1996.12.19 - Excom

Thursday December 19, 1996

December 19, 1996

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, December 19, 1996. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Bill Gavelis and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance was member Martin Schaaf.

No report on club finances was provided.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Centerboard Strengthening:

Martin Scanlan had a meeting last week to discuss plans for strengthening the centerboard cases on the Lidos.

Lido Testing:

Rebecca water tested Lido hull number 1, and found no leaks. She will continue to test the hulls.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

No report was provided.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

No report was provided.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

No report was provided.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Keelboat Wiring:

AUncle Donald@ is being rewired. It was found that the wiring was providing little electrical resistance, resulting in a drain on the battery. New battery charger clips are being installed on the keelboats to replace corroded ones. The old battery charger was traded in for a new, upgraded model, at no additional cost. All batteries are now fully charged.

Other Keelboat Repairs:

The other winches on the Ensigns will be installed next week. The cracked coming on AUncle Donald@ was repaired by Abizar.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Keelboat Lesson Procedures:

Peter is preparing a handout that will give information on teaching keelboat lessons.

Weekend Keelboat Lessons:

Todd Price volunteered to organize students and teachers for keelboat lessons on weekend days during the winter, in addition to the Wednesday night lessons. Bill Gavelis suggested using the club=s answering service to help in signing up people, since it is only being used for cruises, and there are very few of those this time of year. Ed Shirk suggested prequalifying students for keelboat lessons, such as requiring passing the Senior Skipper written test, but there was no support for this idea.

Teaching Seminar:

Peter is still planning on having a round table discussion between Lido teachers, but will probably put it off until later on toward spring.

Video Library:

A lot of the teaching videos have not been returned. Bill Prinzmetal gave Peter a list of the outstanding videos, and the names and phone numbers of the last people to check them out. Several of the videos have now been returned, but all the windsurfers who checked out videos have disconnected phone numbers. Rebecca will make a note for dayleaders to check the checkout list once a week, and to call for ones that are out a long time.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)

Racing Season:

The winter racing season began last weekend, and a new member, who passed his Junior Skipper and Racing Skipper ratings all within a few days of joining, came in first.

Cal 20:

The check for payment for the donated Cal 20 bounced, and the purchaser promised to pay cash for, although we have not yet received the money yet.


Only 37 members signed up in the last six weeks. Seven of those were free memberships, and some that are questionable will be looked into by Bill and Rebecca.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Bill had nothing to report.


Low Tide Closures:

Bill Csajko had prepared a spreadsheet laying out all extreme the low tides between now and the end of our fiscal year (April 30, 1997), and the impact of a policy being discussed to close the club during times when the skiff is inoperable due to low tide. Assuming we would always keep the club open on lesson days and weekends, despite low tide t(o allow members to take written and rigging tests, perform work credit and socialize, and allow members of the public to gain information about the club and possibly join), there would be a fairly small monetary savings. Rebecca recommended that instead of a blanket low tide closure policy, that dayleaders be given the discretion to close the club at 5:00 during the winter when the skiff will be inoperable due to low tide until sunset, provided no one is around and it seems like the dayleader would just be wasting time. There was general agreement with this, and Rebecca will notify the dayleaders of this change in policy.

Disability Access:

The Commission on Disability of the City of Berkeley sent a letter to the club, saying that they were asking all lessees in the marina for their plans on how they were making their facilities accessible to disabled individuals. Paul Herzmark has said he will install a wheelchair ramp to the clubhouse for his Senior project. Martin Schaaf has a proposed disability policy for the club, which Rebecca will review. He noted that disability regulations require we have a Acompliance officer@ to be responsible for making sure we comply with disability regulations. Rebecca gave him that responsibility as Access Chairperson. The Executive Committee told Martin that any files he develops while Access Chairperson should be general in nature, and he should not generate files related to any specific individuals.

New Years Cruise:

The annual ABrian Howell Memorial New Year=s Day Cruise@ will be held on Wednesday, January 1, 1997. Rebecca will take a Commander to Sam=s in Tiburon as her first qualifying cruise for the Cruising Skipper rating, with Bill Gavelis overseeing it. Members interested in going should sign up with the answering service as for other cruises, and other Cruising Skippers and members with their own boats are encouraged to sail that day also.

Low Tide Windsurfing:

Rebecca proposed allowing windsurfers to sail during low tides in the winter when there is a strong southerly wind, and the skiff is inoperable, since there are few days in the winter when windsurfing is possible. She believes there would be no safety problem since they would be blown back to the club if something goes wrong. There was no support for this proposed policy from the other members on the Executive Committee at this meeting, and was therefore dropped.

The meeting ended at 8:45 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 2, 1997.

1996.12.05 - Excom

Thursday December 05, 1996

December 6, 1996

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, December 5, 1996. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Martin Scanlan, Bill Moseley, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Bill Gavelis and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Dan Acland, Robert Ofsevit, and Ken Shepherd.

As of December 5, 1996, the Club has $20,006 in the checking account. 

Prior to the reports, two members requested that issues be discussed:

Modifications to Yard (Dan Acland) - Dan used a scale layout of the yard, with cutouts to represent the boats and storage lockers, in order to illustrate the proposed rearrangement of the yard. He had originally proposed that the Novice Windsurfer sail locker be moved to a location approximately 12 feet east of the large Windsurfer locker, but it was pointed out by Charles Clausen that the Novice Windsurfer sail locker acts as a windbreak for the stored dinghies during winter storms with strong southerly winds. So instead, Dan proposed moving the large windsurfer locker to approximately the same location as the Novice Windsurfer sail locker (but closer to the fence on both the south and east sides), and moving the Novice Windsurfer locker to a location approximately 12 feet north of the relocated large windsurfer locker. The area between the two lockers would be covered with a roof made of corrugated fiberglass with wood beams, and would be used to store the Novice Windsurfer sails and the kayaks. The wooden windsurfing board storage locker would be placed at the northwest end of the relocated large windsurfer locker. The two Rhodes 19's would be stored in the northwest corner of the yard (using the space where the large Windsurfer locker is now located), and the Lidos would all line up along the north side of the yard. Racks would be constructed on the east side of the yard to store the Lasers and Bytes more efficiently, and the remaining boats and skiffs would be stored in the remaining areas. The windsurfer rigging area would remain where it is. The relocated Novice Windsurfer locker would be used to store extra boat sails (as is currently being done) plus store the rudders, tillers, paddles and life jackets currently stored in the Clubhouse or the PFD locker.

One problem with the layout that was identified was that one of the doors to the relocated large windsurfer locker would open out the entrance to the yard; however the locker could be set a small distance from the south fence to avoid having the door extend out into the public walkway.

Dan had done research on the availability and cost of companies that can move the lockers (the large locker weighs several tons). Dan moved to spend up to $700 to cover the cost of moving the lockers, construct the roof between the lockers, construct racks for the Lasers and Bytes, and install shelves or hangers in the relocated Novice Windsurfer locker for the rudders, etc. Bill Gavelis seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

ADaisy@ Compass (Robert Ofsevit) - Robert and John Mankey installed the new compass on ADaisy.@ While doing the installation, they noted the poor quality of the electrical wiring in the boat, and made some repairs, but more improvements should be made.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)


Rebecca and Abizar will water test the Lidos again this weekend as a check on their condition. Rebecca will then send a letter to the W. D. Schock Corporation, advising them of the test results, and restating our position with regard to their continued responsibility for design and/or construction defects until the boats have been sufficiently tested over time.


Rebecca suggested that we could use scrap Astroturf to replace the rotting carpets near the west hoist and in the windsurfer rigging area behind the club. Anyone that knows where some can be purchased cheaply should contact her.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

No report was provided.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)

JY-15 Anchor:

The anchor has been installed on the JY-15.


Paint has been purchased to begin painting the Lido trailers where they are rusted. He is still looking around for wheels to replace the hard plastic wheels at the front of the Lido trailers. Rebecca noted that she had researched getting a small dolly for moving the Lasers, Bytes, windsurfing boards and kayaks to the dock. She noted that not everyone is capable of easily carrying windsurfing boards alone, and a dolly would eliminate having people depend on getting someone else to help them move the boats, boards or kayaks to the dock. Rebecca moved to spend up to $120 to purchase the dolly. Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed with a vote of six for, and one against.

Lido Centerboard Cases:

Martin will have a meeting next Tuesday night at 7:00 at the Berkeley Yacht Club to discuss how we plan to design the Lido centerboard case strengthening.

Lido Spare Parts:

Rebecca will ask Tom Schock in her letter to him for a list of parts for the Lidos, including manufacturer and part numbers, so we can set up a spare part inventory.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

(Lack of) Windsurfing:

Only five people have signed out windsurfing equipment in the past month.

Windsurfing Meeting:

Bill will hold a meeting next week to discuss the windsurfing program next year.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Battery Chargers:

The two battery chargers are still for sale. We now have only one one that is compatible with our batteries, and some of the batteries are in bad shape due to lack of proper charging. Rebecca moved to spend up to $130 to purchase a second battery charger, on the condition that Abizar fully research the purchase to make sure the correct one is obtained. Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Ensign Floorboards:

The floorboard repairs on the Ensigns are done.

AUncle Donald@ Sail Cover, Jib Block:

The clips on the sail cover for AUncle Donald@ are almost all broken and will not close. Rebecca will help in installing sail ties on the cover. The jib halyard block has been delivered, and can now be replaced.

ADewey@ Cabin Door:

The cabin door on ADewey@ was broken during a Friday night race. Martin will perform the repairs.

Commander Deck Joints:

The hull-deck joint on AUncle Donald@ still leaks around the chainplates. The hull-deck joint on ADaisy@ leaks badly and needs sealing.

ADewey@ Mainsheet:

The mainsheet on ADewey@ is badly frayed, however, it does not yet need to be replaced.

Ensign Winches:

Although the six winches for the three Ensigns were purchased a while ago, only one set has been installed (on Dewey). Also, the winches need to be installed with some sort of an inclined shim. Abizar will see that they are installed.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Battery Charging:

Peter will incorporate teaching how to properly charge the boat batteries into the Wednesday night keelboat lessons.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Permanent Minutes Files:

Bill has been updating the permanent file of CSC minutes. Bill Gavelis noted that Sue Robertson has a lot of old CSC files.

Operating Rules:

The operating rule revisions have been incorporated into a new master copy for printing. The revised copy will not be printed until the existing ones are used up.

Printing Inventory:

Bill took an inventory of the documents on hand at the club to determine what needs to be printed. Rebecca noted that Dan Acland should have a stack of membership cards.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)

Low Tides:

There was discussion again about whether the club should remain open during low tides when the skiff is inoperable. Some argued that keeping the club open allows members to perform other activities, such as work credit, and enables the public to get information on us. Others argued that the Dayleaders usually have nothing to do since hardly anyone shows up, and we just waste money. Bill Csajko will research the amount of days we would potentially be closed down, and the cost savings associated with it.

Berkeley Yacht Club:

Bill noted that the Berkeley Yacht Club is considering having a new membership category, wherein other clubs can apply to allow their members to join the BYC at a substantially reduced fee, allowing them to use the facilities whenever a regular BYC member is present. Other clubs would have to give the BYC similar reciprocal privileges. We will consider applying for such reciprocal privileges if BYC passes it.


Committee Chairs:

Rebecca went over the list of club committees, and determined which members of the Executive Committee have responsibility for oversight of each committee.

The meeting ended at 9:10 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 19, 1996.

1996.11.21 - Excom

Thursday November 21, 1996

November 21, 1996

Minutes of the Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, November 21, 1996. Commodore Rebecca Haussmann presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. In attendance were Rebecca Haussmann, Narcisse, Martin Scanlan, Bill Moseley, Abizar Lakdawalla, Peter Baczek, Bill Gavelis and Bill Csajko. Also in attendance were members Dan Acland, Robert Ofsevit, Paul Herzmark and Ken Shepherd.

As of November 21, 1996, the Club has $19,267 in the checking and money market accounts.

Prior to the reports, two members requested that issues be discussed:

Daisy Compass (Robert Ofsevit) - The compass on ADaisy@ had all the fluid leak out of it, and as a result the compass does not work very well. Robert checked West Marine for a replacement compass, and recommends a model that costs about $110 without the Port Supply discount. According to the people he talked to there, the discount would be minimal. He volunteered to install the compass once purchased. Rebecca moved to purchase a replacement compass at a cost not to exceed $130. Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Modifications to Clubhouse and Yard (Dan Acland) - Dan met with Liam Carey, Bill Csajko and Dan Twelker to plan modifications to the clubhouse and yard to make better use of the clubhouse interior, and get some of the wet items out of the clubhouse. Dan proposes two phases to the modifications. First, the Novice Windsurfer container would be moved from its current location to a position parallel to the main windsurfer locker, and about twelve feet away. The area between the two lockers would be covered with a wood frame overlain with corrugated fiberglass. This area would be used to store the Novice Windsurfer sails, and the small container would be used to store the rudders,, tillers, paddles and foul weather gear now stored in the clubhouse, as well as the life jackets. The dinghies would be rearranged to fit in the new open space in the yard. The small interior wall in the clubhouse that the tillers are stored on would be removed, and the life jacket locker would be removed. Dan estimates the cost for having someone bring in equipment to move the container to be about $150, and the cost for the corrugated roof to be about $150, with a total cost of about $350 including various hangers for the rudders, etc. in the container.

The second phase would be construction of a counter to make a separate area for the Dayleader. The counter would extend from the window to the changing room, would have a gate, and would have storage areas underneath for documents, files, etc. The existing Dayleader box would be removed, and the benches would be relocated. The purpose of this change is to separate the functions of the Dayleader from the social and other activities in the clubhouse, and making it less disorganized. The dry rot in the southwest corner of the clubhouse, and the potential replacement of the floor would not be addressed in this plan, but would not be impeded by this in the future. The estimated cost for this phase would be about $350. Dan will present a drawing to the Executive Committee at the next meeting to better detail the proposed changes.


Commodore (Rebecca Haussmann)

Thank-You Letters:

Bill Csajko stated that one of his last acts as Commodore was to send thank you letters to Sam Goldstein, Peter Minkwitz, and Jack Mackinnon for their assistance our dealings with the W. D. Schock Corporation.

Port Supply Cards:

Rebecca requested Bill Gavelis to have Martin and Abizar placed on the Port Supply list.


Rebecca stated that her goals are to nurture areas of the club that need attention; work with the Waterfront Commission and the Marina management to make them aware of CSC=s important role in the community, in part by preparing a new Annual Report; and solidify the outreach programs in the club.


Rebecca will talk to the Harbormaster about the status of replacing the piles on the dock in front of our club.

Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

Jack London Boat Show:

The next boat show is in April, and they are already planning it. Sally from Pineapple Sails is in charge of the rides. The show will have all powerboats the first week, and all sailboats the second week. We probably will not have a booth, but will give rides.

Social Chair:

Narcisse does not plan on finding a replacement right away for Brian Battuello (Social Chair) with him leaving.

Treasurer (Bill Gavelis)

Financial Planning:

Bill stated that we need to think about the capital fund and our overall financial situation, since we=ve spent more than budgeted in capital and maintenance expenses already this fiscal year. Options to consider include decreasing spending or raising dues, which, adjusted for inflation, are less than they were years ago. He also noted that the windsurfer rental lockers are still full, though not in strong demand.

Low Tides:

Bill noted that in the past, the club was closed during low tides, but that recently the policy is to remain open for people inquiring about the club, allowing members to do work credit, or make other non-sailing use of the facility. Consideration will be given to volunteer Dayleaders during these times.

Ways to Increase Revenue:

Bill suggested two ways to increase revenue. First, our Yellow Pages ad along with our voicemail number cost about $75 per month. No one has checked or answered the voicemail in years; it is just used to have the message which says come down to the club. He suggested having people check the messages and respond to them (there are no recent messages, since the mailbox has been full for years), and so get more people to come down. If we find no one leaves messages, we could consider eliminating the service. Second, he suggested having cards sent to people who will have their memberships expire, to remind them to renew.

First Vice Commodore (Martin Scanlan)


Two Lidos do not have anchors, and the JY-15 does not have one either. It was suggested to look for the Lido anchors in the Rhodes 19's.


Martin will look into painting the Lido trailers. He will also look into getting rubber wheels for the front of the trailers.

Adopt a Boat:

Martin still intends to implement an Adopt-a-Boat program for the dinghies, where individual members will volunteer to take care of selected dinghies.

Storage of Rudders/Tillers:

Martin suggested storing the Lido rudders and tillers in the boats, instead of inside the clubhouse, but there was no consensus on this suggestion.

Lido Centerboard Cases:

Martin, Rebecca, Bill Gavelis and some others will work on the design and construction of strengthening modifications to the Lido centerboard cases this winter.

Second Vice Commodore (Bill Moseley)

Bill had nothing to report.

Third Vice Commodore (Abizar Lakdawalla)

Uncle Donald Rudder:

Abizar discussed how the rudder on AUncle Donald@ is loose and has the potential for breaking, but it was noted that the decision was made at the haulout to not do anything at this time.

Ensign Floorboards:

The floorboards on some of the Ensigns are loose. Rebecca will help Abizar with this.

Battery Chargers:

There are a couple of battery chargers that were purchased a while ago, but are incompatible with our batteries. We will try to sell them.

Rear Commodore (Peter Baczek)

Teaching Survey:

Peter has received very few results from his teaching survey, and may modify it.

Keelboat Lessons:

Peter will prepare a written curriculum for the Wednesday night keelboat lessons, similar to the one for the Lidos. He is still making weekend day keelboat lessons available by request.


Peter will look into having co-sponsored lectures with lecturers from outside the club, as well as from within.

Instructor Fast-Track:

Peter may have a Lido instructor Afast-track@ day where instructors give lessons to each other, and are given feedback on the quality of their lessons.

