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1996.04.25 - Excom

Thursday April 25, 1996

Executive Committee meeting minutes

for April 25, 1996

The regular meeting of the Executive Committee of the Cal Sailing Club was held at the Clubhouse on Thursday, April 25, 1996. Commodore Bill Csajko presided.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 PM. In attendance were Bill Csajko, Narcisse, Dan Acland, Olivier Colliou, Louis Benainous, Jesse Smith and Jennifer Kirkland. Also in attendance were Membership Chair Rebecca Hausman and members Bill Moseley, Paul Herzmark, and Peter Kuhn.

A report of the club's finances was not available.


Commodore's Report (Bill Csajko)

Disgruntled Potential Lido Buyer: An individual who was interested in buying an old lido has written two letters threatening to sue for breach of contract. In his zeal to obtain a boat, this person wrote a check for the full $500, despite clear, repeated warnings that the deposit did not mean ownership, and that we could not authorize the sale without a vote of ex-com first. Communication is underway to resolve the matter without litigation.

Marina Lease Holders Meeting: There will be a Cajun Festival on May 18th at the Berkeley Marina. CSC will once again be giving free rides. A question was raised whether or not we should have a guest register, so we can track individuals who get free rides and establish better networking and public relations through these events.

Dock Repair: Work has begun in earnest on the dock. Repairs should be complete within the next two weeks.

Vice Commodore's Report (Veronique Anxolabehere)

No report.

First Vice Commodore's Report (Narcisse)

Jack London Square Boat Show: The second weekend of giving free rides is upon us, and all is going well. Dan is doing a great job of coordinating skippers and crew, and others, such as Paul, Rebecca, Peter, and Louis have also been very supportive. The Northern California Marine Association donated $350 to CSC to cover the cost of additional insurance for the event.

New Lidos: Five lidos are now operational, and work is well underhand to get all of them ready to sail.

Second Vice Commodore's Report (Olivier Colliou)

New Equipment: With the advent of the new season, a total of $950 was spent on universals, booms, uphauls, and harness lines. There are also plans to buy bigger sails.

Olivier made a motion to purchase 2 windsurfing sails for approximately $800. The motion was seconded by Dan and was passed unanimously.

Third Vice Commodore s Report (Dan Acland)

Free Rides: Keel boats have been used to provide free rides. Dan feels this work has been highly successful in gaining recognition in the community.

Daisy and Donald Face Lifts: Both boats were given a much appreciated sprucing up by Narcisse.

Louie's New Friend: Thanks to the foresight and ingenuity of Ken Shepherd, a fake owl has been placed on Louie to keep off the birds. It works!

Rear Commodore's Report (Louis Benainous)

No report.

Port Captain s Report: (Jesse Smith)

Dayleader Update: Jesse acknowledged the ongoing difficulties CSC has had in covering shifts for dayleaders. This situation has been worsened by the fact that most Cal students are not willing to hire on during finals. However, several people are interested in filling positions once the semester is over, making the staffing shortage a temporary one.

Dayleader Duties: Bill requested that dayleaders check memberships more consistently and observe closing times more closely.

Water Depth Stick: Rebecca suggested that we obtain a stick for measuring water depth, so we can verify the charts for when the tide is too low to run the skiff. Having a depth stick would allow members to double check and help ease the frustration of members who want to sail when the tide is too low.

New Port Captain: The search for a new Port Captain is ongoing.

Secretary s Report: (Jennifer Kirkland)

New Secretary: There will be an opening for the office of secretary for next term. Anyone interested in filling the position is encouraged to do so.


Membership: (Rebecca)

Despite not having operational lidos and having problems in keeping the clubhouse open, membership figures are not far off target for this time of year.


Floating Bottle:

Due to a printing error, the current newsletter was not mailed out. 1000 copies had been stamped, but thanks to Robert, we will be reimbursed for postage from the postal service, minus a 15% service fee. Given that the sailing season is upon us, it was felt that getting out a newsletter now would be worth the additional printing costs, since the newsletter is valuable for PR, communication and generating memberships.

Dan moved to print 500 copies of a corrected version of the Floating Bottle ASAP, and have CSC absorb the additional printing costs. The motion was seconded by Louis, and it passed with 4 ayes and one abstention.

Lido Update:

The new extrusions are in and are being put on the boats. Schock is continuing to fix the lidos and is making good progress.

In terms of warranty for the lidos, we will be requesting a life-time warranty for leaks.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be the General Meeting held on May 2, 1996 at the Berkeley Yacht Club.