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1997.12.04 - Excom

Thursday December 04, 1997

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for December 4, 1997

If by your art, my dearest father, you have
Put the wild waters in this roar, allay them.
The sky, it seems, would pour down stinking pitch
But that the sea, mounting to th' welkin's cheek,
Dashes the fire out. O, I have suffered
With those that I saw suffer! a brave vessel
(Who had no doubt some noble creature in her)
Dashed all to pieces! O, the cry did knock
Against my very heart! Poor souls, they perished!
Had I been any god of power, I would
Have sunk the sea within the earth or ere
It should the good ship so have swallowed and
The fraughting souls within her.


Present were: Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Virginia Nido, Joe Matera, Matthias Reinsch, Martin Scanlon, and Wilder Lee

Actions taken by Ex-com

  1. CSC will pursue and accept the donation of an I-14 if it is available in good condition. This motion passed with 7 ayes, no nays, and one abstention.
  2. Reese Jones is designated to coordinate the survey and possible donation of the I-14. He, in conjunction with Dan Acland and with the advise of Dave Cahn, will propose a protocol for a sailing check-off/test that must be passed before a club member can skipper the I-14. This motion passed unanimously.
  3. Martin Scanlon sought Ex-com approval of his Senior project. Ex-com recognized that Martin had completed this Senior Project before the new rules regarding the approval of Senior Projects went into effect. Nevertheless, Ex-com unanimously approved of Martin’s good work.
  4. Approved the expenditure of up to $150 on parts for Ensign Huey by Tim Boschert to fix cam cleats, spreader bumpers, and other sundry repairs necessary for Huey to lose Chowder Races in safety and style. This motion passed unanimously.

Reports and Discussion

Port Captain Dan Twelker reported the five club members have recently had training as volunteer dayleaders. Another volunteer dayleading session is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 7 between 9 and 11. Having volunteer dayleaders to fill in for and assist our regular dayleaders means more sailing for everyone.

The possible donation of a Pearson Electra was declined. The boat, which is similar in dimensions to an Ensign but with more cabin and less cockpit, had a broken rudder, a broken motor, and other problems that required work and money. It was clear that the value of the boat did not justify the cost of fixing it up. However, the club is very interested in accepting donations of boats in sailable and sale-able condition.

Second Vice Commodore Matthias Reinsch reports that Berkeley Boardsports has once again made a generous donation of windsurfing equipment to the club. This time they gave two boards, three masts, a wetsuit, and fins. The possibility of adding a link to their web site on our web site should be explored. Berkeley Boardsports has donated a significant part of the club’s windsurfing equipment, and we are indebted to them. Remember all CSC members can receive a 10% discount at Berkeley Boardsports.

Commodore Rebecca Haussmann looks forward to getting many of the procedures, knowledge, and folklore about how the club operates written down so that we can have smooth transitions in leadership and a resource for those who want to know.

Harkin has supplied the club with new pawls and springs for the Ensign winches. They allege that problems with the winches are caused by the old pawls and springs not lining up properly. Rebecca H. volunteered to replace the pawls. Hopefully this will solve the problems that the winches have had.

First-Vice Commodore Martin Scanlon reports that Lido 8 is the only non-sailable boat in the dinghy fleet. He wants to work on getting all club members to be more conscientious about reporting damage to the boats. If you see a damaged Lido, report it in the log even if you did not cause the damage.

Temporary treasurer Joe Matera reports that we have approximately $3700 in checking and $39,000 in a money market account. This is the slow time of year for new members. So get your kayaking friends to sign up now.

Third Vice Commodore Virginia Nido reported that, as expected, the membership survey that she has been coordinating is going slowly. She also will explore the possibility of getting CSC mentioned in some of the many publications—such as the freshman handbook or monthly calenders—that institutes of higher learning produce at frightening rates.