifically, Brandon offered his viewpoint that the only thing Ex Com really lacks is power to veto, and that the solution is to simply have the prospective Senior, having completed the requirements, appear before Ex Com for review. Ex Com could then accept or reject the applicant based on an evaluation of the applicant’s discretion and sound judgment.

Rebecca wants to see even more significant changes to the requirements.

Narcisse announced her intent to run for Vice Commodore.


Rebecca motioned to adjourn at 9:30 P.M. Brandon seconded. All were in favor.