Secretary (Bill Csajko)

Executive Committee Pictures:

Rebecca will take pictures of Executive Committee members for the back wall.

Phone/E-Mail List:

Bill will prepare a phone/e-mail list for the Executive Committee. 


Operating Rules:

Bill Csajko presented proposed changes to the Operating Rules. The changes are primarily to address the acquisition of the kayaks and the JY-15. A change was also proposed to require Executive Committe approval of any minors joining the club. Two modifications were made to the proposal (maximum wind speed of 7 knots for the kayaks, and defining minors to be those under 17 years of age). Bill proposed approval of the changes. Martin seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Executive Committee Goals:

Rebecca asked each member of the Executive Committee to present at the next meeting, their goals for the next six months in office. 

The meeting ended at 10:00 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduledfor Thursday, December 5, 1996.

1996.11.07 - General

Thursday November 07, 1996

Minutes of the general membership meeting of the Cal Sailing Club.


Date of meeting: November 7th, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 2032

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore. 


Bill reported that most or all of the original problems with the new Lido fleet have been resolved, and the "Lido Troubles" now seem to be behind us. There will be further repairs to the boats to increase their longevity, but these changes will not interfere with the use of the fleet.

The club has purchased a JY15, which has become one of the most popular boats in the fleet. The 505 and the Contender have been sold. It seems like a good trade considering how much use the JY15 gets compared to the two boats it replaces

The Cal 20 that was donated to the club was finally sold for the whopping sum of $225.

The club has purchased two Kayaks, which will be further discussed in the 1st Vice Commodore's report.

At the end of the last election meeting, six months ago, there was no elected 1st Vice. Bill noted Jonathan Katz and Rebecca Haussmann who subsequently stepped into the position, one after the other. Thanks folks.

Thanks once again go to Jennifer Kirkland for organizing the dinner for the meeting. This one was the best so far!


Thanks to many, including Veronique Anxolabehere, Sylvaine Guille, Dan Acland, Rebecca Haussmann, for their help with the floating bottle.

Thanks to many, including Bill Moseley, Saul Schumsky, for their help in organizing and staffing our part in the Jack London Square Boat Show.

Thanks to Ed Shirk for giving a free ride to 15 members on the night of the Midnight Moonlight Madness sail.

The clubhouse is in the middle of having its exterior repainted. Thanks go to Rebecca Haussmann for organizing the project.

Narcisse noted that Dan Acland and Liam Carey (among others) are working on a plan to reorganize the clubhouse and yard.

Thanks go to Brian Battuello for his years of excellent service as the Social Chair of the club, providing many wonderful barbecues and many other functions. He leaves behind a big pair of shoes which need to be filled. If you are interested in this position, which includes a free membership for the duration of your tenure, please contact any member of ex­comm.

Thanks to Alex Case who takes care of much of the advertising for the club.


Things are indeed looking good with the Lido fleet. Upon the return of the fleet from WD Schock Corp, where repairs were effected on the centerboard cases and various other defects, Rebecca embarked on a host of minor alterations to bring the fleet up to snuff. Members who have helped with this work are too numerous to mention. Thanks to all.

The log books that have been kept on the water intake of the boats since their repair indicate that the boats are safe at this point, taking on only very small quantities of water. Logging water intake is something that we must continue to do scrupulously in order to track the condition of the boats. Please keep up the conscientious logging. If we don't keep up the logging we will wind up with water­logging. (Oh he's so clever!)

The JY15 suffered its first damage recently. Bill Prinzmetal masterminded its repair. Thanks Bill.

As Narcisse indicated, the clubhouse is being painted. The project is 1/3 completed, and will soon be finished.

As Bill C indicated, the club has indeed purchased two open deck kayaks. These craft have been a long time coming to the club. Interest in them has been strong for at least the last three years. The intention of the purchase is to give members something to do in the winter months when wind is erratic and often nonexistent. Operating rules for the kayaks will be voted on at the next ex­comm, and after that the kayaks will be available for use. Thanks to Martin Schaaf for his help in researching the kayak purchase.

Rebecca announced the inception of a boat adoption program at CSC. Any member with a keen interest in a particular boat in the fleet may officially "adopt" it. This will mean that while that member is not responsible for all repairs, they will keep an eye on the boat and communicate with the 1st Vice Commodore as to what repairs or improvements are needed. Please contact Rebecca or the new 1st Vice Commodore to adopt a boat.


Bill announced three new senior windsurfers in the last three months: himself, Chris Apicella, and Matthias Reinsch. Congratulations all!

Bill gave an overview of the windsurfing program: the equipment is largely in good shape, and the club has much equipment that is of high quality. There have been a number of worthy donations in the past several months. Windsurfing gear tends to be short­lived, and there are a number of boards and sails that will soon need to be replaced, an expenditure that the club needs to be prepared for. The teaching program this season was a success. There were instructors available almost every Saturday morning throughout the season. Next season the program will be more structured so that novices can more easily get the information and coaching they need to get out on the water. In addition, Bill will be working on a revised edition of the windsurfing instruction manual. Bill Prinzmetal and Peter Kuhn have put together a 10 step guide to getting started which will be incorporated into the new manual. 


In his tenure as 3rd Vice Commodore, Paul has specialized in hauling out keelboats and painting their bottoms. This time around he has done Uncle Donald, one of the club Commanders. Thanks go to more than fifty volunteers who helped with this project.

A couple of members have undertaken senior work projects recently. David Sandler is working on rewiring the Ensigns. Wilder Lee will be starting on a woodwork project on one of the Ensigns. 


The sailing instruction program survived the "Lido Troubles" though there were some rough spots. Many people helped pull the program through by giving lessons on the Rhodes and Ensign. Thanks folks.

Peter is trying to establish an evaluation system for the volunteer instructors who make up the teaching program. He has installed a box on the front of the clubhouse and evaluation forms for students to fill out at the end of each lesson. Please take the time to do this if you are impressed with your lesson, either positively or negatively.

Once again, please beware of the battens in the Lido mainsails when you fold the sails. They are thin and very breakable.

Peter, who was and is opposed to the introduction on kayaking at CSC, promotes light air sailing as a winter activity. It is harder than sailing in a strong breeze, and requires different skills. Don't give up!

The Wednesday night keelboat lessons continue. Bob Collins and Peter have been providing the lessons with help from many. This is another great way to learn to sail in light air. It can be done folks!

There has been no lecture series so far in Peter's tenure, but he will soon begin one, hopefully to include lecturers from outside the club.


Thanks to Steven Gehlbach, past Port Captain, for all his help in the past six months.

Liam has hired a number of new dayleaders, and commends in particular David, Richard, Damis, Lucy, and Mark. Thanks to all.

Liam is looking for volunteer dayleaders. Volunteers are members who receive training in the use of the rescue skiff and the operations of the club, and then do two shifts of dayleading in return for a free membership. Please contact Liam if you are interested. 


Dan noted that he is leaving ex­comm with a sigh of relief after 18 months. Good choice Dan!

Dan notes that he has taken on the role of organizing free rides for various events, including a recent day of sailing with a Chinese students group from the City. If anyone hears of fun events to get involved with, contact Dan.

As Narcisse mentioned, a project is underway to reorganize space in the clubhouse and yard. The main elements of this plan are the removal of foulies, and boat parts from the clubhouse and into a storage container in the yard, along with life vests from the locker on the deck, and the installation of a counter in the clubhouse to separate a "dayleaders only" portion of the clubhouse to facilitate orderly organization of paperwork and notices.


The treasurer was absent due to work constraints, but submitted a written report. In general he noted that the club is not doing badly financially.

There was a question from the membership about the need for saving for future capital investments such as Lido replacement, windsurfer replacement, clubhouse rebuilding, etc. This is a matter that is under consideration in ex­comm, and needs further attention.



Elections: Ex­comm election results were as follows.

Commodore: Rebecca Haussmann was nominated by Bill Csajko, seconded by Martin Scanlon, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Vice Commodore: Narcisse was nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Paul Herzmark, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

1st Vice Commodore: Martin Scanlan was nominated by Rebecca Haussmann, seconded by Martin Schaaf, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

2nd Vice Commodore: Bill Moseley was nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Robert Ofsevit, ran unopposed, and was elected with one opposing vote from his wife Annie, who is not a current member.

3rd Vice Commodore: Abizar Lakdawalla was nominated by Paul Herzmark, seconded by Rebecca Haussmann, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Rear Commodore: Peter Baczek was nominated by Bill Csajko, seconded by Liam Carey, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Port Captain: Liam Carey was nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Bill Moseley, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Secretary: Bill Csajko was nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Narcisse, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Treasurer: Bill Gavelis was nominated by Bill Csajko, seconded by Rebecca Haussmann, accepted the nomination in writing, ran unopposed, and was elected unanimously.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to make the meeting a success.

Over and Out.

1996.10.29 - Excom

Tuesday October 29, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: 10/29/96

Meeting called to order at: 1915

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Bill Moseley, Paul Herzmark, Peter Baczek, Liam Carey, Rebecca Haussmann, Dan Acland, Narcisse


Checking: $18,000 approximately

Money Market: $535


Bill discussed the upcoming general membership meeting and admonished ex-comm members to give informative reports.

Bill is planning to write thank you letters, for their contribution to our interaction with WD Schock, to Sam Goldstein, Peter Minkwitz, and Jack McKinnon.


Narcisse is still working on the next issue of the floating bottle. Anyone with an article, story, blurb, vignette, or nautical recipe should submit it immediately.

Narcisse is looking into the possibility of arranging for club members to receive a discount at Barnes and Noble bookstores.

Narcisse is looking into possible donations of work and/or money for construction of club facillities from an organization she has heard of.

Rebecca reported that due to inclement weather the painting of the exterior of the clubhouse is still in progress.


Information from the Lido log books shows that the boats are largely coming back dry inside. Occasionally boats that have been sailed hard come in with a gallon or two of water, which Rebecca considers negligible. She has been discussing various options for rebuilding the centerboard cases of the Lidos.

Peter Kuhn reported to Rebecca that upon close inspection he found that during the recent repairs of the Lidos by WD Schock, fiberglass had been added not only to the interior walls of the centerboard cases, but to the exterior walls as well. This is encouraging.

Midnight Moonlight Madness was a success. There was a discussion of having two moonlight events, one earlier in the year when the temperature is nicer.

Rebecca expressed a desire to purchase for the club a dolly she has recently seen which allows easy movation of small craft such as lasers, large windsurfers, and...(ahem)...kayaks. A motion was made by Dan Acland to purchase such a dolly, (only because he wanted to get on with the meeting) seconded by Paul Herzmark, and passed with 6 in favor, no opposed, and 2 abstentions.


Bill raised a discussion of an expenditure by a member who asked for reimbursement, but who had not received approval from an ex-comm member for the expenditure. This practice is frowned upon. It cannot be assumed that ex-comm will reimburse members who have not received prior approval for their expenditures. Please check with an ex-comm members before you buy for the club. 


Paul will be stepping down as 3rd vice commodore. He reported that Abizar Lakdawalla is willing to run for the office at the next general membership meeting.

The rudder on Uncle Donald is coming loose from its post. Some members feel that this is a pressing problem for which the boat should be re-hauled and repaired. There was discussion of the matter, but no conclusion.


Peter is discouraged by the lack of response to his newly instituted "instructor evaluation forms." Please fill out an evaluation after your lesson. Let Peter know what you liked or disliked.

There was a discussion of ways to improve the teaching program. 


Liam will be running for Port Captain again.

Bill Csajko noted that the dayleaders are invited and encouraged to attend the general membership meeting.

The club opens at 1300 on Thursdays due to a dayleader schedule conflict. Liam will post a permanent sign on the door of the club to notify people of this aberration.

Liam will be gone for one month during the winter break at UC Berkeley. He will make preparations for his absence in order to assure that the club stays open.


Dan will be stepping down, and a replacement secretary is needed. (It's heaps of fun folks.)


Bill mentioned some deadbeat members who's membership checks have bounced. (Not good folks.)



*Miserable Stinking Kayaks

Rebecca reported on her findings about the possible purchase of two Miserable Stinking Kayaks. She presented a draft of a proposed set of changes to the operating rules, and a "letter of introduction" to members to orient them to the use of the Miserable Stinking Kayaks. Narcisse made a motion to approve the expenditure of $1500 for two Miserable Stinking Kayaks and their attendant paraphernalia. The motion was seconded by Rebecca. There was discussion, mostly a rehashing of points made by members of ex-comm who are opposed to the possibility of the club eventually developing a full fledged program for Miserable Stinking Kayaks. The motion passed with 6 in favor, 2 opposed, and 1 abstention. I hope it chokes you.

1996.10.17 - Excom

Thursday October 17, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: 10/17/96

Meeting called to order at:7:15

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Narcisse, Bill Moseley, Peter Baczek, Liam Carey, Dan Acland, Rebecca Haussmann 


No report.


No report.


Narcisse reported Bill Csajko has been out of town for two weeks. She has been acting Commodore. Nothing of note has happened in this period.

Jennifer Kirkland will once again prepare dinner at the upcoming general membership meeting.


Various work has been done to the Lido fleet. Rebecca is trying to make improvements one by one to the entire fleet rather than working on them peice­meal.

There was discussion of the need for a redesign and reconstruction of the centerboard cases in the future.

Rebecca has been testing the Lidos for watertightness. Results have been favorable but not perfect so far. It is her opinion that there is no cause for concern regarding the ordinary use of the boats at this point.

The contender has been sold, for $300.

The clubhouse exterior will be painted this weekend.

The damage to the JY15 has been repaired by George from Seabird, free of charge, as a demonstration. Thanks George.


Windwind has finally closed its Berkeley store. One of the owners has decided to continue doing sail repair work for the club.

There was discussion of the need to replace the novice windsurfer fleet in the future.


No report.


Teaching evaluations are beginning to be filled out. So far most evals have been positive. Peter will be sharing these evals with the instructors about whom they are written.

Peter sold 9 old sails for $125 to a non­member. These were all sails that are irrelevent to the club's current fleet.


Midnight Moonlight Madness will be on Saturday, October 26th.

Liam has posted a dayleader checklist for dayleaders to refer to to remind them what needs to be done each day. It is on the door of the dayleader locker.

Liam is planning ahead to the Christmas week to make sure he has dayleaders available to keep the club open. 


No report.


Berkeley Yacht Club sponsored a buoy overboard regatta recently. Each boat was required to toss overboard and retreive a buoy on each leg of the race. Bill entered one of the club commanders and did not come in last. Congratulations Bill.

Bill has set aside the coming Saturday to catch up with club accounts. He will have a full report of club finances at the next meeting.




Rebecca Haussmann raised the possibility of purchasing two or three open­deck kayaks for use during winter months when the breeze is less consistent. There was support for the plan from some committee members, who pointed out that a survey taken a few years ago showed wide­spread support for a small fleet of kayaks in the club. There were two committee members who were strongly opposed to the idea of investing in even a small number of kayaks, primarily because of their belief that any purchase of kayaks would eventually lead to the establishment and growth of a much larger kayaking program at the club, which would conflict with the mission of the club as stated in the constitution. There was discussion of the possibility of restricting the use of kayaks to windless times in an effort to limit the expansion of kayaking at the club. Rebecca agreed to do further research into specific options and costs. She will report on her findings at the next ex­comm meeting.


Narcisse, Bill Csajko, and Bill Gavelis met with the new Harbor Master, Brad Gross, to discuss Gross's proposal that the club's fleet of keelboats be moved from J­dock to a double berth on K­dock, with no change in the current cost. Gross has proposed the change in the wake of alleged complaints he has received from other J­dock berthers. None of these complaints is in writing. There was discussion in the meeting of the pros and cons of the proposed move. Also expressed was the sentiment that the new Harbor Master may not fully appreciate the value of the club to the boating community and to the Marina itself. It was decided the club take no action at this time but rather wait until the Harbor Master makes a formal proposal in writing.

1996.10.02 - Excom

Wednesday October 02, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting:10/2/96

Meeting called to order at:7:00

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore

In attendance: Bill Moseley, Peter Baczek, Paul Herzmark, Rebecca Haussmann, Liam Carey, Narcisse, Dan Acland, Bill Csajko


No report.


Bill has written a draft of a reply to Tom Schock's latest letter. In the draft Bill acknowledges receipt of the final three repaired boats. The draft also addresses a concern between the two parties regarding the specific understanding of Anormal wear and tear@ in relation to the clubs fleet of Lidos. There was discussion in the meeting of the wording of the letter.

Bill has also written a letter to Corso Marine regarding a request from Corso for assistance in their defense of a complaint being brought against them by a couple from the South Bay who bought a Lido and were not satisfied. Bill's letter reflected the sentiment of the club that we do not wish to get involved in the situation.

Bill wrote a third letter to the couple from the South Bay letting them know that to date Schock has responded to our concerns.


One shirt and two hats were sold at the Jack London Square Boat Show. The club received a $350 donation from the organizers of the show to cover the cost to the club of a rider to our insurance policy to cover the show. There was discussion of how the booth at the show was run, and possible changes for the future.

Appreciation was expressed for Narcisse and Dan Acland's efforts in organizing the club's participation in the boat show.

Charity Cultural Services wishes to visit the club once again with a group of Chinese and Chinese American high school students. Dan Acland agreed to organize this event.


The last three Lidos have been returned from Schock. Two of them still need to be rigged. This will be taken care of by the weekend.

Rebecca will be replacing all the jib sheets with thinner line.

The JY15 has been damaged. Bill Prinzmetal and Bill Csajko are pursuing the repair.

The Log books for the Lidos are being used fairly consistently. Rebecca will be contacting people who fail to log the amount of water taken on while sailing. She will also be doing capsize tests to find out if the anchor pockets are leaking.

