All Meeting Minutes

1996.05.02 - General

Thursday May 02, 1996

Minutes of the general membership meeting of the Cal Sailing Club.

Date of meeting: May 2, 1996

Meeting called to order at: 2020

Presiding officer: Bill Csajko, Commodore.

*FINANCIAL REPORT* (Bill Csajko in lieu of Patrick Twohy)

Checking account: $2225.00

Treasury Bills: $40,000.00

Money Market account $500.00


Based on our current total membership a quorum of 24 was required for elections. There were clearly more than 24 members present.

No one was yet running for the 1st Vice Commodore petitioned the membership to consider volunteering.

The budget was approved at a special meeting of the executive committee held prior to the general membership meeting. The club spent $27,000 more than it took in last year, largely due to the purchase of the Lidos. The new budget includes a $2400 deficit due to the interest that will be paid to club members who loaned the club money for the purchase of the Lidos.

There have been some problems in the club lately. There have been problems with the new Lidos resulting from manufacturing defects and oversights, and all these problems have been addressed. Schock boat works, builders of the boats, seem to have come to see the problems with the boats from our perspective. The are taking care of problems with hiking straps, gudgeons, leaks, etc. These initial problems with the Lidos have been a strain on the club, but thanks to the hard work of a lot of members, in particular Rebecca Hausman and Peter Baczek, we will soon be able to enjoy our boats.

There have also been problems lately with dayleader scheduling. The club has been closed a number of days recently due to these problems. Bill petitioned members to consider running for Port Captain to help solve these problems.

The dock at the South Sailing Basin has been out of commission for some time. Rebecca Hausman, who has been designated our official liaison to the Marina Managers Office for this purpose, reported that the MMO told her they were expecting to receive the necessary parts and complete the job within 3 weeks. In addition, she reported that they intend to replace the badly worn piling in the dock later when they have the equipment to replace a number of bad pilings around the marina.

The Ashby Shoals Breakfast will be held this year on the morning of July 4. Martin Schaaf reported that he had spoken to the skipper of the scow schooner Alma, from the SF Maritime Museum about the possibility of the Alma joining the club for the event, pending approval of the expense for diesel by the museum. Bill asked that people arrive early to the breakfast as police may be cordoning off the marina for the day. There will be a shuttle running if that is the case.


Veronique will be stepping down as of tonight

Veronique thanked Rebecca Hausman for her work as the membership chair. She also thanked Sylvaine Guille, Robert Ofsevit, and all the contributing authors who worked on the Floating Bottle, the club

The Bottle has been published each quarter for the last year, an increase in frequency. This has been a boon for communication within the club and also with members of the community and local government.

The latest issue of the Bottle was withdrawn from circulation due to an editing error through which the lead article was printed twice. A corrected issue will be released as soon as possible.

Veronique thanked Brian Battuelo for his work on the monthly open house barbecue and noted that many other people are responsible for aspects of advertising and publicity, and for various ongoing events in the club.


In her first term Narcisse got a lot of help from Peter Kuhn, who showed her how to do the job, and did a lot of work on the boats.

In her second term she set herself the goal of making the job look attractive to whoever chose to take her place. With the purchase of the new fleet of Lidos, the job should be easy.

Narcisse thanked Peter Baczek especially, and Rebecca Hausman, who have stepped into the role of caring for the new Lidos during a time when Narcisse was ill.

Narcisse thanked all the volunteers who have made free rides possible in the last few weekend. The club was successful in cooperating with Cal Adventures at the Berkeley Bay Festival, where both organizations gave rides. Also, our participation in the Jack London Square Boat Show, again giving free rides, was a success.

The Marina Leaseholders Association is sponsoring a Cajun Festival on May 18 which the club intends to participate in, probably by giving free rides.

Narcisse petitioned the membership for volunteers for 1st Vice Commodore.


Olivier made 4 points about the windsurfing program in order to point out its strengths to non­windsurfers in the club who might want to get involved.

