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1997.12.18 - Excom

Thursday December 18, 1997

Minutes of the
Cal Sailing Club

for December 18, 1997

Into the furious lashing of the tides,
More heedless than children's brains, the other winter
I ran! And loosened peninsulas
Have not undergone a more triumphant hubbub.

The storm blessed my sea vigils.
Lighter than cork I danced upon the waves
That are called eternal rollers of victims,
Ten nights, without missing the stupid eye of the lighthouses!

Sweeter than the flesh of hard apples is to children,
The green water penetrated my hull of fir
And washed me of spots of blue wine
And vomit, scattering rudder and grappling-hook.

Ex-Com members present:

Rebecca Haussmann, Brandon Gates, Virginia Nido, Marceline Therrien, Matthias Reinsch, Dan Twelker, and Wilder Lee

Also present were Joe Matera and a member appearing for a disciplinary hearing.

Actions Taken by Ex-Com

Two crucial votes were taken by Ex-com. Both passed unanimously. The first votes was to move the next Ex-com meeting from Jan. 1 to Jan. 8. The second vote was to adjourn the meeting.

Also considered, but decided by consensus instead of vote was a disciplinary hearing. Disciplinary hearings are heard in closed sessions of Ex-com.



Rebecca noted the unfortunate death of club member Dave Cahn who suffered a fatal heart attack while in the lead at the windward mark of a Richmond Yacht Club race. Dave was an avid dinghy sailor and a fixture at the Sunday morning Lido races. He also contributed unsurpassed expertise to the club on high performance dinghies. His enthusiasm and competitive spirit will be missed. Last Sunday, the Lido racers paused to remember Dave and raced in his memory. There was also a memorial for Dave last Tuesday at the Berkeley Yacht Club. CSC club members recorded memories of Dave in a book which was presented to his wife in appreciation of Dave’s contributions to CSC. Even in death Dave continues to serve the club through the donation of his Laser, which will be donated to the club by his wife. Thanks, Dave.


Joe Matera returned control of the checkbook to Marceline who was away for several months. Joe served admirably in Marceline’s absence and we hope to see him on Ex-com again in the future. The numbers for the club look good, with over $3,000 in our checking account and $42,000 in our money market account. Thank you, Joe and welcome back Marceline.

First Vice-Commodore:

Martin Scanlon writes that the Lido rudders have a tendency to delaminate. Schock is being helpful by replacing the delaminated parts. But there is work to be done if anyone is interested.

Lido Hull #7 needs some fiberglass work and the rubrail reattached. Lido hull #8 needs the forestay reattached.

Lion, the Rhodes 19, has a broken jumper which Tim Brandon is repairing. Also a rope ladder is needed for launching the Rhodes in winter when the middle dock is in storage.

Second Vice-Commodore:

Matthias reports that lack of wind is hampering windsurfing but also means that the equipment is in good shape because there is no opportunity to break it.

Third Vice-Commodore:

Brandon gave the report commending Robert Ofsevit and John Behnke for replacing the compass on Daisy. Also, Rebecca and Tim Boschert bought replacement equipment for the keelboats including Class IV throwable PFDs and fire extinguishers. Tim also made some repairs on Huey.


Virginia reported that we will add a link on our web site to Berkeley Boardsports in appreciation for their generous donations.

Rear Commodore:

Dan Acland wrote that Louis Benainous has agreed to put on a lecture series for the club. In the past, Louis’ lectures have been informative and entertaining. Look for a schedule soon.

Port Captain:

Dan Twelker reports that two dayleaders, Avery and Ira, will be leaving us next semester. He will be looking for responsible work-study students to replace them. Also Dan has trained three more volunteer dayleaders. Currently there are about five trained volunteer dayleaders who can keep the club operating smoothly in a pinch. Dan also plans to schedule another volunteer dayleader training session for interested club members.


The secretary declined the opportunity to speak.

That’s all, folks. Next Ex-com meeting is Jan. 8.