A motion was made by Rebecca to lift the restrictions on the Senior dinghy area. The motion was seconded by Dan Acland and passed unanimously.


Several boards have been donated to the club which are not useful to the club. They will be disposed of.

Bill is considering further formalization of windsurfer instruction.

A motion was made by Bill, and seconded by Dan Acland, to accept the green storage locker outside the club yard as a donation if that donation is offered. The motion passed unanimously.


The haul out of Uncle Donald was successful. Many volunteers helped out. Thanks to everyone. The total cost was around $900, about $200 over budget. Berkeley Marine Center donated seven out of the total eleven days at the yard. Thanks a million!

Paul is looking for a replacement for his position coming up in November. He will help out with future haul­outs.


Teaching evaluation forms are now in existence, along with a box to put them in, but they are not yet getting a lot of use. Peter will persist in trying to get the idea to catch on.

13 year old Andrew Kobylinski has become a Jr. Skipper. He is required to have a parent or gaurdian on site when he sails. This is a special, ex­comm approved exception to the clubs age limit on ratings.

Cal Adventures found a CSC rudder floating near their dock. Wake Up People! You're lucky they float!


Liam is still planning to start using a dayleader daily check­out sheet to make sure day­leaders complete all the necessary tasks each day.

Charlotte, on or the club's past dayleaders who has had some difficulty getting paid by the university, has now been paid. Thanks for all your good work Charlotte.


Bill Csajko will be rewriting a letter to Cal Copy restricting use of the CSC charge account there to four club officers: Secretary, Treasurer, Commodore, and Vice Commodore.

Dan will be stepping down in November and is looking for a replacement.


Not present.

1996.09.19 - Excom

Thursday September 19, 1996

September 20, 1996


Cal Sailing Club

The meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, September 19, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Narcisse, Paul Herzmark, Peter Baczek, Liam Carey and Bill Gavelis. Also in attendance was Ken Sheperd.

As of September 19, 1996, the Club has the following sums of money in their respective accounts:

Checking $18,094

Money Market $535

Total $18,629

Waiver on Age Restriction.

Prior to the officer reports, Andrew Kobylinski, a member of the club since July 1996, petitioned the Executive Committee to be allowed the opportunity to obtain a Junior Skipper rating. Andrew is 13 years old, and the Operating Rules state ANo one under the age of 16 may obtain a Club rating without the approval of the Executive Committee, except for the Novice Windsurfer rating, where the minimum age is 14. Under no circumstances may anyone under the age of 12 obtain a rating.@ Andrew provided information on his rather extensive sailing experience prior to joining Cal Sailing Club, including attending a sailing camp for the last three summers where he sailed Lasers and Hobies. Bill Gavelis moved to allow Andrew the opportunity to obtain a Junior Skipper rating once he completes all the normal requirements for a member to obtain the rating, with the provision that should he obtain a Junior Skipper rating that he must always have a crew when sailing a Lido. Liam seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. 


Commodore's Report (Bill Csajko)

Charity Cultural Agency.

The Charity Cultural Agency contacted Bill this week to request rides for the children in their organization. The group, which CSC provided rides to last fall, would like to have the rides some Saturday in October.

Alma/Ashby Shoal Breakfast.

Martin Schaaf left a note stated that the people who run the sailboat AAlma@ are interested in joining us at the Ashby Shoal Breakfast next year, and they need to know the date now. 

Vice Commodore's Report (Bill Csajko for Narcisse)

Jack London Boat Show.

The boat show was successful, with rides given on the last two weekends. Bill noted that Narcisse operated the booth for the Cal Sailing Club for the entire time the Boat Show was open, which included the weekdays (from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM). And, after putting in so much work for the club, she had her car towed away on the last day of the show because it was mistakenly thought to be a stolen car.

First Vice Commodore's Report (Bill Csajko for Rebecca Haussmann)

Lido Status.

The last three repaired Lidos were delivered today (Thursday). Schock took with them for repair or replacement a rudder that had a split running along the seam. It was noted that the tiller handles need to have something permanently placed on them to replace the foam rubber grips that fell off and were lost, since the bare aluminum handle is scratching the hulls.

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Bill Moseley, via e-mail dated September 18, 1996)


Bill noted that two universals were lost in the last few weeks. He asked that the Dayleaders keep better track of the universals and make better use of the universal racks in the Dayleader locker to help in doing so.

Dayleader Checklist.

Bill also noted that a checklist for Dayleaders to use in opening and closing the club was proposed at one time and not implemented. Liam said he would prepare a checklist.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Paul Herzmark)


"Uncle Donald" will be hauled out this weekend. Bill Gavelis moved the club spend up to $750 for this purpose. Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Ensign Electrical Systems.

There have been problems with the batteries and electrical systems in the Ensign. Dave Sandler will do repair work on them as a Senior Project.

Rear Commodore's Report (Peter Baczek)

Teaching Status.

More lessons are being given and there are more students now that we have a sizeable fleet of working Lidos. There is still a lack of teachers on Mondays and Thursdays.

JY15 Sail.

The JY15 sail was brought back from Pineapple Sails today. It was recut to make the sail shape better when the cunningham is tightened.

Teacher Evaluations.

Peter plans on making teacher evaluation forms for students to fill out and place in a box. He will use the information gained from the forms to improve the teaching methods in the club.

Port Captain's Report (Liam Carey)

New Dayleaders.

Three new Dayleaders were hired (including Naim, a returning Dayleader). The only Dayleader available to work on Thursdays has a conflict with a class, which will prevent him from opening the club until 1:00 on that day. A sign will be placed on the front of the club notifying members of this change in hours.

Dayleader Foul Weather Gear.

Liam noted that the Dayleader foul weather gear is in poor shape. Bill Gavelis moved to spend up to $300 to purchase a medium quality set of foul weather gear for the Dayleader, and that permanent lettering be placed on the gear identifying them as CSC Dayleader gear. Bill Csajko seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. 

Treasurer's Report (Bill Gavelis)

Cal 20.

The status of the donated Cal 20 was discussed. Bill Gavelis stated that CSC now has title to the boat, and he will put an ad in the San Francisco Chronicle asking $900 for the boat. He will also include the Contender in the ad.

Windsurfing Lockers.

Bill discussed the idea of lowering the annual rate for the windsurfing lockers from $225 to $200, in consideration of the lack of repair. There was no support for this idea, and it was decided to maintain the existing rate.

Life Jackets.

It was noted that nine life jackets were thrown out due to their poor, unsafe condition. Bill moved that ten new life jackets be purchased at a cost not to exceed $200. Paul seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

YRA Membership.

Bill received the list of YRA Associate Members from Hester Burn-Callendar. He stated that only about half of the list had paid the required dues. He will pursue obtaining the dues or removing them from the list.

Secretary's Report (Dan Acland)

No report was provided.



Bill Csajko noted that officer elections are coming up in November at the next General Membership Meeting, and that we need to start considering identifying members interested in running for any positions where the current officer does not plan to run again.


Bill Gavelis noted that we have spent almost $3,000 in the last three months for printing costs, which is close to the annual budget. It also does not appear that there is enough control over who can order printing from our designated printer, Cal Copy, although controls are supposed to be in effect. Bill Csajko will work with Dan Acland on this problem.

The meeting ended at 9:15 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 3, 1996.

1996.08.22 - Excom

Thursday August 22, 1996

August 23, 1996


Cal Sailing Club

The meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, August 22, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Narcisse, Rebecca Haussmann, Bill Moseley, Peter Baczek and Bill Gavelis.

As of August 22, 1996, the Club has the following sums of money in their respective accounts:

Checking $15,933

Money Market $535

Total $16,468


Commodore's Report (Bill Csajko)

Acting Commodore.

Narcisse will be acting Commodore while Bill is out of town from September 2-11.

Richmond Yacht Club.

Hester Burn-Callander (YRA Memberships chairperson) advised us that the Richmond Yacht Club agreed to provide reciprocal use of their facilities. Any CSC member (including YRA associate members) may use the Richmond Yacht Club facilities provided they show their membership card or if they are hosted by a RYC member. She notes that members should not abuse this privilege.

New First Vice Commodore.

Bill noted that our First Vice Commodore, Jonathan Katz, would be out of town for about a month, and it was uncertain as to the level of effort he would be able to do after he returns. Jonathan said he would step down from his position if someone else was available to perform the duty. Bill Gavelis nominated Rebecca Haussmann for the position, and Narcisse seconded the motion. Rebecca accepted the nomination, and the motion was resoundingly approved by unanimous vote.

Vice Commodore's Report (Narcisse)

Open House.

We had 58 new members sign up at the last Open House.

Club Haul-Out.

Narcisse has chosen the weekend of September 28-29 to have the next club haul-out, where we will have the floor and exterior walls painted.

Jack London Boat Show.

Bill Csajko will arrange for the insurance for us at the boat show, which will be reimbursed by the boat show. Narcisse will see if the boat show will contribute the usage of tables, chairs, etc. at our booth. If not, Peter will look into potential donations. The boat show still wants us to display a new Lido at the show, but the consensus of the ExCom is that we should not do so.

First Vice Commodore's Report (Rebecca Haussmann)

Lido Status.

People appear to be following the rules and are filling out the log books after sailing the Lidos. Any reports of water in the inner hull involve just pints or quarts of water, with a couple of reports of gallons of water that are likely due to loose plugs, since leakage of this magnitude is not consistent with the associated hulls. A successful Lido party was held last Saturday, with food and balloons, and all five of the Lidos being sailed. Four racers raced three Lidos on Sunday. (Note that Rebecca, aside from being one of our newest Senior Skippers, and definitely our newest member of ExCom, is also one of our newest Racing Skippers.) Rebecca noted that the four repaired Lidos delivered by Schock last week looked great cosmetically. She added temporary protection on the transoms to protect them from damage from the boom, and Peter is looking into a permanent solution. Peter will also get snap shackles for the boom topping lifts. Rebecca will have a work party in the next week or two to put the longer booms on all the Lidos. Several designs are being considered for reinforcing the centerboard cases even more.

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Bill Moseley)

Swap Meet.

Bill will attend a swap meet this weekend to try to sell some of our old equipment.

Board Donations.

Berkeley Boardsports donated two nice boards this week. They also asked if we wanted a couple of older, larger boards from their Alameda location. Berkeley Boardsports have been very generous to our club, having donated thousands of dollars worth of equipment so far.

Non-Skid Strips.

Bill and Rebecca will look into getting non-skid strips to apply to some of the boards and to the foredecks of the Lidos and the new JY15.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Paul Herzmark, via e-mail dated August 22, 1996)

Moonlight Sail.

A moonlight sail for the Lidos will be planned for Saturday evening on October 26.

Daisy Compass.

The compass on ADaisy@ is broken and needs replacement.


Three boats went on the cruise to Sam=s last Saturday, with a total of 22 people. It was very successful, despite the strong winds and miscalculation on currents. Peter also gave a cruise last weekend out the Golden Gate.

Rear Commodore's Report (Peter Baczek)

Video Library.

Peter took over responsibility for the video library from Bill Prinzmetal, who set it up. Peter will add some sailing videos of his own. Narcisse, who has a large collection of sailing and cruising videos, offered to show videos every other Thursday at someplace like the Harbormaster=s conference room or the Berkeley Yacht Club.

New Junior Letter.

Peter gave the Dayleaders copies of a letter to provide to new Juniors, which gives them information and advice on sailing the Lidos.

Lido Battens.

Lido sail number 8 has had the battens replaced with heavy-duty battens to see how they work out. The old battens, while providing much better sail shape, are breaking primarily due to poor folding techniques. Peter still thinks we should consider cutting down the size of the Lido sails, but we will not consider such action until next year.

Sign-Out Covers.

Peter will make cover sheets for the sign-out clipboards which summarize the important rules to consider when taking out boats or boards.

Treasurer's Report (Bill Gavelis)


Bill is caught up with all the bills. He will appeal the bill for the county taxes.

Port Captain's Report (Liam Carey)

No report was provided.

Secretary's Report (Dan Acland)

No report was provided.

The meeting ended at 9:25 PM. The next regular Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 5, 1996.

1996.08.15 - Excom

Thursday August 15, 1996

Minutes of the General Membership Meeting of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: August 15, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 2044

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

Executive Committee members in attendance: Bill Csajko, Narcisse, Bill Moseley, Paul Herzmark, Peter Bazcek, Bill Gavellis, Dan Acland


Checking: approx $20,000

Money Market: approx $550


In regard to the Lido acquisition process, Bill noted that the club has come a long way in the past three months. Four repaired boats have recently been delivered by Schock Boatworks, giving the club a total fleet of five fully functioning Lidos. The junior area has been expanded to its customary size.

A JY15 has been purchased by the club. This boat is a welcome addition in the wake of the selling of the club 505 and Contender. Bill said that he expects the JY15 to be a very popular boat in the club.

Bill noted that in the past week the sailing program at CSC has taken a huge turn for the better, and said that he feels the crisis of the Lido acquisition process is behind us, and business as usual should now proceed in the sailing program.

Bill announced new senior and cruising skippers and windsurfers: Axel Kwiatkowski and Rebecca Haussman are new senior skippers. Andreas Schule is a new senior windsurfer. And Robert Ofsevit has risen to the exalted rank of cruising skipper. Congratulations to all. The club truly gains when any member achieves any of these ranks.

Bill announced the formation of a new committee and the appointment of its first chairperson. Martin Schaaf is now the chair of the charged with the responsibility of keeping the club in step with the needs of the physically and mentally handicapped.

Bill thanked Jennifer Kirkland for organizing the dinner at the meeting. Thanks yall! Keep coming back Jennifer. 


Narcisse announced that the club will once again provide free rides at the Jack London Square Boat Show in September. Skippers and crew are needed.

Narcisse described the cruising program and encouraged members to sponsor and to participate in cruises.

The latest issue of the Floating Bottle, newsletter of the club, will be off the presses soon. Narcisse expressed her grattitude for all the help she has received (thanks yall!), and announced that the windsurfing program will have its own page in this issue. 


Jonathon was not able to attend the meeting. 


This year has seen an especially busy windsurfing season, and Bill noted that many people have participated in the work of maintaining the windsurfing program. Thanks yall! There has been a lot of sail damage, but soon the clubs inventory of sails will be renewed with fresh equipment that is now on order from Windwing.

Bill noted that two local businesses, Berkeley Boardsport and Windwing, have been instrumental in the success of the windsurfing program, through generous donations of equipment and inexpensive repair work. Thanks yall!

Since May 4th the club has had a successful windsurfing lesson program, with instructors on hand almost every Saturday since. This is the first year for this program.

Bill Prinzmetal has established a lessons to bring novice windsurfers up to junior level. This was the first year for this program, and it was a great success.

Bill Prinzmetal and Peter Kuhn have created a ten step instructional manual that will become part of the standard windsurfing literature at the club.

Bill Prinzmetal has been appointed to the rating committee. Congratulations Bill. Next you

Bill Prinzmetal has established a video library this season, which currently includes nine titles, mostly related to windsurfing, but not exclusively. (Does any one else get the feeling that Bill Prinzmetal may just be the Rebecca Haussman of the windsurfing program?)

During the course of the season there have been an average of 550 windsurfer signouts per month. Pretty darn good!


The major accomplishment of the past three months was the haulout of Dewey and Huey, two of the clubs Ensigns. Paul expressed gratitude to all the people who showed up to help, especially Rebecca Haussman. Thanks yall!

The next keelboat haulout will begin on September 20th. Uncle Donald is the happy candidate, and all are encouraged to participate. 


What Peter refers to as the instruction program, because people seem to be discouraged about coming down to teach in a limited sailing area in unreliable boats. He said that he expects a boost in the program now that there is a substantial fleet of repaired boats and an expanded sailing area. Peter encouraged juniors, after becoming comfortable on the water, to begin teaching, and explained that teaching others pushes one

Peter strongly urged rated skippers to come down to the club to teach on Mondays and Thursdays, as these days tend to get the least attention.

Regarding the clubs policy on damage to equipment, Peter explained that if a boat or windsurfer is signed out, and breaks due to normal wear and tear, it is still the responsibility of the skipper who signed it out to see that repairs are made. Try to fix the equipment. If you can responsible member of ex­comm and make an arrangement for the repair to be taken care of. Once you have either fixed the eqipment or made an arrangement with a club officer, you may sail again, but not before. In the case of user negligence, the responsible skipper will be liable for up to $100 if the repair requires expenditure. However, this only applies to negligence, and not to normal wear and tear.

Peter reminded Lido sailors that it is mandatory to fill out the log books provided for each hull after each sailing. He also noted that there is still a time restriction of three hours sailing time for each hull, after which the hull must be hauled out and drained.

Peter, who besides being the Rear Commodore is also responsible for sail maintenance in the sailing program, reminded members to lower jibs immediately upon reaching the dock. mainsails should be lowered if the boat is to be at the dock longer than five minutes, but jibs should always be lowered immediately.

Peter gave a demonstration of proper Lido mainsail folding technique. There has been a problem lately with battens breaking at the forward tip due to careless folding of the sail. Following this demonstration there was a general discussion of folding technique and sail storage options.


Liam was unable to attend the meeting.


Dan woke up just prior to giving his report, and found that although fast asleep and dreaming of his upcoming vacation to Kentucky, he had in fact taken scrupulous and detailed notes of the meeting in his sleep. Congratulations on this amazing feat Dan!

Dan noted that there has been a concern with the cost of printing in the club. Bill Gavelis noted that pursuant to a recent conversation with Louie Benainous, a member of the club who is knowledgeable in the printing profession, he, as treasurer, has resigned himself to the rising cost of printing.

Dan went into some further detail regarding the Jack London Square Boat Show and the clubs participation in it.

