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1996.02.15 - Excom

Thursday February 15, 1996

Executive Committee Meeting

Feb 15, 1996

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, February 15, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Veronique Anxolabehere, Dan Acland, Louis Benainous, Olivier Colliou, Narcisse and Jennifer Kirkland. Also in attendance were Membership Chair Rebecca Hausman, Tim Brandon, Bill Moseley, Bill Prinzmetal, and Scott Hotes.

Account Balances:

  • Checking $ 7,644
  • Money market 19,493
  • T-bills 40,000
  • TOTAL 67,137


Commodore (Bill Csajko)

Cash Loans: Five CSC members made a short term loans to the club to cover the cost of the new fleet. Each gave $5000 for three months, to repaid at an annual percentage rate of 5%.

30 HP Cable: An e-mail vote for a new steering cable for the 30HP passed and the cable was purchased. Dan, Veronique, Louis, Olivier and Patrick responded, and responded in favor of the purchase.

Berkeley Bay Festival: The festival will be held on Saturday, April 13. Let's start planning ahead for our participation.

Vice Commodore (Veronique Anxolabehere)

No Report

First Vice Commodore (Narcisse)

30HP: Fixed

407: Peter Kuhn's fixing it

505: Saul is fixing it this spring, but it needs to be demasted first.

Lido 6_: Narcisse will be fixing them this weekend.

Boatyard Clean Up: Before the new lidos get here, the boatyard will be cleaned out and unneeded junk will be taken away. Salvageable items will need to be identified or they will be thrown out.

Second Vice Commodore (Olivier Colliou)

Windsurfing Meeting: Bill Moseley, Bill Prinzmetal, and Olivier held a meeting concerning windsurfing issues. Lessons, both for slow and fast tracks will begin this spring. Plans were made to purchase new sails. Windsurfing tests and booklets are also being revised. Old equipment will be thrown out as well- we're almost at an overstock since the new donations came in.

Third Vice Commodore (Dan Acland)

Dismasted Dewey: The mast is vertical, but not attached. The backstay was 5 feet too short, but is being fixed, and the entire job will hopefully be complete by the weekend. Thanks to Robert, Graham, Wilder Lee, and Bill Moseley for their help. Louie Tiller Part: Dan purchased a metal tiller part.

Rating Committee: Rebecca has compiled a list of senior and cruising skippers to be used to update the rating committee.

Rear Commodore (Louis Benainous)

New Lidos: Louis got a call from John Gerber, a sales rep from Schock. We can go look at the boats before the hardware gets put on. A week from Saturday a group can go down to look at the production. It would be a good idea for people who will be fixing them to go and see how they're constructed. Narcisse, Peter, Bill and Louis want to go.

Old Lidos: To date there has been no progress in finding buyers for the old fleet. An ad has been placed on an AOL bulletin board specializing in Lidos. they were advertised with an asking price of $600 a boat. Although Schock says they are actively looking for buyers, they have none lined up at this time.

Port Captain (Jesse Smith)

No report.

Treasurer (Patrick Twohy)

Loans: Short term loans were secured to cover the cost of the new fleet.

Reimbursement: People are doing a good job of turning in receipts for expenditures.

Work Study: Cal is not turning in bills for work study hours regularly.

Secretary (Jennifer Kirkland) Boat Registration Stickers: All of the boats have been registered with the DMV. 1996 registration stickers are in Jennifer's file at the clubhouse. Historically, the task of putting on new stickers has been a work project. It would be greatly appreciated if that job were accomplished by CSC members.


Rating Committee Addition (Dan)

Dan nominated Louis to the rating committee. It was seconded by Narcisse and passed unanimously, with the exception of one abstention.

Pegasus Volunteer Work (Narcisse)

A pilot volunteer program has been started which will ensure the proper upkeep of the boat Pegasus. All other sailing organizations except CSC have been invited to take part. Although this appears to be a worthy project, Narcisse is wary of committing CSC due to the pilot status of the program. After discussion, it was agreed that it seemed to be a good cause, but more information is needed to reach a final decision. It was decided that people from the project should be invited to an excomm meeting to discuss the matter further.

Nature Center Sailing Program (Narcisse)

Starting in March, the Nature Center will be having a "land- based" sailing class for children 5 grade -high school. The center is asking CSC for a boat we aren't using as a model for teaching purposes. They propose to chain the boat to their building for two months. Given the obvious liability and safety issues involved with such a request, it was concluded that a representative from the center needs to come to an excomm meeting to discuss the matter further.

Boat Donation (Saul- via Bill)

Saul has a Cal 20 lined up ready for donation. It could be sold for $700 after being cleaned up a little. It would require some initial investment, however; cleaning, registering, storing and advertising the sale will be necessary outlays.

CSC has a cradle for a Rhodes that could be used, and we could put it in the boatyard until the sale. Otherwise, for $40/month, it could be put in dry storage at the W lot, or at the Berkeley Marine Center for $60/month. Dan asserted that Saul is very experienced in this area and we should trust his judgment. In order to change CSC's reputation for not taking boats and begin attracting more donations, we need to take the first step and actually take a donation.

After lengthy deliberation, Dan moved to accept the donation of the CAL 20. It was seconded by Louis, and it passed unanimously.

Sea Explorers Want the Lidos (Tim Brandon)

The Sea Explorers in Lake County are interested in starting a dinghy program. They are also very interested in acquiring our lido fleet as a donation. Although they can offer us no money, we the assurance that the old lidos will be utilized in the same manner and spirit CSC has. Since the issue of Lido disposal is still open, Tim was encouraged to contact the organization and have them write a letter to Bill outlining their proposal in detail.

Disposing of Old Lidos (Louis)

The first question raised was whether or not CSC should pursue selling the lidos, be it one by one or with a fleet sale, or if CSC should donate the whole fleet to a nonprofit organization. It was concluded that CSC has not been aggressive enough in advertising the sale of the lidos, and we should spend the next month making a concerted effort to sell them before moving to the donation option. Patrick could advertise on the Web site, and Rebecca will be approached to utilize a $100 budget toward advertising in area newspapers. The asking price will be $600/boat, including sails and trailer.

CSC Video Library (Bill Prinzmetal)

Bill proposed we start a video library through CSC. We would keep them in the locker, and have dayleaders check them out to members on a sign out system. We would start out by getting membership cards and phone numbers and not charge people or require a deposit. If that system results in loss, we can revisit the issue and start charging fees or getting a deposit. Over the summer, the program will be supervised by Bill, and if it works will be handed over to the Rear Commodore.

Bill moved that we start a video library with a $50 fund toward buying videos. It was seconded by Olivier and passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM. The next scheduled meeting is February 29, 1996. -- Jennifer