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1997.11.20 - General

Thursday November 20, 1997

"The Nellie, a cruising yawl, swung to her anchor without a flutter of the sails, and was at rest. The flood had made, the wind was nearly calm, and being bound down the river, the only thing for it was to come to wait for the turn of the tide . . . Marlow sat cross-legged right-aft, leaning against the mizzen-mast . . . He was the only man of us who still ‘followed the sea’ . . .it was only after a long silence, when he said, in a hesitating voice, ‘I suppose you fellows remember I did once turn fresh-water sailor for a bit,’ that I knew we were fated, before the ebb began to run, to hear about one of Marlow’s inconclusive experiences":

The Fall General Membership Meeting was held this past Thursday at the Berkeley Yacht Club. After another of Jennifer Kirkland’s amazing meals, the meeting was called to order by our illustrious Commodore Rebecca Haussman.

The outgoing Ex-com members reported on the damage incurred by the club during their term in office. This overview of the club’s past year revealed that CSC is amazingly robust: membership over the summer reached all-time highs, all our boats are in good repair and sailable, Berkeley Boardsports continues to underwrite our windsurfing program through generous donations of equipment, and club finances are healthy and in the black (with a special nod to Joe Matera).

After giving their heartwarming reports, the outgoing Ex-com was roundly applauded and loudly cheered for their effort. So great were the accolades that most Ex-com members promptly signed up for another term just for the experience of hearing such a heartfelt reception one more time. And so, after dessert, the elections were held.

The results:

  • Rebecca Haussman was re-elected Commodore,
  • Brandon Gates hold the Vice-commodore position,
  • Martin Scanlon, once again, is our lead-off batter (First Vice or Fabulous Dinghy Guy),
  • Matthias Reinsch’s incumbancy as Second Vice (windsurfing) continues,
  • Virginia Nido takes command of keelboats with her election to the Third-Vice Commodore position,
  • Marceline Therrien still minds the bursary,
  • Dan Acland reappears on Ex-com as Rear-Commodore (confusing those of us who though he wanted to race, not teach sailing),
  • Dan Twelker retains the all-important Port Captain postion.
  • Wilder Lee now entertains us all with his prose.

See CSC Officers and Committee Chairs for more information.


The one issue of discussion brought up at the whether the club should accept a donation of an I-14 performance dinghy. This boat is considered more difficult to sail than any dinghy currently in the CSC fleet. The overall concensus of the Club is that the I-14 should be added to our fleet. The discussion over training people to sail this boat will undoubtably be discussed at future Ex-com meetings.

Select reports of Rebecca Haussman and Dan Twelker Ex-com members in their own words are reproduced below for general perusal.


Rebecca Haussman, Commodore

Many thanks to the multiple members of the club that help fix things, help teach people and help keep the club running. The club has gone through it’s most active phase and has done well. The boats are actively sailed, and actively maintained. The clubhouse got painted for the winter. Keep up the good work.

Our new sailing Seniors are:

  • Michael Arntz
  • Edmond Gauvin
  • Chris Havel (renewal rating)
  • David Rabinowitz (renewal rating)

Our new Windsurfing Seniors are:

  • Joe Matera

Special thanks to Peter Baczek for his tenure on ex-com as rear commodore. His commitment to the club has been outstanding. There’s no explanation for his sane decision to regain some of his freedom, but we’re all jealous. Congratulations Peter.


Dan Twelker, Port Captain

We have 5 current dayleaders: Ann, Avery, Chi, Ira, and Marc. I am looking for volunteer dayleaders for days during the holidays in which the regular dayleaders will not be working. Call me at home (510) 237-6799 or work (510) 643-3815 if interested. You get a free quarterly membership after 10 hours of volunteer dayleading. I will hold one or two volunteer dayleader trainings over the next several weeks.


After the elections, the meeting was adjourned. The next Ex-com meeting will be on December