Dan gave examples from club experience to demonstrate the club damage policy.


In introducing Bill Gavelis, Bill Csajko commended him for his recent generous gift to the club. Bill G paid for the professional surveyor, Peter Minkwitz, who recently surveyed our new Lidos.

Bill Gavelis had handed out a budget report comparing the first three months of this fiscal year with the same period last year as well as with the budget for the period. Income from membership looks good, about $1000 up from last year. Expenses are up $7000 from last year, but $5000 of this is from the purchase of new Lido sails. The windsurfing fleet has spent a great deal of money, but this is largely because the fleet is getting old and repairs and replacements are necessary.

The cost of insurance has skyrocketed for the club in the past three years. In regard to printing costs, it appears that market rates are increasing, and that this is a cost that the club may simply have to come to expect.

*Membership Committee Chairperson* (Rebecca Haussman)

Rebecca announced that as of meeting time there were 578 members in the club. The gave other numbers for each rating, and for most popular names in the club.

Rebecca announced that there will be a Lido sailing party to celebrate the expanded fleet and sailing area, Saturday August 17.



*Dave, one of the clubs tremendous dayleaders, expressed gratitude to Peter Kuhn for keeping the clubs rescue skiffs in order. Thanks yall!

*Paul Herzmark announced that he will be stepping down as third vice commodore in three months time, and would like people to consider taking on

the job.

*Bill Csajko announced that in three months the club will hold elections for ex­comm, and encouraged members to consider running for any position. He also noted that the club needs a substitute first vice commodore while Jonathon Katz is out of town.

1996.08.08 - Excom

Thursday August 08, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Exeutive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: August 8, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1916

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Bill Moseley, Paul Herzmark, Martin Schaaf, Rebecca Haussman, Robert Ofsevit, Ed Shirk, Todd Price, Dan Acland, Peter Baczek


$34,700Checking (approx.)

$555 Money Market Account


No Report






Bill asked for suggestions on how to handle a disciplinary matter regarding a member who had displayed a pattern of negligence and disregard for equipment and sign out policies. It was agreed that Bill would speak to the member before any official ex­comm action is taken.


Paul and Rebecca Haussman have put together a package of information to facilitate future keelboat haulouts. Three cheers for a fantastic 3rd vice commodore!

Paul announced that Rebecca is now a senior skipper. Hip, hip, hooray!

The next haulout is planned to begin on Friday September 20th. Uncle Donald, one of the club Commanders, will be the patient. Paul is looking for volunteers to lead workdays during the week.

A concern was raised as to whether the club has enough gas tanks for cruising motors. Bill Gavelis agreed to look into the matter. 


There has been a problem with battens breaking on Lido mainsails due to improper sail folding. Peter will give a demonstration at the upcoming general membership meeting on the proper technique. (Basically these battens are thinner, and if you accidentally fold the sail right where the tip of the batten lies, then it

There was a discussion of the best way to educate members on the proper handling of equipment.

In a recent incident the mast on one of the club Lasers broke at the Vang fitting while under sail. There was discussion of the fact that the member who had the boat signed out at the time may not have taken the necessary steps to ensure the repair of the mast. It was emphasized in the discussion that the operating rules explicitly state that the skipper of a boat is responsible for providing the labor necessary to repair a boat or board REGARDLESS of whether or not they were negligent, and that they MAY NOT sail any club equipment until the repair has been made, unless this restriction is waived by the appropriate club officer. Lecture over. Bill Csajko will take responsibility for contacting the member in question.




No Report


Bill recently deposited $9501 for approximately a one month period. He noted that we need to maintain a year round average of $5000 a month to meet our budget.

Bill received a $200 property tax bill from Alameda County, based on an appraisal of club property which seems high. He is going to look into this appraisal and try to get a new appraisal.

Bill noted that the club received a very large bill from Cal Copy for printing various club litterature. Bill and Dan will work together to try to reduce the cost of printing in the future.



*John Greene requested ex­comm permission to buy a new traveler car for Louie (club Ensign). Dan Acland agreed to make the arrangements necessary for John to receive the port supply discount at West Marine.

*Robert Ofsevit requested that he be put on the authorized purchasers list at West Marine and Svendsens. After discussion of the need for decision making about expenditures to go through as many people as possible, a motion was made by Bill Csajko, seconded by Bill Gavelis, and approved unanimously to allow Robert to be on the lists at both locations, and to have a spending limit of $100 dollars, just like an ex­comm member.

*Martin Schaaf expressed concern about accessibility of club facilities and activities to people with physical and mental disabilities. He has prepared a draft of a proposal to bring the club into compliance with legal requirements. The main issues are wheelchair access to the clubhouse, and consideration for those with learning disabilities in the teaching and testing programs. After considerable discussion, a motion was made by Bill Csajko, and seconded by Bill Moseley, to establish a new committee for disabled accessibility in the club, with Martin as its first chairperson. The motion was passed unanimously. Martin was given the liberty to name his position. Martin will further develop his proposal, seeking input from disabled sailors in and out of the club.

*Dan Acland made a motion to increase the amount of money approved for the purchase of winches for the Ensigns to a total of $900. After research, Dan had found that the winches he had received approval for at the previous ex­comm meeting were inadequate for the Ensigns. He presented his findings. The motion was seconded by Peter Baczek and passed with 5 yes votes and one abstention.

*Rebecca Haussman introduced the topic of the restricted Lido sailing area. After lengthy discussion it was decided that after the delivery of the 4 newly repaired Lido hulls from Schock, the Junior area would be restored to its customary boundaries. A three hour sailing limit will remain in force. Any boat that has been on the water for three hours must be taken out of the water to be drained, regardless of how many times it has changed hands in that period. The motion to restore the junior area was made by Dan Acland, seconded by Bill Gavelis, and passed unanimously.

A log of all sailing activities will be kept of all boats, and any club member signing out a boat MUST record their sailing activity in the log. Bill Gavelis will take responsibility for creating a binder to record this information and it will be located on the table in the club house. Dan, Rebecca, and Paul agreed to take on the task of calling all rated skippers in the club to inform them of the new decision.

*Bill Csajko discussed a recent conversation with Tom Schock about the condition of the Lidos and the ongoing repair process. Peter Minkwitz, professional marine surveyor, has submitted a report to the club on the eight Lidos, including his impressions of the repairs done to hull #2. Bill will send a copy of this report to Tom Schock.

1996.07.25 - Excom

Thursday July 25, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: July 25th, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1915

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Bill Moseley, Jonathan Katz, Bill Prinzmetal, Dan Acland, Rebecca Haussmann, Steve Gehlbach 


$25,200 Checking (approx.)

$555 Money Market Account


No report


Report given by Bill Csajko.

General Membership Meeting will be held at 1900 August 15th at the Berkeley Yacht Club.

Narcisse is still working on the Floating Bottle

A card needs to be sent out notifying the membership of the General Membership Meeting. Several members agreed to cooperate to complete this task in Narcisse


A JY15 is available at Seabird (at Aquatic Park in Berkeley) for $3000 with sails, but no trailer. A motion was made by Dan Acland, and seconded by Bill Moseley to approve $3500 for the purchase of the boat, and to sell the club Contender, with trailer. The motion passed unanimously. Rebecca Hausman agreed to take responsibility for selling the Contender. Bye bye lovely boat!

Jonathan was asked if he had installed a wooden rail on the transom of Lido hull #2. He said he had not, but would take care of it. 


A motion was made by Bill Moseley and seconded by Dan Acland to approve $1127 plus tax for the purchase of 4 new windsurfer sails. The motion was passed unanimously. Big money night!

There was a discussion of the possible need to buy new boards, especially heavier boards for beginners and heavier board­sailors. 


Paul submitted a report via email. He and Rebecca Hausman are putting together a post­haulout evaluation and a plan of action for future haulouts.

Paul is in agreement that winches need to be replaced on the Ensigns, suggesting the purchase of two new winches to replace those that are currently completely nonfunctional.

A motion was made by Dan Acland and seconded by Bill Gavelis to approve the expenditure of $500 for 6 new winches for the Ensigns and 3 new winch handles. After lengthy discussion the motion was approved 5 in favor and 1 against. Dan took responsibility for researching the purchase further to ensure the correct winches. 




Liam has been posting flyers around UC campus to attract new members.

Liam declared the current crew of dayleaders to be exemplary, especially in the wake of a recent Lido sinking. He broached the subject of a possible pay bonus for the dayleaders. After some discussion this issue was tabled pending further information. 


(Mercifully) No Report


Bill sold a trailer for $75, which was $25 more than ex­comm initially expected.

Saul Schumsky, boat acquisitions chair for the club, turned over to Bill the responsibility for selling the Cal 20 that was donated to the club this spring. Bill is arranging with the previous owner to exchange a receipt for the title to the boat. After the title arrives he will proceed to advertise and sell the boat, with help from Rebecca Hausman. He apologized to the previous owner on behalf of the club for the delay in the exchange of paperwork.

*Membership Chair Report* (Rebecca Hausman)

A new stock of windsurfer tee­shirts is currently being made, as per ex­comm approval. Should be here soon.



*Lidos: Bill Csajko announced that Schock is intending to return four hull with repairs on August 7.

Hull #8 sank last Saturday due to leakage through a cracked centerboard case. It is not to be sailed.

Another Lido has a broken centerboard uphaul line.

Peter Minkwitz is preparing a report on the repairs that have been done to hull #2.

There was an inconclusive discussion of possible ways to restructure the centerboard case.

There was an inconclusive discussion of extending the current restricted junior sailing area.

There was a motion to increase the penalty for sailing outside the restricted junior area or for sailing longer than 1.5 hours to 8 days loss of rating. The motion was made by Dan Acland, seconded by Jonathan Katz, and passed unanimously.

It was decided without a vote that hull #2 would be made into a junior boat, but that the log of sailing activity needs to be maintained. A call will be made to all the juniors in the club, informing them of the increased penalty and the changed status of hull #2.

1996.07.11 - Excom

Thursday July 11, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: July 11, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1936

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Narcisse, Dan Acland, Paul Herzmark, Bill Prinzmetal, Peter Kuhn, Andreas Schuele


Checking $25,200 minus a few thousand for expenses Money Market $555


No report.


Sunday July 14 is the last day for submissions to the next issue of the Floating Bottle.

The general membership meeting is coming up in August. Jennifer Kirkland will once again be providing dinner. The date will be announced soon.

The first two weekends of September will see CSC once again giving free rides at the semiannual Jack London Square Boat Show.

About 30 to 40 folks showed up for the Ashby Shoal Breakfast.

The July open house attracted a decent crowd. No report on whether people actually got their free ride.


Jonathan was absent from the meeting, but left an in­abstential report via Bill Csajko to the effect that he did not think highly of the newly repaired Lido.


Not present.


The haulout of Huey and Dewey (keelboats) was a success. Thanks all round to everyone who participated.

The next haulout will be in September. Uncle Donald will be the lucky recipient. (I just washed my new cat, and I imagine the boats must feel about the same way when they get washed) There was a discussion of ways to improve work scheduling for the haulout. The main difficulty is in finding people capable of leading the work on weekdays.

Axel Kwiatkowski has put together a handout on radio operation for the keelboats. After editing it will be copied and put out for general consumption.


Not present.


Dayleader Charlotte has temporarily lost her work­study grant. Hopefully she will be back at the club in a matter of months.

A new dayleader has been hired. His name is Damis. (Come say hi to him.) Liam intends to hire one more dayleader, for a total of 5.

Erstwhile dayleader Cindi Ploski, who left the club earlier this summer, has run into difficulty receiving her last month by untimely filing of papers at the turn of the fiscal year. Liam wondered if there was any way the club could temporarily compensate her. Treasurer Bill Gavelis insisted that we are technically not the employer for the dayleaders, and that it is in our best interest to stay completely out of that role, leaving the transfer of money entirely up to the University. 


The two recently repainted Ensigns did honor to themselves and the club by placing 4th and 5th in a fleet of 7 at the last BYC Beer Can Race. The 4th place boat, crewed by Team: Are We Not Mallards? was a scant 12 seconds off the corrected time of the 3rd place boat, and a total of only 3 1/2 minutes off the time for the first place boat. Thanks for the clean bottoms!


Bill stressed the importance of bringing purchases of over $100 to ex­comm for approval, citing two recent episodes in which items were purchased on a so­called purchases could have been made more wisely if the represented by ex­comm had been consulted.

The mysterious new storage locker located behind the CSC yard turns out to be under the purview of the Garden Club. No further information was available.

Bill refused to pay a bill from the Harbor Master for the purchase of a key. His refusal was due to the fact that the purchase was not approved, and no name was attached to it. Thus, according to Bill, there is no way for the club to know if the purchase was legitimate. Please try to avoid this sort of indiscriminate spending.

A member of the public expressed interest in buying one of the unused trailers in the yard for $50. A motion was made by Dan Acland, seconded by Narcisse, and passed unanimously, to allow the sale.

*Membership Chair* (Rebecca Hausman)

Rebecca sold the 505 to the highest bidder in an open auction amongst the handful of interested respondents to an add she had placed. The final selling price was $550, a full quarter Thanks go to Bill Gavelis for helping with the transaction.

Rebecca made a motion to approve $250 for the purchase of more of the popular windsurfing tee­shirts. The motion was approved by Dan Acland, and passed unanimously.



*JY15: Bill Prinzmetal put ex­comm on alert that next week he would make a motion to approve the expenditure of up to $3000 for the purchase of a used JY15 with sails and trailer, should one become available. He described what he saw as the advantages to the club of owning such a boat, stressing primarily that it is a faster, more exciting boat than the Lido, yet simple enough to be sailed easily by any junior. The JY15 is a foam core construction dinghy with a significantly larger sail plan than the Lido, but without trapeze or spinnaker on standard models. In a remarkable reversal, Bill Gavelis, proponent of a Lido/Laser exclusive dinghy program, expressed support for the idea.

*Senior skippers are badly needed for teaching and testing of new Juniors. The club is in need of more Junior Skippers to make the free ride and lesson programs work.

*Lidos: Mike Owens for Schock brought the repaired hull #2 back from Southern California, and took 4 other hulls with him for repairs. According to Rebecca, Schock has done a nice job on the cosmetic aspects of the repair, but the integrity of the structural repairs will only be assessable after extensive sailing. Schock left with us a mockup of the redesigned centerboard system. They have apparently added some fiberglass to the structure, but according to Rebecca, this will still be the weak point in the boats.

Surveyor Peter Minkwitz advises us that the best way to assess the repairs is to sail the boat and log everything that happens to it. The boat has already been designated as a senior only boat, and all seniors are encouraged to sail the boat as much as possible. Please use the log book provided on the desk in the clubhouse to report all sailing activity, not just damage. For the integrity of any possible future legal wrangling we must have an accurate log of all sailing in hull #2.

Peter Kuhn proposed that we consider hiring a local boat yard to rebuild the centerboard cases according to a new design. He is going to make up some drawings along these lines and put them on the Internet for consideration.

1996.06.20 - Excom

Thursday June 20, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: 6/20/96

Meeting called to order at: 1930

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Moseley, Bill Gavelis, Rebecca Hausman, Narcisse, Peter Baczek, Liam Carey, Dan Acland, Paul Barber


Checking $18,100

Money Market $553


Lidos: Ex­comm members and employees of the club should be very careful not to make inaccurate statements about the situation with Schock. Attorney Sam Goldstein has generated a standard statement to make if anyone asks about the situation. 


Narcisse was acting commodore for the week prior to the meeting in Bill C absence.

The repaired Lido was due to arrive from Schock this past week but it did not. When it arrives it will be surveyed by a professional surveyor.

Ashby Shoal Breakfast is scheduled for July 4. Narcisse will create a poster to notify members.

There has been some interest in the Cal 20 from prospective buyers, but there is still a hold­up with the transfer of the title from the original owner to the club. 


Jonathan has worked on the Lasers and Bytes, and all five hulls and rigs are functional. He will continue to work on these two fleets to standardize the rigging from boat to boat.

Jonathan expressed interest in organizing a weekday dinghy race series open to club members and the public.

There is a possibility of the club receiving a donation of a Fireball, a two­person trapeze dinghy. A motion was made by Dan, seconded by Narcisse and passed unanimously to accept the donation if it materializes.

Rebecca Hausman commented that she has had several calls about the sale of the 505. She will take responsibility for choosing among the various interested parties and making the sale.


Bill took various old equipment to a windsurfing swap meet and made $125

A mysterious storage locker has materialized behind the rental locker. 


Home sick


Peter is considering writing a new teaching handout.

There was discussion of how to get more instructors down for Saturdays.

Wednesday keelboat lessons have had varying turnouts lately, from one to three boatloads. A commander will be reserved for the lessons for the Wednesday during which two Ensigns will be hauled out. 


Liam noted that he has been gone from the club for a couple of weeks, but that the dayleaders have taken care of their own business well in his absence. He noted that we have good dayleaders at the moment in his opinion, four in number, and that he is considering hiring a fifth.

Jonathan Katz initiated a discussion of rescue training for dayleaders in the wake of an incident in which he was unable to receive a timely rescue from either CSC or Cal Adventures staff. The particular incident involved a non­club boat with its mast stuck in the mud. Liam will add the necessary skills to his dayleader trainings. 


There was a fiery interchange among various members regarding the procurement of membership cards and the approval of funds for printed matter. No actionable content. 


No report.



* Paul Barber was in attendance in accordance with Ex­comm wake of his alleged misconduct two weeks prior to the meeting. He explained his conduct and was permitted to rejoin the club pending payment of normal dues.

* Schock will be returning the first repaired Lido at an undetermined time. Upon its return it will be inspected by a professional surveyor. Schock intends to pick up another 5 Lidos upon delivery of the first one and take them to Southern California for repairs. A motion was made to make the repaired Lido a senior only boat and passed 6 in favor, 1 opposed, and 1 abstention.