1. There is a lot of top notch equipment, thanks especially to a number of generous donations recently.

2. There is a new structured lesson program for windsurfers, from 1000­1200 every Saturday.

3. There is a gorgeous new windsurfing tee­shirt available for $8 or $9

4. Bill Moseley, who is running for 2nd Vice Commodore, has been prepared for the position while he has been working as Olivier to run a superb program.

Olivier thanked Rebecca Hausman for her help with the program, although in fact she had not participated in the program, but since everyone else was thanking her, he felt he should too.


The winning entry in the Lido naming competition was announced. The names chosen were 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8, and those names now appear on the boats. Too many identical entries were submitted for one winner to be recognized.

The BYC Friday Night Races have begun and club members have entered 2­3 Ensigns in each race so far. This is good news for keel boat maintenance, as the racing skippers tend to take good care of the boats.

Free rides at the Bay Festival and the Jack London Square Boat Show were a success. Such events are excellent PR for the club

Dan stressed the importance of presenting a good image to the public, and in particular to the marina community, and mentioned several ways that this image could be improved.

The club has accepted the donation of a Cal 20 for resale for revenue. It is currently in the South Sailing Basin and will be cleaned up and inventoried at a work party to be held Saturday May 11th. The asking price is $1200, and there have been a couple of interested buyers so far.

Dan noted that in a recent ex­comm meeting Rebecca Hausman was voted club deity.


The Wednesday night keelboat lessons have been going well thanks to Bob Collins and Peter Baczek.

The Lido instruction program has been in limbo due to the transition to the new fleet of Lidos. Peter Baczek has taken the lead in making the necessary changes to the instruction program to respond the peculiarities of the new boats.

Bill Prinzmetal will be organizing free rides for low income kids with the Berkeley Youth Alternatives group. He needs skippers to volunteer on a number of Thursday mornings this summer. Interested skippers should call Bill or Louie.


Jesse announced he will step down as of tonight's meeting. A good Port Captain is currently needed in the club.

There have been problems with lack of dayleaders. Dayleaders grants tend to run out at the end of the semester, and new dayleaders are hard to find because most students do not care to take on a new job close to finals. Jesse has found several people interested in the job for summer.

Jesse will help train a new Port Captain. He briefly described the nature of the position.


Jennifer said that she had received more than she had given as secretary, particularly from Bill Csajko, Bill Moseley, and Patrick Twohy.

Members interested in receiving the ex­comm minutes should consider getting on the club available at the clubhouse.

Minutes are also available on the clipboard behind the door of the clubhouse.

Jennifer announced that she will be stepping down as Secretary, but staying on as the banquet chair.

Jennifer thanked Rebecca Hausman for her help with the dinner for the meeting.



Bill Csajko asked if there were any issues from the floor.

Neil Zarchin asked about a group purchase of wetsuits and Rebecca Hausman reported that she had received information about such a purchase, but was looking for someone to take over as organizer of the deal.

Rebecca Hausman reported that she has tee-shirts on sale, and has ordered a new shipment to arrive in two and a half weeks.

Elections for ex­comm were held, and the results were as follows.

**Commodore: Bill Csajko, nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Narcisse, elected unanimously.

**Vice Commodore: Narcisse, nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Olivier Colliou, elected unanimously.

**1st Vice Commodore: Eric Wittig, Robert Ofsevit, Graham Hale, Rebecca Hausman, and Neil Zarchin all nominated and declined. No one elected to the position

**2nd Vice Commodore: Bill Moseley, nominated by Bill Csajko, seconded by Olivier Colliou, elected unanimously.

**3rd Vice Commodore: Paul Herzmark, nominated by Dan Acland, seconded by Louie Benainous, elected unanimously.

**Rear Commodore: Peter Baczek, nominated by Louie Benainous, seconded by Narcisse, elected unanimously.

**Port Captain: Liam Carey, nominated by Steve Gehlbach, seconded by Jesse Smith. Zaaf Hasnain, nominated by Eric Wittig, seconded by Will Schlein. Liam elected by secret ballot.

**Treasurer: Bill Gavelis, nominated by Peter Kuhn, seconded by Zaaf Hasnain, elected unanimously.

**Secretary: Dan Acland, nominated by Olivier Colliou, seconded by Narcisse, elected unanimously.