1996.06.06 - Excom

Thursday June 06, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: June 6th, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1905

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Bill Moseley, Dan Acland, Narcisse, Peter Baczek, Martin Schaaf, Rebecca Hausman, Ed Shirk. 


Checking: $12,000

Money Market $ 553

T­Bills have been liquidated.


Bill has been out of town, and had no report. 


Narcisse has been acting commodore in Bill Csajko

A representative from Schock Boats is supposedly coming this week to pick up one of the boats for repair. A professional surveyor, Peter Minkwitz, came today to survey the Lidos.

Narcisse had lunch with Pauline Rita, organizer of the Jack London Square Boat Show, to discuss free rides. Pauline commended our work at the recent show, and invited us to participate again in September. Pauline indicated that she would be willing to donate the cost of insurance necessary for the show.


No report.


No report.


No report.


Peter distributed a handout he has been working on the give to new Junior Skippers to introduce them to the idea of teaching. He is looking for comments.


No report.


Michael Clark, a member of a local bicycle advocacy group, contacted the club to ask for support for a Berkeley municipal bond measure that would raise 3 million dollars to build a pedestrian and bicycle overpass over the train tracks and the freeway to link the marina to the rest of Berkeley for bikes and pedestrians. Dan made a motion to officially support efforts to get the bond measure on the November ballot by signing a letter to be drafted and sent to us by Michael Clark and returned by us for presentation to the city council. The motion was seconded by Bill Gavelis, and passed unanimously.

The FCC has established an interim regulation exempting all recreational craft operating in domestic waters from the requirement for a VHF radio license. Thus, we no longer need a license for our boats. However, they lost Dan applications he sent in, which had already been reimbursed by the club, minus the $10 stop check fee that the drooling, rapacious, stage­coach­robbing beast of Wells Fargo Bank charged him.

Dan has arranged a system to control printing costs, whereby he is the only person in the club authorized to make copies from the masters on file at Cal Copy. Any club member who takes an original with them to Cal Copy or Kinkos can make copies on account. Please be very very sure it is needed before you go copy.


Bill has seen no impact on income from memberships due to the problems with the new Lidos as yet.

Saul Schumsky, boat acquisitions chair, spoke to Bill about advertising the recently donated Cal 20 for sale for $800. Bill told him to go ahead.

*Membership Chair

Rebecca will print out a new membership list and put copies of it in various people

Bill Gavelis commented that racing affiliate members should be on the mailing list so that they can receive copies of our newsletter.

There was a discussion of adding something to the membership card format that would ask new members how they heard about the club, for market research.

The dock has been completely repaired.

New T­shirts have arrived, and have been placed in the T­shirt cabinet. There is an inventory list in the cabinet describing the inventory that is not in the cabinet.

Rebecca recommended Lauren Lesmeister as the new T­shirt czar, ie chair of the T­shirt committee. Bill Csajko appointed him to the position, and he was approved unanimously by the entire ex­comm.




Martin Schaaf, who has proposed and researched the purchase of kayaks, distributed a report on his findings. Bill Gavelis made a motion to purchase two of the kayaks recommended by Martin, and the necessary adjunct equipment, at an approximate cost of $800. The motion was seconded by Bill Csajko. There was considerable discussion. It was mentioned that CSC is a sailing club, as stipulated in its purpose, in the constitution, and thus kayaking does not belong. It was mentioned that a small number of kayaks would be very nice for winter months when there is not much sailing to do. It was mentioned that any purchase of kayaks would eventually lead to a larger kayaking program, and that might not be what the club members want. It was mentioned that a larger kayaking progam would bring in considerable revenue. Various other points were discussed. The motion was eventually withdrawn by Bill Gavelis. 


Rebecca Hausman reported that Lidos 7 and 8 are operational. Lido 6 has been taken out of duty.

Peter Minkwitz, marine surveyor, looked at the boats for several hours and will write up a report. Bill Gavelis volunteered to cover the expense of Minkwitz

Schock has finally sent the club a warranty for the boats, and a proposal to fix the boats. After extensive discussion it was decided to allow Schock to take one boat to Corona for repairs, and to send them a letter requiring them to wait for our approval before beginning repairs. A motion was made by Narcisse to approve the expenditure of $1500 for Peter Minkwitz, or another similarly competent surveyor to go to Corona and observe the repairs in progress. The motion was seconded by Bill Csajko, and passed unanimously. 


Bill Csajko made a motion to approve the expenditure of $250 for new life vests. The motion was seconded by Dan Acland, and passed unanimously.

1996.05.23 - Excom

Thursday May 23, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: May 23, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1915

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Narcisse, Bill Csajko, Bill Gavelis, Rebecca Hausman, Liam Carey, Bill Moseley, Dan Acland, Martin Schaaf, Robert Ofsevit, John Katz


No financial report was available


B. C. announced a willing nominee for the position of 1st Vice Commodore. John Katz was nominated to the position by D. Acland, seconded by Narcisse, and voted unanimously into office.

B. Gavelis will take over responsibility for giving out and keeping track of all club keys.


The faulty newsletter got sent out anyway by an accident. The stamped copies were taken to the post office for a postage refund, and the PO somehow managed to send them anyway, even though they had already marked through every stamp with a marker. It was noted that this episode drives home the fact that the club is moving through a period of bad stars, and that all this punishment we are suffering is really not of our own doing. We are simply suffering at the hands of the whimsical non­profit gods.

There was discussion of putting out a reduced newsletter, perhaps one page of announcements only, or a smaller folded page. Also discussed was the frequency of the newsletter. Narcisse assured the fretful executive committee members that she would consider the issue and come up with a workable plan

We gave 138 rides, compared to the Hornblower boat, which gave a total of only 90. Most riders expressed satisfaction. Unfortunately the 5 Tee shirts and 1 sweatshirt that Narcisse had placed for PR purposes got swept into the festival organizers raffle and were raffled off as door prizes. There was universal expression of chagrin, particularly on the part of the treasurer.

Skates is interested in discussing some sort of joint PR venture.

Pauline Rita, organizer of the Jack London Square Boat Show is planning to meet with Narcisse to discuss our part in the Boat Show.


John is particularly interested in developing the high performance dinghy fleet. He would like to accumulate a total of possibly three trapeze boats that could be sailed by junior skippers. He noted that there is a possibility of receiving a donation of a Fireball, a 15.5 foot, two person, trapeze rigged boat.


Bill introduced the idea of changing the lock on the Dayleader locker to a senior lock so that senior windsurfers could access universals when the club is closed. After considerable discussion he made a motion to effect this change. It was seconded by Bill Csajko. There were two votes in favor, two opposed, and three abstentions. A motion requires a majority to pass, but does not require a majority to fail, to the motion failed.

Bill is concerned about possible leakage in the windsurfer rental locker, and will look into it. These lockers generate $10,000 each year.

Bill intends to pursue repairs to the barbed wire around the yard.

Bill took Big Foot to the vet, at a cost of $55.00. It was reported that while she is in good health and received a full complement of preventative shots, she was found to have the remains of several windsurfers and their rigs, who have recently gone missing in the South Sailing Basin, in her stomach and small intestines. She will return to the vet in one month for a second round of shots, and further investigation of local homicides.

Berkeley Board Sports has arranged the donation of two more boards to the club, at an estimated value of $1500.

Bill raised the issue of dock repair, wondering if cleats will be used on the repaired dock instead of the rail now used to tie up boats. Rebecca agreed to discuss the issue with George Babich at the Marina Manager ask that they stick with the rail.


Ken Shepherd has agreed to take care of tuning the rigging on the Ensigns.

Don Dobyns has recently been doing an excellent job of reworking the cockpit floors of a couple of the Ensigns.

Axel Kwiatkowski has installed a new radio in Uncle Donald.

There was an inconclusive discussion of the situation with radios in the Ensign. Paul will pursue the issue further to come up with a workable plan for radio communication in the sieve­like vessels.

Haulouts for Dewey and Huey have been scheduled for June 20. Dan Acland agreed to help coordinate activities on the 21st.


Peter is still looking into various ways to improve teaching and testing standards. There was a discussion of possible avenues. 


Two new Dayleaders have been hired, named Lucy and Dave.

Liam is continuing to interview candidates in hopes of developing a reserve of possible hirees in case there is a sudden vacancy.

Liam and ex­port captain Steve Gehlbach will be leading a comprehensive dayleader training for paid and volunteer dayleaders on Monday May 27. This training will be offered once or twice a month from now on.

There was an extensive and gloriously productive brainstorming session on things to tell the dayleaders regarding expectations for their performance and behavior. One thing that was not mentioned, but which the secretary is choosing to add at liberty, in case any of the dayleaders is reading these minutes, is that we love you. We really do.


There was a discussion of ways to control the cost of printing. Dan stated that his plan is to keep a file of masters at Cal Copy only. The secretary will be the only person authorized to use these masters. Other club members may make copies charged to the club account if they bring the original with them. If copies are needed of any club publication for which masters are on file, please contact Dan and he will order the copies and have them delivered, free of charge, to the club house. Dan will make a regular check of the inventory of printed materials.

The ex­comm minutes will be moved from behind the door to above the bulleting



Bill will cash the club treasury bills as soon as possible to repay the 5 members who loaned the club money for the purchase of the Lidos. 



*Martin Schaaf is interested in having a couple of kayaks in the club and will look into various options.

*Dan Acland made a motion to approve Robert Ofsevit for the Cruising Skipper Rating. The motion was seconded by Bill Moseley, and after all Robert glowing letters of recommendation were read, and his first aid and CPR cards duly displayed he was unanimously approved. It was noted that the collective aura of the club instantly began to glow a deeper shade of gold. Congratulations Robert!

*Bill Csajko made a motion to make the Contender back into a Senior boat. The motion was seconded by Dan Acland, and passed unanimously. It was noted that ex­comm got its collective peter spanked by the old­timer members of the club who schooled the whole lot of us on the subject of safety and wicked high speed sailing. There was a discussion of just what the bejeezus to do with the dagger like boat, concluding in the idea that it should be sold. Final decision was postponed until members of the club could make comment. Please let us know what you think about selling the contender. The idea is to have boats that get significant use, and it is perceived that the contender does not.

*Lidos. A professional surveyor has inspected the boats and reports that they are beyond repair, and that the hulls ought to be replaced with new hulls. Bill Csajko has looked into the solvency and financial reputation of WD Schock company and has found no negative reports thus far. Schock has proposed a repair, but has made no mention of a warranty or the replacement of the most defective hull, #7. Bill is concerned about accepting Schock offer in light of the report from the surveyor. There was a discussion of various options. No decision was made by ex­comm.

1996.05.09 - Excom

Thursday May 09, 1996

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: May 9, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 1915

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

In attendance: Bill Gavelis, Narcisse, Peter Baczek, Bill Moseley, Liam Carey, Paul Herzmark, Dan Acland, John Gatz, Rebecca Hausman, Steve Gehlbach

*Agenda Item*

An agenda item was heard before officer reports to accommodate a club member who wished to leave the meeting early.

John Gatz expressed interest in purchasing the club dinghy). It was pointed out that legally we must advertise any sale of club property rather than selling it preferentially to a club member. A motion was made to advertise the 505 for sale. Motion was made by D. Acland and seconded by P. Baczek. An amendment was offered by B. Gavelis to advertise in the freidly amendment, but was seconded by Narcisse as an unfriendly amendment. The amendment passed with one nay vote, and the amended motion passed unanimously.

There was discussion of changing the status of the club performance dinghy) from a senior boat to a junior boat. It was decided that the only issue was the safety of the skipper vis­a­vis hypothermia. A motion was made to make the Contender a junior boat, with a required rigging check­out, and a requirement that a wet suit must be worn by juniors who sail the boat. The motion stated that the change in status would be on a trial basis until the end of July 96. Motion was made by D. Acland, seconded by Narcisse, and passed unanimously.


Numbers not available


The club is in need of a First Vice Commodore

Big Foot is in need of a vet checkup. Bill Moseley agreed to take her to a nearby vet.

Dan Dobson, a club member and carpenter has asked if there is any carpentry he can usefully do for the club. It was suggested that club members with such skills should be invited to get involved with a nascent project to reconfigure the club house, a master plan for which has been undertaken by Dan Twelker as part of his campaign for the senior rating.

It was agreed that Dan Dobson would be asked to use his skills to make a survey of structural problems and hazards around the clubhouse and make necessary repairs.


The club is planning free rides at the Berkeley Marina Cajun Festival Saturday May 18 from 2:00 to 7:00 PM. Set up is from 8:00 to 12:00 AM.

Narcisse attended a meeting of the Berkeley Waterfront Commission, responsible for all development and operations on the Waterfront. She reported that the Commission is considering a new master lease for tenants on the Marina. She noted that we may be affected, and should continue to stay informed. She also noted that the Waterfront Commission makes many other decisions that could affect us, and for that reason we should attend meetings regularly and project a positive image to the Commission.

Narcisse has been recieving offers through the mail for advertising in various publications. Various members expressed that they are not interested in pursuing additional paid advertising. There was a discussion of flyering on UC Berkeley campus, and the possibility of setting up a table on Sproul Plaza. L. Carey said he would look into the possibility of a table.

Narcisse will meet with Veronique Anxolabehere to discuss the reissuing of the most recent issue of the Floating Bottle.

Rebecca said that she will look into the possibility of using bulk mailing to mail the Bottle in order to save money. 


No First Vice Commodore


Bill has purchased several new universal joints. They are more durable than those we have had previously, and slightly more expensive, although he received a discount of somewhere between 30% and 50%. His goal is to have only one type of universal for all the boards.

There was discussion of whether or not to install permanent mast base plates on all boards except junior boards, to make universal installation easier. A motion was made to permit Bill to spend $225 for the purchase of said plates. Motion made by B Gavelis, seconded by D. Acland, passed unanimously.

There is considerable damage done to windsurfer rigs due to poor rigging and handling. Bill attributes this to a loose policy on testing, and will work with P Baczek on a more standardized rigging test.

The windsurfer sign out system, which currently consists of two sheets, one for boards, and one for universals, will be consolidated into a single sheet.

Bill will be looking into new carpet or possibly astro­turf for the rigging areas.


Paul said that he needs a J­dock key. He was told to plant a bean seed pricked with a splinter from our slip on J­dock under the light of a quarter moon and nourished with the blood of a gnat. This is apparently the easiest way to get a J­dock key.

Paul said that he needs a Port Supply PO card. In this case he got a less occult response and was told that he could have one and that it would be arranged right away.

Haul outs for three of the club keelboats will be the first major item on Paul


Peter is considering ways to standardize teaching in order to reduce mistakes made by skippers while rigging and sailing. There was a discussion of ways to affect the kind and quality of instruction at the club.

One of the main areas that Peter intends to focus on is rigging practices.


Liam asked about getting keys for dayleaders. It was decided that dayleaders who do not have keys to the club must get the keys from the harbor master, as has been customary.

Liam will be interviewing three prospective dayleaders in a week.

Liam said there has been a problem with a shortage of instructors on Monday and Thursday.

Liam asked if anyone knew about national windsurfing races in the area.

Liam will be organizing training for new dayleaders with Steve Gehlbach twice per month.

There was a discussion of problems with the current dayleaders, including tardiness and absence from the premises during work hours. Concern was expressed that the primary role of dayleaders at all times is to maintain a watch over the sailing area.

There was a discussion of how to take care of various paper work relating to the payment of day leaders. 


Dan requested money for bagels and cream cheese for participants in a work party planned for Saturday May 11. There was no formal vote because the sum was too small to warrant concern.

George Babich, maintenance supervisor for the Marina has said that as soon as floats for the new dock section being installed in the West Dock arrive the work will proceed, and should be completed in two weeks.


Bill will continue to try to make contact with the past Treasurer to transfer paperwork and numbers.


Rebecca reemphasized the need for a First Vice Commodore to help coordinate attention to the many small problems with the new Lidos. 



B. Csajko made a motion to alter the budget for FY 96­97, raising the budget for dinghy sails from $0 to $5000 to cover the cost of the new Lido sails, which was not included in the budget for the previous fiscal year. The motion was seconded by P. Baczek and passed unanimously

1996.05.02 - General

Thursday May 02, 1996

Minutes of the general membership meeting of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: May 2, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 2020

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

*FINANCIAL REPORT* (Bill Csajko in lieu of Patrick Twohy)

Checking account: $2225.00

Treasury Bills: $40,000.00

Money Market account $500.00


Based on our current total membership a quorum of 24 was required for elections. There were clearly more than 24 members present.

No one was yet running for the 1st Vice Commodore petitioned the membership to consider volunteering.

The budget was approved at a special meeting of the executive committee held prior to the general membership meeting. The club spent $27,000 more than it took in last year, largely due to the purchase of the Lidos. The new budget includes a $2400 deficit due to the interest that will be paid to club members who loaned the club money for the purchase of the Lidos.

There have been some problems in the club lately. There have been problems with the new Lidos resulting from manufacturing defects and oversights, and all these problems have been addressed. Schock boat works, builders of the boats, seem to have come to see the problems with the boats from our perspective. The are taking care of problems with hiking straps, gudgeons, leaks, etc. These initial problems with the Lidos have been a strain on the club, but thanks to the hard work of a lot of members, in particular Rebecca Hausman and Peter Baczek, we will soon be able to enjoy our boats.

There have also been problems lately with dayleader scheduling. The club has been closed a number of days recently due to these problems. Bill petitioned members to consider running for Port Captain to help solve these problems.

The dock at the South Sailing Basin has been out of commission for some time. Rebecca Hausman, who has been designated our official liaison to the Marina Managers Office for this purpose, reported that the MMO told her they were expecting to receive the necessary parts and complete the job within 3 weeks. In addition, she reported that they intend to replace the badly worn piling in the dock later when they have the equipment to replace a number of bad pilings around the marina.

The Ashby Shoals Breakfast will be held this year on the morning of July 4. Martin Schaaf reported that he had spoken to the skipper of the scow schooner Alma, from the SF Maritime Museum about the possibility of the Alma joining the club for the event, pending approval of the expense for diesel by the museum. Bill asked that people arrive early to the breakfast as police may be cordoning off the marina for the day. There will be a shuttle running if that is the case.


Veronique will be stepping down as of tonight

Veronique thanked Rebecca Hausman for her work as the membership chair. She also thanked Sylvaine Guille, Robert Ofsevit, and all the contributing authors who worked on the Floating Bottle, the club

The Bottle has been published each quarter for the last year, an increase in frequency. This has been a boon for communication within the club and also with members of the community and local government.

The latest issue of the Bottle was withdrawn from circulation due to an editing error through which the lead article was printed twice. A corrected issue will be released as soon as possible.

Veronique thanked Brian Battuelo for his work on the monthly open house barbecue and noted that many other people are responsible for aspects of advertising and publicity, and for various ongoing events in the club.


In her first term Narcisse got a lot of help from Peter Kuhn, who showed her how to do the job, and did a lot of work on the boats.

In her second term she set herself the goal of making the job look attractive to whoever chose to take her place. With the purchase of the new fleet of Lidos, the job should be easy.

Narcisse thanked Peter Baczek especially, and Rebecca Hausman, who have stepped into the role of caring for the new Lidos during a time when Narcisse was ill.

Narcisse thanked all the volunteers who have made free rides possible in the last few weekend. The club was successful in cooperating with Cal Adventures at the Berkeley Bay Festival, where both organizations gave rides. Also, our participation in the Jack London Square Boat Show, again giving free rides, was a success.

The Marina Leaseholders Association is sponsoring a Cajun Festival on May 18 which the club intends to participate in, probably by giving free rides.

Narcisse petitioned the membership for volunteers for 1st Vice Commodore.


Olivier made 4 points about the windsurfing program in order to point out its strengths to non­windsurfers in the club who might want to get involved.

1. There is a lot of top notch equipment, thanks especially to a number of generous donations recently.

2. There is a new structured lesson program for windsurfers, from 1000­1200 every Saturday.

3. There is a gorgeous new windsurfing tee­shirt available for $8 or $9

4. Bill Moseley, who is running for 2nd Vice Commodore, has been prepared for the position while he has been working as Olivier to run a superb program.

Olivier thanked Rebecca Hausman for her help with the program, although in fact she had not participated in the program, but since everyone else was thanking her, he felt he should too.


The winning entry in the Lido naming competition was announced. The names chosen were 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8, and those names now appear on the boats. Too many identical entries were submitted for one winner to be recognized.

The BYC Friday Night Races have begun and club members have entered 2­3 Ensigns in each race so far. This is good news for keel boat maintenance, as the racing skippers tend to take good care of the boats.

Free rides at the Bay Festival and the Jack London Square Boat Show were a success. Such events are excellent PR for the club

Dan stressed the importance of presenting a good image to the public, and in particular to the marina community, and mentioned several ways that this image could be improved.

The club has accepted the donation of a Cal 20 for resale for revenue. It is currently in the South Sailing Basin and will be cleaned up and inventoried at a work party to be held Saturday May 11th. The asking price is $1200, and there have been a couple of interested buyers so far.

Dan noted that in a recent ex­comm meeting Rebecca Hausman was voted club deity.


The Wednesday night keelboat lessons have been going well thanks to Bob Collins and Peter Baczek.

The Lido instruction program has been in limbo due to the transition to the new fleet of Lidos. Peter Baczek has taken the lead in making the necessary changes to the instruction program to respond the peculiarities of the new boats.

Bill Prinzmetal will be organizing free rides for low income kids with the Berkeley Youth Alternatives group. He needs skippers to volunteer on a number of Thursday mornings this summer. Interested skippers should call Bill or Louie.


Jesse announced he will step down as of tonight's meeting. A good Port Captain is currently needed in the club.

There have been problems with lack of dayleaders. Dayleaders grants tend to run out at the end of the semester, and new dayleaders are hard to find because most students do not care to take on a new job close to finals. Jesse has found several people interested in the job for summer.

Jesse will help train a new Port Captain. He briefly described the nature of the position.


Jennifer said that she had received more than she had given as secretary, particularly from Bill Csajko, Bill Moseley, and Patrick Twohy.

Members interested in receiving the ex­comm minutes should consider getting on the club available at the clubhouse.

Minutes are also available on the clipboard behind the door of the clubhouse.

Jennifer announced that she will be stepping down as Secretary, but staying on as the banquet chair.

Jennifer thanked Rebecca Hausman for her help with the dinner for the meeting.



Bill Csajko asked if there were any issues from the floor.

Neil Zarchin asked about a group purchase of wetsuits and Rebecca Hausman reported that she had received information about such a purchase, but was looking for someone to take over as organizer of the deal.

Rebecca Hausman reported that she has tee-shirts on sale, and has ordered a new shipment to arrive in two and a half weeks.

Elections for ex­comm were held, and the results were as follows.

**Commodore: Bill Csajko, nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Narcisse, elected unanimously.

**Vice Commodore: Narcisse, nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Olivier Colliou, elected unanimously.

**1st Vice Commodore: Eric Wittig, Robert Ofsevit, Graham Hale, Rebecca Hausman, and Neil Zarchin all nominated and declined. No one elected to the position

**2nd Vice Commodore: Bill Moseley, nominated by Bill Csajko, seconded by Olivier Colliou, elected unanimously.

**3rd Vice Commodore: Paul Herzmark, nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Louie Benainous, elected unanimously.

**Rear Commodore: Peter Baczek, nominated by Louie Benainous, seconded by Narcisse, elected unanimously.

**Port Captain: Liam Carey, nominated by Steve Gehlbach, seconded by Jesse Smith. Zaaf Hasnain, nominated by Eric Wittig, seconded by Will Schlein. Liam elected by secret ballot.

**Treasurer: Bill Gavelis, nominated by Peter Kuhn, seconded by Zaaf Hasnain, elected unanimously.

**Secretary: Dan Acland, nominated by Olivier Colliou, seconded by Narcisse, elected unanimously.

1996.04.25 - Excom

Thursday April 25, 1996

Executive Committee meeting minutes

for April 25, 1996

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, April 25, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Narcisse, Dan Acland, Olivier Colliou, Louis Benainous, Jesse Smith and Jennifer Kirkland. Also in attendance were Membership Chair Rebecca Hausman and members Bill Moseley, Paul Herzmark, and Peter Kuhn.

A report of the club's finances was not available.


Commodore's Report (Bill Csajko)

Disgruntled Potential Lido Buyer: An individual who was interested in buying an old lido has written two letters threatening to sue for breach of contract. In his zeal to obtain a boat, this person wrote a check for the full $500, despite clear, repeated warnings that the deposit did not mean ownership, and that we could not authorize the sale without a vote of ex-com first. Communication is underway to resolve the matter without litigation.

Marina Lease Holders Meeting: There will be a Cajun Festival on May 18th at the Berkeley Marina. CSC will once again be giving free rides. A question was raised whether or not we should have a guest register, so we can track individuals who get free rides and establish better networking and public relations through these events.

Dock Repair: Work has begun in earnest on the dock. Repairs should be complete within the next two weeks.

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere)

No report.

First Vice Commodore's Report (Narcisse)

Jack London Square Boat Show: The second weekend of giving free rides is upon us, and all is going well. Dan is doing a great job of coordinating skippers and crew, and others, such as Paul, Rebecca, Peter, and Louis have also been very supportive. The Northern California Marine Association donated $350 to CSC to cover the cost of additional insurance for the event.

New Lidos: Five lidos are now operational, and work is well underhand to get all of them ready to sail.

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Olivier Colliou)

New Equipment: With the advent of the new season, a total of $950 was spent on universals, booms, uphauls, and harness lines. There are also plans to buy bigger sails.

Olivier made a motion to purchase 2 windsurfing sails for approximately $800. The motion was seconded by Dan and was passed unanimously.

Third Vice Commodore s Report (Dan Acland)

Free Rides: Keel boats have been used to provide free rides. Dan feels this work has been highly successful in gaining recognition in the community.

Daisy and Donald Face Lifts: Both boats were given a much appreciated sprucing up by Narcisse.

Louie's New Friend: Thanks to the foresight and ingenuity of Ken Shepherd, a fake owl has been placed on Louie to keep off the birds. It works!

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous)

No report.

Port Captain s Report: (Jesse Smith)

Dayleader Update: Jesse acknowledged the ongoing difficulties CSC has had in covering shifts for dayleaders. This situation has been worsened by the fact that most Cal students are not willing to hire on during finals. However, several people are interested in filling positions once the semester is over, making the staffing shortage a temporary one.

Dayleader Duties: Bill requested that dayleaders check memberships more consistently and observe closing times more closely.

Water Depth Stick: Rebecca suggested that we obtain a stick for measuring water depth, so we can verify the charts for when the tide is too low to run the skiff. Having a depth stick would allow members to double check and help ease the frustration of members who want to sail when the tide is too low.

New Port Captain: The search for a new Port Captain is ongoing.

Secretary s Report: (Jennifer Kirkland)

New Secretary: There will be an opening for the office of secretary for next term. Anyone interested in filling the position is encouraged to do so.


Membership: (Rebecca)

Despite not having operational lidos and having problems in keeping the clubhouse open, membership figures are not far off target for this time of year.


Floating Bottle:

Due to a printing error, the current newsletter was not mailed out. 1000 copies had been stamped, but thanks to Robert, we will be reimbursed for postage from the postal service, minus a 15% service fee. Given that the sailing season is upon us, it was felt that getting out a newsletter now would be worth the additional printing costs, since the newsletter is valuable for PR, communication and generating memberships.

Dan moved to print 500 copies of a corrected version of the Floating Bottle ASAP, and have CSC absorb the additional printing costs. The motion was seconded by Louis, and it passed with 4 ayes and one abstention.

Lido Update:

The new extrusions are in and are being put on the boats. Schock is continuing to fix the lidos and is making good progress.

In terms of warranty for the lidos, we will be requesting a life-time warranty for leaks.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be the General Meeting held on May 2, 1996 at the Berkeley Yacht Club.

1996.04.11 - Excom

Thursday April 11, 1996

April 11, 1996


Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, April 11, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Narcisse, Dan Acland, Olivier Colliou, Louis Benainous, and Jennifer Kirkland. Also in attendance was Membership Chair Rebecca Hausman.

A report of the club's finances was not available. 


Commodore s Report (Bill Csajko) Covered as an agenda item.

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere) No report.

First Vice Commodore's Report (Narcisse)

New Lidos: Two Lidos will be operational for Sunday; however hull #3 is questionable. Rebecca Hausman, Peter Baczek and several other members have been working hard on the new lidos.

New Door: Robert Ofsevit obtained the materials for and replaced the front door. THANKS, ROBERT!

1st Vice Commodore Replacement: The search for a new 1st Vice is on! Narcisse will be pursuing another position this next term. Anyone interested in filling the office is encouraged to do so. 

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Olivier Colliou)

New 2nd Vice: There will be a new 2nd Vice for next term. One person has expressed an interest in the position, but anyone else who might be interested in the office is encouraged to run.

Windsurfing Lessons: A structured windsurfing lesson program has been established. Regular Saturday lessons will start May 4th from 10­12 noon, tide permitting. All members beyond Novice are encouraged to come and give lessons, for both rigging and water skills. You can earn lesson or work credit for doing so.

Instruction Manual: There's an instructional manual almost finished which is a curriculum designed to move folks quickly from the Novice to Junior level. It will be both a guide for learning and teaching, and will be on­line soon, as well.

Video Library: We now have a video library that has useful tapes for windsurfers at all levels.

Windsurfing SLOW TRACK: A new, short term windsurfing program, modeled after the sailing fast­track program will be starting soon. It will be held for 4 consecutive Sundays, starting May 12th, and running May 12, 19, 26, and June 2nd, meeting from 9­12 noon. Enrollment is limited to 7 students. The goal is for the student to move from a novice to a junior rating within a month. The requirements for inclusion into the program are as follows: 1) Must be a novice windsurfer and current CSC member. 2)Must attend each Sunday. One absence and you're out of the program. 3) The windsurfer will practice windsurfing at least once between Sunday lessons. If you are interested, contact Bill Prinzmetal after 5PM on April 30th, and leave a message.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Dan Acland)

New CAL 20: There is a new CSC acquisition­ a CAL 20 anchored in the South Basin. It's currently lacking a mast­ head strobe. The new boat should be out of the water and on a trailer by early this week.

Friday Night Racing: 2 CSC boats put out a good effort at the Friday night BYC race.

De­sailed Dewey: Dewey's mainsail ripped and will be repaired promptly.

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous)

Sailing Lessons: In the absence of sailable Lidos, lessons have been given on keelboats.

New Lido Rigging Orientation: Given the rigging changes on the new Lidos, members are in need of rigging lessons. Plans are underway for providing an orientation to interested members. There will also be a requirement to read and sign off a description/orientation sheet for how to rig before members can take out the new boats. Rebecca offered to provide a list of members so everyone can be notified of the new requirement.

Junior Competency: Concerns have been raised regarding the skill level of juniors passing their junior tests. Plans were made to investigate ways of ensuring that all junior skippers have prerequisite skills and get ongoing support for maintaining and improving sailing after testing. 

Port Captain s Report: (Jesse Smith) No report. 

Secretary s Report: (Jennifer Kirkland)

New Secretary: There will be an opening for the office of secretary for next term. Anyone interested in filling the position is encouraged to do so.


T­Shirt Committee: (Rebecca Hausman) There's a complete list of T­shirts we have in inventory in the T­shirt cabinet. We have additional shirts available that won't fit in the cabinet. Feel free to order.


Olivier's Senior Rating: Dan moved that we accept Tony Phillip's recommendation to make Olivier a senior windsurfer. The recommendation has been approved by Elizabeth Simon, and Olivier has passed all tests and has completed his senior project. The motion was seconded by Narcisse and the motion passed with 4 ayes and one abstention. CONGRATULATIONS OLIVIER!!!!!

Budget: (Bill) Patrick has submitted a preliminary budget for the new fiscal year, which begins May 1. The new budget needs to be approved at the next meeting, before the General Meeting. All officers will need to review the budget and be ready to submit any changes they want so it can be discussed and approved at the next meeting.

Filling Ex­Com Vacancies: (Bill) We're still looking for replacements for 1st Vice, Port Captain , and Secretary. Possible replacements were considered and plans were made to contact all those who might be interested in filling the positions. Anyone interested, please contact an ex com member or express an interest at the General Meeting.

The New Lidos: (Bill, Rebecca) Mike Owens from Schock and Alfonso from Corso Marine have been onsite and are looking into the difficulties we've had with the new boats. It was discovered that the hull on boat #7 is bad and will have to be replaced. Schock is also taking care of leaks, putting gudgeons in line, fixing holes in fiberglass in rubrail underlip, and putting on new hiking straps. CSC will also be getting an 18 month written warranty by the second week of April.

A letter went out to Schock which detailed our requests for repairs. A letter came back stating that Schock would fix everything but the boom problem. Pineapple could fix the sails by cutting them down, but they'll charge us $50/hour to do it. It would cost CSC $400­$500 to put on new booms ourselves. However, we could come up with some specialized rigging which might make the boats sailable without putting on new extrusions or cutting the sails. After an extensive discussion of options, it was decided that CSC will buy and put on new extrusions for the boats and pursue Schock for payment. Dan moved that CSC allot $600 for purchasing and installing new extrusions for the new Lidos. The motion was seconded by Louis and it was passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on April 25, 1996.

1996.03.28 - Excom

Thursday March 28, 1996

March, 28 1996


Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, March 28, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Veronique Anxolabehere, Narcisse, Dan Acland, Louis Benainous, and Jennifer Kirkland. Also in attendance were Membership Chair Rebecca Haussmann, and member Paul Herzmark.

A report of the club's finances was not available.


Commodore s Report (Bill Csajko) No report. 

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere) No report.

First Vice Commodore s Report (Narcisse)

New Lidos: A total of $500 has been spent to prepare the lidos to sail.

Old Lidos: The old lidos are now gone to their new home on Clear Lake.

Second Vice Commodore s Report (Olivier Colliou) No report.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Dan Acland)

Radio Station License: All keel boats need licenses to operate radios. Thanks to Dan's inquiries, CSC can obtain them at a reduced rate of $45 per license, saving a total of $150.

Lido Line: 500 feet of 3/8 inch red line was purchased for the new Lidos.

Dock Repair: Dan spoke with CAL Adventures, who talked with the Berkeley Marina maintenance manager. repairs on the dock will take place as soon as the parts are in.

April 13th Bay Festival: Dan will try to negotiate with slip holders to move their boats to accommodate the Lidos.

Special Junior Rating: Dan moved to allow a special rating for the day of the Bay Festival to have selected Junior Skippers single hand Lidos around to the marina with a Senior Skipper in hailing distance. The motion was seconded by Veronique and was passed unanimously.

Storage Plan: Dan Twelker is working on his senior rating and has decided to take on as his Senior project devising a master plan for CSC's storage needs.

Hawaiian Chieftain Raffle: Dan moved to spend $75 for three Hawaiian Chieftain rides to raffle off to those who give free lido rides. The motion was seconded by Narcisse and was passed with 4 ayes and 1 abstention.

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous)

Sailing Lessons: In the absence of sailable Lidos, lessons have been given on keelboats.

Port Captain s Report: (Jesse Smith) No report. 

Secretary s Report: (Jennifer Kirkland) No report.


Membership Committee: (Rebecca Hausman) Memberships have been slowing down in recent weeks.

T­shirt Committee: (Rebecca Hausman) The new T­shirts are in good stock and selling well. CSC has an overabundance of small t­shirts, and Rebecca would like to dispose of them properly.

Rebecca moved to give away, or for a nominal donation, dispense at the Bay Festival all the small t­shirts. The motion was seconded by Veronique and was passed unanimously.


Hull Insurance: Because the vote for insurance was made at the end of the previous meeting, the topic was revisited. The price for insuring the new Lidos would go up from $190 per boat to $350 per boat if CSC completely insures them for damage, theft and liability. The total extra cost would be $1500 per year. Dan asserted that given CSC and CAL Adventure's experience has shown that we do not have problems with theft and the extra money would be wasted. Bill pointed out that since the boats are double hulled, they will be much harder to fix and we might need the insurance if damage occurred. Paul Herzmark reiterated that, regardless of the insurance, CSC will need to put money into added security, for wheel or hitch locks. Louis contended that if we lose one boat to damage in a year's time, the insurance will pay off. Additionally, CSC may want to shop around for better rates.

Bill moved to purchase additional insurance for the Lidos for one year, to be revisited next year. The cost will be $350 per boat. The motion was seconded by Veronique and was passed with 4 ayes and 1 abstention.

New Lidos: Major effort has been expended to make the new Lidos ready to sail. New sling attachment points and mast head floats are being put on. The biggest problem, however, is that the sails won't tension properly on the boom because the booms are 3 inches shorter than they need to be. The boom also comes down on the transom in a cutting action and will scratch the fiberglass. It was also discovered that the rudders are not interchangeable, and that the jib fairleads need to be repositioned.

Although most of these difficulties have been addressed and corrected by CSC, the problem with the sails fitting the booms will have to worked out by Schock. It was decided that Bill will be the sole contact with Schock. Bill will talk with Lenore, Schock's representative, to get a sense of her position. A letter will also be drafted to both Corso Marina and Schock which will clearly state our requests for repair. In no way will CSC incur any expense in rectifying the problem, and a definite deadline will be set. The letter will also include a list of all the additional work CSC has done, and will indicate in what ways the workmanship has not met minimal expectations. Ready to sail date on the Lidos will be no later than the Bay Festival.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM. The next scheduled meeting is April 14, 1996.

1996.03.14 - Excom

Thursday March 14, 1996

March, 14 1996


Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, March 14, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Veronique Anxolabehere, Dan Acland, Louis Benainous, Olivier Colliou, Jesse Smith and Jennifer Kirkland. Also in attendance were Membership Chair Rebecca Hausman, Tim Brandon, Bill Moseley, Charles, and Paul Herzmark.

A report of the club's finances was not available.


Commodore s Report (Bill Csajko)

New Door: A vote of the ex-comm (via e-mail) resulted in the approval for and construction of a new door for the clubhouse. Thanks to Robert Ofsevit, materials were obtained for a very reduced rate.

Bill's Absence: Bill will be away in Washington, D.C. for the next two weeks. Veronique will preside as Acting Commodore in Bill's absence.

Expense Reimbursement: Louis made a motion to reimburse Bill for the $154 he spent to travel to Orange County to inspect the new Lidos. the motion was seconded by Dan and was passed unanimously.

Lido Insurance: Jim Hackworth, CSC's insurance agent has been working with Bill concerning insurance for the new Lidos. Insuring the new boats for theft and damage will cost an additional $1500 per year. A discussion ensued as to whether the boats should be insured for theft and damage. Bill thought it would be a good investment initially, due to risk for theft. Tim observed that the boats, being double hulled, are much harder to fix, and if one hits the rocks, we'll wish we'd insured them. Dan viewed it as the same situation as with the ensigns. As with the ensigns, we are basically self­ insured for damage, and will fix them ourselves. Rebecca felt that the insurance would be good for at least the first year, since the new boats have not been tested in our waters. Louis expressed concern over possible theft; however Paul interjected that $1500 could buy a lot of additional security. At the end of the meeting Bill moved to purchase theft and damage insurance for the new Lidos for an additional $1500. The motion was seconded by Veronique and the motion passed with four ayes, one no, and one abstention.

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere)

Floating Bottle: The newsletter is coming along and will be ready on schedule.

First Vice Commodore s Report (Narcisse) No report. 

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Olivier Colliou)

Windsurfing Lessons: Much interest has been expressed about the organized windsurfing lesson program this season. Given this early show of support, it seems the program will be very successful. 

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Dan Acland)

Radio Station License: All keel boats need licenses to operate radios. The total cost will be $375. Dan moved to have the $375 for the licenses. The motion was seconded by Veronique, and it was passed unanimously. Dismasted Dewey: Thanks to Paul Herzmark, Dewey's tiller was fixed. The winches have also been retrieved and Dewey will be up and sailing in time for the Friday night racing series.

April 13th Bay Festival: Patty Donald, a coordinator of the Bay Festival, is very interested in obtaining more help from CSC for free rides and for cleanup.

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous) No report.

Port Captain s Report: (Jesse Smith)

Dayleader Shortage: There are chronic problems in staffing dayleaders on Mondays and Thursdays. Ads placed at UC Berkeley have yielded no results. Jesse will continue to recruit new paid dayleaders and hopefully get more volunteers to cover the shortage. 

Treasurer's Report: (Patrick Twohy) No report. 

Secretary's Report: (Jennifer Kirkland) No report.


T­shirt Committee: (Rebecca Hausman) The new T­shirts are in and in good stock. We have hats and burgies, too. Items can be purchased at the clubhouse.


Dock Dan expressed concern that the dock has yet to be repaired. With the coming season, this could be a big problem. The matter will be investigated further with the combined efforts of CSC and Cal Adventures.

New Lidos: The new Lidos will be here on Saturday March 16th. Work will start at that time to make the boats ready to sail. They have been licensed by the dealers, but will most likely need to have the CF numbers placed on them.

Disposition of Old Lidos: Bill Ustick, of the Konocti Bay Sailing Club and the Sea Explorers, made an offer of $2000 for the entire Lido fleet. The old Lidos would be used for the Sea Explorer sailing program, a nonprofit operation for children ages 7­11. Rebecca reported that CSC has also received many offers from individual buyers, as well. CSC would take a financial loss of around $1500 if we were to accept Bill Ustick's offer. A lengthy discussion ensued weighing the overall sentiment of CSC to foster community service against the reality of taking a financial loss. Given feedback received from the general membership, it was concluded that if put to a membership wide vote, the Sea Explorers would get the boats. Dan moved to accept Bill Ustick's offer to purchase the entire fleet for $2000 and the motion was seconded by Veronique. Rebecca moved to amend Dan's motion to be that 7 of the 8 boats be sold to the Sea Explorers, with the 1 remaining Lido going to an interested buyer who has already written a $500 check. The motion was seconded by Jennifer. A discussion of the proposed amendment ensued. Tim Brandon pointed out that the Sea Explorers would need as many boats as possible, due to the reality that they will be breaking down. It was also observed that there are other individual Lidos for sale from other sources, and the interested buyer could easily obtain one elsewhere. The need for as many identical boats was recognized, given having standard boats to sail is essential for learning and teaching purposes.

A vote to the amended motion was defeated unanimously.

The vote on the motion to accept Bill Ustick's offer to purchase the entire Lido fleet for $2000 was unanimously in favor and was passed.

Storage Space: Bill raised the possibility of getting a storage shed to hold boat parts outside of the clubhouse. There is a Rubbermaid variety which would hold up well and met the criterion of being a temporary structure because it does not need a foundation. The cost would run about $235. A discussion of the option resulted in the conclusion that having a larger scale plan for CSC's storage needs would be best before proceeding to making purchases.

Selling Old Equipment: Rebecca has received an offer of $45 on an old trailer that is sitting unused in the boatyard. Rebecca made a motion to sell the trailer for $45. The motion was seconded by Veronique and was passed unanimously.

Rebecca also reported that Peter Baczek has discovered we have a small surplus of mainsails that are not in use, very unlikely to be used, and could be sold. Rebecca made a motion to be allowed to sell extra sails, with the prior approval of Peter Baczek. The motion was seconded by Jesse and was passed unanimously.

Foul Weather Gear: Bill observed that our supply of usable, functional foul weather gear is basically nil. Since with the upcoming season and the arrival of the new boats we will have many more people around, perhaps we should look into getting a few sets of affordable foul weather gear. Veronique offered to put up signs at area yacht clubs soliciting donations of foul gear before we make an expenditure.

DEITY OF THE WEEK: Rebecca's incredible dedication and hard work in assuming major projects for CSC was recognized. BE IT HEREBY PROCLAIMED THAT REBECCA HAUSMAN IS THE OFFICIAL CSC DEITY OF THE WEEK/MONTH/QUARTER/MILLENIUM.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM. The next scheduled meeting is March 28, 1996.

1996.02.29 - Excom

Thursday February 29, 1996

March 6, 1996


Cal Sailing Club

The meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, February 29, 1996. Only three members of the Executive Committee were in attendance, and therefore lacked a quorum for an official meeting. An unofficial meeting was held instead to discuss ongoing issues.

In attendance were Bill Csajko, Narcisse, and Louis Benainous. Also in attendance were Membership and T-Shirt Committee Chairperson Rebecca Haussmann, and members Tim Brandon, and Zaaf Hasnain. 

A report of the club's finances was not available.


Pegasus Volunteers
. Otis Finley, a project coordinator for the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development (a research and consulting organization promoting security and ecologically sustainable development based in Berkeley and Washington, DC), spoke about volunteer opportunities for club members on their 51-foot ketch "Pegasus," which is moored at the Berkeley Marina. The boat is used by the organization to provide rides to children. They are looking for volunteers to help with maintenance work such as painting and engine repair. In addition to providing rides to children, they will make cruises to places such as Hawaii and Alaska, and volunteers will have opportunities to join these cruises. We said the club would be glad to advertise the need for volunteers. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact him at 644-9296.

Used Lido Sale. Rebecca has advertised the sale of our old Lidos in various places. There has been some response to the ads, but no sure takers for the whole fleet. Tim discussed the request by the Sea Scouts at Clear Lake for us to donate the boats to them. They are trying to set up a sailing program for children up there, and do not have much money. We are currently asking $600 for each boat and trailer, which could potentially mean $4,800 for the club, although it is doubtful we will get the asking price for all of them. We asked Tim to see if they could afford the boats at 25 percent off our asking price ($3,600 for them all). (Note: subsequent to the meeting, Tim spoke to the Sea Scouts, and they offered $2,000. We asked for them to try to get closer to our offer.) Other ways to potentially sell the boats is through the marina auction at K-dock, advertising in the San Francisco Chronicle, and by advertising on our Web site.

Trip to Schock. Peter returned from his trip to Los Angeles, where he took the time to stop at Schock and talk to Tom Schock about the new Lidos. Some of the concerns he noted while there were Schock's intent to: use a fixed mast step that would tear the deck in a dismasting, not use a rudder lock, use Monel pop rivets for the jib hounds and forestay tang on the mast, use a different mast section than we had intended ( somewhat similar in cross-section, though), and use a heavy forestay. These problems were in addition to the concerns noted by Bill when he went down there the previous Sunday (use of light boom being the primary concern). It was decided to contact Schock the next day to resolve the issues. (Note: As of today, March 6, all issues have been resolved with the exception of the mast base, which is still being discussed).

Ashby Shoal Breakfast. The Ashby Shoal Breakfast will be on Thursday, the 4th of July this year. No weekends have tidal conditions suited for the Breakfast, whereas there will be a -1.5 foot tide at about 8:00 in the morning that day.

Wetsuit Deal. Naim had suggested that we could potentially get significant discounts for wetsuits and foul weather gear from manufacturers for people that teach in the club. The discounts are given since it provides a form of advertisement for their products. Rebecca placed sign-up sheets on the bulletin board at the club, and will look into getting the discounts.

The discussions ended at 8:50 PM.

The next regularly scheduled Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 14, 1996.

1996.02.15 - Excom

Thursday February 15, 1996

Executive Committee Meeting

Feb 15, 1996

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, February 15, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Veronique Anxolabehere, Dan Acland, Louis Benainous, Olivier Colliou, Narcisse and Jennifer Kirkland. Also in attendance were Membership Chair Rebecca Hausman, Tim Brandon, Bill Moseley, Bill Prinzmetal, and Scott Hotes.

Account Balances:

  • Checking $ 7,644
  • Money market 19,493
  • T-bills 40,000
  • TOTAL 67,137


Commodore (Bill Csajko)

Cash Loans: Five CSC members made a short term loans to the club to cover the cost of the new fleet. Each gave $5000 for three months, to repaid at an annual percentage rate of 5%.

30 HP Cable: An e-mail vote for a new steering cable for the 30HP passed and the cable was purchased. Dan, Veronique, Louis, Olivier and Patrick responded, and responded in favor of the purchase.

Berkeley Bay Festival: The festival will be held on Saturday, April 13. Let's start planning ahead for our participation.

Vice Commodore (Veronique Anxolabehere)

No Report

First Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

30HP: Fixed

407: Peter Kuhn's fixing it

505: Saul is fixing it this spring, but it needs to be demasted first.

Lido 6_: Narcisse will be fixing them this weekend.

Boatyard Clean Up: Before the new lidos get here, the boatyard will be cleaned out and unneeded junk will be taken away. Salvageable items will need to be identified or they will be thrown out.

Second Vice Commodore (Olivier Colliou)

Windsurfing Meeting: Bill Moseley, Bill Prinzmetal, and Olivier held a meeting concerning windsurfing issues. Lessons, both for slow and fast tracks will begin this spring. Plans were made to purchase new sails. Windsurfing tests and booklets are also being revised. Old equipment will be thrown out as well- we're almost at an overstock since the new donations came in.

Third Vice Commodore (Dan Acland)

Dismasted Dewey: The mast is vertical, but not attached. The backstay was 5 feet too short, but is being fixed, and the entire job will hopefully be complete by the weekend. Thanks to Robert, Graham, Wilder Lee, and Bill Moseley for their help. Louie Tiller Part: Dan purchased a metal tiller part.

Rating Committee: Rebecca has compiled a list of senior and cruising skippers to be used to update the rating committee.

Rear Commodore (Louis Benainous)

New Lidos: Louis got a call from John Gerber, a sales rep from Schock. We can go look at the boats before the hardware gets put on. A week from Saturday a group can go down to look at the production. It would be a good idea for people who will be fixing them to go and see how they're constructed. Narcisse, Peter, Bill and Louis want to go.

Old Lidos: To date there has been no progress in finding buyers for the old fleet. An ad has been placed on an AOL bulletin board specializing in Lidos. they were advertised with an asking price of $600 a boat. Although Schock says they are actively looking for buyers, they have none lined up at this time.

Port Captain (Jesse Smith)

No report.

Treasurer (Patrick Twohy)

Loans: Short term loans were secured to cover the cost of the new fleet.

Reimbursement: People are doing a good job of turning in receipts for expenditures.

Work Study: Cal is not turning in bills for work study hours regularly.

Secretary (Jennifer Kirkland) Boat Registration Stickers: All of the boats have been registered with the DMV. 1996 registration stickers are in Jennifer's file at the clubhouse. Historically, the task of putting on new stickers has been a work project. It would be greatly appreciated if that job were accomplished by CSC members.


Rating Committee Addition (Dan)

Dan nominated Louis to the rating committee. It was seconded by Narcisse and passed unanimously, with the exception of one abstention.

Pegasus Volunteer Work (Narcisse)

A pilot volunteer program has been started which will ensure the proper upkeep of the boat Pegasus. All other sailing organizations except CSC have been invited to take part. Although this appears to be a worthy project, Narcisse is wary of committing CSC due to the pilot status of the program. After discussion, it was agreed that it seemed to be a good cause, but more information is needed to reach a final decision. It was decided that people from the project should be invited to an excomm meeting to discuss the matter further.

Nature Center Sailing Program (Narcisse)

Starting in March, the Nature Center will be having a "land- based" sailing class for children 5 grade -high school. The center is asking CSC for a boat we aren't using as a model for teaching purposes. They propose to chain the boat to their building for two months. Given the obvious liability and safety issues involved with such a request, it was concluded that a representative from the center needs to come to an excomm meeting to discuss the matter further.

Boat Donation (Saul- via Bill)

Saul has a Cal 20 lined up ready for donation. It could be sold for $700 after being cleaned up a little. It would require some initial investment, however; cleaning, registering, storing and advertising the sale will be necessary outlays.

CSC has a cradle for a Rhodes that could be used, and we could put it in the boatyard until the sale. Otherwise, for $40/month, it could be put in dry storage at the W lot, or at the Berkeley Marine Center for $60/month. Dan asserted that Saul is very experienced in this area and we should trust his judgment. In order to change CSC's reputation for not taking boats and begin attracting more donations, we need to take the first step and actually take a donation.

After lengthy deliberation, Dan moved to accept the donation of the CAL 20. It was seconded by Louis, and it passed unanimously.

Sea Explorers Want the Lidos (Tim Brandon)

The Sea Explorers in Lake County are interested in starting a dinghy program. They are also very interested in acquiring our lido fleet as a donation. Although they can offer us no money, we the assurance that the old lidos will be utilized in the same manner and spirit CSC has. Since the issue of Lido disposal is still open, Tim was encouraged to contact the organization and have them write a letter to Bill outlining their proposal in detail.

Disposing of Old Lidos (Louis)

The first question raised was whether or not CSC should pursue selling the lidos, be it one by one or with a fleet sale, or if CSC should donate the whole fleet to a nonprofit organization. It was concluded that CSC has not been aggressive enough in advertising the sale of the lidos, and we should spend the next month making a concerted effort to sell them before moving to the donation option. Patrick could advertise on the Web site, and Rebecca will be approached to utilize a $100 budget toward advertising in area newspapers. The asking price will be $600/boat, including sails and trailer.

CSC Video Library (Bill Prinzmetal)

Bill proposed we start a video library through CSC. We would keep them in the locker, and have dayleaders check them out to members on a sign out system. We would start out by getting membership cards and phone numbers and not charge people or require a deposit. If that system results in loss, we can revisit the issue and start charging fees or getting a deposit. Over the summer, the program will be supervised by Bill, and if it works will be handed over to the Rear Commodore.

Bill moved that we start a video library with a $50 fund toward buying videos. It was seconded by Olivier and passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM. The next scheduled meeting is February 29, 1996. -- Jennifer

1996.02.01 - General

Thursday February 01, 1996

February 1, 1996


Cal Sailing Club

The general membership meeting of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Berkeley Yacht Club on Thursday, February 1, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

Preliminary Meeting

A short meeting of the Executive Committee was held prior to the general membership meeting to discuss several topics. The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM. Executive Committee members in attendance were Bill Csajko, Veronique Anxolabehere, Narcisse, Olivier Colliou, Dan Acland, Louis Benainous, and Jesse Smith. Also present was Donation Committee Chair Saul Schumsky.

New Sails: Bill noted that on January 25 he contacted the Executive Committee members concerning the purchase of new sails for the new Lidos. Peter Baczyk had gotten a quote from Pineapple Sails for $534.10 plus tax for each set of mainsail and jib, and it would take about six weeks for delivery. Since it appeared that our ability to sell the old Lidos without the sails seemed very questionable, new sails would be required. And, since the new Lidos will be delivered in about a month, Bill decided we needed to immediately order the sails. Bill contacted Louis, who moved that we order 8 sets of Lido sails from Pineapple Sails for an amount not to exceed $4625.30 including tax. Bill seconded the motion, and also contacted Patrick, Narcisse, Jennifer and Jesse. The vote was unanimous in favor of the purchase. Peter Baczyk was immediately notified of the vote, and ordered the sails the next day.

Boat Donations: Saul discussed two Cal 20's that were being offered to the club as donations. Both boats have good hulls and spars, but the standing rigging is in poor shape. He estimated we may be able to sell them for $600­$800 apiece. Whether or not the club could sell them for a profit would depend upon finding cheap storage while they were for sail. Saul will tell the owners of the boats we are interested, and will look around to see if he can find someplace where we could store them cheaply enough to assure the club does not lose money on them. He will report his recommendation at the next Executive Committee meeting.

Baby Bobs: Bill noted that the new Lidos will require more masthead floatation, due to the way the hull will float and the need to accommodate people climbing over the hull to get to the centerboard. Peter Kuhn borrowed a "Baby Bob" from a Hobie dealer, which is a float specifically designed to fit on mastheads, and it includes a fitting for bolting it to the mast. The cost for each "Baby Bob" is $50 plus tax. Dan moved to purchese eight of the "Baby Bobs" for a cost not to exceed $400 plus tax. Veronique seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Work Study Insurance: Jesse noted that the Work Study office told him our insurance ran out. No one on the committee was familiar with the requirement for or details about work study insurance. Jesse will talk to Patrick about it, and research what needs to be done.

The preliminary meeting ended at 7:45 P.M.

The General Meeting was called to order at 8:35 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Veronique Anxolabehere, Narcisse, Dan Acland, Louis Benainous, Olivier Colliou, Jesse Smith Jennifer Kirkland, and Patrick Twohy.

The balances of CSC accounts are as follows (January 21st, 1996):

$10,888­ checking

$40,000­ T­bills

$19,481­ money market

$70,369- TOTAL


Commodore s Report (Bill Csajko)

New Cruising Skippers: Congratulations to our newest cruising skippers­ Dan Acland and John Mankey. GOOD JOB!

May Elections: The positions of vice commodore, first vice commodore, second vice commodore, rear commodore, port captain, treasurer, and possibly secretary will be vacated for the upcoming term. All members are invited to consider filling any or all of the positions for the May elections.

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere)

Membership: There are currently 122 active members. #8% of those involved in sailing are rated, and 17% of windsurfers are rated.

Floating Bottle: Thanks were extended to Robert Ofsevit and Sylvaine, and Xavier for all of their work on the newsletter.

Open House: The next Open House is scheduled for February 3­4.

First Vice Commodore's Report (Narcisse)


Boat Maintenance: Many thanks were extended to Peter Kuhn and Tim Brandon for their hard work in repairing boats.

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Olivier Colliou)

Winter Season Work: Since winter is a slow time for windsurfing, the focus is on fixing and maintaining equipment.

Equipment: The windsurfing equipment is in good supply.

Manual Revisions: Olivier, Bill Moseley and Bill Prinzmetal are currently updating the windsurfing manuals.

Windsurfing Meeting: On February 15th there will be a meeting to address windsurfing issues, particularly about lessons, manuals, etc. Olivier was the person who designed the really cool windsurfing video.

Windsurfing T­shirts: T­shirts are still available. They are kept in the locker at the club and are on sale for $7. 

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Dan Acland)

New Boat Names: We need names for our new boats. There will be 8 of them, so any creative or other suggestions would be appreciated.

Dismasted Dewey: Work on Dewey is now underway. The hardware has been put on and the mast will be affixed in t next two weeks.

Keel Boat Haul Out: Dan is going to wait until May to get Huey and Louie hauled out. Also, will need to check out a buoyancy problem with one of the ensigns.

Radios: Since the radios on the ensigns don't work, Dan is hoping to purchase 1 waterproof radio to be checked out.

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous)

Fleet Replacement: The quest for the new dinghy fleet has had a long history involving the efforts of many CSC members. Special thanks were extended to Peter Kuhn, Rebecca Hausman, Scott Hotes, Ed Shirk, Alex Case, and Paul Kamen for their help in this process.

New Sails and Trailers: We will be starting completely anew with the inclusion of sails and trailer purchases to go with the Lidos.

Old Lidos: CSC will try to sell the old Lidos. The asking price will be $500 each.

New Lidos: The approximate cost of each Lido will be $5000 plus the cost of sails.

Port Captain's Report: (Jesse Smith)

New Dayleaders: CSC has two new dayleaders - Amity and Naim. Naim has the distinction of getting his Junior for both sailing and windsurfing in one week.

Volunteer Dayleaders: There's still a need for volunteer dayleaders for Monday and Thursday coverage. Thanks to Zaaf Hasnain for his volunteering. 

Treasurer's Report: (Patrick Twohy) In the flesh!

Patrick is also the CSC Web Master...

Income: We're just completing the 3rd fiscal quarter and are standing $2000 ahead of last year for memberships. 3/4 of the fees from windsurfing lockers have been collected. Windsurfing T­shirt sales are doing quite well.

Out­go: CSC just paid $17000 toward purchase of the Lidos. The other 2/3rds will need to be paid within the next month or so. Unfortunately, we have the money tied up in T­Bills until May, so we'll have to arrange bridge financing. We can do this through a bank or through CSC members with the cash and an entrepreneurial spirit. We are currently under budget for insurance. We cut the coverage on hulls for all boats except the Commanders. We still have full liability coverage. To date CSC has spent $7300 on dayleaders, where we spent $9300 last year. $2000 has been spent on burgies, but we'll get that back through sales. We are way over budget for printing ­ $4000 over. We've put out $900 to be affiliated with San Francisco Yacht Racing Association, but we've gotten back $1700 from selling memberships. 

Secretary's Report: (Jennifer Kirkland)

Minutes: Any members wanting to get minutes through e-mail can contact Jennifer. Many thanks to Bill Csajko and Bill Moseley for their patience and help in getting Jennifer moving down the information superhighway.

Boat Registration: All boats have been registered with DMV.

Committee Reports

Membership and T­shirts: (Rebecca Hausman)

We're doing very well with memberships from last year ­ 122 versus 80.

Windsurfing T­shirt sales are doing very well. We have sailing T­shirts, but they're all smalls and mediums.

Racing Committee: (Bill Gavelis)

CSC had all 8 boats in the water for Sunday racing last week. Come out and race or crew next week. The best skippers show their prowess in low winds.

Sail Repair Committee: (Peter Baczek)

New sails will be ordered for the Lidos. The blue sails weren't as durable, but the new ones should hold up well.

Captain's Committee: (Scott Hotes)

Scott raised the idea of contracting out the painting of the Ensign bottoms. Good deals can be had, but we tend to do alot of other work on the boat besides just painting.

Floating Bottle: (Sylvaine)

All members are encourage to submit articles and give their opinions on the newsletter. The next edition will come out in mid­April. We will start putting the newsletter on the Web site, as well.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM. The next meeting is Thursday February 15, 1996.

1996.01.18 - Excom

Thursday January 18, 1996

January 18, 1996


Cal Sailing Club

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, January 18, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Dan Acland, Louis Benainous, Olivier Colliou, and Jennifer Kirkland. Also in attendance were Membership Chair Rebecca Haussmann, Floating Bottle editor Sylvaine and member John Mankey.

The balances of CSC accounts are as follows (January 7th, 1996):

  • $17,623­ checking
  • $40,000­ T­Bills
  • $19,384­ money market
  • $77,007 TOTAL


In fulfillment of the requirements for cruising skipper, John presented to CSC ex­comm his Red Cross certifications and letters from Bill Gavelis, Brian Battuello, John Green, and Scott Hotes. Louis moved to make John a cruising skipper. It was seconded by Olivier and passed unanimously. Congratulations John!


Commodore s Report (Bill Csajko)

Scott Hotes ­ Captain's Committee: Bill appointed Scott Hotes as Chair of the Captain's Committee. Scott will now officially serve by sharing his wisdom and expertise concerning CSC issues. Congratulations Scott!

Letter from Berkeley Mayor: Shirley Dean, mayor of Berkeley, recently wrote CSC a very nice letter commending us for participating in the Hawaiian Chieftain event held this Halloween.

Marina Lease­Holder's Meeting: The next marina lease holders meeting will be held Thursday, January 25th. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.

General Membership Meeting: The next General Membership meeting will be held on Thursday, February 1st at 7 P.M. at the Berkeley Yacht Club. Come one, come all...

May Election: Elections will be held at the May General Meeting, so it's time to start thinking about possibilities for replacement officers. 

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere) No Report

First Vice Commodore's Report (Narcisse) No Report 

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Olivier Colliou)

Equipment Update: 12 sails are still being repaired and should be done within the next two weeks.

Manual Revisions: Olivier, Bill Moseley and Bill Prinzmetle are currently updating the windsurfing manuals.

Board Donations: CSC will be acquiring high quality boards through donations. Donators will be eligible for tax deductions. When CSC receives the boards the insurance company will need to be contacted. Olivier moved to acquire the boards. it was seconded by Dan and the motion passed unanimously.

Third Vice Commodore's Report (Dan Acland)

New Life Vests: Dan bought 15 new life vests. Old vests were placed on the keel boats, so all keel boats are now sufficiently stocked.

Dismasted Dewey: Work on Dewey is now underway. Bob Collins, Robert Ofsevit, and Graham Hale are working to replace the mast.

Keel Boat Haul Out: Dan is going to wait until May to get Huey and Louie hauled out.

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous)

Fleet replacement was discussed in detail as an agenda item.

Port Captain's Report: (Jesse Smith) No Report. 

Treasurer's Report: (Patrick Twohy) via e­mail

Printing Costs: Patrick is very concerned that too much is being spent on printing. We've tremendously exceeded our budget for printing. It was pointed out however, that the budget did not reflect the additional expense of printing the Floating Bottle on a quarterly basis and some of the overstock, such as manuals, will be used eventually.

Windsurfing Storage: Rumor has it that Berkeley Marina may start offering windsurfing storage. If indeed true, this would reduce a significant source of income for CSC. Dan brought up the possibility that CSC could go into partnership with them, by offering to manage the storage for a share of the profits. This issue will be investigated at the next Marina Lease Holders meeting.

Secretary s Report: (Jennifer Kirkland) No Report 


Boat Donation: (Sylvaine) There's an individual interested in donating a 1966 22 foot Pearson Type S. The boat is docked in Santa Monica, so Sylvaine has not been able to ascertain its condition. If we accept the donation, CSC would need to trailer the boat up here. Before any decision is made, someone will need to inspect the boat.

Ashby Shoal Breakfast: (Rebecca) It's time to set a date for the annual Ashby Shoal Breakfast. Before making plans, we need to find out exactly what level the tide needs to be.

Fleet Replacement: (Louis)

Over the past two weeks CSC has been discussing boat specifications with Schock's representative Lenore Collins. Schock already had plans drawn up for a specialized Lido to sell to sailing schools. With the help of many CSC members, we took the plans and improved upon them.

It appears that the price for one Lido, excluding the costs for sails, tax, and trailer, will be $5229. Keeping the old trailers was considered. Two issues arose which made purchasing new trailers the more feasible option. First, the new boats will need special saddles, and the price differential between the saddle and a whole trailer is $300. The total cost for a very nicely equipped trailer is $695. Second, it will be much easier to sell the old Lidos if the trailers are included.

Schock has also offered to help us sell the old Lidos. Lenore Collins is confident that we can sell off the old fleet without the sails and keep them for back up.

After extensive discussion of the details, Louis moved to purchase the new Lido fleet from Schock at an approximate cost of $51,000. Olivier seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM. The next scheduled meeting is Thursday February 1, 1996.

1996.01.04 - Excom

Thursday January 04, 1996

Executive Committee Meeting

Jan. 4, 1996

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, January 4, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:25 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Veronique Anxolabehere, Dan Acland, Louis Benainous, Jesse Smith, and Jennifer Kirkland. Also in attendance were Donations Chair Saul Schumsky, and member Ward Fulcher.

A report of the club s finances was not available.


Commodore's Report (Bill Csajko)

Web Site: CSC's home page has attracted other sailing enthusiasts. An individual from a Lido sailing club in Fremont contacted us recently and was interested in learning more about our experiences sailing the new Lido.

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere)

No Report

First Vice Commodore s Report (Narcisse)

No Report

Second Vice Commodore s Report (Bill Moseley)

Equipment Update: 12 sails are now being repaired. CSC has a total of 23 junior sails and 23 novice sails. The boards are also in good shape. Although during the recent storm some boards needed to be secured, board storage is considered adequate for all but the most extreme circumstances.

Third Vice Commodore s Report (Dan Acland)

Dismasted Dewey: With the new year came Tim Brandon's resolution to fix the mast ASAP.

Boat Haul-out: Dan is currently looking into a Richmond boat yard's offer of cheap boat haul-out.

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous) No Report

Port Captain s Report: (Jesse Smith)

Dayleader Update: A new dayleader was hired. His name is Naim, and he sails and windsurfs. Of note is that all dayleaders are junior skippers. One more dayleader needs to be hired, and a training session for dayleaders will be held in the coming week.

Ramp Repair : Repairs on the ramp appear to be moving slowly. There is no information on when it will be operational.

Treasurer's Report: (Patrick Twohy)

No Report

Secretary s Report: (Jennifer Kirkland)

No Report

Committee Reports

Donations Chair ( Saul Schumsky)

Saul is currently looking into taking a donation of a Cal 20. He has yet to inspect the boat, but will report back as soon as possible with the details.

The issue of how CSC would like to handle donations was discussed. In the past, CSC has acquired donations mostly for scavenging and resale purposes. As long as a boat's value is under $5000, we are able to sell immediately. When the boat is valued at or above $5000, it needs to be held for at least two years so it will not affect the donators tax write-off.

Apparently, if the boat is subsequently re- sold immediately for less than the donators charitable deduction, the IRS redflags it and the possibility of an audit skyrockets. The risk of an audit goes down if the donators gets a professional appraisal, but this poses additional and unwanted expense for the donators.

Thus, CSC is obliged to hold the boat for two years to allow the donators to get a market value deduction. This practice would cause CSC to incur quite a bit of upfront expense and reduce the profit from any sale. For these reasons, CSC has historically discouraged any boat donations worth $5000 or more.

Saul contended that CSC is missing out on a potentially very profitable enterprise. There are two possibilities for reducing storage costs for boats. First, CSC could invest in a large carrier and store the boat in the boatyard, but the cost could be $1000- $1500. Second, CSC could engage in a 2 year lease with the person the boat is resold to, but there may be liability issues involved.

Although there is room for quite a bit of growth in this area, there would need to be an investment of time and money to realize it. Saul would not be able to pursue an expansion of donations without having the support of CSC. This project could conceivable become a part-time job, which would necessitate his being compensated for his time.

Given the unanswered questions regarding holding boats, the topic was left open to be revisited until all the details are gathered.


Fleet Replacement:

No member questions or concerns have been raised about purchasing the Lido. It appears that the membership supports the decision and CSC should move forward with negotiations with Schock.

Peter Kuhn has submitted suggestions for boat modifications. Louis is still collecting ideas from as many people as possible before he gives the requirements over to Schock.

Bill suggested we consider buying 10 boats instead of 8, since our membership has grown significantly since the last fleet replacement.

Dan Acland- Cruising Skipper:

Dan presented the credentials necessary for becoming cruising skipper. Letters of recommendation from Bill Gavelis, Scott Hotes, Bill Csajko, and Louis Benainous were read, and certification in required courses was submitted. Jesse moved to make Dan a cruising skipper. It was seconded by Veronique and was passed with 5 votes in favor and one abstention (Dan). CONGRATULATIONS DAN!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM. The next scheduled meeting is January 18, 1996.